First Look: 2012 Nissan Titan

First Look: 2012 Nissan Titan

The 2012 Nissan Titan continues to soldier on for another model year with only minor updates, including a new Sport Appearance Package.

The Sport Appearance Package (pictured above) bundles a variety of cosmetic and functional upgrades for middle-of-the-road Titan SV models. The option group includes 20-inch SL aluminum-alloy wheels (in dark Hyper Silver finish), darkened grille treatment, body-colored front and rear bumpers, black step rails, bolstered seats shared with the PRO-4X off-road model with silver contrasting stitching, a lockable bedside storage compartment, unique bodyside sport "Titan" vinyl graphic, white-faced gauges, fog lights, captain’s chairs and a center console. A Bluetooth hands-free phone system and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls are also included.

The Sport Appearance Package is priced at $2,490. Titan SV's starting MSRP is $29,410.

The 2012 Titan is available only in King Cab (extended cab) and crew-cab body styles with a choice of two-wheel or four-wheel-drive configurations, along with two wheelbases (138.9 inches and 159.5 inches) and three bed lengths. A 5.6-liter V-8 rated at 317 horsepower and 385 pounds-feet of torque is the only available engine. Brilliant Silver is a new exterior color choice for all 2012 Titan models.

The 2012 Titan is available nationwide today.

[Source: Nissan, H/T to Daniel]


Gotta wonder if Nissan is taking the truck segment seriously anymore.

Is Nissan even trying anymore?
Come on they should be fixing that Tranny problems
not giving you the same truck from 2004 with newer colors and fabrics

Nissan lost it for me, they should quit making Fullsize trucks!

First off, The transmission problems are with the Xterra and Pathfinder, it hasn't affected the Titan.

Second, They where working on a redesign with Chrysler, and they got the shaft when Chrysler filed bankrupty.

Third, while we have to wait for another couple years probably, the next Titan will probably be the first half ton truck with a diesel option.

Nissan is taking the truck industry seriously by NOT rushing a botched up half a@#$d redesign to make folks like you happy who have to a new model every 2 years.

I own an '08 Titan and I'm excited to see what's in store.

@Jay, great comments. Many say the power figures are conservative. Nissan is a good brand and I wouldn't mind owning a Titan. In fact, I would go for it b4 the GM product.
I own a 2007 Altima 3.5. It's my first Nissan and so far it's been solid.
I own a 2009 Ford F350 SuperDuty 6.8L V10. Now that's a truck.

Its definitely due for a for refresh. Or at least give the higher trim levels the 5.6L Found in the Q56, give it 400+ hp and let it compete with the big dogs again.


With its tiny frame and rear axle it will never compete with the big dogs.

Funnier still is that in 2004-05 the Titan outperformed the Big 3 offerings including them Hemi. IIRC they were the first with a transmission with more than 4 speeds in the segment. They also had the first bed tie down system in a full size, extendable tow mirrors on a 1/2 ton and extended cab doors that opened past 90 degrees were firsts as well. Nissan wasn't out to dominate 1/2 ton truck sales. They just wanted a piece of the pie. Much different than Toyota. Power and towing wise it held up very competitively until the Big 3 went to the EB and over the 6.0L mark in displacement and Ram got a hp boost. A major thing hurting sales is lack of powertrains and configurations. The 5.6L is the only engine offered so you get the power and the lower mpg whether you want it or not. There are only 3 trim levels and also no standard cab or stripped fleet truck type model either. If they go with a diesel, V6 and the version of the 5.6L that is in the Infinity SUV and mate it with a 6 or more speed tranny they will be right back in the ball game powertrain wise. I am sure lessons were learned with the first generation. Chrysler killed them by going bankrupt and forced Nissan to do a full in house redesign with no real notice.

Ryan, The curren frame rivals the F150 for ridgidity. The axle could use an update, like dumping Dana as a supplier, but is fine for the application. It has a 9" ring gear. About the same as others in the class. Running the numerically lower gears in the rear allows them to have larger and thus stronger gear teeth than most others 4.10's. Biggest issue was crappy spider gears the Dana manufactured. The used a powdered metal process to form them and it seems some did not get fully hardend. The rears that I saw go did not grenad as much as the spider gears mushed over like paydough.

Where is the 7 speed automatic?
Where is an updated engine?
I understand direct injection & VVEL is probably too expensive, but where is the dual length intake manifold & variable exhaust valve timing?

It will be interesting if/when they offer the future little Cummins. Not sure when the Titan makeover happens.

Hope it sells!

I love my 05 titan, I usually would be thinking about getting a new truck about know, but I just can't justify trading a truck that runs and looks flawless

I think I was just told who won the next light duty shootout. Its not whats said its what wasnt said.

The Infinity SUV with the new drivetrain was a total overhaul. Not sure it's new drivetrain would drop into the current Titan chassis without modifications. The only real changed needed to the engine honestly is to find more mpg. Power wise it is right there. It buries the 5.3L GM in every catagory but mpg. Was stronger than the 5.4L Ford was and matched the previous generation Hemi in performance. Not too shabby for a 7 year old engine.

They must be taking advice from GM.

Nissan needs to invest in a Sawzall and cut off that stupid extra cab and make a regular cab , that's the only reason I did not buy a Nissan on 2004 is I did not want an extra cab or crew cab .

I owned a 2007 Titan 4Dr 4X4 I bought new in 2007. It was a very nice truck and better than my 2002 Silverado ExtCab 2WD by a long shot. A very long shot!

But the truth of the matter is that very, very few people are buying the Titan, and many sales are step-ups from a Frontier. This must be Nissan/Renault's loss-leader 'cause they're not making any money on them.

You can get Titans with $10K off MSRP in some markets across the US, just like a Silverado, F150 and RAM1500. But you get a lot more content with the Titan. No strippo's.

And when you compare the Titan against a Tundra the Titan loses by a wide margin; engine, transmission, ride, handling, in short everything is better on the Tundra.

I understand that the Armada shares much with the Titan but they're not selling all that well either. Maybe they should discontinue both the Titan and Armada and focus on the segment that makes them money.

I really enjoy my 2009 Pro4x crew cab Titan. The power is nice much better than what is advertised. I put long tube headers and exhaust and dyno tuned with up-rev cost 3000 bucks total and the total cost of the truck was 27500 out the door. So 30500 and I got a truck that puts 298hp@rw and 355lbs@rw. I love it can’t complain because all the other brands would have cost me 10-12 thousand more and with less power.

DeBinder - Not a loss leader at all. The design is bought and paid for. No significant changes mean no redesign of manufacturing equipment. Plus all Nissan's body on frame trucks and SUV's are based off the Titan platform. Many shared parts between them as well. Another thing Nissan and Toyota did all along was match production to demand, so Nissan isn't sitting on 50,000 Titans waiting to sell. IIRC the Armada was killed off. It sold far worse than the Titan right out of the gate.

BTW funny you mention the Tundra. In actual power testing (Acceleratio and Towing) the Titan did not finish all that far behind the Tundra. Also bear in mind the Tundra you are comparing it to was all new in 07-08. They had 2 years to build on what Nissan did. Just like the Big 3 went after what Toyota did for power and such.

Same as it ever was.....same as it ever was......same as it ever was.......and the Nissan daze go by.

Keith, I was very happy with my Titan. It was, until I bought my 2009 Tundra 4Dr 4X4 Limited 5.7, the best truck I ever owned.

Because of a fluke in employment perks, my new employer gave me a brand new 2006 F150 and a Shell credit card to use, near the end of 2007.

My Titan would never be used because I had a company truck to do all my stuff. I sold the Titan to one of my brothers in construction and the Titan is still working every day, albeit with a little more miles on it and a lot more wear and tear on it (such as the huge dent on the passenger side where a Bobcat my brother was operating backed in to it).

When I retired in 2008 I bought my wife a 2009 Lexus LS460 and myself a 2009 Tundra because IMO they were the best vehicles for my money. Had there been no Tundra I would have bought another Titan 5.6 5-speed auto. IMO the Tundra is even better than the Titan, and I have owned them both.

I cannot imagine how Titan can be a cash cow for its manufacturer at the quantities it sells. But as long as it remains on the market it will be one more choice for a discerning pickup truck owner to consider. And that is a good thing. It's all about choice and what works best for the buyer.

The front end is too short,the truck looks odd !!

It kinda looks like a pug.

Honestly I take it as a sign a new Titan is on the way. If they were going to scrap the full size pick up why keep spending money on freshening it? Each year they have done a little something. Facelifts, option packages, and so on. Just have to wait and see.

The hood is a little shorter than the other trucks bt the photo angle makes it look shorter.

Nissan has already committed to bringing out another generation of the Titan so it will be coming. I also think we are going to get 3/4 and 1 tons since they have the NV platform (just don't use that front end!)

I bet we get a better mix of power trains to chose from including one of the tried and true V6 motors as a base model and probably some kind of large diesel for the 2500/3500's and likely a smaller diesel for the 1/2 ton at a mid cycle refresh around 2016.

Maybe they'll just hold off on the V6 refresh until the next generation V6 architecture is complete. Their existing V6 while good is very, very old without a lot of room for additional growth.

I'd certainly consider the Nissan if it were to get MUCH better mileage and increased capacities.

Doesn't make sense that Nissan is supposed to be making this push into commercial trucks, but both their full size and compact trucks are totally unsuited for commercial work. I think the Titan is still a decent full size truck (for private use), but it is starting to become dated.

@mhowarth I cannot see them doing it bringing out 3/4 and 1 ton versions. The horse has already bolted as far as the introduction of the Titan goes. You can ask what large diesel? Nissan/Renault does not produce any for their passenger or sedan lines. Renault Trucks owned by Volvo does though The new US by Nissan Van is going to be just that. Costs of trying to introduce a 3/4 ton and 1 Ton would be prohibitive i.e look at the lag at introducing a totally new replacement for the Silverado and GMC platforms.
Equally puzzling why Toyota did not make a 3/4 and 1 ton versions of their Tundra ?, might have cured some of the negative publicity.

I'm not saying they are going to do it but they did invest the money into the platforms with those commercial vans which can't sell but a few thousand a year per model (ie the cost needs to be spread around other products and bigger sales volumes that will justify the sheer cost of development)

That is my indicator that they really want to introduce 3/4 and 1 tons out there in the market.

@Robert Ryan

Ever heard of the UD 1100, 1200, 1300? What about the Hino 300? Nissan & Toyota are just a stone throw away from full lines of 3/4 & 1 ton diesel pickups. If you think they wouldn't dare, that's probably what most were thinking when they only made mini-trucks.

@Denvermike. UD trucks are owned by Volvo and Hino by Toyota . The diesels in them are built for longevity and very heavy use, not high performance as you would expect in a Light Duty HD pickup..
Like I said in the earlier post I cannot fathom why both Nissan and Toyota , both entered the US full size Pickup market, with only 1/2 tons and no 3/4 and 1 tons?

Nissan (and Renault) are completely out of the heavy commercial truck business. Nissan's former truck division, UD, is totally owned by Volvo Truck, and Volvo Truck also ownes Renault Truck (and Mack too, as they were owned by Renault). Nissan should introduce a regular cab 'stripped' 3/4 ton Titan. That would be a good commercial product to sell along side their new vans.

If Nissan is serious about the full size truck segment, they need a full line of 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ton trucks. You have to remember, Nissan has had a few good ideas: wide swing rear doors on extended cab, 7 foot bed on a 1/2 ton crew cab, and I always liked the power drop window on the crew cab. If it had a stronger rear axle and got a little better mileage, it could be a big seller.

It looks a lot like the 2011 Titan, which looked a lot like the 2010 Titan, which looked a lot like the 2009 Titan, which looked...........

Just bought my second titan 4x4 and couldn't be happier. With USAA's buying service, I paid $12K less than sticker! I looked at the competiton pretty extensively and decided on another titan primarily because dollar for dollar the titan can't be beat. I really like the F150 with the eco-boost but they command a premium price. In addition, the turbo doesn't feel like it pulls any harder than the titan!!! The dodge rides really nice but has a pathetic tow rating, has tranny issues, and the interior is really boring. The toyota has leganday reliability but they are hidious looking and get worse gas milage than the titan. Plus the interior of the tundra is disapointingly cheap. The chevy felt really cheap all around and also has a dated exterior IMO. In the end how can you NOT go with the Nissan? The only complaint I have is poor gas mileage. Nevertheless, I bought a truck to tow my boat and a few MPG's wasnt a deal breaker, and although it's a bit dated, it still competes extremely well with all full size trucks out there.

@Big Bob. Common misconception is that UD Nissan Trucks was a division of Nissan the car company. They have always been two separate companies with no corporate tie up. Up to the 1930's Nissan UD had a completely different Japanese name. You are right. Renault-Nissan(car company) does not make trucks only Vans. Renault Trucks(formerly owned by Nissan the car company ) Mack and UD are owned by Volvo . All three are in the process of vertical integration by Volvo. Here it gets confusing , Renault Defense , owned by Renault also makes heavy military trucks.
I still think the Nissan Titan will still be ONLY a 1/2 ton, with some twiddling around the edges to try and keep it fresh, a bit difficult with such an old design. Nissan is pretty short on development funds and is getting together with Mitsubishi to develop a totally new Global Pickup to reoplace the Navara and Triton,(L200 ) in some markets. Nice to see how all this pans out though.

The last thing Toyota needs is to diversify into 3/4 and 1ton models. That segment is far deeper entrenched than the half-ton market, wich is pretty tough itself. The van market is different, since the #1 and #2 in the business are complete garbage, compared to what can be done. While the NV isn't a clean shet approach, at least it combines the strengths of American vans (power, cost), with some of Euro vans attributes (straight walls, factory high-roof). It was also engineered to be built efficiently at much lower volumes.
@Keith- Nissan i manage to meet or exceed the 2004 F150 in every way- at least on paper. In the real world, the parts behind the (then) absolute best motor in the business just dont match up to the competition. Ford (and Dodge and Toyota) took notice and got better product ready. The GM half-tons has extendable mirrors available staring in 2000.
@Robert Ryan- Navistar has had V6 and V8 Mules running around for years. They could easily supply a "large" diesel.

@MrKnowitall. True, Navistar have had "mules " running around, but what you said about Toyota equally applies to Nissan. They should stick to the 1/2 ton market. I do not think they will need much encouragement to stay there. As far as I know Navistar and Renault have not had any sort of tie up previously.

I like the short front end, great for offloading as you can see right down in front of the truck, kind of like the Hummer, short front

Titan Trucks does not have problems with there tranny's, its the Pathfinder, Frontier n Exterra.. From wat I read in Trucks trend.. My friends has one n its pretty tough truck, He has the pro 4x4 model, but the only thing is bad is the MPG... Strong n fast 5.6 engine. He pulls is 30 ft. bumper trailer with no sweat, but like i said the MPG.. Some of us dont care n some do.. Thanks mike on the updates.. have a good day!!!

The Titan will continue to sell, although not in great quantities like the F150. People who choose a Titan or a Tundra look for exclusivity, and they find it with Titan and Tundra. More so with Titan - there are fewer of them.

People who drive Titan wave at each other when they meet another Titan on the road. Drivers of the domestic trucks flip off drivers of Titan and Tundra when they see them. What's the message there? Jealousy? Envy?

Both the Titan and Tundra are highly competent trucks and clearly more refined and superior in engineering than the domestic trucks in the half-ton class.

I have owned both, and although I prefer my 2009 Tundra, I would buy either one again over the best that the domestics have to offer, just based on smoothness, ride, handling and power alone.

Aside from that, the Titan 5.6 and the Tundra 5.7 engines are just light-years ahead of the fifties-style V8s from the domestics.

I know it is a matter of choice. But my choice is to buy the best value and engineering for my money, and Titan and Tundra deliver in spades. The domestics remain basically unchanged since the pickup trucks of the fifties. Why mess with a good thing, right? Keep on keeping on. Keep on trucking like we did last century.

MrKnowitall - The only part that was questiuonable on the Titan's drive train was the diff that Dana screwed the pooch on QC wise. The diff and axle assemblies get shipped to Nissan assembled from Dana so there is no way to know the spider gears were substandard or which lot was bad. The unit itself, while appearing small, is actually pretty strong for it's application. BTW another first for the Titan was a factory finned aluminum diff cover. If GM had extendable mirrors as part of a 1/2 ton tow package in the 2000 model year it is news to me. I Googled OEM tow mirrors and all that came up was aftermarket ones.

@Mrknowitall - agree 100%. Toyota and Nissan would have an even harder time penetrating the HD truck market.
I know lots of guys who own Tundra's and only one of them said they'd buy a 3/4 ton Tundra if Toyota made one.

I think that Nissan's (Frontier & Titan) product designers have left the building, um country? They are living back in Japan again.

Again, Not a bad truck.
but a 35-40 pricetag on almost 10yr old design?

come on nissan.

The thing I always loved about Nissan was they'd go forever without a redesign. I hate buying a new truck only to have it be the "old" truck a few years later. Remember the old hardbody? That went like 30 years without a face lift and it was arguably the best truck in its day.

I think the current Titan is a good looking truck.

It seems to have avoided the frankly ugly design the rest of the nissan lineup has.

That said, I think they're going to have to toughen up the look of the truck. Give it a bigger grill and give it that beastly machismo that the rest of the full size trucks have now.

If they do come out with the diesel and keep the crew cab with longbed, I will be a buyer. Frankly it wouldn't matter what it looks like.

I can honestly say I can close to buyig a Titan back whenthey 1st came out, the truck doesn't look bad in one color, no chrome, and in black, if not paint that stupid looking bib? on the tailgate, the one that I drove was a realy good runner! and it was no dought good off road too, and they have only gotten cheaper! I could have gottin one for less $ than the 2011 Silverado, but my right side took over, along with my wife who would be driving it, and where she works is a union place, I know I know, not everyone who works there buys American, buy the majority does. The Titan deffinatly looks better that this tundra, but the 1st tundra was a little cleaner looking before they took the older style front end away. Just my opinion.

its look's mean. buy i would of kept the 20011 wheel base

Bought my Titan in 2006 - it was second hand a 2004 model. I have owned many Ford and Chev trucks half ton - 1 ton before. I have never been happier since owning the Titan. I have often thought about buying another truck and considered Dodge, Ford, Chev Toyota but every time I think about letting my Titan go I just stop and re-think so what do the other trucks have that this one doesn't and go on happily with my Titan. It is about as close to perfect as I can wish for, maybe when Nissan brings out another Titan (hopefully same body style) with a bigger more powerful OHC engine I might be tempted (maybe)

Titan carves out a nice niche for itself in the compact-pickup market with a powerful V8 engine, middle-of-the-pack size, and options that appeal to off-road enthusiasts. Ride and handling are decent for the class, but interiors disappoint with too much tacky plastic and subpar rear-seat room. Still, Frontier merits Recommended status--and a place on your shopping list.

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