Ford and Toyota Partnering Up to Produce Hybrid Trucks

Ford and Toyota Partnering Up to Produce Hybrid Trucks
By Dave Thomas

If there was any doubt that new fuel regulations would make an immediate and widespread impact on the automotive industry, it evaporated this morning. Today, Ford and Toyota announced an agreement to jointly develop — as equal partners — a new hybrid drivetrain specifically for light trucks and SUVs. This new technology would go on sale by the end of the decade.

The types of rear-wheel-drive vehicles this will be applied to include some of the most popular vehicles in the country, big pickups like Ford’s F-150 and the Toyota Tundra, along with large body-on-frame SUVs like the Toyota Sequoia and Ford Expedition. Ford and Toyota currently have just a handful of these types of vehicles in their portfolios, but the F-150 accounts for such a huge portion of sales that it alone would warrant this type of development.

New fuel regulations agreed to earlier this year targeted trucks and SUVs as well as passenger cars, hence the need for automakers to make them more efficient. The struggle for the manufacturer is to make them get better mileage while still being able to carry and tow at least as capably as they do today. Current hybrid systems on the market can deliver results in terms of capability; they just haven’t been efficient enough to meet future demands from the government on fuel economy.

Ford and Toyota have worked on hybrid technology before, but most of the development on the hybrid systems was left to Toyota. This time, both parties stress it will be a joint affair with only the integration of the system into each other’s products left to the individual automakers.

While the hybrid agreement is the most notable news, the two companies also agreed to work together to advance their in-car technologies, like Ford’s Sync, so that not only are they more sophisticated but that some sort of standards and practices result so customers moving between brands will get similar experiences.


Toyota got knocked of of the General Motors (N.U.M.M.I.) they want to climb on board the Ford wagon. When will Toyota learn how to take care of themselves? Besides helping themselves by running back to Japan with America's dollars. This will just hurt Ford's, American car company image.

Talk about (Ford) sleeping with the enemy!

@Hemi Lol. Diesel is more expensive here, but more people are taking it up for cars (LPG usage is increasing dramatically as well) as overall fuel economy is much better. As well diesels in pickup , Van and truck applications have a lot more "grunt"


I am with you buddy!

It is time for the United State of America to lock up our wives and children the Asian take over closes in some more.

"This will just hurt Ford's, American car company image.

Talk about (Ford) sleeping with the enemy!"

Buy American,
Image? You own a product by a company that is 53% own by Italians and made in Mexico. So just calm down. Ford knows what they are doing.

The GM 6.0 IS an Atkinson cycle engine, I have read it in Truck Trend, here, Car&Drive, Chevy tech. manuals. That is why the 6.0, so they could dumb down the engine to get more mpg exp. hyw, how do you think they get over 20? and the reg 6.0 (optional) not any more,got so much less when in the 1500 Avalanche? They could go with the 4.8 in the future w/ D.I., they never said anything about VVT.

Benchimus: it wont be the fuel that gets doubled, it will be the taxes! You don't realy think the Government is going to loose $ when we get to save $ do you, If you do then you are not in reality, take the rose glasses off.

@Buy American This will just hurt Ford's, American car company image.

That's nonsense.


That is exactly my point. We (U.S.A.) already lost control over Chrysler to the Italians. I do not want to see Fo.Mo.Co. or G.M. head down that same wrong road. Besides, an American/European partnership is less damaging, to the U.S.A. economy, than an American/Asian partnership. Asia already has the U.S.A. by the gonads, as it is right now.

Why empower Asia and weaken the U.S.A. any further?

Amazing that I keep reading so many anti free-market and anti capitalism posts on here. Do any of us actually know who owns what stock? What is stopping some rich billionaire in France from buying 20% of Ford tomorrow (for all I know someone from France or French people as individuals may actually own 20% of Ford as we speak....errr type)

The protectionist agenda isn't going to work in a global market, get over it and figure out how to make a useful product that markets across the world want and build it in the US (or in Canada for Lou's sake)

If anyone has anyone else's genetallia by the hand it is the USA. We control the world food market and the base level prices on a global scale for virtually all commodities. You or I could always go without a truck or just purchase a different kind of truck but none of us can survive without food.

@ robert ryan

i totally agree with you, diesel is the way...... only problem is the pollution standards that have to be met in this country cause the price to purchase a diesel engine setup by a whole bunch. the cost of diesel fuel here is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!!! how they charge more than 87 octane for a fuel thats simply a byproduct of gasoline BLOWS ME AWAY.

@ buy American

what is wrong with you man? what do you think makes it "less damaging" for partnership with europeans than that of asians? how does that work? you sound like someone just defending what they own with no real logic to back it up, i think your reachin a bit with that comment.

@ mhowarth

very well stated sir.

Toyota sold Ford the original hybrid system in the Escape. Ford tweaked it and put their name on it.
Seems to have worked out well for both companies.
Should be interesting.

@sandman- Good point. Either way tho, be it the fuel price itself or the taxes on it, we would still pay more.

@ hemi lol writes, "what is wrong with you man? what do you think makes it "less damaging" for partnership with europeans than that of asians? how does that work? you sound like someone just defending what they own with no real logic to back it up,"

Exactly. Also, I would rather partner with someone on a project rather than be owned by someone. Chrysler was sold to Italian Fiat. Toyota and Ford are still their own companies in this deal.

Man, I can't believe some of the stuff I read on here... .

Toyota already makes a better truck--this site exemplifies the problem that they face as there are so many closed minded people, "we can't let them Japs take us over" despite designing and building the actual trucks here in the USA. While the "soul of America", GM and Ford, build more and more of their stuff in Mexico and China--as someone else noted, "the soul of American" GM, sells more cars in China than here. But I guess as long as there is an office building in Detroit with their name on it, dupes will buy crap made anywhere and claim its "American".

@Benchimus - if we were able to double the fuel economy of vehicles, or 1/2 our fuel consumption by all sources, I doubt we'd see astronomically high fuel costs. They'd most likely stabilize. Improved fuel economy would most likely offset competition due to fuel sales to China and India.
Taxes are going to rise one way or the other in the USA, how else is the government going to cover its debt load? Spending restraints never seem to register in the political psyche regardless of which party they belong to.

@Sandman4x4 - thanks, you were correct.
"Vortec 6.0L V-8 engine: Engineers chose the Vortec 6.0L V-8 gasoline engine for the Tahoe Hybrid because of its favorable torque characteristics. This is especially important because GM engineers adapted the 6.0L V-8 to operate with late intake valve closing (Atkinson-cycle combustion process) for reduced pumping losses and better overall fuel economy.

Using flat-top pistons, cylinder heads borrowed from GM’s 5.3L high-output V-8 and a 10.8:1 compression ratio, the Vortec 6.0L V-8 produces 332 horsepower (248 kW) at 5100 rpm and 367 lb.-ft. of torque (498 Nm) at 4100 rpm, yet requires only regular unleaded fuel.

The Vortec 6.0L also features variable valve timing to control late intake closing, as well as Active Fuel Management, which allows four of the eight cylinders to be shut off during periods of light load. With the benefit of electric boost, the engine is able to stay in V-4 mode for longer periods in the Tahoe Hybrid."

My comment about using VVT etc. to create an Atkinson-cycle combustion process seems to be what GMC has done.

@mhowarth - I agree with your point. It matters less and less as to whom owns what. The biggest factor now is where is it made.
The profits leaving the country argument has never made sense to me.
I used this example before - if Toyota has 20 % of its profits leaving the country on an 80 % domestic made truck - that is no different to the economy than a 60% made Ford assuming that 20% profits stay in the country.

China and India are becoming financial powerhouses because of their population base and the desire for improved standards of living. China's middle class is larger than the population of the USA. Cheep products from those countries will dwindle as the populace will no longer want to work for poor wages,and in poor work conditions.
We went there to avoid the moral and ethical cost of business in a "civilized" country.
Seems to have backfired.

Ford should not have done that. Should have done it on their own like a true American comapny. They were looking so good lately too. You can see it as a good thing if you want, but I do not.

Man I was really hoping Ford was going to use their hydraulic hybrid system that they were devolping...Supposedly they were getting 40mpg out of a 4.6L Powered F-150 with it. With a little bit of refinement and the new line of more efficent enignes I think that could really be a winner.

I'm Ford guy but I don't really have anything against Ford and Toyota partnering. But I do have a problum with Gas/Electric Hybrid systems...To quirky IMO.

I think Gm should pare up with Mercedes- Benz or BMW look at there diesel engines

@NorCal Greg - please define "a true American comapny"?

Ford - do you have a breakdown of who owns what? How much of Ford's debt is foreign owned? How much R&D is done in Europe or other parts of the world? Which vehicles or parts are USA made? Example 2010 F150 65% USA parts.

GMC - defaulted on 100 billion. 33% US government owned. Builds and sells more vehicles in China than the USA.

Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep - Fiat (Italy) owns 53%. HD trucks made in Mexico. Fioat engines and models will creep throughout their vehicle lineup.

Lets muddy things further:
Any Canadian parts or vehicles count as USA domestic product.
Mexican parts and vehicles depending on how close they are to the border, and depending on who makes them also count as an American domestic.

Toyota is not the only one with hybrid tech.

Fusion Hybrid gets 41 mpg in the city and beats Toyota Camry Hybrid by a full 10 mpg.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the most fuel efficeient luxury sedan.

I read recently that Ford is still owned by the Ford family with something like 55%! 45% public owned.

Either way you look at this, this is going to be a win win for both Ford and Toyota. They split the cost, they both can put the system in their vehicles with their name on it without paying royalties to each other, and in the end the consumers (us) get a cheaper yet proven technological advanced hybrid system for our trucks that will help them get around 25 to 30 mpg combined... how is this a bad thing? Well I guess its bad if you love Ram or the General... lol.

GM will be hurt by this at????? LMAO!!! There is no way Ford and Toyota are ever going to hurt GM the leader in hybrid pickup trucks.

Whaaaaat? The most rootin tootin truck, the almighty ford f-150 is going to team up with Toyota and hurt GM??? Don't kid yourself ford fans. GM is already leading the way with pickup truck hybrids. GM is winning!

I just can't belive the most rootin tootin truck (aka) f-150 has to team up wtih Toyota to get r done when GM has already promised that its next-gen hybrids will be able to tow 50% more than today's 6,100-pound maximum! Today's trucks also rate the best fuel economy in the segment at 21/22 mpg city/highway with two-wheel drive.

What do Ford and Toyota hybrid pickup trucks get? Oh that's right they don't got any hybrid pickups. GM rules and Ford/Toyota drools. Nothing Ford and Toyota can come up with will change that.

The GM four-mode hybrid system is expected to arrive by 2013.

Let it be written! GET R DONE GM!


If you think this compares to the GM/Chrysler/BMW/Diamler 2 mode system, you are mistaken. I would rather have my hybrid designed with the expertise of 4 companies than 2


"Ford/GM are 100% American and Toyota is 100% Japanese."

Can you get off the nationalizing of corporations!

These companies DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about what nation they are from or operate in!

They are in the business to make PROFITS, not where their plants or parts come from! If the big 3 were so U.S., then why would they have plants in foreign nations then ship those cars/trucks into the U.S. to sell?

Profits, not flag waving! Plus they have nothing to do with our Constitution, so stop comparing them to this nation!

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

"Toyota got knocked of of the General Motors (N.U.M.M.I.) wagon"

Your propaganda does not work with me!

GM bailed out of NUMMI because they were going bankrupt and could no longer afford the partnetship!

GM is a POOR business partner as that is a perfect example and also how incompetant they are by running to the federal government for a WELFARE handout to save the executives salaries and bonuses!

@fiat-ram lol,

"Toyota is not the only one with hybrid tech.

Fusion Hybrid gets 41 mpg in the city and beats Toyota Camry Hybrid by a full 10 mpg.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the most fuel efficeient luxury sedan."

You can thank Toyota's systems for that! Toyota gave Ford some of their patent rights buddy...

@Bob S.,

Wasn't GM bankrupt and needed a WELFARE bailout from the taxpayers recently?

I would not worry about GM, companies that need WELFARE checks in order to survive will make the same mistakes again and lose money and go crying for another handout because they cannot compete!

Re: Patent issues

The Ford Escape Hybrid was engineered, validated and is manufactured in the United States. There is NO Toyota technology or parts in our vehicle. We received NO technical support from Toyota when designing our hybrid system.
We entered into a business arrangement with Toyota where we EXCHANGED patent licences. We licensed 21 patents from Toyota because our hybrid system design was close enough in design to what Toyota did that we wanted to ensure there were no accusations of infringement. At the same time, Toyota licensed several patents from Ford for emissions technology. This was a financial transaction -- one which goes on in our industry every day.

Imagine how many truck will be recalled for sudden acceleration.

Ford is mostly owned by the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation was started by most of Henry Ford's money when he died! Guess who runs the Ford Foundation? The decendents of Mr. Henry Ford. Ford did not truly need to get credit from anyone the Ford Foundation would have never let FoMoCo die!

@Bob - what happened to your favorite saying?
Let it Be written.Let It Be done.

It that the new world version?

Will GM be hurt by this?

Lets see now:
The number 1 truck maker in the USA partnered with the 2nd biggest auto company in the world,

Yeah........your right................. GMC will not be hurt at all.

It's not just numbers.
It's real world performance
Let it be written.Let it be done.

i wish toyota had done better with the chevy trucks or the cadillac ext.anyway what's the hilux'fate

You won't find anyone stupid enough in here to wish them good luck. It is quite evident ford and toyota are light years behind GM. So what shall we call it? How about Tofoyruda? Found on The Road Dead with Tundra Oozing Yucky Oil Trivial Asset. This is what happens when 2 garbage truck collide BTW, Oxi and Dav hate America so why do they live here? Be an American buy American

@- This doesnt mean I have to be friends with oxi does it?

Only time will show if this relationship works for both companies. The last relationship Ford had with Navistar did not end well.

I agree with Jason Lancaster I think it would be best if Toyota went it alone as they had already designed a hybrid system for the Tundra and even experimented with a turbocharged gasoline electric hybrid although it wasnt for the tundra. Their are 2 things I want to see while I respect Ford I want to see tundra dethrone the F-Series as the best selling pickup atleast once and 2nd As I said earlier I want to see a turbocharged, direct injected, VVEL DOHC 4.0L V6 with a 6 speed auto and a reduced axle ratio as the current Tundra V6 without direct injection and VVEL makes 270hp/278lb ft and 16city/20hwy mated to a 5 speed auto which Mike Levine said if the V6 tundra would have a 6 speed and reduced axle ratio the V6 Tundra could get 18city/22hwy and that is without the use of direct injection and VVEL which further improve efficiency and add power so I think it would be possible for the V6 Tundra to get 300hp/310 lb ft and 18city/24hwy before adding the hybrid system and turbo and after that I certainly think its possible for atleast 380hp+/400lb ft and 24city/32hwy and add weight reduction even better mpg. Im not saying that is what Toyota or Ford have in mind but I want to see it.

Bob S. Don't even go there. Everyone knows that GM's 2 stage hybrid system is a joke. What is even a bigger joke is that a V6 all gas motor from Ford is getting the same hwy MPG as the GM hybrid while almost having the same horsepower as the bigger 5.3l from GM. That's the biggest joke of all LMAO.

Trying to get back on topic here I think that the Toyota/Ford hybrid system will be a net positive for the overall market. I expect to see this come out around or just a little after the next gen GM 2-mode system so likely around 2015 as a 2016 model that low and behold will be just in time to meet the first real increases in CAFE.

I'd expect them to use a more mid range gas motor and pair it with the electric motors for something in the ballpark of 340 hp and 400 lbs of torque. Maybe a bit more but that is just a ballpark estimate. I also expect city MPG to be about 23-25 and highway about the same or maybe pushing 26 but not really any more than that. On a CAFE weighted scoring model this would probably register around 28-30 combined allowing them to fully meet all goals and help offset the lower MPG ratings of the more volume sellers. I also expect a modest price increase of about $3-4k.

On the GM front I think the MPG may only go up 1 or 2 MPG on both city and highway but the capabilities will be more inline with the rest of their trucks and the costs come down. Right now they are about a $7k more than a comparable model (I used the 2wd crew cab LT for comparison which only has the terrible 4.8 motor but has similar overall capabilities). I bet GM brings this down to a more reasonable $4k price difference for the next go round.

Attention oxi - Ford does not use Toyota's hybrid system!

"The reality is that Ford independently developed its own hybrid system at the same time Toyota was masterminding its own. The basic architecture of both systems is the same and both are based on the concepts developed and patented by TRW engineers in the late 1960s. When Ford introduced the Escape Hybrid, Toyota went after the Blue Oval for infringing on its patents. Ford had patents of its own on the technology that Toyota was using. Eventually, the two companies reached a cross-licensing agreement that gives both companies the right to build their own systems. Such cross-licensing agreements are common in these kinds of cases, but Ford did not use the Toyota hybrid system. The only other company that uses Toyota's system is Nissan for its Altima hybrid, and they actually buy hardware from Toyota. We continue deconstructing Reynolds' arguments after the jump."


The Ford Fusion and MKZ Hybrid do not use any of those Toyota licensed patents. So guys like oxi can't even call it "Toyota licensed technology" any more.

Th real problem is that "you can thank Toyota" 1) greatly overstates the importance of the few technologies that Ford received licenses for, and 2) implies that Ford couldn't do it themselves and had to buy it from Toyota, when the truth of the matter is Ford developed it entirely on their own, but found from due diligence that their technology overlapped with previously patented tech from Toyota and 3) as I said before those patents do not cover any of the second generation hybrid system used in the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid to get 41 mpg, 10 full mpg more than the Toyota Camry).

Those are the points that oxi should be aware of to clarify the errors in his pro-Toyota anti-Ford posts.

"what is wrong with you man? what do you think makes it "less damaging" for partnership with europeans than that of asians? how does that work? you sound like someone just defending what they own with no real logic to back it up, i think your reachin a bit with that comment."- hemi lol

The taking over of the United States of America, by Asia, is what is wrong with me. I (and the rest of the U.S.A.) am hard-pressed to find anything that is NOT Made In China. Everywhere you look and the majority of what we buy you always find...Made In China. This is not the case with Europe. Asia, is the "power" that has us (U.S.A.) on our knees, as we crawl to them for more help. Help that the U.S.A. once gave them; many, many years ago.

I wish I could go back to a time, about 40+ years ago,
when "Made In The U.S.A." was the norm and it meant something. When Americans were proud of America.

Thank you Alabama (country music group), for making a song & video, thanking America for it's time!!!

Asia, is the "power" that has us (U.S.A.) on our knees, @ Buy American Or Say Bye To America!
Sir i understand your frustration but the only people that put America on its knees is the people of America thru Greed, Corruption, Politics, Politicians, we here cannot seem to separate our needs from our wants, i try to do all i can to buy America products MADE IN THE USA and try to respect everyone for who they are, but i am frustrated with the way things are going in this country just so some politician can get rich, you guys sit here and beat on Toyota for bringing there trucks here as far as i am concern that truck does more to feed the people of this country than lets say GMC for excample

the government will far apart by time this gets out so no worries

Every time Ford's hybrids are mentioned, the web is filled with people that 1) don't know what the details are with the original Gen 1 Ford hybrid, 2) don't have enough business accumen to understand what transpired, or 3) are just Toyota fan-boys, Ford detractors, or are so down on the U.S. that they don't think we could have possible developed a hybrid here.

Here are the basic facts:

1. Ford did meet with Toyota on hybrids early in the game, but the result of the meetings was that Ford decided to go it alone.

2. Ford developed the Gen 1 hybrid system for the Escape. Ford did use as an integral part of the system an e-CVT transmission from Aisin Warner (AW) that was very similar to the transmission used in the Prius. AW is a Toyota affiliate from whom Ford has bought many transmissions for FWD and RWD cars. This is where some of the confusion comes in. I think you can assume that AW worked closely with Toyota on the Prius. But when you are buying a component, you are not buying a license, you are buying a finished component with whatever technology the supplier has as part of that component. It is immaterial whether the suppler is affiliated with a major auto manufacturer. In this case, Toyota might not have been too happy, but there is no way AW could have totally refused Ford if they hoped to keep Ford (and other OEM's) as a customer. So in this case, using AW was a smart move as Ford was able to pick up existing hybrid technology as part of the transmission.

3. The hybrid system was fully developed independently by Ford. No drawings or technical information was ever received from Toyota, and no engineers ever talked with each other. There was no licensing of technology during the development process.

4. When the Escape hybrid was nearing production, Ford had an internal review and concluded there were several areas where the Ford technology was close enough to what Toyota was doing that there could be some issues with patent coverage. So Ford met with Toyota, and they agreed to a patent exchange. Ford licensed several patents for the hybrid system and traded several patents for engine emissions. This type of patent exchange is very commonly done amongst auto manufacturers. It just clears the decks so nobody is harmed and everyone has a clear understanding. This is the most misunderstood part where some people continue to insist that Ford is "licensing Toyota's hybrid system"

5. Ford's Gen2 system used on the Fusion and Escape is completely clear of the original patent exchange, so it's a moot point at this stage. And of course Ford's Gen 3 system with lithium batteries and a Ford transmission coming from the Van Dyke plant which will preview on the C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi will be even more unique and also has no Toyota involvement.

On Bob's GM comment...

There are other RWD hybrid boxes available. Toyota and Ford are the hybrid leaders right now, not GM. GM's dual hybrid sytem has not been so effective or popular, partly due to cost. Ford/Toyota have a requrement for a hybrid system that is rugged enough to stand use on pickup trucks probably in RWD and 4WD. And its has to be much more affordable than the dual-mode GM/BMW/Daimler box. F/T understand a lot more about reliability and cost than the Germans do; this box can't just be suited for an overpriced Silverado with poor towing and unimpressive mileage.

@Buy American - Dan the Man is correct. "Sir i understand your frustration but the only people that put America on its knees is the people of America thru Greed, Corruption, Politics, Politicians, we here cannot seem to separate our needs from our wants"

China and other countries have become wealthy by violating the human rights of their fellow man through poor wages, poor work conditions, and poor environmental conditions.
We went there to avoid the moral and ethical cost of business in a "civilized" country.

"As You Sow, So Shall You Reap."

Back on topic - It seems to me that these hybrids are just going to give the manufactures breathing room with their "bread and butter" products. If these hybrids are affordable enough to buy they might sell well enough to be more acceptable by the general public. I look at the cost benefit ratio of any of these vehicles. Where is my payback in terms of money in my pocket. In the past, I had looked at diesel trucks because of the fuel economy advantage - but could never show a break even point. The Chevy truck hybrid is no different to me. No return on investment.
I don't look at hybrids to make myself feel good about the environment. If the ice caps melt - it will save me money as I won't need to drive 500 miles to get to the ocean;)

2011 Ford Fusion hybrid 41city/36hwy and the expected 2012 Toyota Camry hybrid 43city/39hwy

@ buy american

IF THIS IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE THEN SUPPORT AMERICANS YOU FRIGGIN HYPOCRITE! how dare you say things like that while saying you should FULLY support a company that will outsource its parts and labor to save their own dollar!!!!!!!!!!

MEANWHILE in the real world you have companies like Toyota that continue to build more factories and create a self sufficient Toyota USA for the USA. THIS SUPPORTS AMERICAN WORKERS, and if Ford, GM, and chrysler cared they wouldnt have spent the last 25 years slowly moving operations outside the USA TAKING AMERICAN JOBS WITH IT!

You seem to have it ALL backward brother, do you think when my best friends father was laid off from Fisher Body in ohio that it was the Japenese auto manufacturers fault?????? are you serious??? IT WAS AMERICANS THAT DID THAT!! they were tired of buying the SAME OLE CRAP that they were forced to buy and those manufacturers looking to save a dang dollar were sending business over the border to increase THEIR FAT POCKETS, they care NOTHING about you sir. Its time you wake up to the real reality, they are a BUSINESS not part of America as you seem to fantasize about. Support companies that CARE about their employees. its a FACT that Toyota employees wont allow the UAW in their plants. THEY DONT WANT THEM, the company takes care of them WITHOUT an organization that promotes mediocrity.

Good for Toyota. The 2013 Fusionn/MKZ will be ALL NEW and be up to 48 mpg, a full 5 more than what is expected for Toyota. Will debut in January....

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