Ford F-150 V-6 Engines Continue to Outsell V-8s and the Competition

By Dave Lee

How hot is the Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6? The 365-horsepower, 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine is outselling all other competing six-cylinder trucks combined, Ford says.

Ford’s 302-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 is also outselling full-size six-cylinder competitors from Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and Toyota. Both engines accounted for 79.5 percent market share of V-6 full-size trucks sold in July, according to sales data from J.D. Power and associates.

Behind Ford are the Chevy Silverado (12.1 percent market share), GMC Sierra (4 percent), Ram trucks (3.5 percent) and Toyota Tundra (0.9 percent).

The F-Series led July sales, selling 49,104 units, with the EcoBoost making up 40 percent of them and the 3.7-liter making up 16 percent. Ford’s V-6 models outsold its V-8s for the third straight month, something that hasn’t happened since 1985. So far this year, Ford’s sales are up 8 percent, at 313,183 units.

"Both of our new V-6 power plants are changing the way customers think about truck engines," said Doug Scott, Ford’s truck group marketing manager, said in a statement. “The 3.7-liter has more horsepower than two of the three V-8 engines we offered in last year’s F-150. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine, at 365 hp and 420 pounds-feet of torque, is in a class of its own – no one has anything even remotely close to this engine, which can tow as much as 11,300 pounds and deliver 22 mpg.”

We're fans of both new six-cylinder mills. We selected the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter as our V-6 Work Truck Shootout winner and drove twin EcoBoost F-150s 2,000 miles to find the 3.5-liter twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection engine provides  excellent unloaded fuel economy and V-8-like performance hitched to a trailer.


I am waiting to see the test that Mike Levine will do on the 5.0, Ecoboost, and 6.2 later this year (hopefully sooner than later). My decision on which engine to get will be based on his tests. The world awaits Mike!

Well that's just it - this isn't being sold as a mere V-6 work truck: it's being marketed as a V-8 replacement for all trim levels. Knowing that, it's small wonder it's vastly outselling the competition.

@Ken E. Thanks for your patience. It's coming. Slowly. But we'll do that comparison. I want to see it done.

well considering no one has anything like Eco-boost (yet)

this doesnt really suprise me.

wow, the Titan didn't even make the chart. Considering the Tundra's price will go up, I think it wont make the chart next year.

The Titan does not come with a V6. The pie chart is for V6s only.

This seems right although I dont see toyot lossing any V6 market share on the tundra 10 people bought one this year 10 more next year although tundra does have the 3rd best V6(4th next year when Ram inrtoduces the new V6). Ford has 1st (ecoboost) and 2nd (3.7L) and GM trucks are just a more popular brand and Nissan doesnt offer one everthing seems right. Now that I think about it Tom with a Ranger is kind of right but they will loose some sells but not because of the price increase but do to Rams new V6 so toyota will only sell 5 next year.

V6 is the future.

How about a TT version of the 5.0, call it the Torqueboost and watch it blow away the v6 sales.

Ford needs to make a 4.0 liter V8 Ecoboost. Small displacement for the mileage but V8 for the sound. Guarantee it will sell..... Can you suggest something like that to Ford, Mike Levine?

Rock On, Ford!!! The best never rest!

Way to go; Chevrolet, G.M.C., and Ram!!!

@Ken E.: I think you just did it for me. :-)

The Ecoboot beating all the V6 competition? Not surprising. The Ecoboost beating all the competition COMBINED? Pretty darn surprising. The Ecoboost controlling that much of the V6 market, and still have the Ford 3.7 entry level V6 sell more than any other brand's V6? Amazing!

@Mike Levine

Does this mean we can get royalties? :)

Those look like the same v6 sales %'s I tallied from the report a week or two ago. Kudos to Ford, they've found a little niche for now. Not sure it'ill be enough for the new EPA guidelines.

Consumer Reports test showed the F150 5.0L and 3.5L EB had the same overall fuel economy (15mpg). Both acceleration times for 0-60 and 1/4 only differed by 0.1sec.

5.0L 3.5L EB
0-60 7.8 7.7
1/4 mi 16.2 16.1

Yet, overall market share isn't improving any more then GMs and much slower then Rams.

Seems like the only people buying EBs are people who are already Ford owners.

I completely agree with LS1powered and Ken E, I'm very impressed by the EBs numbers, but Im unwilling to purchase anything other than a V-8.

ooooo piece of candy!!!

Multiple tests put the Eco Boost Crew Cab 2wd 3.73
@ 6.2sec 0-60mph

Why ford won't put it in the regular short bed is a mystery.

First motor to make 420 ftlbs of torque @ 2600 rpm on regular!

Great job Ford!

We are waiting GM? Eco Boost 5.3?

At 17 mpg average(people were saying 25mpg they will get I always said 14-17 av mpg) the lighter eco-boost trucks are not fuel efficient for a 6 cyl with all the hype they have had...A Hemi RAM has the same mpg as a 6 cyl eco-boost (very lame sounding "eco"-boost sounds very low rent.. lol) !!

If they ever tested 2 Ford trucks with the same weight, the Ford 6.2 beats the eco-boost...only tests with the 6.2 were in a heavier F-150 than the eco-boost powered F-150.

Truck Trend tested a 6129 pound F-150 with the 6.2 and a lighter 5519 pound Eco F-150 that is the only reason the eco beat the 6.2..was because the eco boost trucks are lighter..and the tests were almost even (.02 difference)so the 6.2 is Ford's top performance truck engine.

The Hemi Ram,crew cab 4x4 is 6.4 0-60 (or better) so the QuadCab 4x4 (lighter) is faster...Plus the Hemi gets the same gas mileage as the lame sounding eco-boost..So,the eco-Boost is not the fastest eccellerating truck engine or a extreme fuel miser (17 mpg)And we all know with turbo /supercharged engines after 20,000 or so miles rolls past the performance usually drops off with a turbo or supercharged engine,so so much for the turbo eco-dud !!

Ford trucks are the cheapest so of coarse they are selling the best ! In the U.S and Canada they are the lowest priced new trucks.

Furthermore people put so much hype on the claimed 28 mpg Ford EcoBoost (remember posts on this site people were saying the mpg the eco would get)in actual real life they get 17 or less mpg, Eco-boost my friends ,they over hyped it ,but it is paying off for Ford because the sheeple are buying them in droves and sheeple are brainless.

My HEMI RAM is faster and better mpg than a Eco-Boost Furd !! Plus I have a real sounding truck ! Ever hear the sound of a Eco-Boost,Sounds like a grannies Camry !!

well looky here, ford V-6 sells mor than all the others combined. Not realy supprised are we? toy .o9% it's laughable..ROTFLMAO. Where is Lol5.3 LOLhemi? OXI? oh thats them in the rear mirror!! If they put tha EB in a short bed, they could have a SVT Lighting part 3.o?

Funny how everyone is a mechanical engineer. Turbos have been used and proved for more the 500,000 mi, look at the late model diesels.

Everyone is just HATING, thanks for proving me right!

People talk like they own these Eco-Boost trucks but in reality they are such BIG HATERS.

Loving the HATERS!


The Eco-Boost murders your Hemi.

Your are just made because this little V6 beats your infamous Hemi. We all know you are wrong!


The only reason why the EB is "murders" the Hemi is because of the performance robbing trans.

As Ford guys were hyping about the EB years before it hit, I think I'm allowed to hype about the 8HP a year before it hits. The EB won't stand a change when the Hemi gets a decent trans.

@7590 - quote "The EB won't stand a change when the Hemi gets a decent trans."

That is funny.

Ram guys say there is nothing wrong with the trannies in Ram trucks and any problems were a thing of the past.

So that has been just a cover up by Ram fans?

I don't think it is a fare to compare Ford's V6 to others
- Ford and Toyota have the newest V6's , but Toyota sells way less trucks than Ford.
Ford's entry level V6 probably outsells Tundra in all configurations.
-The Chev/GM V6 is a reliable workhorse but it is ancient.
-Ram's V6 is old as well.

7590: I think I agree w/you, but you could proof read a little better, I am only guessing at what you were saying. That the Hemi has a handycap w/ the 5/sp? and w? the 8sp it might be a diff. story, thats possibly only because you can get the Hemi in a 4X2 reg cab SHORT bed, which is a lighter truck than any F-150 Eco-Boost. I may already be a little quiker already in that way, with the short bed Dodge, I bet with roll-up windows and stripped to the bone tradesman with 3.92 limit slip would aready give the lichtest F-150 a good run! But Super Crew to Crew Cab the EB would walk awy as it stands with the 5spd. I own a F-150 4X4 reg cab 8' bed XL, I love it! I'm not one to sace around on the road, but I know good power delivery when I feel it! This truck pulls my travel trailer like never before, up hill down hill, with the tow haul mode and the cruze cantrol on, when you get going down hill the trans. automaticaly down shifs when up pick up speed because of gravity, and going up-hill is actualy fun now, looking at all the toyotas mighty 5.7 receading in my rear view! my cousin gets pissed every time, he is always trynig to pass me and get ahead of me before we hit the hills, it is realy commical. I allmost bough a Ram 1500 Hemi 4X4, short bed, but I realy wanted that new Eco-Boost!, even though I've had great luck with the 2 Dodge Dakotas in the past, I hope I don't regret it. I will be sure to let EVERYONE know if I made a mistake. Happy Motoring, and be safe out there,


for the record bud that stat is V6 engines ONLY. Toyota doesnt mass market the 4.0 V6 like the other manufacturers. people that buy a V6 model are generally the 44% of the small truck market and they purchase the Tacoma. Toyota doesnt even make the 4.6 V8 as a mass market, 85% of the Tundra's sold (and maybe a little more than that) are 5.7 V8's THAT STILL AVERAGE 15MPG by consumer reports JUST LIKE THE 5.0 AND ECOBOOST and The Tundra pulls better.


Re-read my first sentence. I said performance robbing trans. Not once in my post did I say anything about the 545RFE being unreliable.

I know more people who have had problems with GM's and Ford's last gen. 4 speeds autos, then have had problems with the 545RFE.

@ sandman4x4

I think your touching places you shouldnt when talking about your truck. look on youtube there's not one race between the mighty 5.7 tundra and the ecoboost. If ford thought it could beat the 5.7 i-force they wouldve made a video about it, they made sure they did it against the 5.3 and Hemi.

The RAM 545rfe automatic tranny is probably the most reliable automatic transmission made today in a Full Size Truck. The only issues that people see with them are the ones that up the HP/TQ and do Petal to the Metal Dumps at 70+ MPH.... The RAM will be getting a recalibrated 6-SPD in the near future and possibly the new 8-SPD AUTO. Will this make a difference....YES.... Expecially in the HD-2500 HEMI RAMS that will be getting a fully revised 6-SPD Auto with better gearing internally.
* The Eco-Boost is a stout engine for sure. I do not care what anyone says...a Turbo Charged small displacement motor WILL NEVER be able to hold up as long as a BIG displacement N.A. Motor. The Turbo going bad at 20,000 miles issue is a thing of the 1980's Past! I have no doubt that the turbo's on the EB will last a very long time. I also know for a fact that the EB under load (Towing) SUCKS FUEL at a faster rate than most V8's..... HEMI included! What does this mean for ME = I tow 98% of the time my truck is used so a V8 is all I will ever own-----unles I go back to a Straight-6 CUMMINS....!
I have always owned Dodges and have never had any issues with 1 of my RAMs. I have also owned a Toyota Tacoma 07 DC SR5, 4X4 6-spd that was the biggest POS ever! Got worse fuel mileage than my HEMI unloaded and loaded... Constantly in the shop for driveline issues, alignments, and weak suspensions.
I have worked around, in, and with FORDS and CHEVYs and I would be happy with either one right now with there BIG V8 Motors and Automatic Trannys.

The V6 Eco-Boost is for the crowd that drives their truck to the office 5 days a week and runs the kiddos to practice in the evenings...while towing a boat or camper once or twice a month.

I'll bet anyone that buys one for a WORK-TRUCK that will be towing all the time will not be happy with the $$$ coming out of their pockets each month just because they bought the new a hyped up thing!

I just explained on the other thread if you care to look why I own a tundra but this is not about the tundra 5.7L so congrat the ecoboost so if you want to understand the difference between the tundra and the rest of the segment read the other page to see why toyota designed it that way. As for being in your rearview I have saved money for the trd supercharger anI almost their so I highly doubt in the future you will be ahead of me no to mention after I do that I will get new mirrors that read ecoboost in mirror is not closer than it appears.

Hmm, interesting. I just went to a Ford dealer today to check out the F150s they had on the lot. What surprised me is that the supercrew 4x4 that I looked at with the Ecoboost, the highway mpg was rated at 21. Doesn't seem like much of a big improvement when GM's 5.3 gets about the same mileage. Hell, the Silverado XFE with the 5.3 is rated at 22 or 23 on the highway.

@Hemi Lol!

1/4 mile time for the Tundra compared the Ecoboost.

Tundra 15.6
Ecoboost 14.9

Ecoboost is the winner all the way to finish line!


But the Ecoboost murders the 5.3L, it's not even funny.

@Hemi Lol!

The absence of the Tundra was Ford making a statement that is failed sales numbers (less than 50% of what was targeted) speaks for itself. Personally, I would have like to have seen it there.

Tundra LOL!

Why should I re-read your post when I cut and pasted the exact wording into the start of my post.

- quote "The EB won't stand a change when the Hemi gets a decent trans."

Now you are saying " I said performance robbing trans".

Actually, no you didn't.

You said "when the Hemi gets a decent trans".

That can be interpreted many different ways.
I made my comment expressedly to point out that ambiguity.

Once Ram gets a decent transmission, Ford will have its next gen F150 on the market.
Will an 8 speed transmission be enough to give Ram an edge?
Attention Walmart shoppers - time will tell ;)


I get a kick how those videos keep popping up with the EB winning by 11.9 sec on a 0-60mph acceleration but then only wins by a 3.2sec margin on a 3.5 mile up hill tow run.

I'll ask again. Why does the Ram hemi close that sizeable 0-60mph 11.9 sec gap to only 3.2 sec after a 3.5 mile hill climb?

Maybe the EB intercooler is heat soaked so the turbo is less efficient?

And lets keep in mind turbos have an inherent horsepower advantage at altitude.

A few comments :
I am not a Ford fan. Never have been. But I went against my breeding and bought the best truck for me. Ecoboost FX4 Screw 6.5 box.
This engine and truck is not PR, it is for real.
A big block cast iron engine weighs more and affects acceleration, get over it.
The massive EB torque is what jumps it out ahead in 0-60 and 1/4 mile. Get over it.
A higher horsepower motor will run down an EB on a long hill at high rpm if long enough. I'm over it.
The EB is the only 1/2 ton that will tow my 8000lb trailer across mountainous BC and not have to go over 3000rpm. So relaxing.
Ecoboost is the quickest 1/2 ton this year. Fact. So what.It's a truck. Use it like one.
I have had plenty of diesels and big block gassers die far too early, the Ecoboost probably will out live all my previous engines. I'm ok with that too.

@Frank, The Ecoboost may murder GM's 5.3 when it comes to HP, torque, payload and trailering capabilities but it still doesn't seem to be that much of an improvement in mileage. I've seen a 2WD supercab with the Ecoboost that was rated at 23mpg, which seems more like what the F150s equipped with the EB should get whether it's a 4x4 or 2WD.

Maybe Ford honked-up the EB's turbo/intercooler design the same way they did with the new 6.7L Superduty. It could be that Ford just can't figure out how to optimize a modern turbo at max load in the mountains.

@Steven The ecoboost is quick not fast (When compared to 5.7 iforce or hemi.) Quick gets it up and going in a small amount of time - that's torque. Fast is horsepower to keep accelerating once the RPM's are up. The ram and toyota will beat it with their higher HP engines. However for overall drivability the ecoboost is the better motor.

@Steven: An XFE 5.3 is a complete sham, a gutless wonder that owners realize too late with it's uselessly high gearing can do no work worthy of a truck.
You can get a 4x4 Ecoboost with 3.31 gears and Supercrew and pull off 23mpg easily. And you still get a fast good towing truck.
XFE is not in the game. It's just PR.
The 5.3 was good when you could get 3.73 and 4.10. It was strong and reliable.
I'm a GM man and have been in HD's all my life. Until I needed a 1/2 ton. EB has more power and way better economy than my 08 6.0.
That is the EB charm, more than big block torque (6.0,6.2's) and small block or V6 economy empty. It's doing what it was supposed too.

dcfluid: congrats man, I love my EB, lolhemi just can't get it, I would run him w/his turd blower any day, yea out running a 3.5 EB w/ a 5.7 supercharged engine , wow that is sayning something? pay too much for a truck to begin with, AND THEN have to put another what 5,000 for parts and if you don't or can't do it yourself what 2-3,ooo$$, to what? beet a littler ol 3.5 ltr STOCK engine whewee I am trembling><><>

what the ell happened to the rest of my post???

I guess I said something wrong mike?

"I'll ask again. Why does the Ram hemi close that sizeable 0-60mph 11.9 sec gap to only 3.2 sec after a 3.5 mile hill climb."


The Hemi has 3.92 gears, great that it gained some. Watch some real world vids on youtube.

No bias here:

lets try this again LOLHEMI how about running against a 6.2 with a blower on it ?

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