Ford F-150 V-6 Engines Continue to Outsell V-8s and the Competition

By Dave Lee

How hot is the Ford F-150 EcoBoost V-6? The 365-horsepower, 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine is outselling all other competing six-cylinder trucks combined, Ford says.

Ford’s 302-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 is also outselling full-size six-cylinder competitors from Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and Toyota. Both engines accounted for 79.5 percent market share of V-6 full-size trucks sold in July, according to sales data from J.D. Power and associates.

Behind Ford are the Chevy Silverado (12.1 percent market share), GMC Sierra (4 percent), Ram trucks (3.5 percent) and Toyota Tundra (0.9 percent).

The F-Series led July sales, selling 49,104 units, with the EcoBoost making up 40 percent of them and the 3.7-liter making up 16 percent. Ford’s V-6 models outsold its V-8s for the third straight month, something that hasn’t happened since 1985. So far this year, Ford’s sales are up 8 percent, at 313,183 units.

"Both of our new V-6 power plants are changing the way customers think about truck engines," said Doug Scott, Ford’s truck group marketing manager, said in a statement. “The 3.7-liter has more horsepower than two of the three V-8 engines we offered in last year’s F-150. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine, at 365 hp and 420 pounds-feet of torque, is in a class of its own – no one has anything even remotely close to this engine, which can tow as much as 11,300 pounds and deliver 22 mpg.”

We're fans of both new six-cylinder mills. We selected the naturally aspirated 3.7-liter as our V-6 Work Truck Shootout winner and drove twin EcoBoost F-150s 2,000 miles to find the 3.5-liter twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection engine provides  excellent unloaded fuel economy and V-8-like performance hitched to a trailer.


I don't think you can compare the Ecoboost to other comepetiors V6's its turbocharged, compare 3.7 sales to the others but not the ecoboost.

I have no problems with a 390hp V8 with lower gearing closing the gap on a towing challenge after an eternity trying to catch up. It's in it's sweet spot powerwise and should be catching up. A Tundra and definitely a F150 6.2 would likely squeezed by at the line.
In real life the Ecoboost gets so far out ahead towing that most roads will never provide the chance to catch up.
Cruising down the highway at 1700 rpm in 6th gear with a huge load is the real life benefits of the torque. Only my turbo diesel experience compares and the lack of noise,smell, high maintenance in the EB makes it my preference . Nothing wrong with sweet sounding,smooth reving small block V8's. We are just seeing necessary evolution of truck technology and today a V6 is catching the spotlight. The next 4 years will see big changes as who's on top.
My neighbor just put exhaust on his new Hemi and it sounds like a jalopy. Leave it stock and high tech sounding.

@ sandman4x4

i dont have a blower on my truck. N/A with intake and TRD exhaust. anytime you wanna run em bud. if you beat me its simply due to weight, you driving a reg. cab vs. my 6000lb crew max. a Reg. cab. 4x4 5.7 Tundra will walk all over your EB sir. those have been clocked 0-60 in the low 5's stock.

its funny to me when people quote 0-60 times with the Tundra they always seem to quote the crew max times only, never a dbl cab or reg. cab. remember a crew max tundra weighs what a screw f150 with the cast iron 6.2 in it and the Tundra's 5.7 is all aluminum.

@sandman4X4: I don't think I edited/deleted your post(s).

@Derek, If you were trying to give me a teaching lesson in the difference between horsepower and torque, I already knew the difference between the two.


The only reason why the EB is "murders" the Hemi is because of the performance robbing trans.

The above sentence was also copy and pasted from my original post. It was the very first sentence.

Pound for pound...
Horsepower for horsepower...
Torque for torque...
Cubic inches for cubic inches...
Fuel economy for fuel economy...
Towing for towing...

The Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost is the hands down winner when it comes to half-ton pickup motors. Personally, I would have the Ford 6.2L V8 because I prefer big cubic inches. There is no denying though, that the EcoBoost is like having your cake...and having a swimsuit model feeding it to you too.

Yeah, the Ecoboost is such a tough motor, they offer it as the base engine in the F250 Super Duty.

Oh wait, they don't--it's used essentially in a Grandpa's car (Taurus) and a boxy minivan (Flex)... .

I guess time will tell if these motors have durability--hopefully they will hold up better than the manual transmission they put in the Mustang... .

We've got customers wanting the EB in the Super Duty. It performs much better than the 6.2L (especially the 3/4 ton version wich is optimized for 87 octane where the 1/2 ton is Premium fuel). When I say performs, I mean towing. The EB just has a huge advantage in power band where it doesn't kick down as much, as far or as hard and thats what most towing customers want.

The reason I don't think you'll see the EB in the 3/4 ton in the near future is due to CAFE. We're selling all the EB's we can get (5.0L's not selling as fast) so EB availability is limited. With the fuel economy difference Ford would like to sell as many EB's as possible to help the CAFE rating. Super Duty's don't count towards CAFE so until engine availabillity exceeds demand, I don't see it being offered in a Super Duty. But the market is there for it.

Thats one issue thats going to haunt the EB F-150. I've been selling lots of them to customer trading 3/4 ton Diesels. The engine has power enough to satisfy them, but I suspect they'll greatly overload what the 1/2 ton pickup should tow/haul, and although I have no worries on engine durability, I do have great concern about driveline (especially rear axle) failures do to overloading. It wouldn't be the trucks fault, but perception is reality, so if people start seeing lots of 50-60K mile axle failures on F-150s, it'll get a rep as unreliable, even if it was doing work that would require a 3/4 ton.

Would be interesting to see the EB/Hemi trap speeds at various points along that 3.5 mile tow run. Again, at higher elevation the EB should be even more dominant which, by all accounts, isn't the case. The video doesn't lie.

Since alot of you guys know just how good of an engine the Ecoboost is, and probably b/c each of you own a new F150 with this engine, here's what I've been wanting to find.

What does this engine sound like with dual exhaust?! Does anybody know? It's a v6, with twin turbos, but has the power of a v8. Does this engine have the deep rumble like a v8 that has dual exhaust, or does it sound like crap? I love a truck that has dual exhaust, but really, there's no point in having it if it's only going to sound like a souped up weedeater.

I am waiting for the new half ton shootout. The first one was probably the most epic test done to date. When can we expect the next one Mike?

@stever- I love the sound of duals on a V8 too. But if that is a buyers main concern and the deciding factor on what engine they would like, well, that seems a little silly. Despite said silliness, there is always the 5.0. Im sure true duals would sound awesome on one.

@Tim: Good timing. All five trucks just showed up yesterday. But it's a different test format than we've done in the past. All the trucks have to be $30K MSRP or less. Manufacturers determine the configuration.

@ Mike Levine

So what trucks are you testing then?


So, I've got an Ecoboost Supercrew 4WD and as far as how it sounds with it's single exhaust/muffler, it's pretty darn quiet. Near the tail pipe at idle, you can hear a pickup-sounding "lub lub lub lub...." but it's a bit quieter than a V8. Near the engine, all you can practically hear are belts turning, the fan, and the injectors "tick tick tick tick...". Driving it, man you can hear yourself breath. This truck is really quiet. When you apply more than a tiny bit of the gas. You'll hear the turbos spool. When you want to get on it, that's when you get to hear the engine's sound. The more gas you give the clearer the engine and it does sound a lot like any other V6 doing the same, like a BMW or our Honda Pilot. It's not a bad sound at all. What you have to decide though is whether you can live with V8 sound. Having driven both the 5.0 and 6.2, I can really appreciate the V8 "thunder," but if you think about it, it's "lightning" that should be what's impressive. ;-). So the Ecoboost power is really something to consider.

As for mileage, there seem to be lots of myths going around regarding the Ecoboost. Mine is pretty well broken in with 4000+ miles. Here are some examples of real world mileage I get with 3.73 gear ratio:
1) FLAT HIGHWAY, low traffic, not towing: Put it in cruise, you'll get 24-30 mpg. This is the narrow use case where the Ecoboost shines. This is because the turbos don't spool up. This is no BS. I don't travel this way most of the time, so I don't get to bring my average mpg numbers up that far.
2) IN-TOWN, traffic, not towing: will be around 13-14mpg. If you like punching it, expect lower.
3) HIGHWAY/RURAL/TOWN COMBINED (and I do get on it at times. It's fun, so...)--this is my average: 14.8-17+. If I was gentle on gas this number could come up about +1 or +2. 17 mpg is about as gentle as I get with gas.
4) TOWING 4500 lb RV, flat hwy: around 13/14, may vary.
5) TOWING 4500 lb RV over Oregon's Coast range from the valley (trip had 2 hours of big hills, 2 hours of small hills) then small hills on hwy with traffic, wind. Did not baby the engine, kept to 50-60 mph on all hills. Average was 10.5 mpg. If I went easier on the gas I could have got a little better mileage, maybe +1 or +2 better.
The REALLY cool thing here is that I took all those hills in 5th/6th gear and only about once in 4th gear when traffic slowed up. This truck quietly pulls up these hills at 1600 rpm with family, all our stuff, and trailer--no fuss. Drives like a diesel, but without the sound. Plus it can be downright fast when you want as well. It's a damn good engine. Good truck, too.

I'd say unless you figure out how to keep the turbos from spooling up, which would be unloaded or only lightly pulling on flat highway, the mileage otherwise is more like small V8 gas engine.

@hemi lol: Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 V-8 ext cab 2WD, Ford F-150 5.0 V-8 reg cab 2WD, Nissan Titan 5.6 V-8 ext cab 2WD, Ram 1500 5.7 V-8 ext cab 2WD, Toyota Tundra 5.7 V-8 ext cab 2WD.


Note that Ford couldn't provide an Ecoboost since they are too expensive.

Also why aren't all of the pickups of the same configuration--regular cabs vs extended cabs?

They could have provided an EB, as they start at around $27k. It's pretty smart on Ford's part to bring the RC. They'll lose a little on rear storage but could gain on performance and price. I thought Ram would bring the Tradesman. I guess not.


The Taurus/Flex/Lincoln brand car's 3.5 ecoboost v6 is not the same ecoboost 3.5 in the F150. Ford did do a pretty good job giving it a beating in the ecoboost torture tests.

@ Mike Levine

Thanks for the info for us all to chew on. its interesting to me that all manufacturers sent you ext. cabs except Ford??? any reason you could offer up Mike?? Well i know who wins in overall space interior wise, and engine power. this should be an interesting shootout, cant wait to see the results.

@hemi lol: This is a very aggressive price point. You have choose comfort (extra space) or convenience (electronics/accessories). Right now, the Ram, Tundra and Titan are very well configured between both. But we'll see. More details coming in a few days.

@Mike Levine

Yeah can't wait but what are their rearend ratios? 2WD, Reg or ext cab, big V8... I'll take mine with roll-up windows, vinyl everywhere, reg cab/shortbed, 5 to 6 liter V8, limited slip and around 4.00:1 ring & pinion... in true muscle car fashion!

@Denver Mike: I call the F-150 5.0 reg cab 2WD "Son of Lightning," but we'll see how it holds up against the Tundra 5.7 and Hemi.

@Mike Levine

"Son of Lightning" huh? That is an interesting title. Do you plan to or will you weigh those trucks for an actual comparison? Curb weight doesn't always tell the how much the trucks really weigh. It would be interesting to see some power-to-weight numbers compared to their actual performance times.

Thanks for the good work Mike!!!

@Ken E.: Yep. We've got a trip to the scales scheduled.

It's fair to say the Ram 1500 did not have a competitive V6 in 2011 - the 3.7 produced an anemic 215 hp. Once the 2012s with the Pentastar V6 become readily available (292 hp in the 300/Charger), the Ram should gain some of that market share... even more when the Fiat Multi-Air system and ZF 8-speed are added in the next couple of years.

When GM produces a similarly competitive V6 remains to be seen. Ford and Chrysler have recognized that new powertrains need to come out whenever they're ready, not just at body redesigns.

Regardless, the first diesel half-ton will make the gasoline V6 argument moot. Cummins tested their 5.0L V8 in Rams and their 2.8L I-4 with Nissan, but the best of both worlds may be the Cummins that rarely gets discussed... the 4.2L V6. That was originally tested in the Dakota/(previous generation) Durango platform, and was showing high 20s highway, but the right transmission and axle ratio could easily get over 30 mpg highway on the public EPA numbers. And with a preliminary output rating of 270 hp and 420 lb-ft, it could certainly get itself and a load moving.

HemiLOL I was refuring to the post someone said about being able to put a TRD supercharger on and walking away from my EB, and I did say my EB has an 8' bed and is deff. heavyer than a (reg cab tundra), even though I allways beet my cousin towing, when he is in his reg cab short bed tundra thats not apples to apples, that would take a F-150 6.2 w/ Ford Racing supercharger, then see who walks, and as far as under 5 sec. with reg cab tundra maybee 4X4, but you would have to run it in 4wd, and my cousin won't do that, it's not a very good idea bud. But a SuperCrew EB or 6.2 stock, to a Crew Max 5.7, my $ on the Ford we will see how the reg cab F-150 5.0 holds up to ext cab 5.7 toy, this is going to be interesting. The quickest p/u to date was the little ol GMC Typhoon, remember it? Then the Ram SRT-10 reg cab, the latist Ford Lighting is a strong third. Every thing I have read about the tundra, the best times are 6.7sec. Crew Max, 5.9sec. reg. cab 5.7 4X4 with the transfer case locked in 4wd, otherwise there (traction control) takes all the wind out of it's sails, or wheel-spin and no hookup=poor times, the reason the Ram does so well even with the power robbing 5sp. is that it has an AWD setting! In the last compareo the Chevy Crew cab 6.2 was the leader because of AWD transfer, the tundra did a little better whenhooked up to the trailer, because af the LBS. on the trailer hitch helps the truck hookup at take off. Lets all be save out there, and not leave the impression that were all speed demons in p/u trucks!!!

i would think the ram 1500 would be saling more maybe it's just my town but i could drive to the gas station and see 6-12 brand new ram 1500's and 3-4 3500's and 15-20 ram 2500's i know dodge sales more diesels then anything

still pretty bad dodge is making a v8 5.7l hemi 390hp 407lbs-ft of torque its getting that much power and torque with 20m.p.g thats pretty good for a v8 if dodge made a v6 like this i bet it would do better than fords

Good grief, lots of hate towards the EB. The sales numbers say it all folks. If people were getting WORSE numbers than Ford was putting out, some of that buyers remorse would have stalled a bit of the sales wouldn't you think? I will be honest, I think the newer generation F150's are ugly in the front (with the exception of the ones with painted grill, the chrome wrapping up onto the hood looks ghetto, cheap junk from pepboys, and cheesy to me), the rest of the truck looks good.

The EB is a grand slam and I think that is why people hate on it so much, hopefully the other automakers will heed the notice that people are concerned about getting better FE and power to the ground, therefore don't mind buying a smaller motor to acheive this.

Hopefully Jeep/Dodge and Nissan will continue on with their diesel engine plans as that is what I plan on buying next. I would definitely trade my 2011 Wrangler for a Titan with 4 cyl cummins or another wrangler with Vm 2.8L I-4 diesel. Otherwise, I will stay with my 20 year old truck that just keeps going to work and back everyday.

I am not into racing or 0-60 times (which seems to be the biggest braggin rights of the EcoBoost by owners comments I have read), so the Eco is not a win for me..... but hating on it simply because your truck is inferior makes you look weak.

if the engine dont help ford to sold more truck,wy post this...

Who gives a rats ass which brand is better? They are all functionally the same. This thread reeks of troll stench.

Red_4X4, my thoughs exactly, I didn't buy my EB for 0-60 times or bragging rights, it's just nice to drive over a hill or merge into traffic, with my travel trailer and not have to work it at all, never seems to be laboring at all, granted the trailer is only 8,000lbs wet, And it's an Airstream. All that and good mileage too! Man that maith just don't add up huh?

@7590 - my apologies.
I re-read the thrread and saw the comment you had made about the "power robbing" transmission. I hadn't seen it, it must of been entered while I was entering my post.
I wouldn't of made my comments if I had seen it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Not feeling it for a full size truck with a gas 6 shooter.
A Diesel 6 cyl,is good because it has the Diesel sound.A F-150 with a 6 cyl is ..well..a 6 cyl lame sounding truck.And the eco's fuel economy isnt better than a Hemi Ram or a 5.3 GM truck,no bonus for buying a eco boost but problems with the turbo's down the road.A truck needs a 8 cyl sound,not a 6 cyl that sounds like a duck getting run over !

First, I will admit Ford sold the most V6's but EVERYONE else has to admit that is with TWO friggen TURBO'S! So while Fords sales are impressive, they should be because they have TWO turbo's!

Second, GM'S 6.0 liter Hybrid 4 wheel drive is rated 20 city and 23 highway and has a combined rating of 21 miles per gallong and NOBODY makes a full size truck that will touch that mileage. NOBODY. So Ford loses again.

@All: As a reminder, we're excited that the Hurt Locker results are less than 24 hours away. Plus there's even more news that will shock everyone. Faces will melt. But, in the meantime, this is not the story or comment area to troll for results about the Hurt Locker. Please check out facebook, if you want to do that.

@02TBird: When are they going to put the EB in the Expedition? That's what I want to know.


Sooo a Hybrid which adds thousands upon thousands to the MSRP of the truck and produce's MUCH less power than the Ecoboost is the better way to go? I think not. I love V8's myself, but if I could only choose between V6 Ecoboost F-150 and a V8 Hybrid Silverado...Hands down the Ecoboost is the winner....Its cheaper...More Powerful ''by a very long shot'' and still manages respectable mileage.

The Hybrid GM on the otherhand is overpriced underpowered and has quirky driving dynamics...Not to mention its pathtic 6,000lb towing capacity, which compares directly to the Ecoboost's 11,300lb towing capacity.

So for much less money the Ecoboost tows a hell of alot more, gets respectible mileage, and doesn't cost an arm/leg and first born child.

So actually...Sorry to you...GM loses...again.

@Detriot Bob.

Had to get some trolling in today huh? GM might win the Hurtlocker shootout...But I really hope it doesn't...You know why Bob? Not because I'm a Ford guy ''which I am''...But because I want to see you once again make a total hypocractic ass outta yourself. I can hear you now...Assuming Ford or even Dodge wins the Hurtlocker test...You'll be accusing Mike Levine left and right of being Ford/Dodge biased, and you'll wah wah wah all the way home.

Frank, If you're an employee of the other brand vehicle than Ford, you will ask the driver to slow down the EcoBoost so that the Hemi can beat it. Ha! Ha! Ha! Don't watch the video instead buy or make a test drive with EcoBoost. I beat alot of other truck brand vehicles both on local and highway, and they are scared to death once they saw an EcoBoost on the road! Driving a real EcoBoost engine will change your point of view. Ha! Ha! Ha! Obviously you can't see the EcoBoost driver didn't hit the gas pedal! Lol!

Nate:: I belive that Rob only said the Hybrid gets better mileage than any truck, with that said I own a EB, I love it, when all I needed was a reg cab, I did want a 6' bed but when I test drove the Ecco-Boost that was it all she wrote, I had to get one! so I settled for the 8' bed (you can't get reg cab 6' w/EB) dam that would be sweet, I bet Ford will make anouther Lightning, but charge $$$$ for it. When we bought a Chevyfor my wife we test drove a Hybrid, I coudn't pass it up, I had never seen one at a dealership, and I was in the market and a good buyer, so they let me take it, and we would have bought it, but it had the HB-2 package LOADED with vidio monitors DVD, in dash nav. and sunroof, for the price that was way north of what we wanted to spend, we had to get a second truck too. But the Hybrid drove like a reg. Silverado, only just with 25% more mpg, if we were only to get one truck, I would have had to see how the HYB would pull my trailer. We ended up with a Z-71 ext. cab 4X4 w/ everything but leather, and it does a great job at towing, but the EB if nicer for towing, but its a reg cab, we should have got her a reg. cab Z-71, and then the F-150 ext cab super cab? oh well maybee next time around. Bur I garatee whatever we buy will BE American!!!

The under 30k shootout is already a bust if Ford doesnt send a Xcab like the rest. Thats what u get when u let the manufacturers decide what trucks to send.

"...Bur I garatee whatever we buy will BE American!!!" -sandman4X4

America, and Americans that care, thank you!

P.S.- I enjoy reading your reports about your EcoBoost. Makes me jealous. Keep on trucking!

I just built a XLT RC for well under $30k including destination. It's amazing how much you get: 4 different packages, inluding XLT equipment group, XLT convenience package, tow package, and XLT plus package. Also ITBC, cruise, CD satellite stereo, power heated mirrors, self dimming rear mirror, fogs, cruise, 5.0, 6 speed with tow/haul, productivity screen, etc. F-150 is arguably the best the half-ton, but if you are on a budget and don't care about rear seats, the value here is incredible.

TTTruth Tim!! even though I payed just over $30,000 for my F-150 EB XL 4X4 8' bed with every package available. I didn't want the XLT (I hate chrome, Chrome don't get you home), so I stayd with the XL, Black Grill, bumpers, wheels,truck, all black, Int. is what I think they call light stone? oh and did I mention it has the in-dash computer, with navigation, and the means to print! a real office on wheels, there is also a bilt in cable lock in the bed, sprayed in liner, and I also put a reg liner over that! you would be suprised to se how quiet the bed is when you open the sliding window, I am thinking about changing the exhaust from the Cat back, w/a new performance cat from Edelbroc, I have allready put their shocks on, this is a nice solid truck that I hope runs for a long time, I don't put many miles on because I live on an Island off the coast of New England, the only way to get many miles is to take a trip off island that is why we have the Airstream, home away from home. This is my 1st new Ford prod. so far so good, if this turns out to be a lemon I will let the whole country know. Take care and and drive safely out there, but still have some fun an adventure. SandMan4X4

Ford brought the RC because the concept was for the best truck under $30k. A well equipped XLT 5.0 RC was the best truck in all areas overall for less than $30k. If the idea was biggest cab under $30k then they would be a loser automatically. But this was for best truck. I believe Ford finally brought the right truck for a change.

@7590 - my apologies. I re-read the whole thread and saw the post you mentioned. You must of entered it as I was entering my post.

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