Ford F-250 Super Duty Sets Two Land Speed Records

Ford F-250 Super Duty Sets Two Land Speed Records
By Dave Lee

It's not the kind of hauling that comes to mind when you think of pickup trucks, but a Ford F-250 Super Duty has set two land speed records for diesel and biodiesel trucks, Ford says.

At the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Hajek Motorsports pushed a modified three-quarter-ton F-250 to a top speed of 171.23 mph, breaking the B production diesel truck record of 166.850 mph that was set by a GMC Duramax. Running on B20 biodiesel, the Super Duty set the unlimited biodiesel land speed record of 182 mph, breaking the previous record of 130.614 mph.

"Racing is part of Ford Motor Company's DNA, so it’s only natural for us to build a race vehicle that demonstrates Ford's leadership in the diesel and biodiesel truck market," said Brent Hajek, Hajek Motorsports owner. "The F-250 is an excellent truck with amazing capabilities. I'm amazed at how, with very few changes from stock, we were able to accomplish this."


Ford engineers worked with Hajek Motorsports to install the few modifications to the F-250's 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8. To improve fuel flow, changes were made to the high-pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors and turbochargers. The compression ratio was increased, too, along with a new rear differential, according to Henry Platts, Ford SVT spokesman.

All the changes boosted the engine’s output by 50 percent over production, said Paul Niessen, Ford's powertrain engineer.

A stock 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 makes 400 horsepower and 800 pounds-feet of torque. In our recent Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker comparison test, the 6.7 Power Stroke (inside an unloaded F-350 dually) ran the quarter-mile in 17.06 seconds at 83.03 mph.

We also dyno-tested the engine last year. See the results here.


[Source: Ford]



Way to go Ford!!!

Way to go 6.7L Scorpion Power Stroke!!!

Goes to show that Ford can build it's own diesel that performs!

Thank you, Mr. Dave Lee for the story!

""Racing is part of Ford Motor Company's DNA, so it’s only natural for us to build a race vehicle that demonstrates Ford's leadership in the diesel and biodiesel truck market,""

By going in a straight line on a flat surface which proves nothing for the real world!

I guess Ford is getting ready for the speed limit to be increased soon so their pickups can scream and burn more fuel while pulling a trailer and they then slam on their brakes and cause a huge 50-car pileup on the highway...

End rant


Way to go Hajek Motorsports!!

Now that is what you would call a flying brick!

Wow. God Bless America lol


Land speed records are always on flat ground and in a straight line regardless of vehicle. That's the whole point.

And "50 car pileup"? There's a BIG difference between the vehicle and the people who drive them. Don't blame the truck for a driver that doesn't know what they're doing. DUH!

Way to go, Ford!

Lol! Oxi and his lousy comments, he is just mad it's not a Toyota. Bob will chime and get bent out of shape.

What's up fellas? Brand new to the PUTC blog. Been coming to the site for a few years now. Great website. Thought it was about time for me to sign up so I can and my $0.02 from time to time.

Just wanted to add something before the "mine is bigger than yours" comments get to thick. The Duramax that held the old record was the LLY model in a 2005 GMC Sierra HD. Not the current LML D-Max. Food for thought.

I didnt know the technology existed to make crap get 21 MPG in 4WD especially without the use of TWO TURBOS. But you know...

"wanted to add something before the "mine is bigger than yours" comments get to thick"

Pun intended?

From Ford:
“The engineering that went into the base engine provided us with a rock-solid foundation to start from,” said Paul Niessen, powertrain engineer. “And it worked out great since we increased the output of the engine by more than 50 percent over production with just a few changes.”


This means this engine has so much room to grow.

Cummins (Ram) and Duramax (Sierra/Silverado)-

Beware of the Scorpion! It is going to put a good sting on the competition.

They left alot of speed in the pits by not using 200mph tape (NASCAR trick) to smooth out the areo of the front end. Eg the fog light pockets and cracks and seams that are not needed for engine airflow.

You sound like a a jealous child with your rant!

I think you need to take a vacation.

@oxi dumb comment. first off, ford's brakes in the super duty are actually pretty impressive. second, you don't think getting a ~7000 lb machine like this up to those speeds is kinda cool? i'm pretty impressed regardless of the lack of daily driving applicability, it's almost 200 mph! maybe dominating a one horse truck segment (with a half horse nissan frontier) is all you really care about.

Think about the aerodynamic drag the engine had to push against. It looks like a lowered stock truck with skinny tires.
Impressive regardless of brand.
Exerpt - " the Super Duty set the unlimited biodiesel land speed record of 182 mph, breaking the previous record of 130.614 mph."
Is the 130.614 old record a typo?
If not , that is a complete slaughter of the old record.

Oxi for president.

I still don't see a reason to buy a 6.7 diesel Ford.
Get me 3L turbo diesel with 30MPG and I will be impressed.

Take that Dirty Max!!

@5.3L LOL - oxi for president?
Man, I'd hate to be the Secret Service guys on that assignment.

I want to do that to mine :) !

Interesting that B20 ran so much faster. Still waiting for B100 to be mainstream.

@ NOT OXI: Dude, are you serious? Do yourself a favor and don't call someone else uneducated until you spell check your own post. Its "acceleration" not "excelleration." It makes you look like the uneducated one. Furthermore, the NHTSA determined that there was nothing wrong with Toyota's electronic throttles. So before you call Toyota trucks unsafe do a little research. All manufacturers have had their issues. None is perfect. We cold go on and on about many recalls of every truck on the road, but why?

@ Brian J

NHTSA also found their is nothing wrong with Toyota's airbags not deploying in crashes LOL

Top Speed in a, now what? Did he tow it or drive it home? How come there wasn't a top speed test in the Hurt Locker towing contest? Or was there?

It's not just numbers.
It's real world performance ;)

Big deal. It wasn't factory, and the conditions were monitored.
This could pretty much be done with a shopping cart.

@Dave, with a colorado, (cool car)

It better be a hell of an impressive shopping cart.


My bad, you said, "Top speed."

I agree with oxi. This proves nothing.

I hate it when pickup guys start talking all gurly with speed times! If speed is your first choice, then you should not be buying a pickup.

Try doing this in the real world with a Ford pickup and you'll cause a huge accident. The issue I have with a Ford is its size and weight.

The Tacoma is not too light and not too heavy. You don't want to go too light for winter driving and safety. Tacoma is right in the middle and the perfect weight for off-roading...

Here is what a real world race truck looks like in the real word...

This is oxi's 86 Toyota that started it all..

This is oxi's road racing pickup...

This is oxi's Tacoma 2010 off-road trail race truck half way into pahse II...

Stay tuned for oxi's phase II and phase III pictures...

I have a 1987 F-250 that has 180,000 miles on it and I haul 4,000 lbs at a time,usually a full cord of fire wood, see if you can do that with your toyota...Fords Rock!

Pete Papageorge aka oxi finishes 3rd at SCCA MGA research event. If Pete Papageorge races this well and has the experience of an instructor he must know what he is talking about so give him a break...


Pete Papageorge for president!

Oh now Hajek has gone and done it.. let the Genie out of his bottle...GM & Dodge will scamper over to take the crown away and soon be topping 200 mph.

Hajek has a smile the size of Utah, good going.

What kind of name is Hajek anyway?

Big deal, the Ford HD still cannot out tow the GM HD. Ha Ha Ha!

Congrats to Hajek Motorsports

Might have to take Casper back out to the salt.

oops forgot to add a pic of the Casper

Now if this pickup would run Pike's Peak at speed...

Congrats to Team Hajek Motorsports! Way to haul the mail!

Minor correction:

The old record was set by a 2005 GMC 2500HD 4x4 running "event diesel" not B20. At the time, biodiesel or blends were outlawed for DT class. Rules required the 4x4 mechanism to be disabled.

The truck is privately owned and maintained with no assistance of any kind by GM. In fact, GM and Allison refused to even allow access to data files to support high speed operation.

We were under a 175mph SCTA tech limit, and had to feather back when the GPS hit 181. Guess I lifted too much.

But that doesn't minimize their accomplishment. Who would have thought that factory diesel pickups would be running at Corvette speeds. Diesel performance is growing by leaps and bounds, and the fact Ford got involved with the project says a lot about Ford's commitment to diesel motorsports.

Kudos guys!

Pat, Kat, and Crew of DT 1616 "Casper" former record holder.


I've no doubt if it was properly equipped it could run pikes peak.

Check out the 2006 results in the pouring rain in rear drive street tire class!

Check out my 2006 year-end results:

More good results in CM class:

augh oh! look out for Oxi and his side kick (lap dog) Jake tails to follow lol

@Michigan Bob -
It's not just numbers.
It's real world performance ;)
Let it be written.Let it be done.

I think it's great that Ford actually did something real world instead of just slapping some numbers on paper and making about time.

All kidding aside, looks like that new 6.7 has a LOT of room to grow in terms of power output and could turn out to be a winner for ford, finally; which means with the next gen Duramax and Cummins coming out in the next couple years, things could get truly insane. Think about it guys, I'm willing to bet the target for 2014 diesels will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 500hp and 1000tq. Wouldn't that be sweet...

That truck might have made it up to 200 mph had it not been for that circa 1999/1998 body style that it is still wearing 14 years later. At least Ford does try to update the Super Duty with an uglier nose for each new model year.

I guess it's all a matter of horse-power huh? I also wonder if this truck has IFS os straight axle?

Very impressive!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the skilled workers that build the 6.7L Powerstroke:

Muy bien, amigos!

Haters and trolls out in full force I see.

They're just mad because Ford has been dominating the truck market for 35 years now lol

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