Ford F-250 Super Duty Sets Two Land Speed Records

Ford F-250 Super Duty Sets Two Land Speed Records
By Dave Lee

It's not the kind of hauling that comes to mind when you think of pickup trucks, but a Ford F-250 Super Duty has set two land speed records for diesel and biodiesel trucks, Ford says.

At the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Hajek Motorsports pushed a modified three-quarter-ton F-250 to a top speed of 171.23 mph, breaking the B production diesel truck record of 166.850 mph that was set by a GMC Duramax. Running on B20 biodiesel, the Super Duty set the unlimited biodiesel land speed record of 182 mph, breaking the previous record of 130.614 mph.

"Racing is part of Ford Motor Company's DNA, so it’s only natural for us to build a race vehicle that demonstrates Ford's leadership in the diesel and biodiesel truck market," said Brent Hajek, Hajek Motorsports owner. "The F-250 is an excellent truck with amazing capabilities. I'm amazed at how, with very few changes from stock, we were able to accomplish this."


Ford engineers worked with Hajek Motorsports to install the few modifications to the F-250's 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8. To improve fuel flow, changes were made to the high-pressure fuel pump, fuel injectors and turbochargers. The compression ratio was increased, too, along with a new rear differential, according to Henry Platts, Ford SVT spokesman.

All the changes boosted the engine’s output by 50 percent over production, said Paul Niessen, Ford's powertrain engineer.

A stock 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 makes 400 horsepower and 800 pounds-feet of torque. In our recent Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker comparison test, the 6.7 Power Stroke (inside an unloaded F-350 dually) ran the quarter-mile in 17.06 seconds at 83.03 mph.

We also dyno-tested the engine last year. See the results here.


[Source: Ford]


@Tom with a Ranger,

What happened with the Ranger?

By the way the Ford series does not sell well abroad, rarely see any F-150's in foreign nations but see many Toyota pickups out there!

@OXI, quit your whining. I'm sure my Autocross Neon could beat your Taco any day of the week.

Now onto the important stuff, if Ford was able to do this with the production motor (like they state) then wow that is very impressive. I wonder if GM will come back and try to take the record back. or if RAM could come in and try to shake things up.

Foreign nations can not handle the size and power of the Ford F-Series (Ram, Sierra, & Silverado included). They can not afford the purchase price or fuel economy of a full-size American pickup. They are more suited to pint-size pickups such as the Japanese offerings.

speed records are nice but what counts in the long run is what it is capable of pulling at 60- 70 MPH on the real world roads and how long it lasts

anything that comes out of Japan, is made out of re-cycled old Chevys Fords and Dodge cars that have gone threw the crusher, or old Bud cans!, they have the worst metals around, they have no nat. reasorces like Iron ore or Aluminum, there are no virgin metals, even in the most expensive Lexus, that is the difference between an American, German, or even Korean car or truck, motorcycle, anything made out of metal, they make a very fine piano, guitar, Radio, anything made out of plastic, wood,ect.

@ Oxi

Well the US Ford Ranger has best in class everything, since its the only truck in its class.

And I guess you Forgot about the Foreign Ranger series......
F150's don't get manufactured outside the American continents. Everyone else likes midsized pickups.

This is also known as hauling a$$!!!!

What's a matter mike, can't you handle me having a little fun by saying I didn't know they could make crap go that fast? Well if that's your standard you will be deleting alot of posts from alot of people that slam one product or another. GM is constantly bashed and put down by posters and I don't see you deleting any of those posts.

All I said was I didn't know they could make crap go that fast and you get all bent out of shape. sad.

How is it that the Ford spokesman does not know that this engine only has 1 turbocharger?

What a cry-baby! Someone needs to grow up!!!!

Duramax or Cummins will beat that record!Ford your competition is fierce!

@ Bob - you can make crap go the speed of light. Your posts prove that point.

ford dont dominate sales in truck f serie yes,,gm dominate truck sales front grill try to look tough but we no is not true....a big frame whit a small

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

Foreign nations do not want big U.S. branded pickups because they cannot fit on their roads and cannot handle the local roads and terrain!

They are not stupid overseas, they know a good truck when they see one!


I want to see evidence! You sound like one of those UAW boys with your ignorant rants!

Your just jealous is what it boils down too...


I love how you always tell people who don't agree with you...''YOU'RE JUST JELOUS''. Yes Oxi...We are ALL so jelous of the Toyota Tacoma...I mean that's why every single person living in America today drive's a Toyota Tacoma right? Because we are ALL so jelous!

I've got nothing against Toyota or the Tacoma for that matter...But you people like YOU...Make resent Toyota AND their Tacoma more and more everyday.

I am one of what seems like very few who like all the trucks from the big 3.

Congrats to Ford on this one!

This is one of the reasons I love diesel powered trucks so much!


I am with you. I like ALL of the pickups from; Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and Chrysler Group, L.L.C. Just like some more than others.

This is my order of preference:

1) Ford Super Duty
2) Ram Heavy Duty
3) Ford F-150
4) Ram 1500
5) Chevrolet Heavy Duty
6) G.M.C. Heavy Duty
7) Chevrolet 1500
8) G.M.C. 1500

Long live "true/mostly" American trucks!!!

Beautiful truck!


Sorry, I just do not take uneducated or ignorant comments that are unjustified very well from some posters on here!

Stick to facts, not personal opinions!

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

Your list shows many foreign made and imported pickups, what gives?


Again, North America is comprised of; Canada, United States of America, and Mexico (Central America as well). South America is a close neighbor. How close is Asia to to any of these boarders? I would much rather see someone from, say, Brazil, somebody that stands a better chance of visiting the U.S. (and spending their money here), be making products for our consumption rather the money go to Asia and never come back.

once again Oxi: I am now sorry I once gave you some credit, all you have to do is open your mind and except it, open a book and read it! common sence will tell you that Japan is an Island, they have NO natural reasorces! eveything they manufacture is therefor made up of re-cycled Chevy's Fords, ect.. just look at all those cubes of crushed cars, where do you thing those ships are going? Afganistan? I have so far not called you any names, I expect the same. I am as far away from a UAW type as there could be, as a matter of fact I have been called a (scab) once or twice...that won't stop me from buying American, union or ortherwise, I buy what I want, you buy what you want, when and if this Great Country ever goes down the tubes, I will have a clear mind in knowing I didn't betray my fellow Americans. And don't give me anything about where the prod. is made, if the company is NOT owned by and founded by Americans it is NOT American!


Well stated. Very bright actually. Will it be bright enough for oxi, and other anti-American (pro-foreign) people, to see the light?

Buy American: he might have to put on some sun-glasses, I just hope there not the rose colored ones he seams to wear most of the time!


You must mean the ones oxi picked-up at a Toyota booth? When he puts them on it makes Toyota (Tacoma) look so grand, and magical. His matching kimono is the finishing touch!

TRUE REVIEW CONT. FORD - Cummings is the only diesel that does not require the new additive. Ok, the additive it is a pain in the butt, however, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get the truck you really fall in love with, despite a few inconveniences. On to the Fords. The Lariats have most of same features as Chevy and GMC, their interiors are nicely laid out and the Ford Lariats look tuff with lots of chrome. I like the Lariat's center console, they copied, and their new diesels have more power than their old ones, however the milage has suffered. The Lariat is great looking truck, but nothing earth shattering or truly different. Prices and rebates were also almost the same. The new diesel additive is a killer, hard to refill, most gas stations don't carry it, it will not start when additive is empty, can't step on it when it is getting low and drips all over when filling it.

Nice Record, Understand the FACTS; nothing on this truck is what you will get if you get with the new 2012 F250. Everything from the ground (tires & wheels) up (top of the roof) has been modified, most mods. are not even built by Ford, nor is this even the fuel you can get at your local gas station. It is like saying that the Hemi dragster goes over 400 mph in the quarter mile, capable of over 600 mph, therefore, your Hemi farm truck must do the same thing right. P L E A S E save me from the BS boys!

Nice Record, Understand the FACTS; nothing on this truck is what you will get if you get with the new 2012 F250. Everything from the ground (tires & wheels) up (top of the roof) has been modified, most mods. are not even built by Ford, nor is this the fuel you can get at your local gas station. It is like saying that the Hemi dragster goes over 400 mph in the quarter mile, therefore, your Hemi Farm truck must do the same thing right. P L E A S E save me from the BS boys!

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

@oxi-MORON :oP

No. FEW modifications?!?!?!? No. Incresed compression ratio?!?! The internals of the engine have to be removed and changed to increase compression. New cylinder heads, pistons, bore size increase... .those are the only way to change the compression ratio significantly. That's a "built" engine, any way you look at it. And they only got 400hp??!!!! HA!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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