Free Gas Up for Grabs in Ford F-150 EcoBoost Challenge on Facebook

By Dave Lee

We already know that Ford’s EcoBoost is outselling its six-cylinder competitors, and even though the engine already has been torture-tested, Ford wants to put the durable 3.5-liter to another test, with a year’s worth of free gas on the line for a few lucky drivers.

The automaker launched the Ford F-150 EcoBoost Challenge today on Facebook. The winning driver will get a year’s supply of free Shell gasoline, and two Shell stations in the winner’s city will offer free regular gas (up to 15 gallons) for two hours and 22 minutes on Sept. 2, a reference to the EcoBoost’s 22 mpg highway rating.

Eight drivers in eight cities will drive an F-150 EcoBoost for five days in a fuel-efficiency contest. Afterward, the contestants will organize goodwill projects in their communities, using the trucks to carry materials to their project sites.

The winner will be determined through a score that takes into account the highest average gas mileage achieved, the number of votes received on the Ford Facebook page and the number of volunteers who participate in the community service project.

"This challenge is a great way to highlight the capacities of the F-150 EcoBoost — a truck specially engineered to deliver the capability people need and the fuel efficiency they really want," said Raj Sarkar, F-150 marketing manager. "Plus, this challenge speaks to the spirit of our F-150 owners, who work hard for their families as well as their communities." The communities represented in the competition are Louisville, Ky.; Pittsburgh; Houston; San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; Denver; Kansas City, Mo.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Among the contestants are a middle school biology teacher and a Twitter user with more than 40,000 followers, Ford says.

Visit Ford’s Facebook page here.


I recall the EB tank being tiny, 15 gallons should go along way to top it off.

Sounds like nice community activities for those having spare time on their hands.

I'm curious how these engines perform well past 150k miles.

Having worked in construction/agriculture for many years, I've known an assortment of people(myself included) who kept trucks for decades putting well over 300k+ miles on them. The vast majority were v8's and retained power/performance very well(with obvious good maintenance). The few v6's in the same boat have turned into dogs in their high mileage days.

I realize many don't keep vehicles that long, but the majority of truck owners in my area do, even if they buy newer along the way.

With this spike of ecoboost sales, makes me curious if they'll be keepers like the old v8's or rubbish in their twilight.

I honestly don't know what the big deal is. Its only a 1/2 ton truck, and it only gets 22mpg. I get better than that in my Colorado, and I'm sure everybody else with a Tacoma, Frontier and Ranger can say the same thing. I imagine there may be some cargo that weighs less than 1/2 ton, but requires a much larger truck to haul, but I can't think of anything at the moment. Towing? Most compacts will tow 4000-6000lbs or more, is anyone towing much more than that with a Eco-boosts 1/2 ton F-150?

To me the big deal isnt the mpgs b/c my uncle got an ecoboost and only get 1-2 better mpgs than my 4.7 Ram and about the same as my friends w/ HEMI rams but I do see it as a big deal in furthering of engine technology I have no doubt that the gen II eco boost whenever that is will have sick mpgs same goes for the pentastar v6 when if they continue through w/ their plan of a trubo version a la eco boost style no reason to hate on this engine though I doubt itll be unreliable in high mileage look at diesels Ive seen ford 6.4s and Dodge 5.9/6.7s go for well over 200k like I said I just think the big deal is not the mpgs for advancement of technology good for Ford and whoever wins the free gas

I thought the Silverado 5.3L 4x4 ws rated at 21 mpg, Ram 5.7L 4x4 at 19 mpg and this Eco Boost is only 1 mpg better then the 4x4 Silverado at 22 mpg and thats for the 4x2.

I have driven a few older Chevy pickups with the V6, but never liked them, of course the EB is a way more modern engine.

Since I'm one of those city people that never put my pickup to work that EB would be just fine.

Would love to give it a try, but like one guy said who has the time.

Let me state this again, Fords Eco-Boost is a great engine and makes great horsepower and Torque. But it should because this enigne has TWO TURBO'S giving it that power and torque. Yes, it's a six cylinder engine but it has TWO TURBO'S on it. I say this could very well be the best half ton truck engine available today. Now as far as fuel economy goes the Eco-Boost only matches the Silverado's 5.3 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine for 4 wheel drive fuel economy figures at 15 city and 21 highway.

Now, I have heard all the agruments that the 5.3 liter doesn't make as much power as the Eco-Boost, well tell me something new captain obvious. GM'S 5.3 liter has been out since 1999 and the Eco-Boost with the latest technology has been in fords trucks since 2011. I congradulate ford for building a great engine with over 400 horsepower and 400 pounds feet of torque. Again the reason this engine produces this kind of power is the TWO TUROBO'S on it.

Now, I am not against Turbo's or Supercharging, I am just saying, it's not a naturally aspirated engine like fords 5.0 liter V-8 is. I am really looking forward to GM'S New 5.3 liter V8 with 4 valves per cylinder and direct injection that I have no doubt will be very competitve with fords ecoboost engine for horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

Right now Ford with their all new engines in 2011 models and beyond are the class leaders. I have no doubt GM and Dodge will offer competitve engines in the future as well. I love new technology and what it offers consumers.

THis is a win/win proposition for Ford. They get publicity for their trucks and at the same time encourages community spirit.
It is always nice to see any of the auto companies regardless of who they are participating and/or encouraging community spirit and helping out one's neighbour.
Grass roots projects are what a country needs, not misplaced/misguided government intervention.


Win, win for sure. The Ecoboost is getting a lot of spot light.

Then you have people always trying to put it down.

"It's has two FRIGGIN Turbos."

I like the fact that those two turbos deliver excellent low end torque.

That V6 sure humiliates the competitors V8s!

Michigan Bob

yea it is great to hear and see all this new technology and the same goes for all trucks we the customer can only benefit from all this competition


You must have a base Colorado for that kind of MPG but a 4X4 crew cab Colorado get identical MPG as a 4X4 crew cab Ecoboost even though 1,000 lbs heavier & twice the towing capability. Load a Colorado to it's max towing you'll get single digit city MPG.

I have the time but I do not have facebook and do not plan on getting it. I bet I could get better mpg then most with my driiving style and yes I do the speed limit, it is all in how you stop and start.....

LOL Some of you just dont get it. I love seeing how people compare it to the Hemi saying it only gets 1-2 mpg better or compare it to the 5.3L GM saying it gets the same mpg. The part you are ignoring is that it OUTPERFORMS almost all the small block V8's in towing while getting better or equal mpg. You are comparing window sticker numbers as well. I bet the EB Ford exceeds that if driven conservatively and kept out of boost.

@Bob - mighty big of you to admit that "Right now Ford with their all new engines in 2011 models and beyond are the class leaders."
That does contadict all of your comments relating to the HD diesel shootout.
Why the change of heart?

How do you think the Ford 5.0 will fare compared to the current GMC 5.3 in the up and coming 1/2 ton shootout?

The 5.0 kills the old Ford 5.4 in performance, and the GM 5.3 was only 0.1 seconds fater in the 1/4 mile than the 5.4.

I wouldn't want to compare any current V8 to the EB as it has 2 friggin turbo's.

GM's 6.2 would more comparable to Ford's EcoBoost since they are both the max tow premium engines.

GM 6.2: 13c/18h mpg
EcoBoost: 17c/22 hwy

EcoBoost is 4 better in the city and 4 on the hwy.

Plus the smaller V6 EcoBoost has more torque than GM's biggest V8 engine!

@Lou, obviously Lou I was talking about the half ton engines and not the Diesels where the Duramax and Allison transmission reign supreme and rule the class!

Yea, ford has the lead right now with their all New engine line up for 2011 models in their half ton trucks.

I do think the Eco-Boost is a great engine but it averaged only 9. something miles per gallon while towing in test. Why the terrible gas milage while towing, that's simple enough. When the Eco-Boost is in turbo mode and is using the Turbo's to get the load going up a grade or keeping it going down the highway it will use more fuel. Cruising down the highway with out using the twin turbo's it is capable of getting good gas milage at 15 city and 21 highway for 4 wheel drive models.

It always pisses me off when ford constantly touts 22mpg and they don't disclaim that this is two wheel drive models only. 21 miles per gallon isn't that impressive because this is a V6 engine and has two less cylinders to burn fuel out of than GM'S 5.3 liter V8. take a poll as to what owners own and you will find 90% of readers drive a 4 wheel drive truck, not a two wheel drive wussy truck.

@ Thomas

I think thats exactly what Ford's point is

I have great respect for the ecoboost and it is the best performing engine in a truck right now. The question I have is how will it do @ 100k miles or more because ford guys keep saying it will be fine diesels have been turbocharged which isnt a fair comparison as diesels use a large turbo for top end power and the ecoboost uses 2 small turbo's for low end power so thats what gets me dont get me wrong I think it will work but I wold rather let Ford guy find out first.

@Michigan Bob ok it may not be impressive to get 21 mpg in a 6 cylinder, but it is impressive to get 420 lb-ft of torque. turbo's or not, this thing put some power down, and still has the capability to get good gas mileage. it's using two, more efficient turbo's, rather than one less efficient turbo. i'm not sure why having two turbo's is such a big deal. the 5.3L from GM has the capability to get some sweet V8 mileage but lacks on the power side.

The 5.0 vs 5.3 question will be answered soon by mike

The point of the EcoBoost 3.5 is V8 power when you need to tow, V6 fuel economy when you don't. It's that simple. Yes, the 21/22 MPG highway rating is not better than the GM 5.3 or Ford's 3.7 V6. But those motors can't match the 420 lb ft of torque in the EcoBoost. To get that level of power, you need one of the 6.2s or the Hemi, and neither of those engines can match the efficiency of the EcoBoost.

Bob? You don't tow anything more than a garden cart do you. ALL TRUCKS DROP MILEAGE TOWING!!! Get a new arguement. My Titan doesn't have turbos, yet it drops from 18mpg highway to 9-11mpg depending on terrain. Same goes for my dad's 5.4L F150. Tow heavy like a camper or horse trailer you will burn more fuel. Period.

Keith, ah really? you mean to tell me that when towing you get less fuel economy??? who would have thunk it! Duh, the fact of the matter Keith is the Eco-boost gets poor gas milage while towing because your using the turbos for that power. I have said several times that it is a great engine.

I can't wait to see what kind of power trains GM will offer in their new half tons. Competition is good.

GM is currently working on a TT V6 DI for their Half-Ton.

Just an idea they took from Ford. No biggie, GM at it's usual!

@Bob - what kind of MPG do you get in your Avalanche? I assume that would be a 5.3?

@Bob - I have to point out a major flaw in your logic - "21 miles per gallon isn't that impressive because this is a V6 engine and has two less cylinders to burn fuel out of than GM'S 5.3 liter V8."

The EB3.5 V6 with twin turbo's burns as much gas as a larger 5.3 when both engines are working hard. The laws of physics and common sense dictate that it takes the same amount of energy to do the same amount of work.
It does look like that we are all in agreement on that part.

You keep saying that the EB 3.5 running empty does not use the turbo's and behaves like a V6, but you keep pointing out that for a V6 the fuel consumption isn't all that great.

Here is the part you keep omitting - how does a GMC 5.3 behave when it is empty and not working?

What is "Active Fuel Management (formerly known as Displacement on Demand)"???

The 5.3 is programmed to run on 4 cylinders when it isn't working hard.

So, to use your logic - GM's 5.3 litre 4 cylinder engine sure is a pig on gas!

I heard that Bob has a 2002 Avalanche that gets 15 mpg.

The 2012 Avalanche gets 21 mpg but is much lighter and has less capability than a full-size pickup.

I'll pass on both. Thank you.

@ bob don't you mean( The 6.6L RPO LML (VIN code "8") is the latest version (2011–present) of the( ISUZU)/GM Duramax V8 diesel engine) and ALLISON Poking fun at BOB

Good point lou, Ive never seen a 4 cyl that bad on gas. u think the epa would be all over that. haha!

well Lou, the 5.3 liter V8 does have active fuel management and only shuts down half the cylinders when the 32 bit microprosessor determines that the engine doesn't need the full 8 cylinders to operate for the current load of the engine like when cruising on the highway on level roads and your not taxing the engine or when coasting up to a stop. Active fuel management is probably used about 10% of all driving situations and when you are in V4 mode you can actually exceed 21 mpg on the highway.

The Eco-Boost is not very good for gas milage for a v-6 engine.


That is a very astute observation.

Don't know Bob...My friends Silverado 5.3L WITH Acvtive Fuel Management never gets better than 18mpg on the highway. I've already exceeded 21mpg with my 2011 F-150 5.0L FX4.

Oh, and for the record my truck has a 3.73 rear end and his is 3.42.

Ok, anyone can exceed the highway mpg rating. I think my 5.4 with 4spd is only rated at 18 mpg. but I can get 23 doing 65 on flat. However I dont claim to get that, I average 17.

My EcoBoost getting 30 mpg while driving 60 mph.
4x4 Supercrew

F150 EcoBoost gets over 611 miles on 26 gallon tank - 23.8 MPG

CrewCab 4x4 with 3.73 gears towing a Moomba (6500lbs).

Driving to school in my 2011 ecoboost screw 4x4 with 3.73. Some hills but mostly flat road. No tail wind. Getting 25 mpg


You hit the nail on the head. Compare the ecoboost to the v8 that matches its power.

@ the ecoboost haters

I have owned the 5.3 and now own the ecoboost. I have been a fan of using turbos for a long time and am glad that ford finally graduated. I never did like the 5.3 for a truck engine because it's power doesn't come until it's time to shift gears. That's probably why it's always screaming when you work the thing. The ecoboost puts out the power when you need it and you don't have to worry about the thing flying apart.
The bottom line is this. If you don't understand the value (and the thrill) of pulling and driving with a boosted engine then you just haven't driven one and you need to quit complaining and trying to make this one sound bad to yourself. Those of us that have know you don't have a clue. Just ask the professional truck drivers if they want to go back to the days before turbos were added to diesels and have the then conventional naturally aspirated technology because it was proven. Oh wait, I was one of them and that's a big NO!

Ok to further push my point I was not putting down the EB at all just simply stating that the mpgs are not what makes it a great engine in face if you where to only look at mpgs you would prob be better off saving the extra money it costs for a EB and get a HEMI Ram b/c I know the dealer around me are still running free HEMI upgrades or a 5.3 GM truck. What amazes me about the EB is the technology and I cant wait to see this technology furthered b/c despite my lack of impressement w/ the EBs mpgs if we ever wanna see 30mpg truck will real power we will have to see more technology like that off the EB so I dont get flamed once again I like the EB I just think Ford is marketing it wrong

"I do think the Eco-Boost is a great engine but it averaged only 9. something miles per gallon while towing in test. Why the terrible gas milage while towing, that's simple enough. "

Bob, that's your quote. Show me a V8 that gets much better with the same test parameters that PUTC used when they got that number.

My in-laws have a Dodge Ram 2500 with the 8.0L (488 c.i.) V10. It is rated at 300 horsepower (65 less than the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost), 450 lb- ft. of torque (only 30 more than the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost). It gets maybe 12 m.p.g (10 less than the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost) on the highway. I think it is rated to tow somewhere in the 11,000 pound (same ballpark as the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost) range?

How are the Ford F-150's numbers, with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, not a phenomenal achievement? It is the all around best package!

Bob keeps mentioning the 5.3 mileage but I believe it's best numbers come from the XFE model which is terribly geared, sluggish, and low tow rating. It's performance is an embarrassment to a decent engine and truck package.

I searched f150online and people were getting on average 10 mpg towing 6500 lbs with their 5.4

In the above video I posted the EcoBoost was getting 14.6 mpg towing 6500 lbs. See the big boat being towed behind.

That is nearly a 50% increase in fuel economy.

My FX4 Ecoscrew just towed my 8000# travel trailer and loaded 6.5 box on a 2800km trip and recorded 9.4mpg US in mountainous BC at 100 to 120 kph.

I'll say this is a step in the right direction, albeit a very small one. Regardless of what brand you prefer, getting excited over less than 10mpgs increase is foolish.

Is this really the best that can be done right now? I seriously doubt it.

A lot are comparing 18mpg to 22mpg. That's only 4 more mpg. Sure it adds up to savings, but come on...raise your standards and expectations. Don't be satisfied with a 4 mpg gain no matter how many cylinders.

It's a great engine to be sure, but let's save the excitement for a more dynamic change.

Better yet, let's demand better from ALL manufacturers.

Again, it's a step in the right direction, but baby steps. Call me when we make a true gain as the customer.

dcfluid - I get about the same with my Titan with 8,000lbs behind it in the hills. Thanks for reinforcing what I told Bob. :)

JoshuaJ - What you are seeing now is mpg gains from drivetrain improvements alone. IMHO you will never see a big spike in mpg unless weight is reduced and aerodynamics increased. Even then 30mpg might be a pipe dream as trucks have limiting factors like gearing, payload, towing and off road functionality. In the case of mpg in trucks you can't have your cake and eat it too.

I own both a 5.2 and EB the mileage of both engines are very similar, where the difference is ,is in the power! expecialy down low, the only time the 5.3 does well is at 35mph kick down with the tow-haul mode on, that is where the 5.3 does well, also at passing up to about 80mph, but I almost never drive that fast! Also the mileage of the 5.3 wile towing does worst than the EB, only if I keep my foot out of the EB, but then the power is about the same, just that the 5.3 has little reserve. I do feel the Chevy rides better, but the Ford hauls a load better, and has better brakes! They are both good enough off-road for me, and great on the beach! The Chevy is much better in bad weather and snow.

Bob: The turbos force air into the motor, that air HAS TO be mixed with an appropriate amount of fuel to stave off LEAN CONDITIONS. This, is the reason why TOWING it does as bad as a V8, the forced induction.

Michigan Bob, Robert T. Simpson : Both of you (or better yet, bob) are grasping at straws here.

My NA 3.8L Jeep Wrangler with a whole 202 HP gets the same highway mileage as a 300 HP 3.7L v6 or 350 HP EcoBoost in a truck that likely weighs more than my jeep (Jeep weighs 4600 lbs on the money). Just quit, be a man, and accept Ford hit a home run here. You know damn good and well they did.

I wish Jeep woould come out with an ecoboost style motor instead of this Penta Star V6 for Jeep, large displacement 4 pot with twin turbo. Light, efficient, great!

Look, the ecoboost is a good engine on paper and putting down good numbers in tests, still it is unproven in the truck application over time.

I looked at the f150, ram and the silverado, and for me it was down to the 5.3 silverado, 5.7 hemi, 3.5 ecoboost, silverado hd with duramax, and 5.0 f150.

On that list the ecoboost comes in next to last, just ahead of the ram due to poor transmission in the ram and unsafe crash tests.

The silverado for me fit the bill with the 5.3 and k&n and hypertech. I am at 355HP+in the current state at the crank and at the wheels about 310hp and its running great, yes on prem, I would have run prem on the ecoboost too, no way risking that motor on 87 octane, I can always run the eco tune if prices go way up, hypertech max energy is the way to go.

For what I tow this will be plenty, if I really need to tow alot, anywhere near the 11000 the ecoboost can tow, I owuld go for the duramax, cummins, or job 4-5 powerstroke.

Its not hard to get into any of those diesels in the not super loaded version for near the price the ecoboosters have been paying, I was just above 41k for a nicely equipt extended cabl duramx 4x4 with remote start, towing pack, back sensors, ect and I know you ecoroosters are close to this in Lariat and xlt, platinum, and the thousand other configurations ford has for the f150.

So ya the ecorooster is a torque monster and fast unloaded but when its towing, especially on grades, its in the boost and your mileage sucks, should had a v-8, diesel that is.

Look up the replacement parts for the ecoboost, they aren't cheap, each turbo is going to be 500 MIN, that's a grand in the turbos, parts only, then all that heat baking the wiring, the hoses, the coolant system, the transmission, ouch.

I'll stick with proven, 100 million made small block chevy over unproven overheating overboosted engines with only 60,000 mile warranty, see you in 10 years.

Finally I have a friend that bought the Harley Edition, he is a collision repairman, 55K sticker for 47K, he loves the truck and it is real nice esp inside, he did however complain about thin paint and lots of orange peel, my truck had a better paint job (Silver Sheen) and cost 20k+ less, you would think Ford would make sure the special paint, which is what his has black with metal flake would have been above average to the say the least, but it wasn't.

Now my max tow pack Silverado can haul 500 pounds more and tow 2600 pounds more, a lowly 5.3 versus a 6.2, the price you pay for being "cool"

Curt: I am not going to lie, I think it is AMAZING that the pushrod engines can be competitive towards the DOHC and higher tech competitors. If I was in the market today, my choice would be between the Ram 5.7L and the GMC Sierra 5.3L. We have a truck out here with that engine in it at my job, and it is plenty powerful enough. They overload it with electric motors/vacuum pumps/whatever they have to hget "right now" for the plant to run and it continues to take the beating (2008 Chevy 1500 long bed, ext cab). I like simple trucks, call me a simpleton...I don't care. Gadgets and High horsepower in a truck don't get my rocks off. My current DD is a Jeep Wrangler and is slow as dog sh!t, but I don't care. Its great off road.

With that said, not one person can deny the EcoBoost is a grand slam for Ford (just look at their sales, the numbers don't lie), even though I have absolutely NO INTEREST in buying one, simply due to the complexity. But, this motor will most likely last just as long as Fords previous motors, just like my 20 year old truck with a 5.8L Windsor in it. The EcoBoost will be fine for average reliability, I am sure of it.

How will it do at over 100k?

Talked to guy that has 120k on EB and 125k on 5.0 :

Curt - I am curious as to how your Hypertech 5.3 would do for mileage compared to the EB in the same towing test that was done by this site. Towing uses more fuel. Period. 9-10mpg is normal for towing something like a travel trailer. Not sure why people dont get this.


Perhaps you should view the Ford: EcoBoost Torture Test, videos. They punished a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, a whole lot more than any consumer could do, for over 150,000 miles! Good stuff!

Rock-On Ford!!!

Uh, Buy American? I am a fan of th e EB. LOL I have seen the videos, very impressive. I am laughing at those who slag it because of mpg while towing. They obviously don't tow or i f they do, dont tow anything of any weight.

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