GMC Claims Best-In-Class Heavy-Duty Towing and Payload Figures, Again

GMC Claims Best In Class Towing and Payload Figures, Again
By Mark Williams for

The big boys are at it again. In the ever-changing world of maximum towing and hauling among the biggest and strongest personal-use vehicles sold in the U.S., GMC announced today it will own the best-in-class towing and hauling numbers among HD pickups; however, there is no doubt Ford and Ram Truck will respond.

“We know heavy-duty pickups are one of the most-competitive segments, with some of the most knowledgeable customers there are, so for 2012, we worked on making our trucks even more capable than before,” said Rick Spina, GM’s vehicle line executive for full-size trucks.

Although precise details have not been released, we’ve been told GM engineers specifically targeted the maximum fifth-wheel towing number by redesigning the rear leaf springs, u-bolts, and box mounts on specific HD models. In addition, GM also strengthened the internal structure of the cargo boxes and increased the size of the supports inside the box sills. Finally, as you might expect, shock upgrades needed to be made on those max payload and towing packages.

As a result of the changes, fifth-wheel towing numbers have been raised from the 21,700 pounds to 23,000 pounds for 2012. Likewise, payload capacity has been raised (for the 3500 dual-rear-wheel regular cab 6.0-liter V-8) from 6,635 to 7,215 pounds. And finally, the maximum conventional trailer weight capacity is now 18,000 pounds, up from 17,000 from last year.

HD truck enthusiasts (and likely the casual observer) will recall this is not the first time the manufacturers have upped capacity and capability numbers on one another, nor will it be the last. (By our count, this is the sixth time in two years.)

This particular announcement comes at a time when we have just concluded one of our most thorough and exhaustive heavy-duty truck test to date (we call it our Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker Comparison) where the GMC Sierra 3500 Duramax proved itself a fierce competitor in every head-to-head towing challenge we threw at it and its direct competitors: the Ford F-350 Super Duty Power Stroke and Ram HD 3500 Cummins.

In fact, based on our testing results, we’re not surprised that the GM platforms and powertrains have the best-in-class ratings because we found our Sierra HD to be an impressive cross-country power puller through desert heat and up nasty Rocky Mountain grades. Nobody knows better than we do, that in the world of HD strongmen pickups, it’s not just about having the biggest numbers but, more importantly, it’s how well you pull the load.

For those interested in a little competitive history, here are just some of the changes in towing and payload numbers we’ve seen from the past several years, and we have no reason to believe there won’t be more changes to come.

Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck Capability Timeline

June 2007:
We did our 2007 Heavy-Duty Shootout with three of the newest one-ton dually turbo-diesels. Ford had just released a newly redesigned and updated 2008 Super Duty (with the old 6.4-liter V-8 Power Stroke), and we were impressed. Gross combined weight ratings for our test units were Chevy 3500, 23,500 pounds; Ram HD 3500, 24,000 pounds; and Super Duty F-350, 26,000 pounds.

Feb. 10, 2009:
Ram reveals its newly redesigned 2010 Ram HD 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks. The 6.7-liter I-6 Cummins diesel engine remains mostly unchanged, and towing and payload capacities become more competitive but don’t lead. Still, the new look is powerful, and the interior is vastly upgraded.

Sept. 24, 2009:
Ford reveals the 2011 F-Series Super Duty with an all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 but stays mum about its power figures and capabilities.

Feb. 10, 2010:
GM reveals at the Chicago Auto Show that it will have an all-new heavy-duty platform coming for the 2011 Silverado HD and Sierra HD pickup trucks, and the company claims the vehicles will have the highest towing and payload numbers in the segment on certain models, but do not release horsepower and torque numbers for the newly upgraded Duramax.

Feb. 25, 2010:
Ford finally announces horsepower and torque numbers for the all-new Power Stroke 6.7-liter V-8 turbo-diesel at a best-in-class 390 hp and 735 pounds-feet of torque and claims the lead in the power war.

March 9, 2010:
GM announces the newly revised and beefed-up 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel will have best-in-class 397 hp and 765 pounds-feet of torque, along with a GCWR of 29,200 pounds, 6,635-pound maximum payload, a 21,700-pound fifth-wheel towing capacity, and a 17,000-pound conventional hitch towing capacity.

Aug. 3, 2010:
Ford announces that with a simple reflash to the existing, most recently produced 6.7-liter Power Stroke Super Dutys, new horsepower and torque numbers will be a whopping 400 hp and astounding 800 pounds-feet of torque. Likewise, maximum payload numbers move from 6,520 to 7,070 pounds, and maximum fifth-wheel trailering moves from 21,600 to 22,600 pounds.

Feb. 1, 2011:
Strategically announced right before the Chicago Auto Show, Ford announces new towing and payload numbers that include a best-in-class maximum conventional-hitch towing rating of 17,500 pounds, beating GM (by several hundred pounds )and Ram HD (by several thousand pounds).

Feb. 9, 2011:
Ram Truck announces that its new High Output Cummins turbo-diesel is now rated at 800 pounds-feet of torque on special models (automatic only; manuals are still rated at 650 pounds-feet of torque), so it is now tied with Super Duty for best-in-class torque. Fifth-wheel towing is also upgraded to 22,700 pounds (from 18,500) and GCWR goes from 25,400 pounds to 30,000 pounds, competitively sitting right on top of Ford (30,000 pounds) and GM (29,200 pounds).

Aug. 15, 2011: GM announces the GMC Sierra HD has the highest GCWR, payload capacity, conventional towing, and fifth-wheel towing capacity among the competition. Slight modifications to spring choices, u-bolt upgrades, shock selection and box reinforcement allowed for the change in ratings.


@Dave M, GM is just a Ford wannabe? I think its more like the other way around. Let's see, GM was the first truck maker to offer a third access door on an extended cab pickup, of which Ford copied for the '97 F150 redesign. Also, for the '97 F150 redesign, Ford went from using the tried and true I-beam front suspsenion to IFS, which (at that time)alot of diehard Ford guys weren't all that happy with Ford doing that switch.

1) GM fanboys said a job 3 makes one guess the first two jobs were't good enough and makes one wonder about the quality of the truck. But since GM is the one now with 3rd change, they will conveninetly forget about that argument....that is until Ford makes some changes again and then they will bring it up again.

2) According to some GM fans, brakes must be upgraded before an increase. The fact that GM's brakes were upgraded in 2011 is irrelevant. The brakes were not upgraded for the 2012 increase in towing which contradicts the demand by GM fans for brake changes prior to increases. Being that GM came in last in braking in the HD Hurt Locker and GM made no changes to the brakes prior to the 2012 increase makes GM fans' demands of Ford look more contradictory.

3) "And lastly, I think you will find that GM recommends towing their maximum weight with a proper WD hitch setup."

Not true. GM’s says their HD pickups can carry all 18,000 lbs around on the ball.

Many were complaining when Ford increased their bumper pull ratings. But GM fans don't complain when GM increased their bumper pull ratings. Furthermore they are not opposed to GM increase not requiring a proper WD hitch setup.

These are just some of the hypocritical and contradictory statements that GM fans have to stick with.

PS Bob, GM has done the same that Ford has done, but GM started it by waiting for Ford to go first with the power numbers and then trying to top it. I don't see you questioning why GM had to come up with a job 3.

I'm confused, but how can GM claim "it will own the best-in-class towing and hauling numbers among HD pickups" When last time I checked F-450 had a 24,500# rating, isn't that higher than 23000? I wonder if GM hypes this alot if Ford will drop the F-450 name and bring back the F-350 Tow Boss name instead?

@Bob - "This is all crazy" was in reference to the manufacturer's childish oneupmanship war with towing and hauling.
The craziness is shared by all of the manufacturers. You can't have a war if only one side shows up.
You need a CDL or Heavy Towing Endorsement to pull the maximum weight limits of these trucks. The one ton trucks are overlapping with commercial units.

I will stand by my statement "This is all crazy".

Stop trying to start a fight where there is no reason to start one.
You've been crying foul since this test came out.

The only thing worse than a sore loser, is a bad winner.

Is it true that Ford owns Cummins?
When I think about it, why would Cummins raise their TQ to 800 and not more? How come they didn't raise the HP? Is Cummins controlled by Ford and Ford wouldn't allow Cummins to be more powerful then PS?

F450 is a medium duty (different class) therefore they don't compete.



@Fred -
10 - 15 years ago Ford owned shares in Cummins but they subsequently sold all of their stock. It is a rumor that frequently surfaces and I've seen it mentioned several times on this site.
You are correct about the F450.
The 350/3500's are class 3 trucks and the F450 is a class 4 truck.
The F450 in some respects is an oddity as Ford changed it a few years ago to be more of a tow rig than a hauler. My understanding is that a F350 pickup can carry more than a F450 pickup.
Things also change when you go into the chassis cab variation. It has different tow/haul specs than the p/u version.

3 head to head test same result. GM on TOP! Congrats GM! I always like it when the underdog with all heart wins. GM has 2nd most HP and LAST Torque but still mangages to come out on top! D/A is hard to beat.

This is what I like in my truck. I want it to perform for me, work for me and stay out the shop! My D/A does just that. The electronics and fancy interiors are nice but they dont make me money and usually mess-up more often. Oh yea I love the IFS, so much better ride qualtiy and at the end of the day thats important to. Great job GM!!!

Mike, nice job on the hurt locker, great article!

Wow, they are all very impressive. I will buy a GMC next time, as I think it's the best looking and I want IFS. I think GM's new front HD suspension is stronger than either of the other two, and no question it rides and handles better. And if you think the basic concept of IFS is weaker than a SFA, look at all those Oshkosh military trucks. Also, Reyco Granning is coming out with IFS for class 8 trucks, some systems are over 18,000# capacity.

@Lou - You are wrong. I don't have to have a CDL.

First of all, payload went up to over 7k pounds. I don't need a CDL to haul in the bed! You are wrong about that. Second, you are wrong because the parts got stronger. I don't need a CDL to accept stronger parts and a stronger truck from GM! The parts will be better and stronger whether I tow 23,000 lbs or not and it will be a stronger truck than Ford. You were wrong about that.

Look at all the Ford boys making excuses for ford by bringing up the F-450. GM doesn't make 450 550 etc. Ford adjusted their towing figures on the powerjoke and GM said ok, and saw that adustment and raise them one more. Now the DMAX beats the powerjoke. How sweet it is.

GM is the best HD on the road today and will out tow the powerjoke made by ford. Those are the facts and nothing but the facts so help me god.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

I'll tell ya"ll what....... put them all in a bag, shake em up, and choose one. You still have a great rig no matter which brand is chosen. You guys know it is true as well. I get humor out of the arguing though........

I personally like the Ram the best and it did the worst by the test. I used to own nothing but Fords (my last one is a 1992 F150 handed down to me from my father in law, when that one more Fords until looks come back...not that much of a fanboi), but cannot grapple on the "bold moves" injected in all that chrome, big grill on the F150's up to one tons. But, Ford still makes a great truck just because I could care less for the ugly looks (my opinion, yet strong enough so that it would keep me from purchasing as a matter of fact, cannot STAND the look of Fords new trucks, but JMO).

Kids in the sand box...nothing more....nothing less :)

Come on people, get a grip.

Excellent job Mike on the test!

I hear there is serious consideration Chevy is getting out of the truck market and GMC will be GM's sole truck brand ! Makes sense to me,they advertise GMC trucks more.

You guys are all way off. The best for towing is this:

Yeah Ford has an F450, so if the F350 cant tow it, you just buy the next level of truck, Ram does the same.
Dont send a 3500 to do a 4500's job.

And regarding the IFS being stronger than SFA comment;

You cannot deny the simple ruggedness of a SFA
If you buy a truck based on comfort rather than strength then maybe you should just buy a minivan with a hitch on it.

you know why Ford sells the most Heavy Duty trucks and GM comes in SEcond. is beacause ford has built up a good reputation with the supper dutys and the past heavy dutys form the 90s and 80s. I think the only reason why gm is alive for making trucks is because of brand loyaltiy. Most of the construction trucks and service trucks and farm trucks are fords, or at leats in my area, thats because many people have known frod to be quality and relaible, many of the ford owners i know werent ford fans to begin with they by to get the job done. and know they trust ford and will contnue to by them, but the gm fans i know were fans win they were growing up and still are. Now many of the dodges ae used as work trucks and they have many fans to. with that said at the truck and tracter pull i go to most of the trucks are chevys only a few fords and dodges. because chevys got more fans. Most of ford buyers are not fans but are bussiness or people useing them on farms. Im not saying ford has no fans but not as many of them, although most people pick ford over chevy.

IM NOT TRYING TO BASH GM OR FORD nor am i saying ford has no fans as many people/bussiness chose ford over chevy, but gm has more dedicated fans that help keep gm alive

Here we go again!

Tom, I agree to an extent, But the same can be said about these urban cowboys that trash talk folks who like IFS.... like you just did .....but will load their trucks up with fancy fluff gadgets like sync and such, as if that matters for work. What good is a SFA axle when you drive it to the office and back while you tinker with all your geeky gizmos in your :decked out" truck? Matters not one bit, therefore IFS is great for that application.
In all honesty, many of the trucks I see in one ton trim around my area (Southeast Texas) that are decked out, are office geeks that need to feel big driving around in a monster when they get off of work on their way home from the Dow Chemical Complex..... something about that commanding position sitting up high and wieghing 4 tons accomodates their untold authority they have in the office at there job.

The plain jane trucks I see (the way a WORK TRUCK should be), are the ones that have flat beds, mini floats, welding machines (I live in a big "industrial/chemical complex" area). I think I see many of the one ton trucks and how they are used around here, being a plant worker myself. I don;t buy all the IFS SFA BS, when a person claims to do work and loads the bed up with something that a Ford Ranger could haul.

PS: I love the SFA and Twin-I-Beam on my Wrangler (SFA) and F150 (TIB).

Tyler: You should be a spokesman for the Blue Oval. You sound just like what they would be interested in. To everything you said, I can find examples for all three brands. Now what? I know families that drive nothing but Fords (mine for the most part), nothing but Dodges (my friend for the most part) and Chevy (My Wife's family).

All swear by them, are all three wrong JUST because you see Ford as the King of trucks, or because Ford sells more? I would hope not. Everyone has a preference. I say all three would get all the jobs done, some buyers select based on some kind of wierd obsession with a brand (Fanboi-ism..... see Bob or Frank). I select based on what fits my needs, price range, and of course looks the best Subjective of course....

Good point that is whats wrong with PUTC to many fanbois lets face facts the super duty is a damn good truck but the GM is better and is going to widen the gap if Ford doesnt respond which I expect they will.

@bob- "2011 GM heavy duty trucks are the best. GM trucks are the best because GM has the most hauling, most towing, strongest frame, most luxury, etc" This is what you said proves GM has the better HDs. Heres my question... Do you say the same of Fords 1/2 tons being the best, seeing as how these points are in Fords favor in that catagory? Im not trying to steer the conversation away from the HDs, I just want to see you dance around my question or redact this statement.

i see all u chevy lovers are bashing FORD again. well put it this way ford has the most hp and torque payload better ride stronger truck and frame and new desin last year.chevy still on that ugly old design from 5 years wil win the shootout this year.and at least ford can design a truck and i think ALL there trucks are sharp looking.go ford built ford touch ford forever

Why take a cheap shot at Frank? If we are talking about GM being better because of the Hurt Locker how does that test prove GM has the better truck?

There were 9 tests. Ford won 4. GM won 4. Ram won 1. At best, that seems like a tie to me and Ram seems like the only real loser, winning only 1 test.

Do we have go through the top 15 reasons for switching brands again?

There was a study which listed the reasons people would switch truck brands.

The top 15 reasons were:
1) fuel economy - Ford has the best economy
2) operating costs - Fords were lower here
3) durability (lasts a long time) - Ford HD according to JDP
4) how far on a tank of gas - Ford goes farther
5) reliability (doesn't break down) - Ford HD according to JDP
6) ride smoothness - seen it go both ways, some tests say GM was better, some say Ford was better
7) performance fully loaded - Ford was better in the flats, GM was better in the mountains. Tie.
8) seat comfort - Ford
9) engine power - both have plenty of power. Ford has room to grow. GM is supposedly near the end of the life cycle. Tie.
10) visibility for driver - Ford.
11) towing capacity - GM has a higher capacity for F350 but not a lot more - 500 lbs. Ford can tow more with a F450 but not a lot more. Tie.
12) overall front seat roominess - Ford.
13) in vehicle electronics, technology - Onstar vs Ford sync, productivity screen, work solutions. Advantage Ford.
14) front seat for passenger area - Ford.
15) exterior styling - Ford more modern, Chevy boring and same old same old, playing it safe. Both need to do something soon. Tie.

These are the reasons Ford is considered the best. They are not the best just because of sales, it doesn't work that way.

@Red_4x4: Thanks!

@jason: Thanks!

Hay Dave,

Nobody cares that you worship Ford.

All that matters is that GM won the Hurt Locker shootout. And now GM has BEST IN CLASS towing and payload.

Nothing else matters. Not sales. Nothing. So what if ford sold the most trucks. Ford has the newest platform and newest engines. So it is no suprise Ford is leading in sales.

@GMC Bob or Great Lakes Bob -
I wasn't talking about the load in the bed.
I was talking about trailer weights.
Mike Levine had to get a CDL participate in the test.

Towing capacity of all these trucks is limited by the licence the driver carries in their wallet. Some jurisdictions are more restrictive than others.

Please point out the exact post where I criticized GM's parts or was critical of the parts upgrade.

As far as the F450 goes - I did agree that it was a separate truck class from the 3500/350 class of trucks.
I don't know why you would care as the Ford F450 lost to the DMax as well.

You claim you are from Michigan - I checked your state licencing law. You need a CDL to tow the the same weight that was used in the shootout.

The only part of your comment that you made that I agree with 100% is the "so help me God" part.
You need all the help you can get.

Bob, Thanks for the press release from GM.

Mike was quoted as saying in the GM press release, “When we analyzed the data, the GMC Sierra 3500HD simply outperformed the trucks from Ford and Ram.”

If Mike really made that quote, I agree on outperforming the Ram, but I disagree on outperforming Ford. I looked at the data and GM won 4 of the tests and Ford won 4 of the tests. This is simply a tie between the trucks from GM and Ford.

Ok I may be the odd one out but I like the interior of my Silverado, one of the main reason I bought one. You see I just like my pickup to look like a pickup and not all those fancy interiors like Ford and Dodge, I mean Ram. I have the LT that they call work truck interior.

And I bet both Ford and Ram will drop the solid-front axle soon

@red4x4 - I'm not a big fan of the Ford grills but I liked the rest of the truck so much that I can live with it. I disagree about Sync. It is a useful feature. I've only used the Bluetooth aspect of it. My current truck is the fanciest one I've ever owned. I find that funny considering its just an XLT.
When it comes to 1 ton duallies - I do agree that most are daily drivers and weekend recreational units. The majority of the "working" duallies I see are chassis cab trucks with utility bodies. Most are 4500 or larger as 350/3500's don't have the capacity.
I do disagree on the plain jane trucks are the only work trucks. The plain trucks I see are fleet trucks. The majority of loggers I see and/or know drive high end trucks. Guys have explained to me that if you spend 12 - 14 hrs a day working out of your truck it is better to be comfortable. I have to agree. I've spent my share of 14 hour night shifts climbing in and out of the cab of a vinyl interior Dodge Tradesman Ambulance. We thought we had died and gone to heaven when the fleet changed over to the cloth bucket seat XL Econoline 1 ton conversions.
Texans probably buy more trucks than all of Canada so I can see your point about many of them being image machines.
Years ago I read a commnet made by a journalist that guys usually will drive what their father's drove. It does seem to be true for the most part. I chose the F150 because it fit my needs for the price I was willing to pay. It also had one of the best reliability records. I've owned Fords in the past, but I've also had GM's, Chevies, and Dodge vehicles in the family driveway. Currently there is a Toyota sharing the driveway with my truck.

@Bob - one last point quote "Nothing else matters. Not sales. Nothing."
I find that comment laughable at best.
Why would GMC update and upgrade their trucks if not for sales?
Off the topic at hand - how much can you carry in your lowered 4x4 Avalanche?

Lou: - I agree with some points, others I stand on what I said. I like how you rationalize, BTW. No problem with your truck, the interiors of the F150's are nice, I have owned a few (older ones anyway), good solid trucks.

Bob: - just many alias's do you have? Michigan Bob, Great Lakes Bob, Bob Sinclair, Robert Sinclair, Big Bob, GMC Bob.... and the list keeps going. I mean, why so many alias's? Just use one, by your sentence structure, we can usually tell when someone uses multiple alias's, you're not fooling anyone. That is why I wouldn't do it. Some on here do, but it really is kind of childish. People should be a man and stand up for what they post, whether right or wrong.

Dave: -no, we don't need to go thru your talking points again. I don't need "Ford Greatness" propaganda streaming across my screen anytime someone dislikes Ford, gets to be just like Bob and his GMC greatness constantly being thrown in, when they are no better than the other two. I have a 19 year old F150, it's a great truck. I have no intentions on getting rid of it. My last several Fords were great (except 08 Ford escape, felt like cheap junk, never again will I let my wife buy something like that again, Her cheap 2009 Hyundai SE Sonata felt of better quality than that tin can Escape, and weighs more as well by several hundred pounds and it is a damn car!)

Peter: No, I like my trucks without all the frills and fluff that most seem to embrace so heavily. Just more fancy JUNK to break further down the road. Electric windows, locks, cd player is the rest of the fancy junk though. Will not pay extra for it, never have, never will. If they give the junk to me free, fine. But I will not pay for it. I much prefer the upgrades be in the powertrain.
For example: My F150 would be ordered with a 5.0 V8 to get around Turbos, Xl trim, 4x4, with electric windows/locks (for the wife) and since no standard is optional, auto transmission. the rest: fancy wheels, radios, seats, JUNK...they can keep it unless they are going to give it to me FREE :)

@ Lou,
They push "high end" sometimes to a ridiculous extent here.
I saw this fellow coming out of some apartments, . The Holden Maloo, set a faster time than a Aston Martin DB7 around the Top Gear test track. Here it is towing a trailer(after hooking it up) and the Maloo carried his work tools. Yes the cabin has every electronic toy you can think of.

These are typical responses from ford fans. GM claims best in towing and payload and wins the shootout. Then Ford fans talk about selling the most trucks.

Selling the most trucks doesn't mean you have the best truck. Ford trucks are are like a McDaondls burger - cheap. People like cheap. you have to pay premium for premium cars and trucks. GM trucks are premium trucks.

In Canada, Ram diesels sell the best, does that mean Ram trucks are the best? No! Just look at all of the shootouts for the proof. Ram trucks are the worst but they sell the best.

What I am telling you here is buyers dont what the hec they are buying and there purchases don't make any friggen sense whatsoever!

@bob-@bob- "2011 GM heavy duty trucks are the best. GM trucks are the best because GM has the most hauling, most towing, strongest frame, most luxury, etc" This is what you said proves GM has the better HDs. Heres my question... Do you say the same of Fords 1/2 tons being the best, seeing as how these points are in Fords favor in that catagory? Im not trying to steer the conversation away from the HDs, I just want to see you dance around my question or redact this statement. I am also prepared for the chance that my head will explode from the hypocrisy of your next statement.

If GMC is so great, why do I see so many more Ford F350's on the road pulling all kinds of trailers from RV's to horse trailers to construction trailers?

Listen Frank, Lou, Dave, and any other ford fan, the GMC made by General Motors won the Hurtlocker Shootout period end of story! I don't want to hear your b.s. stories about I disagree and that ford won this many catagories and gm this many catagories. yada yada yada all excuses as to why the ford got it's rear end handed to it by GM.

The FACT of the matter is GM won the towing comparisons and it wasn't even CLOSE as some people would have you believe. The GMC easily won the Davis Dam test and the Eisenhower pass climb and like I said, it wasn't even CLOSE! Yea, ford was the fuel economy leader while towing and GM is the fuel economy leader when not towing. I know it's weird. at the end of the day, only one truck reigned supreme and that truck was the GMC Sierra and those are the facts and nothing but the facts.

So ford fans, you can point to your little shallow victories like interior, 40mph breaking, and the innovative "man step" but face the facts ford fan boys, your truck LOST and it lost BIG to GM. Maybe when ford comes out with job 4, you can compete, nah, GM will just move the bar again and just like Charlie Brown, ford will FAIL! HAVE A NICE DAY NOW FORD FAN BOYS, with your SECOND place truck!

Come on Michigan Bob, GM won pretty fairly, I don't think anybody is disputing the validity of the tests or the results. The Ford engine did seem to shine in some of the pulling scenarios where its extra torque was key. But the GM's turbos worked better in high altitude, the programming of the Allison, the exhaust brake, and its brand new chassis is unstoppable. Looks like the only letdowns were the ABS programming and less torque than the other two. Congrats to GM!

Bob's line of attack is common with the anti-Ford crowd for many reasons. For one, it’s much easier to spin the fact that Ford had it's rear handed to itself in the Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker than it is to explain that Ford won 4 tests and GM won 4 tests and the complicated weighting scale for exhaust brake lead to GM's overall win eventhough they both won the same amount of tests. It certainly takes less time. Second, anti-Ford people don't have anything else. Ford F-series has been the best selling truck for 34 straight years, and there isn’t anything else for them to latch onto. GM tried to come out with a new Heavy Duty to take market share away from Ford Super duty, only to come out with nothing but less market share due to Ram Heavy Duty taking market share away from GM.

@Bob - I'll ask you this question once again - please point out where I have slagged the GMC on the shootout or this thread.
One of my first comments in relation to the HD shootout was:
Ford's biggest flaw is the engine brake.
Ram's biggest flaw is the transmission.
GM's biggest flaw is the dated body and interior.
It does seem easier to change a set of seats than a turbo or a tranny.
Does that sound like bashing???

My comment about the towing/hauling is that these trucks are now in the realm of commercial trucks.
They keep pushing the limits.
The "they" I refer to is Dodge, GMC, and Ford.
Sure you do not need a CDL to carry a max load but what worries me is that any nitwit can buy one of these and pull massive loads or carry massive loads without any extra qualifications, medical physical, or experience.
I usually see a few old retired guys behind the wheel of a monster 5th wheel, or greyhound bus sized motor home in the ditch or worse being a complete obstruction to everyone else during tourist season. Bad weather comes early and/or roads get bad, and these inexperienced, or underqualified, or unhealthy souls cause a MVC.
I've traveled the Alaska Highway and the Stuart/Cassiar Highway. I'd rather meet an 18 wheeler on approach to a single lane bridge than someone in one of these.
That is why I think it is crazy.
Ford and Ram are just as guilty as GMC.
If you want to pull heavy or carry a big load - become a trucker.
These trucks will probably outpull a class 6 truck but that class 6 truck will still be running safely 500,000 miles later.

but but but but bob the ford won 4 parts of the test tooooo so it was very close right bob??? NOT!

The GMC Sierra 3500 is our choice for the Best Overall Heavy-Duty Truck in the Hurt Locker test. Its performance continues to affirm what we’ve seen from previous 2011-12 GM HD pickups. Their chassis and on-road performance should be in the crosshairs of Ram and Ford.

The GMC Sierra led with best-in-class performance, with wins in almost every test we put the trucks through.

The Sierra was the most comfortable rig over our long days. It was also the quickest for the driver to get comfortable with the trailer and load.

We were disappointed with the lack of information displayed in contrast to the other trucks. It needs to get a better information center, yesterday. We’re also disappointed in the solution found for the DEF maintenance. The Sierra needs an accurate DEF gauge -- not a low-DEF/empty warning light or an OK indicator. The DEF filler area under the hood next to the engine is awkward, and the tank sits well below the bottom of the doorsill. It’s too exposed, especially if any four-wheel driving is required.

That said, if we were going to shop for a heavy-duty truck today, we'd buy the Sierra.

So there you have it ford fan boys, your truck aka the ford f-350 was second place period. The towing comparisons were not even remotely close up Davis Dam or Eisenhower Pass. The GMC mopped the floor with the big bad man step ford and that is the truth. What truck did declare the clear winner??? The GMC of course and the ford fan boys can't handle the truth. I guess ford will have to go to job #4. Excuses excuses is all you hear from the ford fan boys. and they all STINK!

@Bob - if you kept your big gaping pie hole closed and was mature enough to be humble about GMC's victory, things would settle down all on their own.
Guys mention sales because they know it pisses you off.
Guys mention bailout because they know it pisses you off.
Guys mention crappy bodies and interiors because they know it pisses you off.

Like i said before, only 2 things turn me off of GMC:
1. Bailout
2. Bob.
and I'm coming to terms with the bailout.

How many more HDs will this test help General Motors sell?

Hot on Ford's tracks? NOT!

General Motors might be able to hold Ram off (in HD sales) for another year?

Buy American,
GM is no longer holding off Ram. Ram already sells more HD trucks than GM and Chevy brands. Same as Ford.

and I'm coming to terms with the bailout.
NOT ME i just can't get past that they will F%ck it up yet again,
So let it be written, so let be done


Thanks for the clarification.

@Dan the Man - the USA government's downgrade to AA shows that they aren't coming to terms with it either.

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