July 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in July 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +7.7% July 2011 49,104 Fseries
313,183 July 2010 50,449

2 Chevrolet Silverado +7.2% July 2011 33,121 Silverado
215,906 July 2010 34,664

3 Ram Trucks +26% July 2011 20,311 Ram
132,209 July 2010 20,138

4 GMC Sierra +18.8% July 2011 12,596 Sierra
80,194 July 2010 11,910

5 Toyota Tacoma +2.2% July 2011 8,929 Tacoma
July 2010 9,674

6 Toyota Tundra -12.7% July 2011 7,762 Tundra
47,610 July 2010 9,201

7 Ford Ranger +4.5% July 2011 6,410 Ranger
36,442 July 2010 5,213

8 Nissan Frontier +26.2% July 2011 4,832 Frontier
28,271 July 2010 3,967

9 Chevrolet Colorado +39.2% July 2011 3,169 Colorado
19,283 July 2010 2,195

10 Nissan Titan -19.3% July 2011 1,821 Titan
10,699 July 2010 2,139

Notable Items:

- Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Frontier reached 12-month sales peaks in July


The less red there is, the better! Ford Ranger dominating it's Taurus sibling! haha

Ford Ranger going out with a bang

Must not be as much demand for the EB as Ford would want us to think.

I haven't followed this thread in a while, when did GM start outselling Ford again?

Nevermind, my my eyes played tricks on me.

@Round: Don't you hate it when you make a smart-ass comment, and it turns out you were wrong! LOL!

BTW, Ford said 56% of F150's were sold with V6 engines...40% were EcoBoost. I would say it's doing quite well!

Yeah. EcoBoost is kicking @$$.

If the EB was doing so well, it would be taking sales from Ram, but in reality Ram is taking sales from Ford.

how so i am confused i thought ram would be taking sales from GMC and Chebbys

@Round - show us the proof that "Ram is taking sales from Ford."

I'm waiting...

Oh wait, F-series is INCREASING sales so obviously Ram is cutting into their share. I wish I possessed that kind of logic...

@ oxymoron and anyone else who doesnt look at these graph's well.

What round is saying is that LAST MONTH Ram sales were up, Ford Fseries sales were DOWN. its really simple math, go down the list and compare last year to this years numbers. its clear that ford AND chevy sold more trucks last month LAST YEAR than they did this last month of this year. the Ram was up over last year.

RAM is sure picking up,this time next year it will blow by Chevrolet ! Good job Mopar !!!

Wow, Ford guys are protective. I thought it would be hard to debate a factual statement, but for some odd reason, Ford guys are doing it.

Oxymoron: Ford is down when July 2010 is compaired to July 2011. Ram is up when the same is compaired. Thus Ram is taking sales from Ford and GM too.

Round, that just shows how Ram is doing compared to itself a year ago. You have to look at month to month sales to see the current trend from each. The graph looks like all top 4 dropped in sales from June.

i see now where you are comnig from

Ford sells more trucks. I am glad to see much less red, means my job in the coatings industry is stable for a while. Buy em up boys! The less red, the better!


go home

The new dodge trucks are sweet.

Dan: lol, waiting on the relief operator. These things cannot be rushed you know :)

Looking at the actual market share there is not that huge of a difference.

Look beyound the huge YTD gain and you will see Ram has gained just over 1% market. If you want to contribute that to taking sales from one particular brand, Chevy has lost the most market share thus far.

Ford market share is holding steady.

2011 Full-size market share:
Ford 39.689%
Chevy 27.361%
Ram 16.754%
GM 10.163%
Tundra 6.033%

2010 full-size market share:
Ford 39.989%
Chevy 28.014%
Ram 15.111%
GM 9.824%
Tundra 7.062%

For the month of June 2011 to the month of July 2011 Ram sales dropped from 21,362 to 20,311, a 5% drop.

So Ram is going the other direction now after a hot start.

Tundra has had the biggest drop in market share, falling 1.029%, followed by Chevy with a .65% drop.

Now this is news!

By year's end I bet Ford will have increased market share to over 40% after the 2011 and 2012 F-150's have been out awhile longer.

If Ram sustains their 1% increase, it will come at someone else's market share expense, probably Tundra's and Silverado's.

You can't assume that Ram is taking sales from GM or Ford just because its numbers are up. I don't suppose it's possible that someone that used to drive a CAR/SUV/Minivan/goped traded to a truck? Puh-lease.
As for Ram's increase, have you SEEN the incentives they're piling one? Free Hemi upgrade, low-interest financing, AND cash back? That'll drive any numbers up.
Obviously GM needs to step up its game in the design department. And the engine department as I recently read they're going to carry-over the (tired) 5.3 litre in the new truck. Baad idea if you ask me, considering that Ford's base v6 (3.7l) gives the 5.3 fits.
As for the EcoBoost, I see them all the time now. Ford has said that their sales have far outpaced initial expectations.
All-in-all, it's good to see truck numbers up.

'You can't assume that Ram is taking sales from GM or Ford just because its numbers are up. I don't suppose it's possible that someone that used to drive a CAR/SUV/Minivan/goped traded to a truck? Puh-lease.'

Exactly, Luke. Ram is only up 1% for the year, how can anyone possible put that 1% gain solely on losses from one maker??????

I think the Ram fans were looking at the huge YTD gain and thought their market share went up drastically. It hasn't.

The problem is Ram don't sell a lot of trucks so a big YTD gain doesn't mean a big gain in market share.

Now Ram's sales are dropping so don't expect this YTD gain to continue.

Last month Ram was up 31% YTD. This month Ram is up 26%.

If Ram drops 5% a month, they won't have much market share gain to show at the end of the year. Ram may have a slight market share loss at year's end.

wow gm older model.older engine and ford still dont make a big difference,,on sales,,,what is wrong in this picture...

@Luke - the "new" GM 5.3 is only supposed to share the displacement with the old 5.3.
For once - all new is supposed to mean "all new".
I'm surprised BitchAgain Bob hasn't jumped all over you on that one.
I could fill in for him - you @#$% Ford &^%* hump, @#$%%%^ fanboi#@$%%^&&*##@@.
There - you've been told off Bob style ;)

I'd be interested in knowing F150 EB sales #s. 56% of f150's are v6 and 40% of v6 are EB. Then EB is 22% of total F150 sales.

Manufacturers are reporting pickup sales are sliding. They say consumer sales are down with an increase in small car sales.

@Lou -

Ram Trucks had the biggest market share gain for 2011!!!!!


Ram is taking market share away from Ford. Mmmmmm. I'm loving it. LOL.

EB is not 40% of V6.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine accounted for 40 percent of all F-150 sales.

@Ram Tech,

Only because they are giving free Hemi upgrades, have you seen the Ram incentives...HUGE....

FORD gives nothing!

The Ram pickup truck is up 26 percent year to date compared to the same period in 2010. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the 2011 Ram 1500 as the best full-size pickup. In the publication’s ranking of top vehicle choices, Ram 1500 scored the highest among the eight full-size pickups available to U.S. buyers. The rankings are based on an in-depth analysis by U.S. News editors of published vehicle ratings, reviews and test drives. Ram drew praise for its interior comfort, class-leading handling and HEMI V-8 performance. The U.S. News editors said that the Ram 1500’s smooth, car-like ride, well-designed and comfortable interior and powerful V-8 engines make it a top pick in its class.

Also in July, the Ram 1500 was named Edmunds.com 2011 Consumers Top Rated® Large Light-Duty Truck.


@ Ram Alchemy

Does Al Gore do your math?

@luke i don't think its bad to keep the 5.3l it just needs some updates same with dodge's 5.7l motor dodge and chevy only got 2 valves per cylinder and 1 spark plug per cylinder vs fords 2 spark plugs per cylinder and four valves throw some direct injection on them and you'll have some good power and better mpg


I didn't know that 0% APR and $4000 count as nothing.

@ mike Levine

Is there anyway to break apart these numbers? I would LOVE to see how many sales are influenced by large fleets and and HD vs half tons


Compared to what Ram is giving away, yes. Ford isn't giving much!

Here's what I found re: EB F150 sales:

"At the beginning of the calendar year, six-cylinders accounted for around 35 percent of all F-150 sales, now the total is around 56 percent, with 41 percent of those being EcoBoosts (the remainder are 3.7-liter base V-6s)."

"In terms of individual engines, the 5.0-liter V-8 still leads the way, being installed in 44 percent of all F-150s snapped up by the public."

EB Total = Total V6 * EB = 56% * 41% ~= 23%.
5.0L Total = 44% as given
3.7L v6 = Total V6 - EB = 56% - 23% = 33%

@ chevy guy....the dodge 5.7 hemi has 2 plugs per cylinder. The have been that way since 03 when they debuted

next year ddge is getting 3 new cummins engines heavy duty tranys i bet there sales are goin to go up even more go Ram go

As usual The Found on the Road Dead crew are harping sales, Ford ONLY leads this due to FLEET sales, GM and Chevy are what the individuals are buying , I got 10k off sticker and on an 11, 5.3, All Star, Z71 and i am damn proud of the deal, with hypertech/kn I am right at 365HP at the crank, not the torque of the ecorooster, see ya in 10 years when your turbos are blown and the underhood fires come and I have 250k on my 5.3, like a rock!

And at the end of the day, the Ram 1500 still uses coil springs lol

@Curt, Gee, fleet trucks are the most abused and used trucks out there, and yes, Ford DOMINATES the fleet truck sales, connect the dots.
Toughest work+abuse and Ford dominating with sales.
I guess every other truck just aint tough enough

And just for reference, I could have gotten a 2500HD with the Duramax for UNDER 42K(51k Sticker), extended cab,4wd, remote start, ect, ect, ect, probably less than the Ford Boys paid for there EcoRoosters, so if you feel better blowing me away at the stoplight I'll pocket the difference and wait for the new GM trucks in a few years. The fact is all three of the big three make Good, if not great trucks, the Ram and F150 are better in some ways than the Chevy/GMC, look at the crash tests for the passenger on the Dodge and the Ford OUCH, 4 Star Chevy, 2 star Ford and Dodge, chevy rides better(than Ford), safer, MUCH cheaper and proven (eco NOT)

@Curt F150 ecoboost can be bought for the mid 20k price range, and a 5 star crash test. Plus Ford beat the crap out of it and proven it to be tough. It also beats all in Power and economy.

It would be no surprise if the 5.0 total YTD sales are higher because the 5.0 has been out a lot longer than EcoBoost.

The site you quoted, LLN ( http://tinyurl.com/44zj97o ) says the 5.0 is the best seller at 44%, but their math is flawed because they did not account for the 6.2L sales.

100 total sales - 56% V6 = 44% remaining. LLN is giving the entire 44% to the 5.0 without giving anything to the 6.2.

What about the Raptor with the 6.2? The Raptor accounts for 3-4% right there and let's not forget the Platinum, Lariat, Lariat LTD, and Harley - all with the 6.2L which would bring the percentages for the 5.0 down further.

Look on the window sticker of a ford f150 supercab, 2 STAR FOR THE PASSENGER, Look at the RAM, 2 STAR FOR THE PASSENGER, Look at the Chevy, 5 STAR DRIVER, 4 STAR PASSENGER, Thats the facts, if you get into a frontal crash in those three trucks, the CHEVY is the safest, period. The new POLE test also shows the CHEVY as safest, if you have a wife in the passenger seat, she is MUCH safer if the CHEVY, the oldest design of the three and the safest.



@judd my bad thanks for point that mistake


You are reading the OLD CRASH TEST RATINGS on the GM Trucks.

Just goes to show how far behind GM is, they don't even update the darn crash test ratings.

Frank, thats the window sticker on a NEW F150 from fords website is in my post, click on it, the Ram, same story, what old data are you refering too, its on FORD's freaking Window Sticker that they have to put on Sticker 2 Star CRASH PASSENGER! I am looking at my window sticker now, 5 star driver 4 star pass!, 5 star both side, 4 star rollover, I actuallyown an 2011 Chevy, last time I check this is 2011, the ford is 2 STAR PASSANGER, 3 STAR ROLLOVER.

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