July 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in July 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +7.7% July 2011 49,104 Fseries
313,183 July 2010 50,449

2 Chevrolet Silverado +7.2% July 2011 33,121 Silverado
215,906 July 2010 34,664

3 Ram Trucks +26% July 2011 20,311 Ram
132,209 July 2010 20,138

4 GMC Sierra +18.8% July 2011 12,596 Sierra
80,194 July 2010 11,910

5 Toyota Tacoma +2.2% July 2011 8,929 Tacoma
July 2010 9,674

6 Toyota Tundra -12.7% July 2011 7,762 Tundra
47,610 July 2010 9,201

7 Ford Ranger +4.5% July 2011 6,410 Ranger
36,442 July 2010 5,213

8 Nissan Frontier +26.2% July 2011 4,832 Frontier
28,271 July 2010 3,967

9 Chevrolet Colorado +39.2% July 2011 3,169 Colorado
19,283 July 2010 2,195

10 Nissan Titan -19.3% July 2011 1,821 Titan
10,699 July 2010 2,139

Notable Items:

- Chevrolet Colorado and Nissan Frontier reached 12-month sales peaks in July


Ford has 4 star front male driver.
Ford has 3 star front female passenger.
Averaged out to 3 stars front.
Overall 4 stars overall.

GM has 4 star front male driver.
GM has 4 star front female passenger.
Averaged out to 4 stars front.
Overall 4 stars overall.

GM is better for front female pasengers than Ford. Not gonna lie about that. But no way Ford has 2 stars. That is Ram that has 2 stars. Must be a typo?

source: safercar.gov

I am going to make this simple, since no one on here can click on a link and look at a window sticker.


Click LINK, read , 2011 Ford F150 Supercab, 4x4, 2 STAR PASSENGER.

I have a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado, Extended Cab, 4wd, the sticker shows, 4 STAR PASSENGER.

Its not rocket science, its on the Window Stickers.....

"I am looking at my window sticker now, 5 star driver 4 star pass!...." - Curt

That's under the old test. Under the new test, your GM is now 4 star male driver and 4 star female passenger.

Ford is 4 star male driver and 3 star female passenger.

Ram is 3 star male driver and 2 star female passenger.

This is from safercar.gov

You're talking about extended cabs.......Ok. Those are different.

GM is 5 star front driver and 4 star passenger in extended cab.

There is no front crash test info for extended cab F-150's on safercar.gov It might have went down to 2 stars but it says has not been rated.

This is a job for Mike Levine to investigate.

If Ford got a 2 star that would really suck!


Still 5 star driver, 4 star passenger.

The Ford isn't showing, frontal


I will stick with the window stickers, NO CHANGE on the CHEVY, we will see on the Ford and the bottom line is the OLDEST designed Truck, is still the safest.

The F150 and Tundra earned IIHS top saftey picks, chevy and ram didnt, neither did titan

It's true that extended cab Fords have 2 star front passenger crash test ratings.

Ford and Ram with the newest half tons have the lowest front crash test ratings.

GM with the oldest half tons have the highest front crash test ratings.

This shows where we are going with the newer models mandated for more fuel economy - going to less safety.

Can we get a break down of the diesel truck sales? Or at least half ton, three quater ton, and one ton sales by brand? I am interested to see if the Duramax has gained any market share from the Powerstroke over last year.

I have said all along, I have an extended cab, compared the three, Chevy was safest based on the info I could gather, GM did improve the crash tests ALOT with standard side air bags and some beefing up, trucks have not been that safe in crashes, esp the fullsize trucks, it was nto until 2010 that GM got their act together with the side air bags on the extended cabs, stabitrak and beefing up side protection UP, standard.

I don't care what IIHS says, 2 star passenger on RAM and FORD, 4 STAR on CHEVY GMC, thats a BIG Deal.

Also on the Pole Test Chevy/GMC does much better after 2010.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3yortzTobY Dodge 1 star

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGsniQr6DYk chevy 5 star

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9O7OAWpe-Y ford 5 star, good job

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPLA6t1qwFA Chevy

My truck, same color too lol

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNd3gVa-Ov4&NR=1 Ford

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJO8GnqRaCE Dodge

But as Tom so rightly mentioned the F-150 and Tundra were the only pickups to get the IIHS Top Safety picks.

Who do you trust?

Do you trust SaferCar.Gov who owns GMC aka Government Motors or IIHS which is a non-profit company?

IIHS lists Chevy roof strength as marginal, Chevy side impact only as acceptable.

Only F-150 and Tundra are top safety picks.


NHTSA aka safercar aka Government Motors gives GM aka Government Motors trucks better ratings? Is this a conflict of interest? Are their tests more accurate or less accurate? There is a big difference in the ratings. The government says GM is awesome on rollovers and awesome on side impacts, but the IIHS says GM is bad on rollovers and only ok on side impacts. Who do you trust?

Yeah the Government's testing has very different results vs the IIHS

Ford got good ratings for Frontal offset, so did the chevy/gmc

Ford got good for side impact, Chevy/gmc got acceptable

Ford got good roof strenth tests, Chevy/gmc got marginal

Order is Good-Acceptable-marginal-poor

This isnt biased because the IIHS showed how BAD the 1997 F150 was. But why such a big difference between government and independent crash tests? I would trust the 3rd party people before the government.

And just for anyone interested, the Ram was Good for frontal offset, but Marginal for side and roof

Titan got good for frontal offset, marginal in side and acceptable in roof

Tundra, like the F150 received good for all tests.

I respect both testing bodies, the pole test changes everything in my opinion, IIHS, doesn't have it, NHTSA has it. I am a veteran and I work for the federal govt and I have family that work at GM so I don't agree with the Govt bashing, or Gm for that matter. I have owned Ford and GM, no dodges. The F150 needs to work on its frontal crash test scores, esp on supercab, otherwise looks ok. The Chevy/GMC are the best bets overall for all crash tests regardless of what IIHS says, pole test, side and frontal combined from both testing bdies proves this 2010 forward.

The Dodge needs serious help in structural aspects, I actually was almost going to get a ram until I saw how poorily they did in crash tests, its a shame, I really like the current rams too.

Gm has made alot of improvement in this 2010 forward truck, side impact especially. Frontal is very good, oldest design, I don't buy the dodge and ford as being lighter excuse, the Ford is ALWAYS heavier, not sure about the RAM.

Hopefully in all three, screw Yoda, its a matter of some beefing up and timing the air bag deployments, ect.

I did see the roof strength testing as well, epected the ford to be the best there, newer design, but how does that relate to the actual crash tests?

Pole side test and frontal on the GMC and Chevy is real good, I don't plan on rolling my truck any time soon.


As a few mentioned, Ford & Ram have new ratings. GM is still with the old ratings.

Please understand that!

NHTSA website:

"Starting with 2011 models, NHTSA has introduced tougher tests and rigorous new 5-Star Safety Ratings that provide more information about vehicle safety and crash avoidance technologies. Because of the more stringent tests, ratings for 2011 and newer vehicles should not be compared to ratings for 1990-2010 models. Overall vehicle score and frontal crash ratings should ONLY be compared to other vehicles of similar size and weight."


I hope you still feel ok with your GM truck purchase. Please read the above post.

Thanks Brah!

Hi Frank,

I have linked and shown the new 5 star ratings, my links are above in previous posts as well as reading my 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Ex Cab Window Sticker and linking to the 2011 Ford F150 Supercab Window Sticker, thats 2011, not 2010, I bought my truck end of June 2011, the Ford Link is for a 2011 Ford on a dealer's LOT.

My trucks rating are the NEW ratings, including links to the 2012 Ratings... Above

Looks all trucks are MUCH safer today than say 10 years ago, don't want to scare people on NEWER trucks.

Just for reference, here are the big three 10 years ago...





2011+ for Frank


Still 5 star driver, 4 star passenger.

The Ford isn't showing, frontal


I will stick with the window stickers, NO CHANGE on the CHEVY, we will see on the Ford and the bottom line is the OLDEST designed Truck, is still the safest.


Can you please show me the NHTSA test for the 2011 Silverado?







Not sure of model, like I said my window sticker shows 2011 updated tests, goto a chevy dealer and look FRONTAL 5 star driver, 4 star passenger extended cab, the ford is 4 star driver, 2 star passenger, dodge is alot worse than either.

Ford Heavy Truck sales up 170%!!!




Nice chatting....keep on truckin!!

"how many sales are influenced by large fleets and and HD vs half tons"

A good salesperson knows a sell is a sell.

Now stop cying about it and get to work!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Frank,

Where is the supercab rating at? Not SuperCrew, Supercab, apples to apples, its NOT there, I love my truck, I'd rather push a chevy than drive a ford (truck) I've owned a few fords, the most memoriable one was a Tempo, caught fire one winter eve lol, never thought I'd have to call the fire dept for a car fire, too bad the new eco roosters dont have onstar to call when they catch lol.


Future Ecoboosts

Curt are you by any chance related to bob?

Don't support Garbage Manufacturer/Government Motors.

Ram's market perfect is up because it sold so piss poor in 2010. Obviously Dodge guys are to stupid to understand this.

Ford is the only true American company worth supporting.

Let's face it, although we all have our own personal bias, we would much rather someone buy an American car than a Japanese one. Well done USA

Let's look at the facts.

1) GM brand trucks up 2%. Ford brand trucks only up 1%. GM trucks are 3 years older.

2) Ford just recalled 1.1 million F-150's

3) Ford F-150 2 star crash test ratings.

4) Ford building factories in India.

5) Raptor frames bending. Toyota is coming out with a baja edition Tacoma Raptor killer.

6) Consumer Reports ranks GM ahead of Ford.

7) Consumer Reports cannot recommend EcoBoost.

8) Ford finally has a better engine but its with TWO TURBOS!

9) GM won the HD Hurt Locker shootout.

10) Ranger up 4%. Colorado up 39%! Ranger is being cancelled.

11) Ford took secret bailout money.

I guarantee you if all of this was happening to GM, Ford fans would be all over it! But Ford fans just ignore it and keep making excuses. The hypocrisy by the Ford fans on pickuptrucks.com is alarming.

Ford is failing but the Ford fans fail to see it. Let it be written. GM will rise again.

GM will finally get out their new trucks in 2012. Fords truck is new already. GM's 4 year old trucks are up 2% and Fords new trucks are only up 1% in July.

Listen to me now and hear me later. GM'S current design is 4 years old and GM is beating Ford this month!

Lets also not forget that GM'S HD trucks kicked fords butt in pickuptrucks.com's shootout, rumble in the rockies, the comparison test video's by G, Consumer Reports, and the Hurt Locker.

Also, Motor Trend awared Chevrolet's Silverado HD as it's Motor Trend Truck of The Year. So in every test GM'S truck won and Fords super duty lost.

Take that and put that in your pipe and smoke it Ford fans. This is the truth, but Ford fans cannot handle the truth!

I think somebody should get ip banned seriously

ok bobby, here it goes

1.What? They are both up, and ford is out selling both GM brands anyway you slice it this year. Your Point?

2.Ford just recalled 1.1 million 10-15 year old trucks for a minor problem with an easy fix... your Point?

3.Ford has a 2 star rating in one cab configuration in one test. A different rating party rated the F150 higher than the Gm trucks... Your Point?

4.Ford is building factories in india, to build cars for India... Your point? GM has how many plants in china now?

5. Raptor frames bent when their drivers hit a berm or cattle guard or something at 100 MPH, any truck would bend its frame. The Baja Taco will be an extension of the TRD offroad setup. Will it be cool? Im sure. Will it be a raptor killer? Probably not.

6. Consumer reports also rates the best irons and windows... and they test their trucks like passenger cars, not the best source for truck analysis/

7.The ecoboost is too new to rate... Gm doesnt have that problem because they havent updated their engines in over a decade... the 5.3 is solid, but has been surpassed by both the new Ford engines and the Ram motors.

8. This doesnt even have a point. Why are turbos bad? They aren't new technology, and have been used on diesels for years.

9.I wasnt aware the hurt locker tests had been released... if I missed it i apologize, but if I did can you please point me to the information.

10,And yet the rander is still selling 80% more trucks than the Colorado... easy to have a big increase when you didn't sell anything last year.

11. They took a loan which they paid off. If you have any evidence of this secret bailout, please enlighten us, i for one would like to know about it as a tax payer.

There now, that all being said, its great that truck sales are up pretty much across the board. All the straw-man and bs arguments about fleet sales and test results aside, Trucks are selling again, and that is a good thing.

@Michael, You are wrong Michael about it only being one cab configuration. Ford F150 regular cabs and f150 supercabs are 2 stars. You were wrong. That is 2 cabs. Not 1.

I guarantee you if GM got 2 star crash test results there would be an article on here about it and it would be front page news! But since it is Ford that has to be protected by the powers that be Fords 2 star crash test ratings will just be brushed under the rug.

The Hurt Locker results are not out yet but that is just a formaility. GM won and you can take that to t he bank with Fords 2 star crash tests!

hahaha I can read one sentence of a comment from bob and know right away that it's him. Same old bs every time. secret bailout money.......two turbos......factories in India......hahahahaha how old is this kid?

bobby, oh gee my bad! two cab configurations, still on one rating system. The other still rated the f150 higher.

and have you ever seen crash rating on this site? Except for the top safety pics each year (which the f150 was one).

And a formality? well then why do the test... oh yeah because things changed... the Ram has a more powerful motor and the Ford got a software update.

Oh and there were 9 other points of yours I countered, care to elaborate on any of those?

@beebe, im guessing 15 or so.

@Michael, Have I ever seen crash tests on this site? Are you kidding me? See here. When GM and other trucks got poor crash test rating, it was front page news. When Ford's most rootin tootin F150 gets 2 stars, it gets swept up the rug. Why hide this info from the folks? Why no press release? I thought quality was job 1 at ford? I guess some things never change.

Three Half-Ton Pickups Rated Poor or Marginal in Crash Tests

Heres why youre wrong Michael. This is the report for the Silverado and Ram and Tacoma scores under the new testing system.

It goes on to say We’re still waiting for NHTSA’s NCAP scores for the 2011 Ford F-150. W'ell there is no need to wait. The scores are out and Ford biggest and baddest F150 got 2 stars. There was no report on pickuptrucks.com about it. Is Ford being protected? Michael, you were wrong.

First Pickup Trucks Crash-Tested by NHTSA Under New 5-Star Safety Rating System

really bobby, im wrong? I just looked at the NTSB site, and they have all models of f150 getting four stars overall, the same as the GM twins. And nowhere did I find a 2 star rating...

Regular cabs were rated four stars overall, 3 on frontal, four on rollover, and side not rated.
Supercabs were not rated for 2011, so the article is not wrong, there is no overall score but they got 5 stars for side and 4 for rollover.
Supercrews got 4 overall, 3 front, 5 side and 4 rollover...

No 2s anywhere on the board my friend.

Take off the foil hat and research before you get your panties in a wad. And the IHS still rated the f150 higher and made it a top safety pick for 2011. Nuf said

Yep. That's PUTC. Always looking out for Ford trucks.


I wasn't aware new 2011+ 5-star safety tests were completed on the 2012 F-150. I see it with 3-star ratings for front impact (4-star driver, 3-star passenger). I'll write it up as soon as I'm able. Thanks for the heads up. Where are the 2-star ratings you speak of?

also, one article in the last year on this site isnt exactly a ton of coverage, in fact it is a totally statistically insignificant number based on the total number of articles posted.

Your ford bias arguments hold absolutely no water, they get covered for the good as well as the bad. Look up articles on recalls. There are a lot of those, they happen and this site covers them all.

@Michael - looks like you've meet Bob's deranged brother Bobby.
Arguing with him (and Bob) is like beating your head against a cement wall. At first it is frustrating, you hit back harder, you get a headache, then everything goes blank.
Good luck my friend.

@Bobby - still traumatized by the fact that I sold my GM van and bought a real full sized truck?
I guess that isn't a fare comment to make.
When I looked at small trucks like the Silverado - I liked the Tacoma much better.

@ lou, its all good, im having a late night laugh at his expense.

@Michael - me too.
Problem is : there are times (intellectually) I feel like I'm the school bully picking on the kids that ride the "short" bus.

@Ram Tech - still upset about my dislike of the Grand Caravan? or the fact that I think the Ram Box is overpriced?
I don't recall mentioning Ram.
I am impressed by Ram sales.
Good for them.
Looks like Fiat made a good investment.
The Cummins Ram is my favorite HD dispite the fact that it hasn't won any tests, is foreign owned, and made in Mexico ;)
I hope it does well.
We will know August 15.

Regular Cab got 4 star front driver and 2 star passenger for 3 stars overall.

So far only one cab configuration has 2 stars overall. It's the SuperCab. As seen on late 2011 model window stickers. http://www.inventory.ford.com/services/inventory/WindowSticker.pdf?vin=1FTFX1EF1BFC43275&refid=DC&hash=58cd9747ff869c79a673aa6884a86&pacode=03982&modelid=220

I am dissappointed by this, but to me this is another reason to go for a crewcab.

And another thing, the 2 star rating on SuperCab is only for passenger, so NONE of Ford's trucks have 2 stars overall. 4 + 2 = 3 overall.

Ram is still the only truck with 2 star combined ratings.


page 12:


Overall vehicle score for all F-150 configurations is 4 stars which matches the Silverado 4 stars.

Silverado has nothing on the F-150 overall.

Looks to me like GM simply shifted some sales from Chevrolet to GMC, which is a higher margin brand. Good for GM. Part of the decline at Toyota comes from supply problems. The Ram seems to be steadily gobbling up those opportunities.
I would really like to see the models split into 1500 series trucks and 2500/3500 series. Then combined numbers for what are basically identical trucks. Do we have any good data on Diesel take rate?

These year to date % numbers can be twisted up pretty good. Just based on the volume numbers its not a good reflection.

For example if I have a dollar and now I have 1.25 thats a 25% increase in my money.

Now if I have 1000 dollars I would need to make 250 dollars to increase my money 25%

That folks is the difference between the Dodge and ford numbers. It's easier to sell an extra few hundred trucks than a few thousand.

They should only publish market share numbers period. Just my two cents.

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