No Payments for 90 Days on 2011-12 Ram Trucks

No Payments for 90 Days on 2011-12 Ram Trucks
By Dave Lee

Today, Chrysler Group launched a "No Payments for 90 Days" promotion that includes 2011 and 2012 Ram trucks.

To qualify, you must finance your loan through Ally Financial (formerly GMAC), and the term can be as long as 60 months. A separate incentive for 2012 Ram pickups offers $500 cash back and an extra $1,000 in bonus cash.

The deferred-payment program runs through Sept. 6 and covers all 2011 and 2012 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles.

[Source: Chrysler via USA Today]


Bad timing.
Is that a Walmart sort of "roll back"???

"This site is obviously biased towards Ram, look at all the articles on the Ram trucks." /sarcasm (sorry, couldn't resist)

I don't know what kind of rates Ally provides but I bet if you have good credit you'll probably save a huge bundle by shopping around for a financing. We saved nearly 5% interest by financing through a bank rather than the dealer.

They aren't making the payments for you, you just defer your payments for 90 days. So you end up with a 63 month loan rather than a 60 month loan, correct?

I'd rather take the other incentive. Does this include the SRT and Power Wagon Models?

I guess the word "all" covers it!

@Oxymoron - I disagree. There was a lot of Ford news as well as Ram news. I know you were kidding though, right? I am daring GM and Toyota to surprise us in advance of the new rigs coming out! Come on, make our day! LOL

Yes, more debt!

Even though this isnt about the tundra how long till someone starts the toyota bashing or the ram bashing gets out of hand and this thread gets closed?

This no payments for ninety days crap only gets you buried that much deeper when you finally want to trade it in.

This deal is for fools who know no better, and tools who shouldn't be buying a truck they can't afford.

This is a poor way to buy anything, if you don't have the money don't buy it in the first place, this is way so many people end up upside down.

This goes hand in hand with the Walmart partnership!

I gotta hand it to Fiat, they know the Ram customer base--Walmart shoppers that are dumb enough to make a very expensive major purchase and defer payments.

The nice thing for Ram is they're already kicking butt and don't need to add much for incentives.

Ram's have been discounted all year in Canada including a free Cummins option on HD's. Ram HD is kicking ass in canada but with a free diesel why wouldn't it?

As far as the no pay 90 day, its for suckers and as somebody above said, for those who can't afford it anyway.

Am I missing something here? is it April 1st allready?

Around the time the economy tanked, our local Dodge/Chrysler dealership had several "we'll finance anyone" sales.
Guess what was the most common vehicle sitting on the repo lots one year later?

Is this the target audience Ram wants?

I got a little change in my pocket going jingle lingle ling. With the 90 day no pay, I want to call em on the telephone baby I getting a new Ram.
Lou, Eat your heart out and keep your nasty comments about Ram to yourself!
My girl she told me a story 'bout free milk and a cow
and she said no huggin no kissin until I get a new truck

Well, there actually are people that are waiting on a check or settlement to come in and need a truck NOW. Big differance between KNOWING and EXPECTING. Oh well, for the record my wife and I do most shopping at Wal Mart, but sometimes you gotta remember the others or they might be closer to where you are. I am sure you all think we all defer payments as much as we can? No, not quite. I just re-financed at a good rate, about the best USAA will do, no thanks for deferring the payment. I guess if some REAL emergency came up. As for Wal mart, it aint all bad. I just changed my oil in my rear axle, with super tech or whatever they call it, oil. You prob think that they make that themselves, right? lol, ok, kidding, but it aint bad stuff. I do know it is from a reputable oil company. They gave me a good deal on tires, but their way of doing them is messed up. One guy said three people have to double check wheel torque. Really? That shows a lack of trust in the person that inspects the work if that many inspect it. And they don't need take their time so I shop more, hate that! Atleast they didn't bate and switch like another tire company in town, or mix wrong tires

Not a bad deal. Lets you enjoy your ride for three months before they (loan company) starts sticking it to you.

My 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon will, finally, be paid off in 90-days. Went with the 72-month plan. No more vehicle payments! I like this deal better.

I’ve never found any deferred payments to be enticing when purchasing a new vehicle. 0% financing on the other hand is! The problem with that is the brand still has to buy down the interest rate from the financial institution (profit loss) then the next problem is most people can’t qualify for 0 percent interest. That is how it worked for GM anyway when they were doing zero interest. I haven’t paid more than 0 percent on any of the last 4 new GM vehicles we’ve purchased.

Deferred payments attract financially irresponsible people that seem to think their financial situation will drastically change in 90 days. Last time manufacturers did the deferred payments I remember reading about the large percentage of repo’s from those type incentives. Bad move on Ram Brand to do this.

Hopefully the Walmart relationship causes better banter than it did on PUT. Lol!

It's not a bad biz plan to have employee's verify wheel tq. Air pressures and tq wrenches can be broken, misadjusted, or miscalibrated.

hmmmmm... if i can remember correctly.... ford owns approximately 45-50% the HD market, which leaves 50-55% remaining to be split between Ram and the GM twins... now according to the last article, Ram holds 27.7 percent of the HD market... which means Ram HD is outselling Silverado/Sierra HD combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That article did not say what share of the market Ram owns, they were referring market share at retail only.

@ shop cat

Again, Cummins Ram in Canada has been offereing a free Cummins engine for most of the year and it's selling like hotcakes.

@trx-4 tom - I've had 1st hand negative experience with Walmart service. They stripped the drain plug on my GM van. Their response - too bad. File a claim and the insurance company will sort it out for you. I sealed the leak myself and waited over 4 months before their insurance settled the claim. I had to do all the leg work for them. They wanted 2 quotes from 2 different garages. I got a quote from the GM and Chev dealerships (they were the most expensive). I got the cheque in the mail and got it repaired at a local shop I trusted and pocketed $400 difference for my troubles.
I never had any problems with their oil. I think they had an econo brand and Penzoil depending on how much you wanted to pay.
I shop at Walmart, but I don't usually buy anything of quality.

I think the bad part for Ram is that Walmart isn't known as a quality store.

That isn't a good brand association.

The 90 day deferment on payments is actually a good program if the timing fits and you use the extra money it affords correctly. Does it increase the total time you have to pay for the truck? Yes. Does it devalue the truck much more than it already would be? Not really. I'm about to trade in my 2008 Sierra for a Megacab Cummins. Why? Because I can afford it and I want one. The reason I'm taking the deffered financing is so I can pay off a higher interest credit card with the money I was paying on the old truck. I'm also recieving 0% interest on the new truck. Just like my Sierra. Using the money to reduce revolving debt is a smart decision in my opinion. I have been paying off revolving debt like crazy lately. 90 days of no payments affords me to drop another $2000 off of my revolving debt, close another credit card account (my last one), and get the truck I want too. As far as Canada goes, if they did that here I don't think I'd be able to find the one I want right now if they had free cummins down here. The timing is just right for me.

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