Ram Trucks to Partner with Walmart

Ram Trucks to Partner with Walmart

Chrysler's Ram Truck brand will partner with Walmart this fall to promote its pickup trucks.

Details are still forthcoming, but the partnership will "recognize the alignment between truck buyers, the hunting/fishing lifestyle and Walmart. We are working on a promotion that brings all three together," said Marissa Hunter, Ram's head of advertising.

Walmart's fall outdoor lifestyle partnership program, which includes the Mossy Oak camouflage brand, will go live across thousands of Walmart stores, Hunter said.

The Walmart effort will be part of Ram's newly launched "Code of the West" national ad campaign that debuted online in June and will begin airing on TV in September.

The spin-off of Ram from Dodge two years ago has helped bring attention to the brand's trucks that it didn't have before, according to Ram CEO Fred Diaz.

"The spin-off has allowed us to focus all of our creative advertising and social media efforts specifically toward truck buyers while giving the Dodge brand their own space and place to focus on their brand, too," Diaz sald.

Sales of Ram pickups have increased in 2011. The overall brand retail share has increased to 15 percent, according to R.L. Polk data. Ram heavy-duty retail market share has risen to 27.7 percent, and light-duty market share is 15 percent.

"We strongly believe [the increase in sales] has a lot to do with our laser focus on Ram and marketing to our classic truck buyers," Diaz said. "Moreover, we now also have a laser focus on products that are right for the market and the demands of truck buyers, such as the Tradesman, Outdoorsman, 1500 Express, RamBox, High Output Cummins with best-in-class towing and unsurpassed torque. The campaign and product offerings have been very well received by our target audience and dealers, as proven by our market share and sales increases."


Interesting might be a good idea since there is a walmart on every corner in this country, maybe the Chinese can help them sell their product

Might be a good partnership but most at Walmart drive old dilapidated cars. Walmart is a bit desperate as they're experiencing reduced foot traffic in this economic downturn.

What next? Advertising at yard sales. Dont think this would be good for Ram's image.

Walmart? Seriously? Whats next the Big Mac Ram 3500? lol

Ram Runner coming to a Wal Mart near you.

What, I aint joking!

Hopefully they don't use a tagline like "Ram Trucks, as dependable and tough as the stuff you buy from your local Walmart"

Hmmm, in this article there's a break down for light duty and heavy duty market share. Yet, once a month we see these two figures welded together for the monthly sales report.

So we have to assume the price of RAM will drop! Rollback!

be cool if you wlk in everywalmart with a chance to win a new ram

@ LJC - information provided to the media is totally dependant on the truck companies. Most do not separate out LD versus HD.
Ram has started to separate the 2, especially in Canada where the HD Cummins are #1 in sales. Ram overall is #2 in Canada. It is more beneficial for Ram to provide split data. If you look at Ford and GM there is less advertising benefit to differentiate between HD and LD.
PUTC can only print the information provided.

I can see why RAm did this because Walmarts are all over the place.
I personally think it is a stupid brand association. Walmart is not known as a quality store, just lots of cheep stuff, and no real quality.
This may backfire for Ram.
I can see it now - media commercials with the Walmart wierdo's in the background.
Not good.

Why doesn't Ram partner with Polaris/Victory or KTM. A major boating company would also make more sense.
A RZR RamRunner would sound cool.
A Ram Sportsman Bass Pro is a good fit as well.

I would have expected this more from Toyota. The Tundra and Tacoma, are more like the bland appliances that Walmart sells. Ram should have partnered with, Cornwell, Matco, Snap-On, etc. tool companies, because a Ram pickup is a high-performance tool.

Right on Lou, when I think of Walmart I think of cheap, low quality products.

Next, Ram is to sell the Ram Runner kit in Wal-Mart. Installation by Wal-Mart trained technicians will be available.

I like wally. I shop there lots. I'm ur reg consumer who buys what's best for the price. So if ram buddies up with wally, good for them.

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