Report: Dodge Dakota Production Set to End This Month

Report: Dodge Dakota Production Set to End This Month

Chrysler is set to end production of the Dodge Dakota midsize pickup truck as early as Tuesday, August 23, according to the Detroit News.

The Dakota's days have been numbered since Chrysler announced its 2010-2014 business plan in November 2009, but the move seems to be coming earlier than expected.

The Dodge Dakota isn't the only domestic small truck that will end production this year. Ford will close the assembly plant where the Ranger compact pickup is built by December.

The Dodge Dakota first went on sale in 1986 as a 1987 model, creating the midsize truck segment as an alternative to compact and full-size pickups. The current Dakota is the third-generation of the pickup.

Chrysler says it continues to research a small "lifestyle" pickup but has yet to announce when or if it will go on sale.


[Source: The Detroit News via Autoblog]


Fuji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru, is currently in a partial partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation, which owns 16.5% of FHI

I wouldn't say toyota "owns" subaru with a 16.5% interest.

just one more example of Oxi's knowlege

I wouldn't even care IF the toy WAS a better truck, just the sound of there eneimic engines, have nothing on real American V-8's sounds, sure the Luxus and Infinity's have silky smoth and powerful V-8's, but thay cost a fortune. To buy AND fix!

The funny or should I say ironic thing is that GMC used to own 20% of Subaru. GMC got frustrated with Subaru because they wouldn't compromise their all wheel drive systems by adapting them to GM products.
GM management dropped the ball again.
GM sold their stock and Toyota walked in.


Are you old enough to even drive?

Why did Mitsubishi build Chrysler's first small pickups back in the 1980's?

Chrysler did not have a small pickup to compete with back then so they went to Mitsubishi to re-badge one for them under their Dodge nameplate until the Dakota was ready!

Same with the S-10 and Isuzu and the Ranger with Mazda!

Toyota and Nissan built their own small pickups and introduced them into the U.S. mraket! The big 3 needed help from Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Mazda in the early days!

Read history and grow up!

@gomjabber & sandman4x4,

"I wouldn't say toyota "owns" subaru with a 16.5% interest."

For those that lack any knowledge about the auto industry:

When you are the majority shareholder of a company, you dictate things to that company!

In other words, Toyota by owning the majority shares has the most votes thus can dictate policy at Fuji Heavy which they are!

Example here in the U.S. is building Camry's at Subaru's Indiana plant! That proves Toyota has power within Subaru and Fuji Heavy...


Did you bother to mention GM was going bankrupt and needed to raise cash?

Selling off their shares of Isuzu and Fuji Heavy is their loss, now the designers of the Duramax engines works for Toyota as well as successful Subaru!

GM did the same thing with NUMMI and bailed out to raise cash until we the taxpayers foot the bill for their incompetance and lack of competiveness in the auto industry known as WELFARE bailouts!

Again, 16% isn't a majority share and furthermore after Isuzu left the joint assembly plant in Indiana I am sure Subaru offered it to their partner Toyota because they had excess manufacturing capacity.
Regardless, continue to bow before the alter of Toyota, (a great car company btw of which we own two vehicles) but your credibility is as bad as any of the Buy American wonks on this forum.

I had a 98 CC with the 5.2 and 5 speed with 3.92 gears and limited slip and it towed my 24 foot travel trailer all over the western U.S. with absolutely bulletproof reliability - no auto trans for me back then! Put a Hotchkiss suspension kit and rear air bags on it and it handled nicely, was fairly quick, and never stranded me. Used to love hanging a big double-clutch downshift into first yanking the trailer up a very steep narrow section of Highway 168 in the White Mountains of California, just below a favorite campground - good old manual trans V-8 feel and I always got lots of looks from folks who thought that little truck couldn't possibly tow that trailer to the places I used to take it. Got 125,000 on the original clutch. No complaints from me - I dearly miss that little truck, but my daughter's legs kept getting longer and eventually I had to go full size or she and the wife would have killed each other over the shotgun seat.

A lot of guys point out that the V-8s got about the same fuel economy as a half-ton - I got a little better than that if I was good (but stomping it was much more fun!), but I didn't buy it to replace my old Toyota gas sipper with the 22R. I bought it to tow my trailer, and the engine, trans, and 9.25 rear end were the same pieces used in the half ton Rams, but with a substantial power-to-weight advantage in the smaller truck. It made a terrific tow vehicle for my 6500 lb trailer and I used it as a daily driver the whole 8 years I owned it and it was much handier to drive than any full size. At the time, it would haul everything I needed to carry, tow my rig, and was great fun in the twisties after the suspension mods. When the 3rd gens came out I was pretty disappointed with the way they uglied it up and cheaped it out, but I'll always miss my 98.

Oxi you are wrong, the others are correct. Subaru is building Camrys using excess capacity. A business deal with Toyota. Google it. That plant is Subaru's only US plant. Toyota also collaborated with Subaru on a new sports car as well. RWD with a boxer engine that both will sell versions of. FWIW Subaru's plant in Indiana is amazing. Incredible how green and self sufficient thatey made that plant.

With the Ranger and the Dakota gone, that leaves just the Colorado? Time to get rid of the 25% "chicken tax" I think. If Chrysler and Ford want to give up the segment, fine. Just remove the barriers to the small pickups you see on the news. They are sold everywhere on the planet EXCEPT North America. Time the GOP ponied up and let something in we actually want, not just cheap shoes, plastic toys, and melamine poisoned dog food.

@oxi - why flog a dead horse?

Lou: he can't bite back! Oxi I'm probably old enough to be your father, but if I was you would have more respect, and you would think before you said anything stupid.


"Again, 16% isn't a majority share"

Are you for real?

Toyota is the LARGEST SHAREHOLDER, that means they have the power to do as they please by owning the majority of the voting shares!

Geesh, ever learned common business in school?


Due to Toyota being the LARGEST SHAREHOLDER, they put the call to building the best selling car in the U.S. at Subaru's Indiana plant since Toyota was running out of capacity within the U.S. to keep up with demand...

Smart move by Toyota..

Yeah, oxi was right about the shareholder stuff.
I made an incorrect assumption.

You are still a hopeless fanboi though regardless of who controls subaru.

I like the partnership personally because I think the their new sports coupe is going to be a great little ride.

A moment of silence...for another fallen American icon!

Thank you import supporters!!!

You're welcome.


@Ty problem is they have Euro 4/5 default pollution regs on the diesels, do not meet the latest Tier regs for diesels in the US. The problem is reversed when you try and sell US Tier compliant diesels in countries where Euro-4/5 is the regulation.
@ By American @ Lou @gomjabber Agree totally sad day.

Just to clarify:
I agree with gomjabber.
Why buy an ugly/ crappy truck when some one else ie. Toyota/Nissan builds a better one or everyone else makes a better full sized truck (unless you are from planet oxi).

I do agree with Buy Amercian as far as it concerns the demise of another small truck.

I strongly suspect all of the auto companies will produce "life style" trucks to offer for sacrifice on the high priest's EPA altar.

Good luck to all of the former Dakota line workers!

Maybe you will get more support, on your next assignments, for the American products you work hard for. I will be thinking of you guys today while I am driving my Dodge Ram. Thank you for sending it on down the line!!!

God bless America...and the Americans struggling to find a job during these tough times (in the U.S.A. anyway)!

To bad the Pentastar V6 wasn't ready yet. It would be a great engine for the Dakota. It looks like that engine and the ZF 8 speed will be in Ram 1500's for 2013. Maybe that is why they are killing the Dakota. The V6 will give the Ram a huge economy edge over the Dakota.
GMC seems to be putting all their eggs into the 5.3 basket. Scrambled eggs anyone? GM hasn't ruled out a Turbo V6. They most likely will stay true to form and release it well after everyone else has established V6 engines in the market.

I owned a 1994 Dodge Dakota Sport w/V6 and 5 speed tranny.
This was a very good truck for me. It's sad to see this model going away. It's also sad that they couldn't price Dakotas at a reasonble price. More people would buy them if they didn't cost as much a small house. RIP Dakota.

I see a lot of noise here, but it seems nobody has realized this opens the door for a Wrangler-based Jeep pickup--the one thing the RAM division chief strongly opposed simply because it would compete with the Dakota.

I'm driving 2010 Ram Quad hemi. Beautiful powerful truck .. but MDS is BS, Im at 10k miles and have never broken 13mpg. It's more truck than I will ever need, but at 10k off MSRP when I bought it I could not resist buying up.

But Truthfully .. If a midsize truck comes out with an easy fold down midgate, under bed storage , 300+hp, 4000lb towing, true 25mpg city under and under 20k base... it will be the truck I should have waited for. That said, the sticker on on Quad Hemi was just under 40k and i walked out of the the dealership for under 30k including tax, tag and fees.

Dodge, here's an idea. Make the next version a Mini Ram. A smaller truck that a man will like. Give it the new 6 with a standard trans option. Make it trail friendly. Strip it of all the BS not needed in a truck, but give it all the guts of a true truck. And sell it at a price that is honestly below the Ram. That should kick some tail in the truck business.

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