Report: Honda Ridgeline Still Headed to Pasture

Report: Honda Ridgeline Still Headed to Pasture

Even though the Honda Ridgeline will receive a new Sport Trim Package and an expected bump in gas mileage for 2012, there's word again that its days are numbered, this time according to Automotive News.

Automotive News says the Ridgeline will be discontinued by 2013, which is about the same time our sources said it would be killed back in 2010.

Honda had hoped to sell about 50,000 trucks per year when the Ridgeline came to market in 2005 for the 2006 model year, but halfway through 2011 only 5,185 Ridgelines have been sold through June. That's down 37.7 percent from the same period last year. Even the Dodge/Ram Dakota is outselling the Ridgeline in 2011, with 8,200 sold year-to-date.

A second-generation Ridgeline was planned, but we haven't heard about it since 2009.

Another bad omen for the Ridgeline: Honda Performance Development recently replaced California Race & Rally's two-time Baja 1000-winning Ridgeline with a Honda Pilot-skinned racer for the 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and 2011 racing season.

What will replace the Ridgeline, if anything? Automotive News says a smaller Honda CR-V crossover-based pickup is being considered.

[Source: Automotive News]


It bears repeating that I'm also hearing grim news about the Dakota's "lifestyle" replacement.

We can put the Ridgeline on a shelf with other products that were before their time, and from a company that didn't know how to sell them- The Merkur XR4ti, the Mazda MPV, the Chrysler Pacifica, The Subaru Baja...

Aug 1 and still no HD pickup shoot out comparo?

@ Mrknowitall,

The reason the Chrysler Pacifica lasted 4 years was because when it was introduced it was one of the first luxury crossover's and it was very expensive $50,000 ! Mercedes really screwed Chrysler over,so much for the merger of equals,they robbed Chrysler's money (was the most profitable car company from mid 80's-late 90's) and we later found out mercedes wanted Chrysler's high tech electronics division and Pacifica design studio's in California.And raised the prices on all of Chrysler's vehicles.

Though the Pacifica sold 54,000 in its last year and around 90,000 the other model years.

The Honda Ridgeline was doomed from the start,Honda,Acura vehicles blew the tranny from 2 miles onward,major recall ect..Plus they had blowing up timingbelts,leaky waterpumps and waterpump housing cracked,these things are rolling junkers,same as the Pilot and their minivans and anything Honda/Acura with the 3.5 V-6 !!! Unreliable clunkers !! They also have failing fuelpumps,electrical gremlins ect,those owners are not happy,only a very few seem to not have many problems,but those are a limited few.

@UXORIOUS- the Pacifica cost $25-35k, plus options. More like $40k top line. Thats very coparable to GM's Lambdas. It was just too soon. Same with a Minivan with SUV capabilities. Or a small crew-cab that would actually get good milage- when gas was cheap.

@Ken: It's coming August 15.

So when do we get to see pics of the refreshed Tacoma ?????

The Honda Ridgeline will be just like the ford ranger, DEAD! Ridgeline will meet the same fate as the Ranger. Let's see, found on road dead.

I feel like I can just read Bob's posts and get a summary of the article except in a dumber fashion. Anyway...

Once the ridgline didn't get the kind of enthusiasm Honda wanted, I feel like they put it on the backburner from the start and never took the opportunity to step out from the pack. It's different than other mid/compact trucks but not in a real notable way. If they had done something like boosted MPG above and beyond competition then maybe it could have gone somewhere.

Hey Honda: Why not make a proper pickup? You know, the body-on-frame kind.

Hey, Mr. MichiganBob, I have a 2000 Ford Ranger and have not had any problems with it. I just wish Ford would come to their senses and build another one.

I love Hondas...but this "truck" has been a letdown. My old CRV can carry longer loads, if I fold down the rear seats.

I would love a REAL pickup from Honda with a bed at least 6.5' long. For light hauling, it would be hard to beat (especially with Honda's new advanced diesel engine).

Makes one want higher gas prices, sometimes, to force the manufacturers' hands. I don't care which nation's automaker brings that sort of truck here first. I'll be in line.

@UXORIOUS, the Ridgeline has been extremely reliable. There are numerous examples with well over 100,000 miles and a few with 150,000 - 200,000 PLUS with nothing but routine maintenance. There has been absolutely no pattern of powertrain failures - even in the Ridgeline's first year. Your information is exactly opposite of reality - the ones who DO have problems are the extremely rare few instead of the other way around. Do you read Consumer Reports, J. D. Power, speak to actual owners, etc.? Have you seen the resale value on the Ridgeline? It's extremely high.

Like someone else pointed out the Tacoma is #1 because everyone else has given up on small trucks. Even Toyota isn't coming out with a new Taco for a long time. Why should they? The market is all theirs.

The ridgeline had a trunk in the bed. You could use it if you diden't have anything in the bed or you needed a spare tire and jack. Most modern trucks got better fuel mileage and the angled off bed sides made putting anything big in the bed virtually useless. No 4 wheel drive low range made this truck again useless Not to mention the ugly and quirky looks.
I have said for 4 yrs if someone would make a ranger sized truck or smaller unibody truck powered by a 4 banger or small diesel with the only options 4 wheel drive and air conditioning. No fancy wheels or leather trim or power windows. Make it come in only 4 colors [white blue red black] no auomatic and no radio . Who ever can do this will sell more trucks then they can make. No one makes a true little truck now that the ranger is gone so another one even smaller would be the thing everyone could use and with only 2 options simple to make and cheap to build.

Contrary to some comments on this article, the Ridgeline has an extremely good quality record, which was in part why I purchased one myself. The big problem here is that Honda never had an effective ad campaign that showcased the truck's capabilities and unique features (in-bed trunk, automatic FWD, etc) or that showed what a great family vehicle this truck really is. I still run into people who didn't even know Honda made a truck. That's just poor marketing on Honda's part. The Ridgeline is surely not the right truck for everyone, but it is definitely an excellent family/multi-purpose vehicle. I've been extremely happy with mine and feel it was the best possible choice for my needs. Too bad it could be going away for good.

I too tend to believe after owning a Honda product (Accord) that some of what is posted could be a little exaggerated....I'm sure Honda has had some problems, what manufacturer doesn't? Their over all track record however is pretty stellar when it comes to quality no matter what they produce. It's too bad they didn't invest more into trucks like Toyota and Nissan....however they are a conservative company and know that most truck buyer loyalty falls with the big 3 not to mention rising gas prices, there for probably did not see the financial gain in investing in a big truck line.

In other news, here's another recall by ford. I am shocked by this because ford likes to say "quality is job 1" Did I say I am shocked??? this can't be true can it???

Ford Motor Co. says it is recalling 1.1 million pickup trucks because the gas tanks can fall off and cause a fire.

The company is recalling certain Ford F-150, F-250 and Lincoln Blackwood pickups. The recall affects certain models from the 1997 model year through the 2004 model year. They were sold in cold-weather states where salt is used to clear roads. That salt can corrode straps holding the tanks in place.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today on its Web site that the straps holding up the tanks can rust, causing them to fall to the ground. The tanks can rupture and cause a fire.

Ford reported eight incidents of the tanks falling, resulting in three injuries.

Ford’s F-Series pickup traditionally is the top-selling vehicle in the U

in reality ford sells what some 350.000 trucks a yr compared to honda's 1.200 or so. Most every car magazine rates ford above honda and toyota is relibality and appeal.


Ford has an updated/refreshed Ranger CrewCab but you'll have to cross the border to get it.

O/T and not good news for Ford.

The Ridgeline is a trucklet nobody asked for. Once the novelty wore off, sales dropped. Bring back the El Camino and it'll sell good... at first.

@Lou I definitely agree, when you're #1 by a mile, why start sprinting now?

@Michigan Bob this is a thread about the ridgeline and other midsize and compact trucks. Please keep non-related comments out (or wait until Mike posts something about the recall and then go crazy there).

@Bitchagain Bob - you whine and snivel like a little girl if someone critiques GM and go on and on about guys trashing GM but here you are completely off topic trolling for Ford guys.
Grow up.
The gas tank recall was covered by this site in May. That was three months ago.

I've owned my Ridgeline for almost 6 years and it has had one rattle in the dash problem fixed (period). With more than 80k miles I expect it can easliy surpass 250k with routine maintence. I can average 20 mpg running 75-80 in the Northeast mountians. I use to own a Ford Ranger 4 banger 5 speed manual that couldn't get 15 mpg.

I would like to get better around town mileage (about 16.5) but it is a 4 wheel drive truck after all. Maybe Honda didn't market the truck right but I would buy another one if they return the Red Rock paint color.

The truck drives like a car and when needed can haul anything that I want to put in it. Just because you can't put a sheet of plywood in the bed and close the tailgate doesn't make it no less capable. You just need to adjust the way you secure the load. Finally, if you don't like the style of the truck then go buy a Ford and post your comments to that crowd.

Keith: that is not a 4wheel drive truck. It is a front wheel drive w/ power to the rear when the traction control in the front won't work to get the vehicle moving. I drove one and it felt like a FWD POS. Tearable under steer, not muck power w/ more than 3 people inside never mind any load, a friend of mine has one and the rear bumper was almost draging and the headlight were in the trees with just a load of mulch. My 5.3 Chevy Z-71 gets 21-22 hyw and 16 city, w/ over 300hp, and a load of loam just levels the truck out, and pulls it like it's m/t. No wonder they sell more Silverados in a good week than ridgelines. The only thing they have going for it, is it's a honda, they make good cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, power trimers, generators ect., but thet DO NOT make a TRUCK in any way or fashion.

In other news another honda has been dropped from consumer reports .

I bought a used 2006 RL, 82,000 miles, and have had no problems. Reliability has been excellent across the board. I've owned 3 full sizes since 1993, and the RL is my first 'small pickup' (I'll appease the RL-haters by not calling it a 'truck'., but it's got an open bed to put stuff, so I'll call it pickup) I'm surprised all the people bemoaning the lack of small pickups in the US don't care for this. The unit-body critics will have a lot more to pick at when the Dakota's replacement comes along.
OK... the Ridgeline's different, but it ain't bad. It's got about 100 more hp than my old 93 F-150 and about as much torque. I've carried over 1,000 lbs of tile with no problem or sagging. It's a great utility pickup that I'm very happy with now, BUT, for fairness' sake, here's a few things I'd do if I wanted to keep the RL going...
1. Lower the price: The RL's had no options, just loaded trim packages, and there is no base trim work model. This year's lowest priced versions are nearly $30k.
2. The AWD system is good, but offer a 2WD version for those who don't need it (cheaper).
3. Offer a 6 ft bed (like Nissan and Toyota did with their mid-size crew-cabs starting in 05') Though the RL's 5 ft bed is just as long and deeper than other 5ft mid-sizes, with no wheel well intrusion.
4. Offer a true 4wd system (4lo/4hi) for those who need it, along with suspension upgrades, taking ques from the Baja racer. It won its division twice with stock engine, drivetrain, AWD system and transmission. It's not a rock crawler, but it's a good bad weather and loose terrain vehicle (sand and mud) (tell Land Rover that real off-roaders can't have independent suspension
5. Give it more of a traditional look. I love the quality and utility, but a 2nd generation should either look more like a traditional pickup truck, or go more with the Baja racer look.

Too bad about the Ridgeline. In my opinion its failure was due to its steep price tag and V-8 like gas mileage as opposed to its quirky looks. For the same price as a Ridgeline I got a full size V-8 truck with more interior room and capability. If the Ridgeline stickered in the low 20's, people would have been more interested.

@X-Honda Tech:

I've owned a Pilot since 2006, have used it to tow our 4500lb trailer many times, including over the Oregon Coast range, and this thing is an absolute champ, the most reliable, durable vehicle I have ever owned. I can't imagine selling it. It's reliability incarnate. I'll accept if you say it was made on a Wednesday, but it has been unquestioningly the most reliable, dependable, and durable car I've ever owned.

Man, Ford really needs to bring that new Ranger here. Fast!

"Like someone else pointed out the Tacoma is #1 because everyone else has given up on small trucks." - Lou

We'll, we sure know it's not #1 because it's the best!

Toyota Tacoma sales






Tacoma sales continued to decrease from 2006 to 2010 and show the declining market for small pickups.

Sales of the full-size Ford F-150, Ram, Silverado all increased in 2010.

But not the Tacoma - sales continue to slide in 2010.

Buyers just don't like the small size Tacoma and Ridgeline like they used. A crewcab Tacoma longbed is too close in size and price to a F-150.

Once again this proves that FULL-SIZE trucks are the better value - can haul more, tow more, do more, are better off-road in the hard stuff, and get better mileage!

@Dave - it all depends on what you are looking for in a truck. A guy cross shopping will probably chose a 1/2 ton.
I do agree that the Tacoma is too close to a full sized truck in price, size, and fuel economy. (Especially if you look at a DoubleCab V6 4x4 6.5 box truck.)I suspect that has contributed to reduced sales.
You seem to be overlooking the fact that there used to be considerably larger sales numbers.
2004 was the peak in USA at 9,816,018 trucks.
2010 saw sales (USA) of 6,136,787.
USA sales are still 3,683,000 less than 2004 or 37% less.
The entire auto industry has seen a huge drop in truck sales.
Another point to consider is Toyota themselves. There was a time when the only choice for Toyota loyalists was the Hi-Lux and then Tacoma. We now have the Tundra. If you factored in the 37% industry wide sales drop and the Tundra sales, I'd bet you'd be pretty close to the overall decline in Tacoma sales.

If it was an industry wide losing issue, why did EVERY full-size pickup including the Tundra gain sales in 2010? Why did the small trucks all lose sales in 2010? The full-size trucks must be superior to buyers.

When the Ranger, Dakota, Colorado and Ridgeline all go out to pasture, and the updated 2012 Tacoma comes out, I don't believe the Tacoma is going to get all of the sales.

Tacoma will get a few sales. But not the thousands of sales that everyone is saying the Tacoma should pick up by the Ranger, Dakota, Colorado, Canyon and Ridgeline going away.

People will mostly go to other vehicles or full-size trucks and vans. This will prove that the small truck market is really declining and people feel FULL-SIZE trucks and other vehicles are the better choice.

Im the farthest thing from a fan of Hondas but I dont get why all the hate on this truck. Yea its untraditional but for people who dont need a true full size this truck works fine I hope the "lifestyle" dakota is like the ridgeline but less ugly I just dont liek the avalanche type bed rail thing. I have my 1500 Ram but now commuting in it is just a pain Im waiting to see the lifestyle Dakota and Im gonna prob get that to commute in I need my 1500 for my side work and for my 4wheeling but for driving into the city and day to day I just need a small bed and above 15mpgs that my lifted Ram doesnt get dont hate a truck just b/c it cant tow a house

I've owned a Ridgeline for 3 years and 110,000 miles with no mechanical problems. None! The mileage may not be what people expect from a "small" truck, but it is better than the full-size version offerings (I am averaging 22mpg overall).

Most of the comments here are from full-size truck owners who exaggerate the aspect of the truck that least appeals to them, or repeat mis-information. For example, the frame. Have you nay-sayers ever looked under a Ridgeline? What's that metal thing under there that gives it one of the lowest (if not the lowest) flex indexes in the industry? The RL isn't going to creak and moan over years like traditional beam-frame rigs.

And what about the tailgate? The RL can boast the strongest tailgate in the industry. Not just among the mid-size segment, but the whole pick-up industry! Why a strong tailgate? Because it can haul 1,500 lbs. It is not a mini-van derivative. It is not a Pilot with a bed.

The Ridgeline is excellent on snow and slick surfaces. And it fits in your garage. Every full-size owner I've talked to loves the swing-out tailgate and wishes their truck had one.

On hauling as much as a CR-V: the weight rating of the CR-V is much, much less. A nine-foot piece of pipe will fit inside a first gen CR-V, but can fit in an RL bed, as well, when properly secured. But you can't even dream of putting an uncut 4x8 sheet of drywall into a CR-V. A load of mulch causing the tail to drag? There are tons of pictures of RLs on-line hauling mulch and not sagging. 1,500 lbs of mulch is a decent load. There is so much mis-information in these comments!

I own a CRV, but I wish Honda would make a smaller pickup truck than Ridgeline, similar to a Tacoma and with a 4 door option. Then maybe by the time I am ready to buy a new vehicle in 5 years it will have been out long enough to get the new "bugs" worked out of it and I might be ready to buy!

if you want a small truck why not get a regular cab full size?

@ Rl fan

You sound like most ridge line fans. Which isn't an insult. Everyone I know who has one hasn't had any issues and uses it like full-size with no issues...

Hey 4 cyl 5 spd Ford Ranger is sixteen years old with 240,000 miles and I still drive it every day and everything still works. found on road dead?.....not exactly.

Now before Honda kills the Ridgeline,they should consider what they did wrong.


Plus,the Ridgeline is a great truck. It offers everything you need,plus it's a people hauler too. Maybe if they offer a cheaper 2WD model,they might sell more.

RIP. I test drove the RidgeLine and took a good look at it.. Beyond rumors of Honda reliability .. I could not justify buying this truck.

More than ever there is a giant opportunity in the Auto market to deliver the versatile, affordable, economical mid sized pickup truck your avergage joe wants and needs.

Here's my wish list:

- Midsized with small bed that opens into 5 seater cab
- A easy fold down midgate so you can lay 12 foot planks and 10 sheets of plywood
- Under bed secure storage.
- Built in Headache roof rack to lean a ladder or surboard
- 250 HP, 4000lb towing, 1000lb payload, 25mpg City.
- Will likely be FWD Unibody, but Ideally RWD BOF.

Rumor is Dodge is working on a Life Style truck for 2013 with similar specs. No word yet of final design.

I love everything about my Ridgeline except the mpg. Everyone I know who has one, loves it. I'm a big Honda fan. It's my only repeat make as I've been let down by Chrysler and GM products (and you couldn't give me a Ford!!). Tradein and selling outright is a breeze and resale value is amazing on every Honda I've owned. My trucking needs are minor and this one is a comfy ride, easy to drive and plenty of interior room. I'll be looking for another Honda to replace this one...someday!!!

The Honda Ridgeline did not go over because it also had an appearance problem. It simply does not look like a truck. I think most of us want something that has a macho look or at least the appearance of a "real truck" not a "gentleman's truck". We presently own a Honda Accord (great car) and a Ford Ranger (great truck). If one of the manufacturers would just make something the size of the Ranger (it parks easily in most garages) with the quality of the two vehicles that we own, they would sell like hot cakes. I personally think Ford has made a big mistake by not bringing the new Ranger to the United States. I would already own one if they were sold here.

They should make a 2-door pickup like the ranger.

I'm starting to think some people dated someone who owned a Ridgeline and they jilted them. Consumer Reports, Ridgeline ratings are fantastic except for the 2012 fuel system. I purchased my 2006 new, and still have it, that is a first. Usually every two years a new truck. It is not a pickup truck and those who are knocking it for that reason need to get a clue. I needed a truck that could comfortably take 4 or 5 people to the movies, could carry stuff for occasional handy man stuff, when on business trips have a safe place for my suite case and it's well suited for a tall man. Did I say it's grate on snow and ice? It does well enough off road for the occasional camping trip. If it fits your needs, it's a grate truck, if it doesn't why are you bitching about it?

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