Report: Scion Pickup Coming in 2014 Based on Toyota A-BAT Concept


It's not official, but signs continue to point in the right direction that we'll see Toyota return to its small-truck roots with an all-new compact pickup sold by Scion for the 2014 model year, according to Automotive News.

Scion's smaller hauler would be similar in design and purpose to the 2008 Toyota Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck concept pickup. That's not surprising, since the A-BAT was originally intended as a Scion vehicle, according to its designer, Matt Sperling.

We originally heard about a Scion pickup from our sources in 2007.

In addition to its tiny footprint, the car-based A-BAT featured a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, pass-through storage from the cargo box into the cabin like the Chevy Avalanche, and room for up to four people.

In 2009, Toyota shelved the A-BAT due to market uncertainties, as the housing market and economy tanked, but the project showed signs of life earlier this year.

In January, Jack Hollis, Scion's vice president, held out hope for a compact crossover pickup under Toyota's youth brand.

"Scion is about innovation and doing things differently, Hollis said. "That’s why if we were ever to do something crazy, it would likely be more like a ‘Surprise Utility Vehicle’ rather than a basic pickup truck."

Like other Scion vehicles, an A-BAT pickup would be powered by a conventional gasoline engine, but Toyota could also receive a version with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain to sell under its Prius line of vehicles.

One thing we do know is that we're strongly in favor of a frugal bantam runabout with fuel economy north of 35 mpg. Toyota could once again tap an unmet need in the U.S. for such a truck, as it did in the 1960s with Nissan when the Toyota Stout and Datsun 520 saw sales success. Bloated midsize pickups with neglected powertrains are not the answer.

[Source: Automotive News]


Please Toyota have a big rethink on launching this. Is this supposed to be a NA only product? Guarantee it would not sell here.

"Bloated midsize pickups are not the answer."
- especially if you weld 1,200 lb of steel to it.

@Robert Ryan: I doubt a Scion/Toyota pickup would be sold overseas. You guys get properly-sized body-on-frame small pickups with diesel engines that would never meet U.S. emissions without adding thousands to the selling price.

That said, I'm secretly holding onto hope that GM will sell the new global Colorado here with a diesel, as they're going to do with the Cruze.

@Mike Levine , I certaintly hope GMNA does exactly that. Once one US manufacturer starts offering a diesel option others will follow.

Something like the the A-bat (read Scion xT) would be about the only way I'd go back to using a truck as my daily driver- 90miles commuting is just too far. From the original concept, it looked like it could share mechanicals with the RAV4, even be built right along side it. Sure, it isn't what most readers here think of in a truck, but it will work for a lot of people, especially if it still has a 3500# tow rating.
The diesel used in the Cruise (currently) is actually big enough to power a light truck. Sure, a 2.8 would be cooler, but a 2.0 might really sip fuel.

Now this piece of sh!t is suppose to be a pickup? Bullsh!t. I'm not entirely against new ideas but not this. My idea of future pickups looks like this:

Developed by Razor :

What is this supposed to do payload and towing?

A pickup for generation Y. I mean doesn't Scion build vehicles for the youth crowd? Don't get me wrong I'm 23 years old but I never liked Scion.

@TY: Enjoy your $79,000 plug-in Silverado ( I think there's a place in the market for a compact pickup that can haul 800 to 1,000 lbs with a $16,000 price tag and 35 mpg.

I agree with Mrknowitall and Mike Levine that we need a light, fuel efficient alternative for those of us that don't need to rip stumps out of the ground or tow a 30' pontoon boat!

I would like a commuter that I can still haul an occasional light load or dirtbike with.

@ Mike Levine

Exactly, I currently use a minivan as a cargo van. It's got over 300k kms so when it dies I'd love to replace it with this. Why do people criticize different sizes of trucks? Toyota has six different SUVs why not 3 pickups? It's all many would need.

@ Mike Levine

Will the 2012 Tacoma have the Dual VVT-i 4.0L V6? I know your previous article stated same engine. However this would still be the same engine with just a new feature.


@Bob: I hope it will get the dual VVT 4-liter but at this point I don't think so.

@ Mike Levine

Thanks, Mike regarding the dual VVT-i 4.0L.

Everything I read states the same engine for 2012. I think it would be crazy for Toyota to not utilize the dual VVT-i 4.0 in the 2012 Tacoma. I've been waiting for them to implement it, and I thought with a sheet metal change coming now would be the time.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks again

I'll buy this truck in a heartbeat, as long as it comes as a hybrid.

I would rather they sell the Hilux D4D here.

Where's our new little Ford Ranger? Huh, Mr. Ford? Ya listnin"?

That is not a truck. It's a car with a small open trunk. It is designed and built for poseurs, like the Honda Ridgeline.

that things about as ugly as it could get

If they made it I would definitely test it out in 2 years. I don't need or want a full size truck. I want good gas mileage and a usable bed I can haul 800-1000 pounds in. Something I can throw a couple mountain bikes in and not worry about the roof or the interior, or pull a small trailer.

Light trucks as we know them will disappear for the sake of the averaged fleet fuel economy. Certain physical barriers guarantee that. It's all silly game because more people will favor the 3/4 tons as replacements for future rediculously priced PHEV 1/2 tons. Instead of a 5.0 or EB powering my F-150, I'll be forced into a 3/4 or 1 ton and have congress to thank for mine and everyone elses extra fuel consumption. Nice.

It does seem that most guys want a real compact truck. Problem is - will people really buy one or are they just blowing smoke?

cant they leave trucks the way they are?hope dodge,ford,chevy trucks dont start lookin like that i like the way they look now if trucks look like that i goin to buy me a 90-2007 pickup so what if i get 12M.P.G better then that gay thing

If it looks like that fugly A-bat they can keep it , or if its a crew cab with a useless 4 foot bed they can keep it .

@Nate M- Im the same age as you. We are generation Y arent we? Also I agree, I would never buy something like a Scion. However, they arent trying to appeal to me and you. They are going for the putzes who dont give one thought to brand loyalty, vehicle capability, and who know next to nothing about vehicles. In other words, 90% of people our age.

Hmmmm... now let me get this straight... Honda is discontinuing the Ridgeline because of extremely poor sales.. 50,000 a year predicted, and around 5,000 actual sales. So then Toyota believes it can make a similar vehicle in looks, quality(or lack thereof), and function, turn around and sell it in the Ridgeline's place with 50,000 sales a year... sounds like this is kind of an obama idea to me.

"Progress is achieved by the man who does things!"
-Theodore Roosevelt

This is a "been there, done that" kind of thing.

or shop cat

Honda made a vehicle that was not as capable as a full size truck yet had no other advantages such as MPG or size to make it an attractive option.

If this vehicle has those advantages it would not be scion following honda's lead, but rather improving on what they did.

@ shop cat

seems as if you should read that quote you typed again. You obviously didnt understand it when you read it and typed it. lol
you have some inner demons to type what you did and then type out that quote from Teddy Roosevelt.

Can't wait. Hope this concept turns out just as good as the concept. :)

Wow this thing makes that Mahindra truck look awesome… Yes I’m being sarcastic

@Mike Levine, regarding the global Colorado diesel, if you are holding out hope then I sure as heck am. I hope I hope I hope.

"I think there's a place in the market for a compact pickup that can haul 800 to 1,000 lbs with a $16,000 price tag and 35 mpg."

I totally agree with this. I'm thinking it should avoid the mistakes that the Subaru Baja made.

1. Baja's bed was useless. A 3.5 ft open trunk. Make it 5ft MINIMUM that will fit two motorbikes with the tailgate down.
2. It's 'Avalanche like' mid-gate was only a slot that allowed either a few long pieces of lumber, skis, etc, to go through. It's got to be able to hold 4x8 plywood.
3. Make it AFFORDABLE. This was the Ridgeline's problem. Why buy a small pickup for $30k, when you can get a big one for about the same price.
4. Attract people with a good MPG rating. 25-30.

A $79,000 electric pickup (Via) that looks like it's from 1996?! Ha! I think the scion concept is ugly but is a bit more sensible than the bloated, heavy monsters that pickups have become. How come today's full size trucks are over 1000 heavier than just the previous generation?

@Rich - Safety gear for starters. Add airbags - driver, passenger, side,and side curtain.Pretensioning seat belts, Crumple zones, lower bumper heights, ABS, traction control, stability control, improved side impact protection, improved roll over protection all add weight. All the electronic nannies add weight.
Go to your dealership and try to find a base model truck with manual door locks, windows, etc. Uless you walk down the fleet truck isle, you're usually out of luck.
1/2 tons used to have 15 inch rims and usually nothing bigger than a 215 - 235 size tire. You can get up to 22 inch rims.
A half ton used to be basically that - 1000 lb capacity. Heavy 1/2's could carry a bit more.
You can get a 1/2 ton that would spank an old 3/4 ton.
Emissions - how much weight does the EGR, catalytic converter add to the weight?
Trucks have grown larger but a while back someone posted the numbers. It wasn't as much as one would think.

I currently drive a 2004 Sport Trac w/ 100k mi. Like most people who buy small/mid-size trucks, this is really all I need. I hope the A-Bat is available soon....35 MPG is great. The best I get (rural suburbia) is 18 MPG in the summer and 15 MPG in the winter. I use my truck bed a lot (daily driver), but never for towing or pulling trees out of the ground. Ford's idea of former Ranger owners moving up to a F150 or into a Focus is short sited. The F150 is more than I need & expensive. The Focus (the 2012 5-door is nice) does not suit my needs. I don't want gasoline cans, mulch, yard waste, fishing gear, etc in the passenger compartment.

here we go again another suv disguised as a truck. if toyota want to go back to a small truck then build one like they did in the 60's, 70's, one with a bed u could actually haul stuff with. trucks are supposed to be for hauling stuff not with front and rear seats for people!!!!

Does anyone remember this:

I'm not proposing a tiny truck, but something smaller than the overpriced large trucks we have today would be great. Something with a simple bed like this instead of a fancy sheetmetal one that could fit a 4x8 with the tailgate down, and a quad cab setup would be ideal! Small and efficient, yet enough utility to do the job. Dare I say sized like a 1994 Toyota Tacoma?

There is a huge market for something like this.. but the key is versatility , size and economy. There is so much to be gained by a smart versitile midgate. But it's got to be quick and easy to use. Also, it would be awsome if the bed were high and they could retain an under bed trunk for added dry and secure storage. I'm also hoping to to see an integrated roof headache rack so you can lean a ladder or surfboard and still have 5 passengers in. Something with an aggressive wide stance and maybe two door.

Maybe even specs like this.. maybe with the help hydraulic hybrid brake recovery.. 2014 is far away.

4000lb towing
30+ mpg city.

I also like the 2006 Dodge Rampage and 2004 Mitsubishi sports truck concepts.

I'm thinking the reason we consistantly don't get the diesels is really an organized plot. Besides emisions. Shipping uses it. Trucking uses it. All of Europe uses diesel. And I've heard one barrel of oil produces a given amount of gasoline and a given amount of diesel. If we used diesel fuel, the European diesel price would go way up and they want a balance. It's a plot and deal to keep balance. United States unofficially uses gas/Europe uses Diesel and they want to keep it that way.

I have wanted the Toyota abat ever since I first saw it in 2008. It is an amazing concept that would allow me to get good gas mileage to work every day, and still allow me to bring home plywood to work on my house or other projects. I will not need two cars, or a trailer.

I really hope this truck is built, but the feature that makes this truck awesome is the midgate and the ability to haul a sheet of plywood. Then the great gas mileage and ability to carry 4 people when the midgate is up is icing on the cake.

If this truck goes into production as a toyota or scion, it should definitely be able to haul the 4x8 sheet of plywood flat in the bed. That is what I have been looking for and can't find without having awful gas mileage.

Please, please, please build this truck for all the do it yourselfers out there.

This is exactly what i am looking for in a compact truck!! Please release this model in canada as well. Sooner the better!!

I like it as long as it can haul things like furniture, mattresses, smaller loads of lumber, and toe a small to medium size trailer. That's all of us sometimes need, and the MPG on current small and large trucks suck. Don't bother with the hybrid though. The difference in sticker price will buy a lot of gas.

What would really be cool is if something like that a-bat or the 2006 mitsubishi sports truck concept had a (hatchback like) rear window that rolled up into the roof, a tailgate and rear seats that super reclined for optimal rear seatings.

something like this:

I certainly hope Toyota builds this truck. It would suit my needs perfectly, and my 2000 Tacoma Prerunner isn't getting any younger... My needs have changed, and I'd LOVE to get 30-35MPG. If it can't be extended to haul 4x8 sheets of plywood, as indicated in the prototype, though, they shouldn't bother. The reason this vehicle is compelling is its remarkable versatility for those of us who don't haul heavy stuff every day, but need the ability to do so often enough to need something like this. I NEED this truck!

I agree America needs a vehicle with a truck bed, double cab, that can haul light loads from Wal-mart, Home Depot and Lowe's on weekends that gets over 30 MPG, at least. Forget the commercials with all the HP stuff. There are those of us who will buy this type truck that we can drive to work and use on the weekends. I'm out of the pick up gas hogs and honestly the RAV4 I have now is probably all I need. However, the 2 times a year or so a truck bed could be used would still be nice. If you do this as a scion, don't be surprised if you have some gray hairs like me buying it too. ha

These nasty little monkeys that are calling this truck all sorts of bad names have a sense of style that their cousin Cletus would be embarrassed by. It's a gorgeous design and on top of being utilitarian, it's going to be easy on fuel. I could carry both my off-road scooters in it, sell my car and my truck and just have the one vehicle. I urge Toyota to build this and realize not all of us need to go from zero to 60 in ten seconds or less. We'd rather have the economy over the zip. So, hopefully it's direct injection or the serious fuel miser, a small diesel with the necessary torque to do a few truck things.
Yep, and I'm a poseur, as well. Because I like small things that are efficient and look great doing it. Put that in your corn cob pipes and smoke it, you rejects from a hillbilly factory.

I agree with Steve Aug. 6- what's wrong with the mini pickups from 60's & 70's. I fell in love with the small toyota 4x4 back in the 70's and drive a 98 tacoma now (14yrs. 260k). Shrink the tacoma back down to its original size and give it the look of a pickup again and I would buy it in a heart beat. Since that won't happen the ABAT would be an alternative I would consider.....but make it utilitarian enough to make me buy it over something else. Gas prices are not coming down and I need practicality and functionality in a small pickup. It's a pitty tacoma is getting bigger not smaller in both size and price...

It's not clear to me what the inteaded drive train will be. I hope Toyota/Scion don't make the same mistake as VW and Dodge when they made a front-wheel drive pickup. I'm hoping they have the forsight to make either an AWD or a rear-wheel drive compact pickup. In short, front-wheel drive pickups are next to worthless for hauling because front wheel traction lessens as you increase your load in the rear bed.

I also agree with Eric. If you can't haul 4x8 plywood, don't bother.

Here's the winning formula ... no longer than a midsize suv ... seating for 5 or able to haul 10 sheets, 4 bikes or a lawnmore with 10 bags of fertalizer. Able to tow a 20 foot boat or 4000lb. Nice zip with 250hp and very frugal with 30mpg highway.

Yes.. there is a formula and it would be very distinct in the truck market.

You heard our government-high mpg required and soon! We can infer that means $5 Gal+ and soon too! Truck sales are still strong and there is a great need for a $20K or less, compact pickup that'll seat 4! The Japanese or Koreans will have first to market advantage as usual! Can't be that hard to make and many if not most just use trucks for light haulin and for there egos!

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