Report: Scion Pickup Coming in 2014 Based on Toyota A-BAT Concept


It's not official, but signs continue to point in the right direction that we'll see Toyota return to its small-truck roots with an all-new compact pickup sold by Scion for the 2014 model year, according to Automotive News.

Scion's smaller hauler would be similar in design and purpose to the 2008 Toyota Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck concept pickup. That's not surprising, since the A-BAT was originally intended as a Scion vehicle, according to its designer, Matt Sperling.

We originally heard about a Scion pickup from our sources in 2007.

In addition to its tiny footprint, the car-based A-BAT featured a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain, pass-through storage from the cargo box into the cabin like the Chevy Avalanche, and room for up to four people.

In 2009, Toyota shelved the A-BAT due to market uncertainties, as the housing market and economy tanked, but the project showed signs of life earlier this year.

In January, Jack Hollis, Scion's vice president, held out hope for a compact crossover pickup under Toyota's youth brand.

"Scion is about innovation and doing things differently, Hollis said. "That’s why if we were ever to do something crazy, it would likely be more like a ‘Surprise Utility Vehicle’ rather than a basic pickup truck."

Like other Scion vehicles, an A-BAT pickup would be powered by a conventional gasoline engine, but Toyota could also receive a version with a gas-electric hybrid powertrain to sell under its Prius line of vehicles.

One thing we do know is that we're strongly in favor of a frugal bantam runabout with fuel economy north of 35 mpg. Toyota could once again tap an unmet need in the U.S. for such a truck, as it did in the 1960s with Nissan when the Toyota Stout and Datsun 520 saw sales success. Bloated midsize pickups with neglected powertrains are not the answer.

[Source: Automotive News]


I have been patiently waiting for this truck to come out since it was orignally introduced as a concept. I think the thing will sell like hotcakes. Scion, Toyta or whomever comes up with the midsize truck with a pass through.

All I need to do is some light-duty hauling, some mountain bikes etc....
Make this Toyota and I will be first in line to buy it!

I have wanted the Toyota abat ever since I first saw it in 2008. It is an amazing concept that would allow me to get good gas mileage to work every day, and still allow me to bring home plywood to work on my house or other projects. I will not need two cars, or a trailer.

I really hope this truck is built, but the feature that makes this truck awesome is the midgate and the ability to haul a sheet of plywood. Then the great gas mileage and ability to carry 4 people when the midgate is up is icing on the cake.

If this truck goes into production as a toyota or scion, it should definitely be able to haul the 4x8 sheet of plywood flat in the bed. That is what I have been looking for and can't find without having awful gas mileage.

Please, please, please build this truck for all the do it yourselfers out there.

I will buy it.

The price of gas doesn't look like it will ever be low again. This vehicle will appeal to a wide variety of active people and lite pick up users but get at least 30 mpg all around average and hopefully north of 35 mpg. When gas hits 5 or 6 dollars per gallon, you'll see a lot of diehard pick up users coming over to this. Don't believe me, look at how many people are converting to or have a Prius now. Its the only vehicle that gets 50 mpg and starting around 20k, the price for most mid size cars. The volt is still at least 15k more than a regular Prius but look at the reliability of a Prius (Toyota). If this Abat gets batter than 35 mpg average, you will see a lot of people converting to this from regular cars (because they miss a pick up that they can afford to feed and they'll be able to use as their family vehicle) Toyota will have another best seller.

I am so ready to trade in my Amarok for this. I bought mine after great reviews but did not realize it is also one of the most unreliable pickup! Too costly to maintain. Lessons learned. Toyota is my next destination.

I guess there will be no scion truck for 2014. No word at all from this years auto shows. Just more rumours from the mill.

I know this thread is old, but I hope they do produce this vehicle. I currently drive a Subaru Baja and this is the closest I have seen to it. My 2005 Baja has 218,000 mile on it and repairs are getting costly. This would be a perfect replacement. I have gotten more positive comments on the Baja than any other car or truck I have driven. The local Subaru dealer still says every week someone comes in asked to buy a Baja and the truck hasn't been produced in 4 or 5 years.

I'd buy the A-BAT right now! I've been waiting for years for a small truck similar to our Prius, but just can't find one. I just want a truck to trailer around our kayaks, bring home landscape materials, and other miscellaneous bulky but not too heavy loads. I'd also love to see VW's Bulli come to the market, but looks like that won't happen either. I really want something like one of those two, and no one makes it!

It’s simple and it’s not rocket science

Look over the last ten years….is fuel prices going up? or down?

Are economic times better? or worst?

Saving money and buying what you can afford is the new game.

If you look around at all the mini trucks….I bet the majority are Toyota’s, they are like Timex watches they take a linking and keep on ticking. I loved my old 1987 Toyota long bed extra cab and wish I still had it.

In my opinion the 4 cylinder is much better than the 6 …in fuel mileage. I was talking to a friend of mine who owned a gardening business and when he bought 2 new Toyota trucks….He hated the 30% fuel cost increase and wished they still made the 4 cylinder. And a 4 cylinder diesel,…that would be the cat’s meow. Not everyone can afford a hybrid.

Do it Toyota/Scion if you build it they will buy it I know I will

I dig this. It has strong video game feel. It works as a family vehicle but also lets you move some larger stuff when you need to. Not everyone needs a massive gas-guzzling truck. I love trucks and jeeps but am sick of the mpg they deliver. I think this would fill a need. I'm pretty sure if this were on the market today I'd be driving one.

Great Idea......90 percent of time I need a small civic or fit. BUT there are times when I need to haul a chair a piece of furniture or pick something up at the Home Depot. Works perfect for me.

Cant wait to see those cars! Modern cars are about style but also taking care our planet. I am very confident that Toyota will reach those goals soon!

Bring it on. I am one of the people that need a car 90% of the time and want MPG. BUT.....10% of the time I want to buy a chair a TV or haul a few pieces of lumber etc. and need a small truck. I don't want one of those 10 mpg gas guzzlers since this will be my only vehicle.


You build an Abat under Scion or Toyota. Doesn't matter I'll be there to buy it. I love the look of it.

anyone who thinks this truck would not sell in the US or anywhere does not know what they are talking about.guys still want trucks and if they can get one thats gets 35 mpg they will buy it toyota/scion they/we will but it

There is a definite appetite for a vehicle of this nature. It's versatile like a truck, but economical to run. It looks great and it's a little higher than a car for a better view of the road. I haven't purchased a new vehicle since 1991 and I won't until there's something that suits my fancy. I really like the Ridgeline except for its fuel economy, which; while great for a truck, isn't that great in the city.
It's interesting that this vehicle arouses such dislike in some people. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Why does it have to be a dispute over "real trucks" or "pulling power?"
It doesn't mean anything. This vehicle will be what it will be and opinions of a foul nature are merely spewing sewage into clean waters.
This vehicle will be a breath of fresh air and listen; if it's interesting enough for someone like myself to consider buying it, it has to be pretty exceptional.
Why? Because I'm that frugal guy who is careful about spending a ton of cash on a vehicle unless I absolutely love it.
I have an old F150 that I use to pull my boat or take things here and there, but it's an occasional use vehicle. But that doesn't mean I'm going to heap scorn upon an innovative little vehicle like this. I'm more likely to buy this than anything that's been built in the last 20 years.

Looks like a Subaru and a Ridgeline had an ugly baby. What do you really expect to haul in that bed, over what ground clearance? It looks like just another truck that will never help someone move or leave a paved road. I'll stick with my Tacoma for 20 years or so...Love my '13 TRD!

I own a Honda Ridgeline and enjoy the in bed trunk, 5 ft bed and the fact that 5 adults can ride in comfort.Regardless of what it's called they will miss out in the market if they make the ABAT to small and under powered..I use my truck as a daily driver, for work and play. I would not spend the money on cute or because it has all the electronic gadgets....give me something that is useful and has some style combined with power!

I currently own a 2004 Subaru Baja. If they aren't going to make another model of this and upgrade it, then I will be in the market for this. I am a short woman. I use it for moving, garbage runs, camping, fishing. I love my Baja. Like everything, it is getting old. Soon I will need to have a newer vehicle. I hope they make this. =)

i have been waiting like a bat out of hell for this day! When can we see it on the lot?

There's a market for a hybrid like this. If GM, or Ford dont fill it Toyota will.

For the car first people, truck second, the Subaru Baja was the best. I speak from the vantage point of having owned one for 11 years with over 150,000 miles on it. Check the resale value on them. They filled a niche that has remained empty ever since. They marketed to the wrong demographic,and never realized they had a winner. The compromise between car and truck was a sweet spot, but the criticisms of those who preferred one over the other snuffed it out. The only thing that would make me part with mine is a new one.

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