Spied! 2012 Honda Ridgeline RTL

Spied! 2012 Honda Ridgeline RTL
Photos by Brenda Priddy & Company for PickupTrucks.com

We recently covered the 2012 Honda Ridgeline's new Sport trim package, which adds several exterior changes to our favorite unibody pickup. But if you're wondering about changes to other models, our spies have come through with the photos Honda doesn't want you to see.

Other Ridgeline models, including the high-end RTL version caught here during hot weather testing, are set to receive a new three-bar grille that's similar to the 2012 Honda Pilot crossover's grille, plus restyled taillights. We hear there will be several minor interior changes as well.

2011 Honda Ridgeline RTL pictured above for comparison

Officially, Honda says there will also be a slight boost in EPA mileage ratings for the 2012 Ridgeline in addition to the cosmetic updates. The 2011 Ridgeline is rated at 15/20 mpg city/highway and 17 mpg combined.

The 2012 Honda Ridgeline goes on sale in November.



Full-time / Part-time is intentional obfuscation.
'all-wheel-drive' is a product of the marketing department.
The Ridgeline is mechanically front wheel drive, with a power take off system (via one clutch pack per halfshaft) for rear axle drive.

You either have a center differential, or you do not.
The last volume pickup truck with four wheel drive was the Dodge Ram with the NV244 generation II transfer case. (The Cadillac Escalade EXT still has a center differential, if you consider this a pickup)
Now the 'best' you can get is a rear drive + front axle PTO system, via the NV246 (in GM 1500 & Dodge Ram 1500)
Nissan & Toyota & Ford [minus the new HD edition F-150] all use off-road-drive: no center differential, no transfer clutch.
A system of highly restricted utility.

Sorry for going off topic everyone.
@Mike Levine
I want to know if you can confirm this http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2011/08/08/future-truck-rumors-august-2011-edition/
If this is true the next 5.7L Iforce Tundra could probably get over 400+hp @5600rpm and 420+lb ft @3600rpm just NASTY just when you think you caught up you fall back behind. All that before a TRD supercharger.

Here's a good article for those who just don't get it and think its because the Ridgeline is produced by a Japanese maker, this is the reason it wasn't a success and is being discontinued.

1) Sales are terrible. It almost met sales goal in 05 and 07. So it did sell reasonably well at one point. If it doesn't sell because it was designed in Japan, then it wouldn't have sold well in 05 and 07 and then fallen off considerably afterward. It
wouldn't have sold period.

Among other problems, the big one was no updates. Not because it is Japanese. It is assembled in US and Canada and the Ridgeline does terrible in both places unlike the Tacoma that is assembled in the US and does well.

2) Fuel economy terrible to justify a small motor.

3) Looks weird.

4) Capability not there. Jason at Tundra Headquarters goes on to explain:

The Ridgeline’s capabilities were never good enough. People who are experts on cars insist that the average truck owner doesn’t need the capabilities of the truck they drive. Citing studies and market research as ‘proof’ that truck buyers really don’t need to tow or haul a huge payload, these car experts determined that the Ridgeline’s 5k lbs towing capacity and V6 would be more than adequate for the average truck owner.

Unfortunately, car experts just don’t get it – it’s true that most trucks are rarely pushed to their physical limits. However, that’s by design. If a ‘truck person’ needs to tow 5k lbs on a regular basis, he or she will buy a full size because they want the extra capacity just in case. If they tow 10k lbs on a regular basis, they go and buy a SuperDuty. Sure – a Tacoma will tow 5k just fine and a Tundra will tow 10k with a power to spare – but truck people aren’t interested in buying a truck they have to worry about maxing out. By buying a little bigger than we need, we guarantee our trucks are never pushed too far and we never worry about being in a situation we can’t handle.

That’s how a truck person thinks. Unfortunately, Honda either didn’t have any truck people on board when they conceived the Ridgeline or they didn’t listen to them. So long, Ridgeline – it was interesting.

What he is tell you here don't blame in on uneducated biased truck buyers who won't buy a truck from a Japanese maker. That is so lame and a cop out. Blame it on educated truck buyers who know an inferior product when they see it and a Japense maker that dropped the ball big time. Thank you, Jason.

Honda's feedin' the Ridgeline into the ol' woodchipper in 2012


I agree with oxi. For the a mid-size, he best that you can do is buy a new Tacoma.

Once in your life you find a truck
A truck that turns your heart around
And next thing you know you're driving a Tacoma in the Baja 1000
Wake up and the 9" of ground clearance are with you
Even though you left your 33" tires way across town
Wondering to yourself, "Hey, what've I found? A 2012 Tacoma?"

When you get caught between the Ridgeline and New Tacoma
I know it's crazy, but it's true
If you get caught between the Ridgeline and New Tacoma
The best that you can do ......
The best that you can do is buy a 2012 Tacoma

It comes down to economics. Truck buyers are educated in economics. The economics really don’t favor the Ridgeline. If you figure that the portion of potential Ridgeline buyers who don’t care about luxury will buy the Tacoma or Frontier, and if you figure another portion of the remaining potential Ridgeline buyers will opt for a more powerful half-ton truck, then the Ridgeline is left with a very small pool of buyers…and is therefore faced with cancellation. Unprofitability and competition from Toyota, Ford, GM, Nissan, etc was the major factor in the decision to cancel the Ridgeline.

Let us not forget that the Ridgeline only comes in 4WD,so mileage will suck.


It's not the 4WD that makes the Ridgeline a gas guzzler, it's the 3.5 have to push around 4,500 lbs. The 5,700 lbs 5.0 F-150 CrewCab 4X4 King Ranch gets about the same MPG. That's ONLY if you drive the Ridgeline unloaded and conservatively.

Yes, the RealTime 4WD on the Ridgeline is FWD-biased. However it does not just send power to the rear wheels when the front tires loose traction.

It sends power to the rear wheels any time you give it power. So when you accelerate away from a red light, all 4 wheels are getting power. If you pull out to pass someone, all 4 wheels are getting power. If you're giving gas while driving up a hill, all 4 wheels are getting power. It reverts to FWD only when cruising on the highway.

This is from Gary Flint of American Honda. It explains how the Realtine 4WD operates.


Great link Bob H. I stand corrected, and more informed, is it any wonder now that the ridgeline gets such bad mileage, my Chevy 4X4 5.3 get better mileage! because I have the option to use AWD 2hi 4hi 4lo, and have fuel management (mds) whatever you want to call it, it works! I can get 18mpg city when I hyper-mile 16 without trying, 23 hyw w/ cruze set at 65, and no worst than 20 at 75mph. I have a 4-8cyl. and it works, with more cappabilities than most other 315hp full size trucks. Not even to mention my F-150 EB!!!.

You want to know the main reason why Ridgeline sales are so poor?

Cost. It's always about $$.

Ford/GM/Ram are putting close to 10k in incentives on the table to move their trucks, and Honda says .. "uh.. heres a free chrome package worth 3k".

It doesn't matter if you are Harry Homeowner (like me) who likes some of the features of the Ridgeline, and doesn't truly need the capability of a traditional full size.

You can get a F-150 SCrew 4x4 with Ecoboost for less than the Ridgeline!

So you get more capability , interior space, bed space, and most importantly for weekend warriors, fuel economy.. for less money.

It just doesn't make any financial sense to buy a Ridgeline, which is a major factor for most people.

@Lou: Unrelated totally, we seem to usually to agree on most stuff on here so thought you would appreciate. My fiance bought me a new Polaris RZR 900 XP yesterday. I'll try to post a link later of it coming home hooked to her ecoboost. They are quite an attractive couple IMHO.

Where exactly was the Ridgeline advertised as a competitor to the fullsized 1/2 tons? Only place I saw it done was for truck of the year in MotorTrend.

@ Dude Duderson:

No doubt cost is a big issue. The other BIG issue is Honda's lack of marketing of this vehicle. When was the last time you saw an ad or TV commercial for the Ridgeline? It's one of the best kept secrets out there.

Silverados, Rams, Tundras, and F-Series truck are promoted to the hilt by their makers. Honda dropped the ball big time—and they have no one to blame but themselves here.

@ Keith: Interesting to note that Mike (Levine) has tagged this Ridgeline posting with "Compact/Mid-size" trucks, not full-size trucks. ;)

Thats my point Bob Holland. Why are some here comparing it to F150's or calling it a player in that market? It is a midsized truck. I dont see the Pilot getting compared to Tahoes or Expeditions.

No argument here Keith. :)

@alton - I had to re-read my post to see what I said. Guilty of making broad generalizations;)

"They are quite an attractive couple IMHO."

Would that be your fiance and the RZR or the RZR and the EB F150?

No more HDMI grille???

You know, you guys that claim that this is not a truck really need a reality check. I hope you realize that all trucks will start to be unibody in the not too distant future so if that is your only gripe...well, get used to it. Also, you guys that claim that you would rather have a crew cab or an extended cab, just don't get it. There is much much more passenger space in the Ridgeline then those trucks could dream of because this was a truck designed with that in mind, not an after thought like Ford's, Chevy's, and Dodges. Don't get me wrong, I really like the new F-150 with the ecoboost V6, so I am not slamming Ford or the rest. I currently own a 2006 Ridgeline and it has been a perfect vehicle for the times I commute and the times I need stuff hauled or carried and it does it a manageable size. How about testing one out first before you hate it.....but then again...that is typical Americans for you isn't?

When I was shopping for a vehicle I wasn't sure whether I wanted an SUV or a "Truck". The vehicles I was looking at were the Honda Pilot, Ridgeline, Nissan Frontier / Pathfinder, Ford Explorer / F150, and the Toyota 4 Runner / Tacoma.

I borrow a truck often for jobs around the house, transport bikes and motorcycles often, landscaping, light trailer hauling, etc. My wife highway commutes 200kms/day and would be driving the truck on bad winter days. Quickly ruled out a part-time 4WD system as she was not comfortable having to choose when/where it was in 4WD, which took many off the list. Plus due to the rear seat space vs the tacoma, etc. and the ability to easily fit multiple car seats, and the fact that the in-bed trunk makes it easy to live with as a family vehicle. The trunk is usually loaded with a stroller, and all the other kid stuff and the bed is left open.

The Ridgeline was enough truck to meet the 'truck' needs I had and still could do family duties, performs amazing in winter thanks to the AWD, and fuel cost was similar or better to the 2 other vehicles in the garage an '05 Explorer V8, and a 02 BMW 3 series (premium fuel). That's how I ended up with a ridgeline and don't regret it one bit. Has barely cost anything in maintenance.

Yes, call it what you want...a sport utility truck, a minivan with a bed, etc. It does what I need it to do...

IM a weekend warrior, i can haul anything... all day long. then go out to a nice dinner ant an upscale place,and not have to have 2 vehicles.

TAKE any ridgeline, slam a cold air intake and cat back exhaust, 20/24 milage. LOVE IT.

Towing my manitou tri-toon. 3200 pound boat. 20 mpg.

AWD,voice activated controls,navigation, entertainment center, coupled with acura airconditioned seats...(adaptor/google search required for seats) all for under 33k? ill wave at the king ranch as hes stuck in a truck thats overpriced, and has leather that should be no where near an interior of a vehicle....you know what im talking about king ranchers...

it was just bad marketing on hondas part... there are people out there that have no idea honda makes a truck.

alot of people see me at the pump and ask mee if it the new Avalanche...

yes, the ridgeline has its flaws, every truck does. im a weekend warrior, not a contractor. i need a vehicle that has the MPG of a sedan, the room of an SUV, a bed that can handle the home depot projects on the weekends,and the occasional move and/or a big purchase. The ridgeline can preform all of this!!!

Honda sell 300 Ridgeline per month you can't fool a whole Country.

@Lonnie Lee

The Ridgeline is great at blurring the line between a car & truck but don't expect it to do a great job at either. What sedan gets Ridgeline mileage? BMW M3? If 25% better MPG was attainable with just freer intake/exhaust, the EPA would require it. Towing a combined 8,000 lbs would get you around 10 MPG realistically with the Accord V6 'singing' all the way. A 'hard loaded' Ridgeline is a $1000 more that a well equipped F-150 SuperCrew 4X4 XLT actually.

@ DenverMike

We've heard from several Ridgeline owners here, and they're quite happy with their purchases. It does everything they've asked of it.

Why even mention 8K towing? The RL can't do it. We know that. Speaking of towing: I think we can all agree that the Sprinter van (a favorite of many contractors) is a great truck. Guess what? It's rated to tow only 5K—even the DRW 3500 model with a 10K GVW! So does that make it any less of a truck?

While I agree the XLT is a fine truck, it's also much larger, therefore less nimble than the Ridgeline, and not as easy to manipulate in close quarters. In that respect it it's more like a mid-szie truck, which is what some of us have been saying all along.

Yeah, it's a "compromise" vehicle, just like any other (including the XLT). You pick and rate your vehicle priorities, and make your purchase choice based on that.

I'm curious as to how many of the RL critics here have actually ever driven one? Probably not many, if any.

It's really easy to post pot shots from the sidelines. I find first-hand experience to be more credible—and that doesn't mean quoting what others have published. Review/examine/drive it yourself, then I'll be far more apt to listen to you.

...And yeah, I've driven several Ridgelines, as well as the new F-150. Both great trucks IMO, just different.

@Bob Holland

That's 8,000 lbs 'horse & buggy' combined. The 4,500 lbs RL, Lonnie's 3,200 boat, passengers, ice chests and whatnot. Well within its GVWR but don't expect great MPG.
You're right, everything's a compromise but some on here sound MORE than everyday proud Ridgeline owners.

@ DenverMike:

"You're right, everything's a compromise but some on here sound MORE than everyday proud Ridgeline owners."

I think it's more a case of being defensive, as most people here have done nothing but trash the RL. I think you would too, if everyone slammed your ride.

@Bob Holland

Everyone does "slam" my rides. Sometimes they have a good point and I may 'comeback' with a counter point but you won't see me posting fanboi hyperbole.

@ DenverMIke:

"fanboi hyperbole?"

Making fun of RL owners is not the best way to make yourself sound credible. You may win some brownie points with those who share your views, but RL owners know better.

@Bob Holland

Not making fun of as much as asking for links/proof on their nonsense. Maybe I missed something & could learn something new... OK, that's hyperbole but I clearly limit the amount of opinion/anecdotal evidence/exageration and always have a link at the ready.

Gotta tell ya...these Ridgeline haters humor me more and more everyday...trying to find "anything" to support their cause in bashing this vehicle. Ok fine...its not your ordinary P/U....IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE PEOPLE.....Honda never intended for this vehicle to replace full size p/u's...just give consumers another option when a full size p/u is overkill for their needs.
Some of these remarks...mannnn....stretchingggggg...like the one about the spare being in the trunk of the bed and how inconvienient it is to get to...HA!...tell you what..i'd rather do that then crawl around on all 4's and or on the ground to remove my spare from under the bed...come onnn!
oh and the remark that the trunk was a waste because youd have to remove everything from the bed to get to it...that is downright laughable. People who own RL's are NOT leaving crap in their beds,theyre used for occasional hauling and are utilizing the trunk the way it was intended,making the truck more versatile...helloooo?
I drive a long distance to work everyday and the bone crunching,teeth cracking ride of a Tacoma was out of the question...beautiful truck...but with the shifter on the floor...its very cramped.....buying a full size truck was overkill for me...would never use it what it was intended for..i dont believe for a minute these EPA ratings for a minute...all I know is that when gas was 4.00 a gallon in 2008,people were crying about it costing $127.00 to fill up there full size p/u's and suv's while it only cost me 85.00.
its a love it or hate it scenario...i love mine...and so do alot of consumer and vehicle magazines...are they all wrong?? Dont think so...And now Honda officially announced the 2012's...sooo..that gives you RL haters another year to moan...oh and btw heres is a little factoid for RL haters...did you know that the Ridgeline is ONLY 2 inches and in some cases less than 2 inches narrower than your full size P/U's?? Ohh yess look it up.....R/L-77.8" width ,Tundra-79.9 Ford-79.2 ohh and the Tacoma is 5" narrower than the RL 72.2...gets kinda cramped..I like mine..and make no bones about it ..Its a unique alternative to the big boys..yes gas is average ,not the best...but the ride more than makes up for it.....Wise

Honda Ridgeline get low mpg 10-14,
ugly no matter what they change,
bad headlights, can't see much at night,
the only reason that I got one is because it have more leg room in the back seat and it fit my garage , my wife hate the seat, too hard and hurt your bud on a ( 2hr ) long trip,I like the four door Toyota Tundra much better, more horse power & better MPG. Honda you guys have not made any good things
for a long time.

Funny to hear everyone complain about a truck most haven't driven or ridden in. I have owned a 2004 F150 and now also own a 2010 silverado. In addition I own a 2009 Ridgeline. Hate to break it to everyone but the ridgeline is by far; most responsive, best handling, most comfortable and most adaptable. When I first bought it I wasn't completely sold on bodystyle (Im still not) but, small price to pay for such an awesome vehicle. Truck drivers in general are extremely closed minded it seems. I understand that while it may not fit everyone's needs it should fit almost all the needs of someone who doesn't need a 1/2 truck.

I'd love to upgrade my Ridgeline to a 2012 but my Ridgeline gets 22+ mpg regularly in the summer so I can't justify doing that. Best truck I've ever owned and after five years it is paid off and I've never had to do anything but regular maintenance. No wonder it wins awards for total cost of ownership.

@ Joe:

If there's anyone on this forum who's qualified to objectively compare the Ridgeline and traditional trucks, it's you.

Thanks for your input. :)

I am female and have owned my Ridgeline since 2007. I absolutely love love love it. I don't know where the gas mileage quotes come from here but I drive 95% of my time just around town and I get 18 to 19 mpg. On the road I get 22 mpg. It rides like a dream, so quiet and smooth on the road and plenty of storage room. I presently have a full truck bed of 3 inch river rock that I have not unloaded and I still am getting 17-18 around town. I hope it never stops being produced. I don't want a standard run of the mill looking truck and this one is "classy."

As a real life owner of a dodge followed by a honda truck, I can say that I have been able to do all the same things with the ridgeline that I did with the dodge but it rides nicer, does not eat brakes every 40k and has some really cool navigation and other goodies. The Honda is a much nicer truck to live with day in and day out.

sorry I didn't clear it with all you huge P/U drivers out there before I bought my Ridgeline in 2006. It fits in my garage, hauls 5 adults in comfort, handles way better in the snow than any Toyota truck or SUV I have owned, and hauls what I need hauled. If I would known you didn't approve I never woulda bought it. 6 years into it, no repairs, unlike my Ford Expedition and Chevy Suburban company cars I had.

Those gas mileage figures are based on a four banger 2wd regular cab. nothing like the Ridgeline

Wow you can really tell who has driven a Ridgeline and who is just blowing smoke by reading these posts. I currently have a Z71 with the 5.3, extended cab shortbed that I love, but heres the deal, I'm sick to death of having the turning radius of a schoolbus, the ride of a mustang sitting on 22's, and all while still not being able to fit anything of size in the bed. If I want a work truck I'll buy a longbed Dodge with a cummins in it, if I want an offroad truck I'll find me an old highboy, but since about 80% of the time I don't have anything in the bed and about 10% of the time I'm hauling 12ft stuff that doesn't fit anyway, I've decided that the comfort of a Ridgeline is the way I'm gonna go. I understand that its ugly as sin, that the milage isnt any better, and that it can't tow as much, but the combination of the ride, the drive, and the storage/utility make it an easy choice. And the interior room/quaility vs a Tacoma isnt even close. The honda has 4 inches more hip room which might as well be a mile for all the difference it makes. What will I do if I have the bed boiling over with sheets of drywall and get a flat you ask? Probably the same thing I'd do if I had a flat with a load of drywall in my current truck, be up a creek because with that much weight on I'm gonna need a bigger jack than what comes standard. Heres the bottom line.....it rides and drives like a car and I can fill the in bed trunk with ice and beer. Enough said.

I own one and haven't had any problems with it thus far. Sure, it is not pretty, fuel efficient or great off roading, but it works just fine. Original tires lasted 94k miles and I never had any service issues with it (certainly no recalls). The truck is roomy inside. Storage under the rear seats fits my rifle case perfectly and I fit a 50" flat screen while in the box in back while the rear seats were up. The controls are all simple to use. The ride is nice and smooth, which I like because I take long trips (my Ridgeline's been in about 20 states so far). The best part about this vehicle is the trunk. I put all my guns in the trunk or anything else I don't want stolen or in view - something no other truck can do as far as my knowledge. I do think Honda should have taken more advice from owners. The truck needs a bigger engine, 6-speed and better ground clearance. I have already built up mine because I do light off-roading with it when fishing and hunting. K&N intake, 2" lift kit, brush guard, hella driving lights, bed mat and a few other accesories was all I needed to make it more complete. As far as gas mileage goes, who cares? If you own a truck and care about MPG's, you shouldn't own a truck. It may not be a Ford, Chevy or Dodge, which are all great trucks, but how many people are really using these large trucks for heavy duty work. The answer is a fraction of consumers. Some people tell me the Ridgeline sucks at off-roading, sure not great - own a 2011 wranger 4 door for that. The ridgeline's not super quick - oo well I have my S2000 for speeding around. Not super comfy you say...that's why I have my Audi. It's main use if for light duty work, recreational sports and hobbies and to move larger things from point A to point B. It does need some major improvements, but overall it's not a bad little truck. :-)

Definitely an improvement! I like it actually!
The problem with the Ridgeline and trucks like this, say the old Toyota T100, is that they need something to have it standout from the others. The Ridgeline has terrible gas mileage. This is something that should be a selling point. A big selling point. It's unique to begin with, and convincing people to make the move to a Honda truck (or a "truck-like" vehicle to satisfy the critics), is already a big step. It has to have specific attributes to make it stand out from other vehicles other than looks itself.

When I mention the old T100, the same could have been said about this truck. Something should have been offered to have this truck stand out. A small diesel and cheaper price would have probably made this truck a much better seller back in the day.

Perhaps a Ridgeline owner should weight in here. My neighborhood is well populated by the Ridgeline which seems to dispell the comments about them not being popular or becoming extinct anytime soon. I work in the Oil Patch and this 2008 truck with 83,000 miles has probably seen more offroad/mud/water/rocks than most trucks and it still runs and looks like the day it was bought. Outfitted with BFG's it goes anywhere in the oil patch the "real trucks" go and has never left us stranded. The 4-wheel independant suspension is smooth as they come and what's not to like about a truck bed that won't rust.

I have a Ridgeline (2007 RTX). I bought it as a yuppie mobile and have seriously beat the tar out of it. 22mpg on the hwy (as long as i drive 70 or below). 2" Truxx lift kit and 1" larger tires. I love pulling rednecks out of the mud and sand when they thing their old fashioned 4wd is the best. FYI, it is PRIMARILY FWD, but any slip and it is AWD. I have tried and can't get it to break loose, even on dirt roads. The Ridgeline is like a swiss army knife, it does just about everything well, but nothing exceptionally well. People trashing unibodies need to look at the Tahoe/Suburban/Denali/Avalanche. Crawl underneath a Ridgeline, it's a very strong design. There is a reason "things aren't built like they used to be" personally I'm glad cars and trucks don't use leaded gas and get 4mpg. wait for the next big change... small bore diesels in 1/2 ton trucks:


or even better: the Mahindra Pik up.

I own a 2007 Honda Ridgeline. I used it to haul building supplies, weight equipment, tractors, and pull my trailer !! It is the best truck I ever owned !! I have a 128,000 Miles on it, Only replacing tires, oil, filters, and brakes. It runs like new. My next new truck will be a Honda, because it doesn't need to be serviced all the time. No more Ford or Chevy junk for me !!

I don't understand all this talk about "terrible" gas mileage. I average 22 around town and 28 highway at 65mph.

I have a 2006 Ridgeline RT with 130,000 miles. I bought it precisely because it exactly fits my needs. It works perfectly for me for the 60opportunity days of bird hunting I do each year. It will easily haul two dog kennels three guys and all their stuff for a weeks hunt,

On the highway with the cruise set at 75the mph I get 20 mpg. At 65 mph I get 22 mpg. Around town I average 17 - 19.

On the rare occasion I've towed a trailer, haul 8 footer packed with stuff I got 12mpg.

The best feature is the locking 4wd button on the dash. Just ask the owners of the 3/4 ton 4wd Ford, Dodge and GM pickups I have pulled out of various mudholes, frozen cornfields and snowbanks.

Say what you will My Ridgeline works for me.

I am 47 years old and live in Rural Orlando. I drove Ford trucks exclusively for many years. I own my own business so I lease and trade very 3 years. Before changing to the Honda Ridgeline, my last 2 Fords were the Sportrac with a 4.0 V6. I don't fish or ever tow anything outside of the occasional rental equipment or U-hail trailer. The under bed cargo area I use for tools, tie down and other stuff I don't use to often. The back seat I usually keep in the upright position, I haul mostly boxes of valuable contents that I sell on line, so keeping them safe and dry is of the utmost importance. I also have a sturdy locking bed cover that converts my bed in to a huge lockable trunk but also isolates this cargo from my cab. This truck or whatever the critics on this column want to call it, is the perfect solution to my needs. Yes the mileage could be better but the power is plenty. The ride is super smooth and everything works perfectly day after day, much unlike every Ford I have ever driven, I never drove a new Honda before, and most likely never would have had Ford not temporarily discontinued their leasing program while they regrouped. EVERY Ford I have every owned required numerous visits to the dealer to get the "kinks" worked out while they tried to sell me new tires on my 15k truck .... lol .. My 2nd Honda Ridgeline and I have yet to a have a single problem.. Nothing! That means a lot to me. I love my Ridgline and I just found out the 2012 will be for sale in November.... Long Live the Ridgleline!!

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