Spied! Is this the 2013 Ram 1500?

Photos and words by KGP Photography

It appears that Chrysler has begun working on a mid-cycle facelift for the Ram 1500 pickup. A group of prototypes were caught hot-weather testing in Death Valley, showing signs of a redesigned grille and front bumper, along with possible headlight revisions. We assume powertrain upgrades will also be part of the package, including the all-new 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6.



I own a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 ST Quad Cab 4.7L 4WD. I have owned this truck for 1 year and I like just about everything about it. Prior to this I owned 2 Ford P/U and numerous Chevy P/U (one being a 3/4 ton 5 speed manual trans.). When I first heard about Dodge possibly making a half ton with a diesel, I hesitated on purchasing a truck at the time. After all the news came out about not producing any, I purchased my 09. If (and I hope) Dodge goes through with making a 1/2 ton diesel, I feel that it would have a better fuel economy than gas. I do know the current price on diesel fuel and I agree that it is more of an expense, but if the Cummings engine performes like it should, you should make out better in the long run. Not only in fuel economy but in longevity of the vehicle. In closing, I agree with having the option of wether or not I would like to have an automatic or manual transmission. Because if I had a choice, I would be driving it with a "stick".

I wondering if they will upgrade the torque converter, o2 sensors, header bolts, and rear end so I can tow my 4500 pound camper from RI to AZ without have to stop for warranty work in almost every state. 2009 1500 Hemi rated for 7500 pounds towing...

I am a current owner of a Ram 1500 RT with a K@N cold air intake and 50series flow master muffler in place or the original. I have seen up to 29 Mpg (Canadian) with this truck and have not lost a race with any other pickup yet including the new ford Eco boost and tundra. A few changes I would like them to make is to the center consol, and make a crew cab 1500 with the 6'4" box (like ford) and why not make the Laramie in a regular cab and the Laramie longhorn in the quad cab. And bring out the Sport and R/T with 3 passenger seating. This is my second new ram i had a 2009 Laramie Quad and my daughter has a 2010 ram 1500 sport best looking trucks on the road by far in my opinion. and oh a little more head room would be nice especialy with the sun roof.

I find it incredicbly stupid that you can fit a 33x12.5 tire under a stock 2wd 2009+ ram without rubbing. Had they just given the factory chrome clads a 1/4 in less offset and this would have been a problem. I do hope they fix that.

A 300hp, 18mpg city fullsize automatic truck would be really tempting to trade down from my 2010 RAm. They should find a way to shave 800lbs off these trucks. I'd like fulll roll down rear window, a midgate and Rambox or under bed trunk.. while dreaming a built in headache rack would be nice too.

I drove Power Wagons when they weren't cool (78-90) and loved the new Ram in 1994. Went to the 3500 cummins in 98 but had alot of trouble with the steering. Bought an '01 Suburban and loved it ,but still needed a pick up bed. I currently Drive a 2007 new body Silverado LT2 5.3 & 3.73 gears- good hwy milage(19-20) but towing milage stinks at 11-12 towing a 21' Ranger boat or 16' enclosed cargo trailer with 2 Harley Tourings in it, Full or empty, makes no difference. Suburban got 15 doing the same with a 5.3 and 3.73

I have seriously looked at the 2011 Ram and would love another cummins but the 2500 in more than I need and my cost versus gain in fuel economy would not be offset. Deisel fuel here in North GA is 12-16% higher than 87 octane

SO I am hoping for a 2013 Ram 1500 HD with a Cummins, The new 4cyl that Nissan is trying or the V6 I read about a few years back. I drive 600+ miles/week and have had to resort to driving wifes old 2000 Malibu for the 30 mpg 2-3 days a week. If I could get 24-28 hwy and 18-22 towing that would be my dream truck!

Hello, I work at a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealeship in Oklahoma. I spoke with the DRM yesterday & he informed me that for the 2013 model year, Ram has deceided to make some sheet metal changes (exterior), interior changes (cloth, new leather, 8" in-dash Nav screen, refine the instrument cluster, new "soft touch" buttons & controls, etc., & new electronics. Unfortunately, the 1 thing that I really wanted to see is power folding mirrors, which is not coming in 2013. SOrry to burst some of your bubbles. This is straight from a Ram representative.

I see that they they also may be putting in a v6 cummins diesel .... also the 2500 and 3500 are coming out with a 8 sped Alison and a new upgraded 6.7 .. about 525rwhp and over 1000 lbs of torque .. also everything you can engine for electronics from pyro meter to all view of all functions of the engine and transmission and also be able to control both best mileage and towing
Also they will get rid of the DPF, Cat, and run a better duel turbo and to make it run better andcoolerr a watermethanen injection ... there are otherpossibility'ss they have been toying with ... but they and Fiat said that theemissionnadd-onn garbage has to go to get the best fuel burn and have nothing but clean air and water as exhaust

i'm a big fan of dodge, specialy pickup's, but this last one it kind of disapointme , the cab was very small compared to prior models. i hope dodge people do something aboutit on this newone.

in 2014 Gm will have a completely redesigned truck, with a new engine line that chrysler wont even touch in power or economy, Will beat out ford and chrysler, wait n see

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