Toyota Announces Pricing for 2012 Tundra

Toyota Announces Pricing for 2012 Tundra
2011 Toyota Tundra Shown

Toyota is changing features and marginally increasing prices for 2012 Tundra light-duty pickups.

All 2012 Tundra half-tons will include a black upper instrument panel and black carpet, regardless of exterior and interior colors. Styled steel wheels will be standard across all models. Other standard features will include a Cold Area Package -- which included a heavy-duty battery and starter and windshield wiper de-icer with timer in 2011 -- daytime running lights and heated mirrors. A backup camera will be standard on Limited grades and Super White will be available as a paint choice for the Limited.

The MSRP for the 2012 Tundra ranges from $27,115 for the 4x2 Tundra Grade Double Cab V6 with a five-speed automatic transmission to $43,345 for the 4x4 CrewMax Limited with a 5.7-liter V8 and 6-speed automatic, reflecting an increase of $348, or 1.1 percent. Prices for the 2012 Tundra will go into effect beginning with start of production in Texas on September 1.

If you're wondering about the two-door Regular Cab Tundra, pricing for that model hasn't been released yet.

"We will announce Regular Cab pricing closer to its start of production, which is around the beginning of December," says Toyota spokesman Sam Butto.

[Source: Toyota]


I hope the 2012 is sleek looking.

It will still be bland just like the rest of their lineup due to lack of Soul!

base price for the tundra is 24,435 compared to Ford 22,790 with better towing, more hp and 1 city/3 highway mpg

you save almost 2 thousand and hundreds later for the fuel

I wonder when will they redesign this 5 year old model?

$27,000 + for a 4x2 v-6? I paid $28,000 for my loaded w/ everything but leather Z-71! LT ext. cab, and my Ford F-150 reg cab Ecco-Boost, 4X4, 8' bed was only $31,000!!!. Sheeech those things are expencive$$$$$$$

@ frank

bland huh, i really like the look of my Tundra with 20 inch wheels, perforated heated/cooled leather, nav. back window that rolls down and my big moonroof. I also like the fact that my headlights will tilt at the flip of my finger, my power tilt/telescopic steering wheel, oh and my 12 speaker 440watt JBL system with a factory center channel and 10 inch sub in the back behind my sliding and reclining rear seats with cavernous legroom. Bland is obviously subjective and i'm curious how any other truck makes this truck look bland to you.

@tom334 you said

"base price for the tundra is 24,435 compared to Ford 22,790 with better towing, more hp and 1 city/3 highway mpg

you save almost 2 thousand and hundreds later for the fuel"

lets clarify, 24,435 on the tundra includes a 3.90 rear diff. 13.9 inch front rotors with 4 piston fixed position calipers, 13.6 inch vented disc rear rotors all of which are larger than a diesel powered super duty all at no extra charge. the truck comes with 2 fluid to fluid heat exchangers one on the oil and one on the trans also at no extra charge. the Tundra ALSO has 4 wheel INDEPENDENTLY controlled ABS brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist neither of which ford even offers, vehicle stability control, Auto Limited slip diff you ALSO dont pay extra for, then you add in the driver and passenger knee airbags at no extra charge............. if this doesnt make up the difference in value to you then MAYBE you should go on consumer reports and see that the fuel economy that they post they dont get, they just tune the truck to the EPA cycle so it performs well there just like the fusion hybrid. this way YOU will purchase one and learn the hard way....... great value PS consumer reports shows the combined fuel economy on the Tundra to be higher than the ford. OH maybe we should also add the fact that the mirrors are heated as well as the bottom of the windshield, also add in the fact that the driver and passenger have SEPARATE temperature controls (yes folks even on the base truck). OH also the headlights are adjustable on that 24k truck as well, and you can store a 5 gallon air compressor BEHIND the front seat inside the cab, and just for insult i'll throw in the fact that the trailer sway control (that actually works well) is also thrown in just for good measure.

And folks you get ALL OF THIS STUFF for a mere 1700 bucks. And for the past 6 years the most dependable truck on the road (JD Power), and by averages a 5 year old ford has as many reported problems as a 10 year old Tundra. (consumer reports)

@ sandman4x4

a very well equipped 4x4 reg. cab Tundra with a 5.7 in it is only 31,800. so how is it the Tundra is expensive again?

Argue looks all day if you wish. But quality and best deal is Toyota tundra. List prices ar deceiving. Gotta compare apples to apples.

Hemi lol s dead on.

Ram is an awesome looking truck... Many great options but ver poor quality...

The Tundra needs a 3.90 axle to make up for the tall gearing in the trans.

Those bigger brakes don't seem to help stopping distances much.

Anyone quoting CR doesn't add credibility to their statements. I test drove a Fusion hybrid and for a 6 mile drive, averaged 44 mpg. My 07 Fusion I4 gets a consistent 33 - 34 mpg. My 08 Mustang Gt gets 25 - 27 mpg with a 23 EPA rating. Both are commuting with 90% highway.

You have to drive a Tundra at night because it's so butt ugly.

Black carpet? Who's idea was that? Glad I got mine when I did. Grey carpet is waaaay easier to keep clean. C'mon Toyota...give us back options and quit cutting costs.

@Hemi lol, it looks boring to me also, and we're all just expressing our opinions, no need to get defensive. Please stop sounding like a Toyota commercial too. It turns me off Toyotas even more, which is hard to do because I hate those bland stupid pieces of crap already.

I have no issues with the Tundra.
Over the last few years it has been a virtual tie between the F150 and Tundra in relation to long term quality and reliability.
I chose the F150 over the Tundra for 2 big reasons -
1. more option choices with the Ford
2. Price
Once rebates were factored in the F150 cost me 8,000 less than the Tundra. I like the Tundra and it is a decent truck but it isn't worth 8,000 more than a Ford.

I love my tundra but I got to wonder about the steel wheels because I bought a grade model tundra and it came with steel wheels this means nothing I had to get rid of the steel wheels in favor of the 18" alloy which I think should be the standard wheels the larger chrome should be the upgrade.

P.S. I also found an aftermarket trailer brake for less than a $130.00 and can be installed quickly I will have this installed as toyota gives you the wirring for it if your truck comes with the tow package. NO BIG DEAL!

These changes, less vehicle content and higher prices, are probably due to the continued poor sales of the Tundra? Toyota is trying their damndest to try and make a profit on this mistake.

Whenever I hear about this Tundra I just refer back to what Make said. He said it best:

"I'm not sure how you measure "catching up" but beyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Three years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control for 2011 will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy."

"I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. In 2010 JD Power Quality Survey, Tundra quality problems jumped from 88 problems per 100 vehicles to 100 problems."

"I hope Toyota gets the engineering and features right in the next Tundra. I'll be the first to stand up and applaud."

- Mike Levine

Ugly, way overpriced, under performing, recall queen, and only attractive to buyers who know nothing about quality and reliablity. Tundra, the most expensive POS full size truck on the road. GMC, best truck on the road, Duramax/Allison best power, quality, longest lasting with the best resale value of any truck.


"$27,000 + for a 4x2 v-6? I paid $28,000 for my loaded w/ everything but leather Z-71! LT ext. cab, and my Ford F-150 reg cab Ecco-Boost, 4X4, 8' bed was only $31,000!!!. Sheeech those things are expencive$$$$$$$"

serious dude, u can do better than playing that game of "i paid" vs "listed price"

that was weak.

Hey hemi lol...
Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon rind...Look on the scoreboard and see who's behind...You, you, you you and your toy ota's !!!

uh-huh: what I paid and what you talk about goes like this, cash talks bull__it walks, facts are facts, $ 4$ you can't beat Chevy, Ford and Dodge, youcan drive what you like, but me I would rather have all the $$$ stay in this Country for now, when everything picks back up, well maybee I could find myself looking at the toyotas and nissans, but for now no thanks, (and they would have to re-design that weird lookin thaing they call a truck) tundra, they doo have a great engine, butt poor exicution, (sorry can't spell) it's that public schools. But simple old me knows a good thing when he sees one thats for sure, and I am open minded enough not to care where the item is made ethier, just as long as it's an American company. Lol Hemi, my Ford is a XL, but it is loaded, meaning alloy wheels, in-dash computer w/ wireless keyboard w/ navigation, every thing but leather, and don't forget the Ecco-Boost 385hp 420ftlbs engine, that gets better mpg than the toys 6cyl. and pulls stonger than a 5.7! and don't even compare the looks, and driving feel, with the standard trailer sway control that even has rol over mitigation, and the way it tows my Airstream, like nothing b-4, and say what you will, my cousins 5.7 reg cab 6' bed 4X4 will get out of the hole a little faster, but after that asta la vista baby, in the mountains it is laughable, when he is receading in my rear view mirror, then at the pumps HA I only have a 26 gal tank and he is always puting over 30 gals to my 24! and we always fill at the same time, he only gets 10-12 mpg towing, I gat 14-15 towing, and I have the bikes in the back! (won't fit in the toy. 6' bed an all, I can eaven close my tail-gate and lock it, and never have to worry about it bending or cracking, he had to take his off it got so bad, and they want $800+ for a new one,(he is going to but after-market flow thru). Say what you will toyfanboys. I'll stick with the Ford Chevy Dodge any day, less exspencive to buy and fix IF something goes wrong.

I knew someone would bring up the Mike Levine B.S. about trailer brake thats why I beat you too it above with the truth Toyota gives you the trailer brake controller prewire with the tow package read the 3rd comment so if you want a trailer brake controller spend $130.00 on a plug and play kit that installs quickly. Nothing that someone gives you the sets up too (prewire) which allows you to but a easy install plug and play kit cheaply, is that big of a deal. It would have only been a big deal if Toyota made the tundra not compatible for a trailer brake controller. If you want to talk legit complaints about the tundra and not hyped up problems go ask tundra owners.

TRD supercharger and it wont matter what you do to your truck your in the rearview from start to finish as we all know forced induction works better @ higher elevations than a larger displacement. As for cracked tailgate never ha a problem with mine but I have heard other tundra owners who have but I dont think it affects majority of tundra owners but a legit complaint (quality) along with aip problem or you dont like the tundra styling (interior or exterior), you find the pricing unreasonable for this truck just like the pricing for the Harley Davidson F150 and some other trucks offer better mpg and for you hillbillies its a damn j*p truck not not merican which is only what I buy.

@5.3 LOL, we all know that slapping on an aftermarket brake controller is NOT the same as an integrated one. It does not work hand in hand with the truck's computer and is no different than what's been done for the past 30 years. A truely integrated controller is designed together with the truck's computer to work as a team and not piggybacked on top.
I had someone stop by the house yesterday, and mentioned his Toy truck was in the shop yet getting it's frame replaced due to rust. When I barely opened my mouth to ask about it he cut me off and said "I don't want to talk about it". That's the first time I talked to someone who had to go through the rust-out frame recall. Until now I thought maybe it was an urban legend.

LOL 5.3:: what the _ell is wrong with hillbillies? I'm just an open minded Yankee, who loves his Country and every fellow citizen, left or right. You can't defend anything about the junk you hapen to like, to each there own, I have not talked down to you or others, just t here junk they drive. Please just drive what you want and don't talk down to anyone who likes something different, see I know you don't like a tast of your own medicine huh? As far as having OEM equipment, would you rather have original eqiupment than jusyt original wires? how does that make any sence? it does't so don't try to spin it, it won't go all the way around. it will just come around and bite you AND make you look foolish. Yep I guess you would have to spend what $5,000 to get the toy to comeout ahead? and the report I read about the Iron Man toy w/TDR supercharger said to forget about mpg anywhere above 12mpg? shees I would rather slow down and enjoy the ride, you realy should not tell eveyone that you speed around anyway, everything I said was within the legal realm of travel, with good mpg and overwhelming power to get the job done for miles an miles to come, and have no inspection worries, or EPA troubles, yse my cousin has thought about the TRD parts, but he is going to take the $$ and use it for a down payment on a real American truck, not build by some commitee in japan, and executed in the heartland of America to make a PR statment. Good luck to you and happy motoring, and see you in my rear view mirror. Got to go now, it is too beautiful outside, takin a ride on the Harley.

Why dont you ask tundra owners who have a aftermarket brake controller in connection with the toyota tow package that gives you the prewire so you can hook your aftermarket controller up how well they work havent heard to many complaints. As for frame rust was his a 1st gen because I havent heard of 2nd gen frame rusting but you know what the oldest tundra bash is trying to relate the 1st gen tundra frame rust to the 2nd gen tundra which has a different frame.

@5.3, The aftermarket controllers will absolutley work fine, as they have for 30+ years. The new fully integrated controllers work much better though.
My comment about the rusted frames was not a dig on Toy. I meant that I read all these stories about how many need to be replaced but never have talked to anyone actually having it done. That's not unlike many of the exagerated internet claims against brands. Hence my "urban legend" comment. ;)

aint nothing wrong with ur choice, just ur flawed logic of comparison about price paid vs list price

Im just giving you facts about how tundra owners feel about it if after all who would know better than a tundra owner I even agreed with you about the quality, mpg and possibly the price increase as I have heard it mentioned by other tundra owners on forums and mentioned 2 that you didnt bring up styling (interior and exterior) as toyota promises more American styling on the next gen along with better interior and the aip problem also I forgot what should be considerd a failure about the 2nd gen is toyota gave you a 26 gallon tank on something thats gets 14city and 18hwy which toyota says will be fixed on the next gen tundra but you got offended when I dont call the truck a POS or "JUNK" and give you real tundra owner perspective and as far as the trd supercharger its the truth as of 08/11/11 no current truck is faster than a trd supercharged tundra but if your "cousin" doesnt want one I dont recall telling him to have one I just stated a simple fact if you have a 5.7L tundra its the ultimate prize I dont know why your offended is it because I mentioned a fact that all through out the internet we have have heard a certain group of people refer to the tundra as a j*p truck which may be offensive to Japanese you must be one of those people because your offended.

@ Hemi lol

Are you a Toyota salesman? If not, you should give it a try. You sure sound like your liveliehood depends on convincing people to buy a Tundra. ;)

Also this guy who spins suff in favor of toyota said earlier that he didnt like toyota making the 18" steel wheels standard when my grade model (base model) came with them and I immediately took them off and I said the 18" alloy should be standard. Also the next gen tundra will feature a new frame but not because the 2nd gen didnt work (didn't brake, bend or rust) but probably because its not the industry standard and they might want to clean up the rough ride another thing some 2nd gen tundra owners have complained of and if you look up you will find out that the tundra sibling the current 2nd gen toyota sequoia has a fully-boxed frame and coil springs (for a better ride) to go with the 5.7 but a lower tow rating probably due to the coil springs and the fact that it heavier than the crewmax. All im saying just because its the tundra lets not make problems bigger than what they are.

Mike Levine did not BS anyone about the Tundra. A trailer brake "wire" for the Tundra is not the same as an Integrated Trailer Brake Controller (ITBC.) As far as I know the 2011 still does not have an ITBC which is kind of lame for a 2011. Toyota needs to get with the program. Mike is exactly right.

Yes now I get it Mike Levine is never wrong and a toyota trailer brake prewire (setup) and a cheap aftermarket easy to install trailerbarke is a huge problem even though tundra owners dont really complain about that.

@Tom, @5.3 LOL: There's no right or wrong about the lack of an ITBC in the Tundra. But IMO, if Toyota wants to say they really understand the needs of truck buyers who tow trailers, they need to offer it. Why should I have to scratch up my hands (speaking from experience) reaching under the dash to find the TBC wires and then have to secure an aftermarket unit in an inconvenient place? Plus, I do want my ITBC to be integrated with the ABS system from the factory and also control the trailer brakes, not just the truck's.

Amen, Mike L.!

@Mike Levine
I dont want to fight anymore just read these 2 articles from tundra owners about how well prodigy works and the other about location and if you still believe that same I wont try to convince you.
I dont have bench seats so I am going to mount mine next to the cigarette lighter.

I have the same thing on my 07 F150, a wire harness under the dash to plug in my Prodigy. Better than what was offered before that, but not as good as an integrated one by any stretch of the imagination.

Ford stepped up and Toyota needs to as well.

Ford stepped up...and stepped on Toyota. General Motors and Ram followed suit.

Also keep in mind when braking with a trailor varies from truck to truck due to that trucks configuration what may be a big problem for one may be a smaller problem for a truck with another setup the combination of the prodigy trailor brake controller, toyota Electronic Brake-Force Distribution and the fact that tundra has the largest brakes of any half ton may provide all the braking tundra needs and allow you to do this after all the only people who will know are those who have used the 2nd gen tundra and prodigy trailer brake setup see post above.

UhHuh: flawed lodgic? I got 6,000 off Chevy, toyota salesman wouldn't even consider 2,000 off? if I like that idea, (about saving $$$ on something I like, well it's a no brainer. But you can buy the much more expensice piece if you like, have fun with it and be careful there awfully powerful. Mostly just awfull..,.. and did I foget to mention the Ford dealer gave me a big discount on the EB? seems the buyer bought more than the owner was happy with, right place at the right the owner knowd that the EB sells well. But he knowns he has a customer for live now, (I tend to be loyal to people that treat me right...thats the no spin, what comes around goes around.

I dont think toyota even used a trailor brake controller on this which is why I got 4 oversized disk brakes your 07 F150 doesnt have the same setup as a tundra and dont even try and say the trucks braking system have nothing to do with braking with a trailor because it does thats changing it all.
Also I dont condone towing more than 8,500lbs with a 1/2 ton but here is how tundra owners who did fared and what happened and why toyota gave tundra a open c channel maybe oxi was telling the truth. I want a fully boxed frame on the next gen for a better ride which military trucks dont have to worry about.

@ Mike Levine

Best thing i could say about why they dont offer it is simply because different brake controllers are used for different things. I do think the placement idea would be better suited however. Having the only truck with a driver and passenger side knee airbag can present a problem for some people as to where to mount the controller. Integrating the ABS is a good idea but Toyota's 4 channel ABS works much better than the other's 3 channel systems with integrated controller.

How bout this idea, you guys should do some sort of sway control testing for the light duty shootout, as it was said to me, "some of the manufacturers integrated controls dont correct sway very well at all, but the trailer sway control on the tundra WITHOUT integrated controller actually corrects sway".

@ other people

there are so many false BS comments above this post i cant even respond to them all nor do i feel like it, just know that a bunch of you either are VERY misinformed or just dont want to know nor see the truth. i will comment to one though

@ sandman4x4

A. you have NEVER put a 5.7 Tundra in your taillights towing the same weight same trailer ect. unless they let you ahead PERIOD.

B. Fuel economy on the ecoboost towing any established weight is LAUGHABLE at best. i believe Mike Levine his self reported a wonderfully fuel efficient 7.5 MPG towing an 8-9k trailer. and finally to seal the deal about how false your statements are you claimed your "buddy" that you passed in the hills was getting worse fuel economy and had to put in 30 gallons when you only put in 26. Here's a FACT for you, the ONLY fuel tank the Tundra comes with is 26.4 Gallons, one time that i thought i was gonna walk i felt it was so low i put in 22.7 gallons, the rest is reserve so you dont run out nor burn up your fuel pump.

Bridges, skyscrapers and military vehicles (heavy duty) are made to flex thats the reason behind the open c channel people dont you think after the 1st gen rust, bent and broken frames toyota would do something about that for the 2nd gen along with brakes big enough for an HD with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution when I see the tundra I see a truck someone put HD truck principles to a 1/2 ton you dont have to take my word for it let toyota tell you

I almost forgot 401lb ft below 4000rpm (for you ecoboost owners quit fronting you own it not for 16/22 but 420lb ft @2500rpm congrats) with a 4.3 axle ratio HD.

for the record the Tundra's torque is 401lb. ft. 90% of that is available from 2400RPM all the way up to 5500 RPM. i proven metric that makes the engine so strong when pulling or just driving around.

We could do this all day lets see tundra 1st half ton with a 6 speed when only HD trucks had them and it performs like this Tundra biggest hitch and largest rear diff why HD.
Changing it all=HD half ton

I'm willing to bet that Ford will go to a boxed frame on the next gen HD's. The c-channel will stay for the chassis cab trucks (just like Ram).
The Tundra will most likely go to a boxed frame.
Boxed frames in the current ladder configuration will most likely be a thing of the past.
Unibody or hybrids of unibody and ladder frames will most likely be what we see next. We might even see a monocoque chassis.

LOLHEMI: didn't I even say the 5.7 is a great engine? and ok, I didn't say anything about the custom 37 gal fuel tank he put in his toy so as to not have high mileage worries, just like I have to do the same thing sooner or latter in mine, I realy can't live with 300-350mile range, but then again I do live on the east coast, so there allways seems to be a station near by, the only worries I have is finding a good name brand station, I have tried some discout gas, NOT a good thing especialy on the beach in deep sand! But as far as there being 5.7's in my tailights? just try passing an Ecco-Boost sometime, you won't like it, just don't talk any smack with it's driver (you risk looking like an idiot) and I realy don't want that to happen, you sound like a nice guy, and the tundra isn't a bad choice, just not the best for the $$, but it is your $ so spend it as you wish, jsut be aware of the consequences, and I'm sure your truck will run a long time, if you not in the rust belt or near the coast, I have two neighbors that have a tacoma and tunrda (1st gen), and they now have new frames, jee what a deal!

Is it too much to ask that some of you use paragraphs and sentences when you're tying to sound smart here? It's not easy following some of your arguments.

Wow Toyota is becoming the next Honda.
Where is the 6 speed automatic for the V6?
Where are the engine upgrades? Where is Valvematic at? Valvematic is cheaper/better than direct injection.
8 speed automatic?

All you guys bagging on the Tundra just don't get it. Don't you realize that this is THE TRUCK THAT'S CHANGING IT ALL? Toyota could charge twice as much and would still be a bargain, because it is THE TRUCK THAT'S CHANGING IT ALL. The guy on the TV said so.

Why I chose 8,500lbs as my max tow AMCI certified without a trailer brake controller and just the trucks massive HD size brakes and electronic brake force distribution. Just for Ron Lol!

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