What We're Testing This Week: Mopar Ram Runner by KORE

What We're Testing This Week: Mopar Ram Runner

We've got our hands on a Ram Runner with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that we're putting through the paces at Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area in Southern California, near Palm Springs.

This particular Ram Runner was recently built by veteran Baja racer Kent Kroeker. Kroeker is  the engineering brains and brawn behind the Mopar bolt-on suspension kit. It's been installed on a used 2009 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 that Kroeker purchased with only 10,000 miles on the odometer.

Look for the full story coming soon and teasers on Twitter and Facebook between now and then.




that thing looks bad ass!!!

Ha ha you guys just get the best shots of trucks. It will be interesting to see how this will stack up to the raptor.

If oxi was here this is what he would say...

So for that amount of $$$, all you can get is 13 inches in the center, a 41 degree approach and 30 degree departure?

Wow, I have not even spent close to what this truck costs just off the lot and I have 15 inches in the center, 45 degrees up front and over 30 rear. My suspension is still stock minus the Bilstein 5100's up front yet I have more running ground clearance, hmmmm...

Pahe III will be the modding of the suspension and I will have spent up to this point what the stock Ram would be without the kit yet I will be more capable...

Funny how that works!

All kidding aside, it's about time they start to build trucks like they are supposed too! Screw this straight axle front crap that does not give you speed and mobility off-road. It's nice to see them build like in the desert!

I remeber when I first built my desert-type pickup back in the mid-1990's, boy did my pickup stick out from the traditional lifted truck with big tires! And that was the mid-1990's...

I proved them all wrong when they saw how capable an IFS pickup can be off-road. I later raced it down in Baja!

oxi out testing in a real off-road truck that he built up himself...


@ Mike Will you have a Raptor out there with you?

Oxi's truck is petty nice, but it needs a lift! So does my Ranger lol.....

As far as the Ram Runner goes i think it has an advantage using the coil springs in the rear, they may not be great for towing or hauling but in prerunner situations it should work out well

Here is a taste of what to expect from this test:


Truck is very impressive.

How much does it weigh?


Don't worry next month it goes up about 2 more inches paving the way for 33 inch tall tires...

This thing will be better off the road than a Raptor is. It has a similar suspension package, but it takes it to the next level with more travel. However, the Raptor is probably has better street manners, better work capabilities, and is cheaper when compared straight up against the more purpose built Ram Runner.

@Frank: Soon. :-)

Looks like you're having a lot of fun out there!

@ Mike is the HD Hurt Locker ready yet and was there any F-350 drifting like what Tanner did on Top Gear.

The problem with oxi's Tacoma is he uses a leveling kit which limit wheel travel, and the extra weight added will make it weigh near as much as a full-size but not have the strength of one. Oxi's is good for the easy stuff. Leave the hard stuff for the Raptor and Ram Runner like it should be.


Leveling shock is gone for OME gas shocks and 200 lb coils up front with new a-arms to maintain better alignment and keep factory balljoints...

Rear is a simple swap to 700 lb leaf springs, flip the u-bolts and Bilstein gas shocks and a custom welded bar across the rear axle, tubes weld on top of the axle about 1/2 way between pumkin and end of axle tube then runs across the face of the pumkin that you would see from the rear above the oil filler nut.

This prevents the flexing or twisting of the axle under full torque load towards the upper position and keeps the driveline and pinion angles in check under full torque load. If you ever have ran larger off-road tires you know what I am talking about the twisting of the axle!

This adds mass to the axle likewise for strength above stock since I will be running 255/85/16 or 33 inch tall tires...

And this is just a mild setup to handle higher payload at slower speeds off-road. If I wanted to build for running higher speeds off-road, I could easily set it up with my local off-road shop connections. These guy specialize in short course off-road racing like at Crandon and they know how to build machines that can handle the brutal conditions. Most are former desert racers like myself!

For now, due to the daily driving of my pickup in the conditions I have to endure and that is ALL 4 seasons, especially winter, I chose this mild setup (retaining factory ball-joints) that are more reliable than uni-balls over the long term (maintenance) in the conditions I have to endure here...

Over time when I get another pickup I then can set my current ride for more travel, etc... due to the less miles driven per year, etc... I will have learned what this mild setup does and seek improvements for the next setup...

Bring oxi's Tacoma out there for an off-road shootout.

Ram Runner vs Raptor vs Tacoma Oxi Stage 3...

oxi's Tacoma will be better off the road than a Ram Runner and Raptor is.

oxi has a similar IFS and leaf spring suspension package, but oxi is taking his tacoma to the next level with stage 3 that include 2" lift, 33" tires and deaver springs.

However, the Raptor is probably better towing. the ram runner and raptor is too expensive when compared straight up against oxi's off-road purpose built stage 3 tacoma.



That would be the F450 on Top Gear.

Schizophrenia can be controlled with a good regiment of oxi.

Entertaining posts.
It does look more nastier than the Raptor. In the USA the Raptor would be cheeper. In Canada it would be farely even if you went with a new Ram.
One could argue the point that a used Raptor would be a better value than a converted a used Ram.
I saw an add the other day for King adjustable shocks for the Raptor. Prices started at $2500 a set. Ouch.
I got to start investing in lottery tickets;)

I'd love to see the rear suspension assembly design. I'd guess it doesn't have the Raptor-like built in design feature to bend the frame upon bottoming-out.

This says it all:

As veteran Baja racer and suspension developer Kent Kroeker puts it, “Everything [we’ve hung on the Ram Runner] is bigger and heavier [than the SVT Raptor].”

Right. That's why Car and Driver broke the Ram Runner in their test.

Frank, Stop trolling.

Nice truck!!! doesn't have anything on oxi's toy though, doesn't even come close to weighing as much either. Oxi; you don't need deaver springs, you need less crap! maybe try helium in the tires.

They need to take it to the same place the RAPPER's bent their frames and see what happens to the Dodge, i bet it wouldn't bend at all.


Hey I feel like Bob today, they chose the F450 as the strongest truck. Sux, I know your Chevy couldn't even roast the tires.


Run any trucks through their and it will break. Your post never contribute to anything!

Hitting a foot tall berm at 100 mpg. Mybe PUTC can include that as part of their next shootout. The truck that folds the least wins;)

@Ken - As veteran Baja racer and suspension developer Kent Kroeker puts it, “Everything [we’ve hung on the Ram Runner] is bigger and heavier [than the SVT Raptor].”

That makes sense from a marketing perspective - if you want to say your truck is better, you have to upgrade to better parts.

PUTC is planning a shootout. That would be cool.



Car and Driver didn't break the suspension or frame and it didn't happen flying over jumps, bumps, or as in the Raptor's case an ant hill. :) Here's what the article says:

"Unfortunately, our test was cut short by a transfer-case failure incurred while powering out of deep sand."

Nice truck,a real off roader !!!!

"Everything is bigger and heavier"

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

@Ken - pointing out a transfer case failure in deep sand isn't shining a positive light on Ram.
Isn't "powering out" of anything the purpose of a 4x4?

"or as in the Raptor's case an ant hill.
I don't know about you but I wouldn't expect anything short of a trophy truck to survive hitting a 1 foot tall step up to a cattle guard at a 100 mpg.

Why don't you take your Ram to the local Wallmart and hit a curb at 100 mph and see how you fare.
Not much difference really or would your transfer case fail before you got up to speed?

Hey Oxi would aprove, the heavy er the bed er.

@Lou: No doubt, I was just trying to keep it simple by comparing apples to apples here with the suspension upgrade.

Not sure how mpg would make a difference. :) But seriously, I've yet to see a scaled picture of the fabled bump. We all know a curb would damage wheels at speed so that's hyperbole.

@Lou: There's a huge difference when comparing a one-off build to production vehicles with numerous failures and a manufacturer supporting the design.

As others have said, a comparison test would be great. Probably more believable if knowledgable off-road racers were test drivers.

Well respected off-road suspension designers will almost always create a better product sooner than automobile designers that need a few model year failures to learn and have production cost constraints.

PUTC, please do NOT test other trucks by hitting the 1 foot berm at 100 MPH. We want you to LIVE to report another day!


The weakest point on truck's frame is between the bed & cab. Lots of weight on both ends leveraging energy to the non reinforced center. I mean the cabs and beds serve as braces for the span underneath them. It's not a matter of 'if' but 'how hard' to land a Ram in order to bend its frame. Trucks could be tested by incrementally landing trucks harder to see which brand 'gives' first. Scared?

@ Frank

Its really unfortunate that you dont know why the chevy wouldnt burn out........ its the same reason is busts the F450's butt and the ram's butt. Its called CONTROLLING the power, i'll let you in on a secret that everyone driving a duramax already knows. the Allison transmission has a trans brake in it, thats why it doesnt burn out. Its also why it controls weight much better on a hill. had he released his foot from the brake it wouldve turned em some but then it wouldnt have sat still like Rutledge would have wanted it too. I personally think its damned impressive that the trans brake can hold back 765 ft.lbs. thats more impressive to me that a burnout, my pos 95 civic with 102hp can burn out, that simply proves nothing.

@ fred

you may kinda have something like that competition you speak of in the future. (Raptor, Ram Runner, Tacoma) just to tease you a bit.................

@tomshuart- nonsense. FOrd and Ram have front axle weights over 5500lb on coil springs. That kind of axle weight rating for a rear in a 1/2 ton should easily give you over 2000lb, as much as 3000 in a regular cab. It isn't the type of spring.

hemi lol

i agree that show just did not do a good comparison, but i got a kick out of it with the burn outs and so forth, to me we have a good selection to choose from if we need a work horse, me i will always pick the Ford's i have always had the best luck with their trucks, but that does not say the rest are no good

@Frank F-350 F-450 doesn't matter but what does matter is dually drifting.

what do you mean by drifting

I suggest PUTC do a test with the Raptor, Ram Runner, Oximobile and the Rally Fighter from the video. Hows that sound Mike? Better yet make it a Raptor R.

Ram Runner and Raptor comparison is in the works. Stay tuned for info. It's a lot of work because of permits.

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