Video: 2012 Toyota Tacoma, TRD T|X Baja Series

Here's an up-close look at the 2012 Toyota Tacoma and the just-revealed TRD T|X Baja Series desert runner.


@Buy American - you need to expand your research beyond the Rush Limbaugh end of the book store.

GDP or Gross Domestic Product is defined as " the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991; the total market values of goods and services produced by workers and capital within a nation's borders during a given period (usually 1 year)"

Any final product made in the USA, or services performed in the USA contribute to GDP.
GDP is the measure of the health of a country.

Imports and profits leaving the country are minused from GDP.

If you buy a Mexican made Ram HD - the final product wasn't made in the USA (an import), therefore a negative contributor to GDP or health of the country.
The profits stay in the USA (well 47%, the rest go to Italy), that is a positive to the country.
Problem is - profits are not the bulk of the purchase cost of a truck.
What happens when a company looses money - no profits, therefore no contribution to the heath of a country.

If you buy a USA made Tundra, the final product was made in the USA, therefore a positive contributor to the USA economy.
Profits will leave the country (to a certain degree). As stated before, profits are not the bulk of the purchase cost of a truck. That is a negative to the country.

Buying a domestic product from a domestic company is the best posible option.
(That would be Ford and GMC 1/2 tons and HD's.)
2nd best choice is a domestic made product from a foreign company.
(That would be Ram LD, and Toyota trucks.)
3rd choice is a foreign made product (DEFINED AS IMPORT) brought in by a domestic company.
(Ram HD.)
The last and worse choice is a foreign made product from a foreign company (DEFINED AS IMPORT) .
(Maybe Mahindra if it ever shows up.)

We can muddy the waters with import and export laws, and trade agreements, ie. Canada and Mexico counts as a domestic.
We can muddy the waters with parts content.
(Tundra 80%, F150 60%)
We can muddy the waters with shareholders/stockholders who can be anyone or anything from anyplace in the world.
We can muddy the waters with a look at who owns USA debt.

I see your point, and patriotism is a fine thing - but like I said before, take a close look at the VIN.

Buy American. I totally agree you should support products and manufacturing in your own country. As I see it, although BMW, Toyotaare foreign corporations, they manufacture in the US. freightliner, Mack,Volvo are Truck manufacturers owned by foreign corporations, but there has not been a push to avoid them. best case scenario is to buy products from a company owned by your country.

@Buy American "Asia" is a pretty broad definition, that does accurately some up aspects of the countries in the region. Japan has been an enemy of China and Korea, all of them are investing in the US.Some are building factories in the US, others like China just sell products. Koreans tend to copy how the Japanese do business, although culturally, they despise each other. China is feared in Japan.On a non-business level there is a lot of post WW2 and historicgrevances stil very much in evidence. Still despite this roughly 1.2 Billion are on the way to becoming middle class in the. Asia already is the biggest consumer spending region globally.

my 2 cents. I live on a farm in Nebraska. My father and I have farmed our entire lives. In 1999 we switched to Toyota from Ford. Why? We were throwing money out the window on repairs and resale. It just made no sense. We are not out jumping sand dunes. We are using them for straight farm work. And guess what..they work great. We have two Tundras and one Tacoma. They work very well. Now maybe Ford has improved? I don't know and don't care. I will go with what has worked for us. Why would I switch back? When it makes financial sense and I can count of the Ford then maybe we will switch back. Otherwise no thank you. When in the middle of Nebraska in a snow storm I want to make sure the damn thing will start.

@oxi- no, haven't been to Baja. And forgive me for not knowing that only desert runners are "true off road vehicles". Clearly I should not question you superior experience. Approach angle? You're really reaching. Dragging your tail around is just as bad.

@Buy American Nazi:

Do you have a 401-K? Any mutual fund investments? If you do, there's a good chance that YOU are the beneficiary of the profits of 'foreign' auto manufacturers. I know that a few of the funds that I am invested in have Japanese and South Korean auto makers among their number.

Now, help me out here...does this make me UN-American or is it okay, because I'm pulling a fast one on those dirty Japs and clawing back a few of our our hard-earned 'Merican dollars...?

Hell, the AMERICAN company I've work for (in MN) for over ten years was bought out by a Swiss company a few years ago, joined at the hip another company (in GA). Then, this year the Swiss company was bought out by Toshiba!

So now that I work for an the midwestern half of the North American branch of a Swiss-named company that's really owned by a Japanese conglomerate, and I'm taking the money from those filthy nips (that we kicked outta Midway back in the Big One, by God) and using it to buy their own companies out from underneath them, who's really pulling one over on whom?

The world is flat. We're all in this together. Get over it.


A nose up or nose down stance doesn't make a difference on how a truck lands after a jump, it's all about weight distribution. I dont care how high you jack the front end up, if you have a big heavy ranch bumper hanging off the front, it's gonna go down first.

If you really care about approach and departure angles than you take a sawzall to what you dont need.

Jason H-

Thank you for doing your part to help the Japanese. The United States of America appreciates it.

A couple of years back, during my desperate hunt for a job (still hunting), I applied with Denso. Thank goodness I did not get the position. I would have been miserable working for a Japanese company, and helping Toyota furthermore.

@ Buy American:

"Thank you for doing your part to help the Japanese. The United States of America appreciates it."

But...I drive a Chevy Silverado! However, the first number of the VIN is a 2 so I guess that means it was made in Canuckistan... Is that okay? I mean, they're not Americans PER SE but they're close enough...right? No slanty-eyes or anything like that...

...If only you could see how ridiculous some of your opinions appear to others.

@Jason H - Hey - I'm from Canuckistan. Never heard that one before. Funny.
You sound suspiciously like Red4x4.

Jason H-

I have sated my case, many times, before. The United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Central America are all part of what is called the North American Continent. I always look to what is best for the U.S.A., first and foremost. My second choice is supporting our neighbors in Canada, Mexico, and Central America. My last effort is to support South America.

Asia has more money than they know what to do with. North America and South America, not so much. I want to help my own (U.S.A./the Americas) before I help the rich (Asia) get richer.


Sorry about the Canuckistan was a thoughtless joke. I actually like Canadians! (Well, all except for the French ones...)

Not sure who Red4x4 is, but if he sounds anything like me, he can't be all bad... I'm just a guy who likes pickup trucks (and the Jeeps) who has lurked reading articles on this site for a couple years trying in vain to avoid reading (it's like a train wreck...I can't look away!) the comments.

...That is, until recently being moved to post in a (likely quixotic) attempt to right the many, many wrongs that have been inflicted upon me by this site and the internet in general and restore order to the force or something... (However, at this point I would like to state that your comments are among the saner and more level-headed/open minded on this board.)

Now that I think about it, I guess picking on guys like Oxi and Michigan Bob and Buy American is kind of a low-blow around here...kind of like picking low-hanging fruit...the lazy man's way out...but I just can't seem to help myself

I'm not sure what it is deep inside my soul that causes me lash out at narrow-mindedness and confront people with thier own illogical mindsets...But if I had to guess, I'd say the fault probably lies squarely with my (late) authoritarian hippy intellectual father. He was a walking contradiction who was quick to point out the hypocrisies of others, but never could seem to spot any flaws in his own character (and I miss him dearly). He taught me to question everything.

@ Buy American:
That is an interesting point of view, but hasn't Japan been more or less in a recession since the early 90s?

@ Buy American:

"Thank you for doing your part to help the Japanese. The United States of America appreciates it."

I'm sorry, I just can't leave this one alone...This comment...It's just too much!

...I mean you act like I'm a bad person for working for Toshiba when, let me tell you buddy, I had NOTHING to do with it! The company I work for was BOUGHT OUT by a Swiss Company. That company was subsequently BOUGHT OUT by Toshiba...It's like a little fish getting swallowed by a bigger fish getting swallowed by an EVEN BIGGER fish! I'm just a fork-and-spon operator down here in sector 7-G. They didn't consult me! In this economy, I'm just happy to have a job!

And to be perfectly fair, since the Toshiba buyout, the results have been positve across the board. They didn't change a thing about the company except where the money flows... (The company I work for has been extremely successful despite the crappy economy and they probably don't want to screw that up.) And what do I care whether that money flows to some fatcat in Switzerland or to some fatcat in Japan? (Or for that matter some fatcat in New Jersey...I don't even like New Jersey!)

Plus, being part of a large conglomerate allows us to achieve economies of scale on our products and sell them cheaper (greater competetive advantage) and make more one on each sale. And now we can tackle huge jobs that we never even would've been considered for in the past because we have the capital to back it up. I hear we will soon even have access to to sell our products in Japan...something UNHEARD OF in our industry.

You need to stop thinking of everything in terms of "Us vs. Them" because what goes around comes around and that's what an economy does, goes around.

We stand or fall together.

@jasonH - I was kidding about the Canuckistan remark. I think you post was hillarious. That comment included.
No offence taken.
You drive a Silverado - that makes us mortal enemies.
Your side and my side will go to one of the "stans" and spend billions of borrowed Chinese money fighting each other.
Apparently, the suffix "stan" means the butthole of the world. Bob is a prefix that means "the butthole of PUTC.
Welcome aboard.


"You drive a Silverado - that makes us mortal enemies...Welcome aboard."

Thanks. Could we be friends if I told you that my Silverado was a rusted-out piece of sh!t...?


I have never said that you were/are a bad person. During these tough economic times we need to make the best of what we have. If that means working for a foreign company, to put food on our own plates, then so be it. We have to take care of ourselves first.

I was just pointing out that, if I was offered the job at Denso I would have, reluctantly, taken it. I would have just been upset at where the money went (Japan) at the end of the day. It sure beats being unemployed for the last two years though.

I do not look down on any one person for buying foreign products. I look down on the U.S. government for having a one-way door when it comes to importing/exporting/trading. I wish that the U.S. government would level the playing field by taxing the heck out of imports coming to the U.S. just as foreign countries do with the very little U.S. products landing on their soil. If the imported (to the U.S.A.) products were taxed accordingly, and their prices were exceedingly high, U.S. manufacturing (from U.S. companies) would stand a better chance at competing.

Good day, sir! Thank you for owning a Chevrolet Silverado.

@Jason H - that comment takes some of the sting away ;)
You need to trade it on a rusted out piece a crap Ford, or even better, get a Toyota and that will give almost everyone something to complain about - except Oxi.
If you get a Toyota, get big 24 inch wheels with spinners, put street slicks on it, and lots of plastic hoodscoops, and stickers. Then post that you need 4x4 to drive down the road when it rains. That should just about cover everyone. Maybe a few "I heart Obama" stickers just in case. LOL

@Buy American:

"I look down on the U.S. government for having a one-way door when it comes to importing/exporting/trading."

Well, we're certainly of a mind there... China should be forced to re-value it's currency to level the playing field...Plus I'd make a fortune on my Dreyfuss Renminbi ETFs! Maybe then I could to afford that new Tacoma! (...Just kidding, man...just kidding! ;) )

"Good day, sir! Thank you for owning a Chevrolet Silverado."

No problemo...glad I could help out. I own a Jeep too ('87 Wrangler YJ) but that was made in Canadia just like the Silverado...HOWEVER, over the years, I've put in All-American stuff like an NV4500/NP241 (both early 90s Chevy), Wagoneer D44 axles (American-made) and with Ox Lockers (also born in the USA) so I'm doing my part to keep the Americans employed.

...But the tires are Yokohamas (sorry 'bout that). And the engine is 6.0 Liter from a 2007 Chevy 3/4-ton...which I think came from that Mexican engine plant in Silao...DAMN!

Let me just say, them beaners make a damn fine engine!

(This one's gonna sting a little, but I gotta come clean) I used to own a (2000) Toyota Tacoma 4WD and that was made in some Japanese den of iniquity...probably forged in the fires of Mount Fuji by the Japanese equivalent of Sauron...BUT I I didn't pay the Japanese or one of their proxies at a heinous dealerships for it. I bought it used from this fella named Joe just down the road from me, so those nips never saw a PENNY! So no harm/no foul, right?

You'll also be heartened to know that it was bought back by Toyota in June of 2008 due to frame the rust-through issue...Except the frame was built in the USA by Dana (ZING!) who somehow screwed up the rust-proofing. Still, I can't complain though...I spent $15K on it in 2003 and sold it back to those Evil Japs in 2008 for $14,880! After almost 6 years and 65,000 (utterly trouble-free) miles!! 120 bucks!!!! 65,000 miles!!! Can you believe it? What a bunch of SUCKERS!!!!!!

My wife drives a Kia Sorento (I know what you're thinking here man...really, I do, ya gotta bear with me...) BUT C'MON! Up until last year it was one of the only small SUVs left on the market where you could still get an honest to goodness frame, a solid rear axle, and a real low-range transfer case! It's like the thing was built by Barney Rubble himself!

What could be more American than that?!?!?!

How I wish I could afford one of those new ecoBoost Fords so I just sit and listen to it RUST! Those fu@#ers are SWEET!

...BUT I just had a kid last year...AND the wife's got another bun in the oven AND I gotta put a new roof on my house, so I can't afford to go pouring all my hard-earned Loonies into such a rapidly-depreciating asset

(See what I did there? ...Tried to put it into terms a Canadian could more-readily understand. Anything to foster international communication!)

...And, just for the record, unlike SOME PEOPLE ON THIS VERY BOARD (who shall remain nameless), I would NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy a DODGE truck or a RAM truck or whatever they're shilling mopars under these days since THAT MONEY would go straight to to those MUSSOLINI-LOVING, PASTA-EATING, FIATTARDS in IT-LY!

There. I said it.

Jason H-

You real funny guy!

Your Wrangler sounds like a real nice ride! Both, the 1993 Wrangler Base (4.0L H.O., 5-spd., A/C) I had and my current 2003 Wrangler Rubicon were made in Toledo, Ohio.

I am guilty of owning a Toyota myself. It was a 1992 2wd reg. cab pickup. It had the 4-cyl and 5-spd. I bought it 4-years old. I was 18-years old at the time and could not afford the same year/age Ford Ranger. I would have had to have bought a 5 or 6-year old Ranger to get into the same price range as a 4-year old Toyota. I had limited funds and wanted the newest/lowest mileage ride I could find. At least my Toyota was Made In The U.S.A. I made sure before I bought it. There is no way I would have bought a Chevrolet S-10 or G.M.C. S-15 for any price.

Congratulations on your first kid and with the one on the way! I wish you and your family well. I have two small children myself. Having kids is awesome!

It is because of them I am so bullheaded/narrow minded about domestic versus imported. I want their futures, living in the U.S.A., to be bright and with choices of where they want to work. I do not want them to have to move to another country to find good jobs. I would hate for them to lose their jobs here in the U.S.A., like I have, because of foreign competition.


@Jason H - you forgot to throw in 3 or 4 Eh's. Remember that it is a touque not a hat, and a snowblower is not just a nickname for Charlie Sheen.
Good luck on the family. I drove beaters for the past 5 years. Family first. All good things come to those who wait.

@ Buy American:

Thanks for the well wishes...Having kids really IS awesome. I gotta're certainly taking my good-natured ribbing much better than I thought you would! You could fight back a little harder, you know...making me look bad here. ;)

My Heep is getting old and rusting in a couple of really random places, but it still goes...I reckon they'll bury me in it some day.

I always wondered how "touque" was spelled...Thanks! Living in Northern MN most of my life, I'm almost like an honorary Canadian. Almost.

I really would probably buy a Ford if I won the it is, I'll likely just wait until someone else has taken the shine off 'er and buy a used one...from some guy named Joe down the road a piece.

L8r Dudes.


Right, about the Dodge Ram slam. I bought my Ram (2005) before the, MUSSOLINI-LOVING, PASTA-EATING, FIATTARDS in IT-LY!, takeover.


@jasonh, Buy American - the only thread of consistency between the 2 is the burrito brigade south of the Rio Grande that is building them. That Ram box must come in real handy for those who are taking advantage of the "North American Free Trafficing Agreement".

Burrito Brigade...LOL!

Lou & jasonh-

You make fun and laugh but I have to tell you- mi (my) tio (uncle) y (and) tia (aunt) y (and) nueve (nine) primos (cousins) almost have their plan perfected. My uncle, aunt, and one cousin will hide in one RamBox. Four cousins in the other RamBox. With one cousin in each under-floor storage compartment.

They all, except for my youngest cousin, have jobs lined up already in Tehas. They are going to work for Toyota assembling Tacomas and Tundras. They are doing this to escape the possibility of the U.A.W. infiltrating Chrysler in Mexico. They want to avoid the U.A.W. by working for Toyota.

Since Toyota can get away with cheating the American system- why not my family and other Mexicans, also? Sounds fair to me.

If Japan can- then a Mexi-can, too.

Raptor comes with 11"s of travel for 40 g's
Tacoma moded with long travel and spindles gets 15"s...roughly 5g's for parts.


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