August 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in August 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +7% August 2011 48,795 Fseries
361,978 August 2010 47,652

2 Chevrolet Silverado +7.3% August 2011 36,832 Silverado
252,738 August 2010 34,084

3 Ram Trucks +24% August 2011 21,243 Ram
153,452 August 2010 18,995

4 GMC Sierra +18% August 2011 13,244 Sierra
93,438 August 2010 11,640

5 Toyota Tacoma +2.1% August 2011 8,650 Tacoma
August 2010 8,239

6 Toyota Tundra -12.4% August 2011 6,752 Tundra
54,362 August 2010 7,207

7 Ford Ranger +9.2% August 2011 6,192 Ranger
42,634 August 2010 4,161

8 Nissan Frontier +26.7% August 2011 4,843 Frontier
33,114 August 2010 3,738

9 Chevrolet Colorado +38.9% August 2011 2,531 Colorado
21,814 August 2010 1,847

10 Nissan Titan -15.2% August 2011 2,355 Titan
13,054 August 2010 2,141

Notable Items:

- Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier reached 12-month sales peaks in August
- Honda Ridgeline sold only 214 units in August, down 86% from sales in August 2010
- Ford Ranger outsold Ford Mustang in August, 6,192 to 5,718 units
- V-6 engines accounted for 57 percent of Ford F-150 retail sales, the highest rate this year


Great numbers!

I think it's safe to say that Ram is making the biggest stride in terms of markets share of the top 3. Ford certainly isn't making as big of a splash, despite their "re-design" and new engines, at least not the difference most of us expected. I think GM's jump in sales is going to be a lot more dramatic compared to Ford's when their new trucks come out in a year and a half. Ford will have to make a significant change, not necessarily a re-design, but something "media worthy" in order to offset GM's new trucks and try and take away sales from them. I've got a 2007 Silverado and I love it, but I can't wait for their new design, but I'm going to hold on to mine until they come out. GM is actually doing a lot better in sales than I thought, being that their design is the oldest.

Yep, GM outsold ford in fullsize last month!

how old is the ranger? still kickin, even without any real help from ford.

Honestly, the Tundra just needs to go away with the Titan. They've been losing sales for a few years now. My brother has one, and honestly, it's just too bulky and it gets horrible gas mileage! He's averaging 12.5 mpg between city and highway, mostly city, but that's horrible either way. They're ugly and owned by a foreign company. I think Toyota needs to stick with what made it a great company to begin with, CARS, and leave the full size trucks/SUV's to the domestics. Trucks are as American as baseball, and a majority of us will never own a foreign trucks, sorry. That's just the way it is.

No GM is not the oldest of them all the Nissan Titan is the oldest I can't believe people still buy it they need a re-design or just quit making it.

Go Ram!!! Best looking/truck on the market!!!!!

Toyota better get it going with the Tundra. Times a wasting.

Rideline is not a truck

Is it wise to discontinue the Ford Ranger? F-150 has had modest sales growth but on par with the sales increase in Chevy full size. Around 7%. The Ecoboost engine in the F-150 has not ( so far) produced an increase in F-150 sales that Ford had hoped, but rather just a shift in engine preference. Meanwhile Ranger is still selling decently for a outdated compact truck. Despite the market research that Ford waves around, my guess is that a redesign of Ranger would provide decent profits for Ford. I think sales would rival that of Tacoma. Just my opinion..

@Chris, Tundra has the highest percentage of American made content of all 1/2 ton trucks. If I recall correctly, Texas is north of the border, Indiana too. My 2008 has 105,000 miles with lube changes and front pads. I'm sure the big three would commit murders for that kind of record.

Ram gained the most market share but it wasn't that big of a gain. Look beyond the YTD. Ram's gain in market share is also getting smaller as the year goes on.

Last month Ram had a 16.7% market share of full-size trucks. This month Ram dropped to 16.4%.

With Ram's poor sales in 2009 and 2010, it is natural that they would gain the most - although it isn't that big when you look at actual market share and not YTD.

Here are the actual market share numbers among the 5 full-size trucks that sold.

2011 Full-size market share:
Ford 38.8%
Chevy 27.1%
Ram 16.7%
GM 10%
Tundra 5.8%

2010 full-size market share:
Ford 39.9%
Chevy 28%
Ram 15.1%
GM 9.8%
Tundra 7%

Ram YTD gains going the wrong direction as the year goes on: +22%, +52%, +39%, +36%, +31%, +32%, +26%, +24%

Let's see here, Ford sold over 360,000 F-series trucks, takes GM 2 vehicle lines to match that...hmmm...V-6's are in 57% of F-150's with the majority being Ecoboost. How do you figure it's not doing well for them?

Great to see Ford,Gm and Dodge trucks selling so well

EricL, Lets see, it takes ford 2 trucks to have this much sales, (GMC and Chevy are more alike then F150 and F250) it also takes ford 5 models (150, 250, 350, 450, 550) I'm not blaming ford that GM doesn't have Medium duties just yet, but as soon as GM's medium duties show up well see more sale number changes.


Ram Truck brand sales increased 7 percent in August. Both the Ram light- and heavy-duty pickup trucks posted sales gains during August compared with the same month in 2010.

Equipment Today magazine in August named the Ram 1500 Tradesman to its 2011 Contractors’ Top 50 Products awards list. According to Equipment Today, recipients of the award were selected based on the volume of reader inquiries and views over the past year for new products published in Equipment Today magazine and posted on the web site.

Chrysler Group, working in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), delivered 14 demonstration fleet Ram 1500 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) pickup trucks to the cities of San Francisco and Sacramento in August. The 28 PHEV Ram 1500 pickups are part of a national demonstration fleet of 140 vehicles that will be used during the next three years to evaluate customer usage, drive cycles, charging, thermal management, fuel economy, emissions and impact on the region’s electric grid.

The 2011 Ram 1500 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee were named to Kelley Blue Book’s “Top 10 Tailgating Cars for 2011.”

@CreigMac My 2008 has 105,000 miles with lube changes and front pads. I'm sure the big three would commit murders for that kind of record.

I have a '05 F150 with 105,000 miles on it has never been to the garage for any repairs Period all i have ever done is simple maintenance to it and brakes

Just noticed Ranger outsold the Mustang

Actually Ford has at least 12 models of Super Duty and 11 models of F150.

GM on the other hand has fewer models but is slowly trying to increase its models.

This is one reason why Ford has this many sales from one brand than GM does: large array of configurations means you are almost guaranteed to find a truck that meets your needs.

If GM instead of making two brands, increased it's array configurations and models, they would do better.

@ CreigMac Yet amazing with the Tundras 80% domestic content LABEL, it was most impacted by the disaster in Japan more so than any other full size truck. Using the domestic content percentage it should have been the least impacted.

After the all new GM Heavyduty I thought they would have boosted their numbers by more. Especially after winning so many of the "shootout" style comparisons. GM definitely has had the advantage of having more trucks on the lots, prebuilt, for the consumer. That should help sales too.

Ranger outsold Mustang.

But Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon combined did not outsell Ford Mustang.

Canyon: 1,606
Colorado: ,2531
Total: 4,137

Mustang: 5,718

Colorado/Canyon does not compete with the mustang, and Camaro outsell the mustang.

According to Mike Levine Mustang competes with small trucks.

I like seeing all the green for the US auto makers!

@Creigmac- 02 F150 with 159,351 as of right now. Fluids, brakes, and one alternator. Your were saying?

@Creigmac, prove it or it didn't happen. Any internet tough guy/poster can come on here and post about how "maintenance free" their truck is to boost credibility for their argument, it's like taking candy from a baby. No one believes you, no one. Tundra sucks and the numbers are in black and white. If "maintenance" was all that mattered, you might have an argument, but with GM's trucks having a 5 year/100,000 mile warranty and most consumers trading in or selling their trucks before 100,000 miles these days, who cares about minor maintenance one way or the other? Your argument is as relevant as saying your 1980 Toyota Corolla went 350,000 miles before it needed a tune-up. Do you get it? It doesn't matter these days! What matters most is looks, gas mileage, and perception. If the public's perception is that the Tundra is foreign, most people won't give it a chance. How else can you explain the sales figures month after month, year after year, if I was wrong? I'm not. So keep driving your "maintenance free" foreign owned truck, and we'll keep buying Ford, GM, and Ram trucks. Good luck with all that.

All the domestics in the green! That is what I like to see.

Go; Ford, General Motors, and Ram!!!

@ Mark

"According to Mike Levine Mustang competes with small trucks."

Yeah that's totally what he's saying. It has nothing to do with the fact that the supposedly dead-horse slow-selling POS on-death-row hasn't-been-updated-in-ten-years Ranger outsells a vehicle which Ford updated just a year ago.

Come to think of it, though, Ford Mustang should compete with small trucks. It shares its platform with literally no other vehicle, yet Mulally wants to start merging platforms. You've given me an idea. Ford should put a pickup bed on the back of a Mustang and make a Ranchero. Hey, if it can make a car with a useless back seat, why not make one with a more-useful pickup bed?

The new Rams are doing well, no question. The Super Duty is by far the oldest design, period. Still basically a 1999 platform. Come on Ford, time for a new one!

After driving my '11 model Colorado Z71 Crew Cab for three moths and 9000 miles, I'm head over heels in love with this truck. 21mpg, plenty of power, and comfortable as a fat woman.
Chevy needs to cut pricing on them and move 'em.
Great trucks!

"and comfortable as a fat woman."


You speak from experience, don't you!

y dont thing ford doing what they expect,compare whit gm on sales..


theres actually a really good reason for the fact that Toyota was impacted more in truck sales due to the tsunami/earthquake.

Ask yourself this question; If i vehicle requires 6,000 parts to assemble, how many can be missing when you build the truck to stop production? (Answer: it only takes one.) 10% of parts on the Tundra come from Japan, just so happens some of the parts suppliers were affected by the disaster. Also consider Toyota doesnt keep 180 days supply of vehicles sitting around as some of the other manufacturers do.

Also consider Toyota slowed production to a craw in order to give everyone time to regroup and not take a chance of running out of parts all together. The Canyon/Colorado plant had to close due to the disaster as did the F-series plants. EVERY manufacturer was affected by the disaster in one way or another.

I still think the Titan is underrated, the truck may be the oldest design but it was way ahead of its time when it came out, I think the reason sales are down is because of Consumer Reports bashes the truck, last year it had a better rating and sales leveled off and went up a bit, this year they bash it again and sales are down. I have an 05 and I'm between a Ford and another Titan for my next truck I'm leaning towards the Titan because I like the looks better.

YTD Mustang is outselling the Ranger.

Ranger is a decent seller, but it being up this month couldn't have anything to do with buyers who really want them are buying them up because they are being discontinued and they are cheap, could it?

Also check out the deals on Ranger: 0% financing PLUS $2000 bonus cash PLUS no charge maintenance for TWO years PLUS no payment for 90 days... (incentives with 43004 zipcode)

How good of a point is it that Ranger outsold Mustang if you have to pile on crazy deals to get it sold?

The Ranger will be made through to December. They are working on a new small truck that is better than the Ranger and won't have to be sold with a bunch of crazy programs. Why is this so hard to understand? This is so frustrating to me.

I gotta give credit to Fiat; that is a nice increase.

@ Mark.

We've been told time and time again by FOrd through Mike Levine that Ford has no plans to replace the Ranger with another small truck.

If you have proof that they are, we'd love to see it. Otherwise, I can't understand why Ford can't put in the eco-tech 6 and a 6 speed in the Ranger and keep it going. Only 12K less sold than the Tundra? Come on guys!


Yup, and horrible decline last year!

If you take the cash, the incentives on the Ranger are 3x's that of the Mustang.

Ranger starts at $4k less than the Mustang yet has 3x's the incentives of the Mustang.

Ranger is a sales disaster. Makes sales but makes no money.

You can make your own judgement there's no way anyone can sell an acceptable small truck and sell it for this little. Hence why it is being cancelled for a proper modern small truck they can make a decent profit on.

The ranger has almost out sold the tundra for over a yr.Go back and look at the results.Useing the earthquake to argue why the tundra is tanking doesn't add up.

The tundra is just plain ugly.The bass fish front end and elephant doors along with the squished looking cab is a horrible excuse for a truck.The interior looks like its made up of 3 different dash's.

The video's of the bed shaking side to side and the towing nightmare that it is only proved that the tundra is a less then appealing truck.

If you really want to see some distruction mount a tool box to the bed and go mild off roading.It twist's so bad the tool box won't open.

The ranger is 100 yrs old and still second in small truck sales.That just adds to the fact a older ford is still better then a new tundra.

By the way I have 7 ford co. trucks with well over 200.000 on 4 of them with only one alt. change so bring on that 100.000 mile turdra and we'll show you how a real truck should be.

Turdra changing it all as the commercial says. Changing the tranny crank beds falling off tailgates and the list goes on.Hey they tell ya up front they are changing it all. lol

hey mike have you herd anything about ford bring the f100 back just wondering if they got something up their sleves

No replacement is the public line. Ford also told us that the Raptor was a myth. Did you believe that too?

Ford says nothing about future product that is unavailable so you buy the current product. Privately Mike has heard they are working on another small truck.

The idea that the old Ranger is up on its own and doing very well compared to the Mustang isn't true. If Ranger is such a good seller, why the huge incentives and rebates?

Ford is selling just 6,000 Rangers a month, selling them at a cheaper price, and with $5,000. in incentives.

It's better to cancel the old Ranger to make a proper small truck that will double sales to 12,000 a month, sell at a higher price, and with just $1,500. incentives.

I think people need to look at all the facts yes Tundra sales would have been less this year than last and it sales certainly would have been far behind Ford, GM and Chrysler but as the local news here in S.A. pointed out and im sure Mike Levine can find out the The Tundra plant here in S.A. will be back to full production this month for the first time since Japan's natural disaster. I know some of you hate the Tundra because its an "import brand" but you know what I know this truck was designed in America for Americans and biult by Americans so as far as im concerned its a Japanese American. The only real Texas Edition truck.

Someone's blowing their wad that the Silverado/Sierra outsold the F-Series last month.
Go out and compare how much higher incentives were for the GM models vs the Fords. Also, look at the HDs updates with the frame and engine and subsequent awards they've received. Even will all of this, and Ford's SD being same doors since '99 (whatever you think the rest of the sheetmetal/interior has been changed/modified), the GMs can barely outsell the F-Series. Wait until GM redesigns the Silverado (slated for 2014 MY) you say. They'll kick Ford's butt you say. Hate to tell you, but the F150 will also be up for a redesign by then and with the motors Ford has vs. what GM has, it's going to be tough going for GM. And you can bet Ford's planning a fully-boxed frame for that Super Duty, too.
It's certainly not going to be getting any easier for GM in the next 5 years.

@ CreigMac,

I had a 2003 Dodge Ram,236,000 miles and only needed tires,gas ,oil changes and a brake pads !

My wifes 2006 Dodge Charger has 110,000 miles and only needed brake pads,gas,oil changes..more reliable than our in-laws Toyota Camry with half the mileage ! We also have family members with other Toyota's and they have issues !

My 2008 Dodge Ram was bulletproof reliable as well had ,had 90,000 miles before it was totalled,never an issue,my current 2011 Dodge is again trouble free.


Blah,Blah...face it the Tundra is a turd,flop,blunder..It has many other reasons for its low sales.It is unreliable,blowing up cams,cracking tailgates,bad drive shafts,rear ends,bad ball joints.Also the random excelleration problem on its cars,loss of steering it all adds up to lower sales.The earthquake couldnt of happened at a better time for Toyota they have a scapegoat to blame for the low sales numbers on some of its vehicles,around here Toyota dealers always had a large supply of product.Tundra's were always on the lots in large numbers the past year !

@5.3 Lol or Hemi Lol,

"but you know what, I know this truck was designed in America for Americans and built by Americans. So as far as im concerned, its a Japanese American."

Nice post, I agree! It is a nice truck, and most of all, it employs America.

Right on Mopar !!!

In Canada the Ram is now number 2 in the best sellers list,and steadily approaching the f-150 !!! Yeah,number 2 including cars,we love our trucks as daily drivers in Canada,even at near $5.00 a gallon gas !!

I'm glad you guys dislike the tundra so much. I'll take higher resell value, since mind numb Americans arn't buying them. Which means higher resell value for me.
It says something when I can sell my Tundra for more than I paid for it new.

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