August 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in August 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +7% August 2011 48,795 Fseries
361,978 August 2010 47,652

2 Chevrolet Silverado +7.3% August 2011 36,832 Silverado
252,738 August 2010 34,084

3 Ram Trucks +24% August 2011 21,243 Ram
153,452 August 2010 18,995

4 GMC Sierra +18% August 2011 13,244 Sierra
93,438 August 2010 11,640

5 Toyota Tacoma +2.1% August 2011 8,650 Tacoma
August 2010 8,239

6 Toyota Tundra -12.4% August 2011 6,752 Tundra
54,362 August 2010 7,207

7 Ford Ranger +9.2% August 2011 6,192 Ranger
42,634 August 2010 4,161

8 Nissan Frontier +26.7% August 2011 4,843 Frontier
33,114 August 2010 3,738

9 Chevrolet Colorado +38.9% August 2011 2,531 Colorado
21,814 August 2010 1,847

10 Nissan Titan -15.2% August 2011 2,355 Titan
13,054 August 2010 2,141

Notable Items:

- Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier reached 12-month sales peaks in August
- Honda Ridgeline sold only 214 units in August, down 86% from sales in August 2010
- Ford Ranger outsold Ford Mustang in August, 6,192 to 5,718 units
- V-6 engines accounted for 57 percent of Ford F-150 retail sales, the highest rate this year


Can anybody figure out the graf on the right? it makes no sence to me. The tundra is just plain ugly, not to mention the problems! and yes it is made in America, with 80% content But it is a 100% japanese company! I would buy a 50% truck or car that is 100% American owned any day! I would even buy an 52%Italian owned car or truck from a 100% American founded company any day! I would not sell out my country over $, never! I am not that greedy! How many times must it be truethfully said that toyota is only building the tundra in Texas because Texas knows trucks! and I bet no Texan wanted the tri-tech trapizoid noodle of a frame, they wanted a fully boxed frame I'm sure, the hole deal smells like a cheep P.R. trick, and some of you fell for it!, but not that many huh? less and less every month, thats why they sell so many tacomas, (brand loyalty) vastly better truck than there full size, yea and ours too, see I'm not that closed minded, but I still did't buy one, That is Not Selling Out to foreign intrests, dew to my own greed!

Interesting opinions indeed. Truck buyers r the most arrogant peeps, evident by the idiotic responses posted here.

Since some people doubt what I heard on local news about the S.A. Tundra plant production here it is from and I did mention before this that sells would have been down compared to the year before and sells would be firmly behind the big 3.

@Benchimus I was saying my truck, never said no other truck has done it. Take a look at long term reliability and Tundra has had the least amount of issues overall since it came out.

@Chris Thanks for calling me a tough guy, even my kids call me an old man. I'm sure many Tundra owners believe my statement about its repair record. I know Ford, GM, and Ram believe it, and would trade their overall reliability records with Toyota. 'Who cares about maintenance?" People who rely on their trucks that's who. What a silly statement. You must have more money than commonsense. My comments were about the American content of the truck, not the location of the parent company, good luck with your more foreign made truck. I own Toyota stock many American do, I love those profits. How's your GM stock doing? Get your share of the bailout money yet? That's OK I didn't either, not holding my breath either. Own some Ford stock too, it's doing OK also.

@hemi LOL @5.3l LOL You guys took the words right out of my mouth, well said. Your combined attempts to push back the frontiers of ignorance is a smashing success. You should both teach Economics 101 at you local Community College.

@Paul You say "The ranger is 100 yrs old and still second in small truck sales.That just adds to the fact a older ford is still better then a new tundra. By the way I have 7 ford co. trucks with well over 200.000 on 4 of them with only one alt. change so bring on that 100.000 mile turdra and we'll show you how a real truck should be."

OK deal. I'll put my money where your mouth is. Any Ford F-150 you have 2008 or older with more than 100,000 miles is challenged to any sort of contest you can dream up that will showcase a trucks capabilities. I'll recommend the Hurt Locker Truck test made up for a 1/2 ton segment. Or, I'll go with the max capabilities that Ford or Toyota recommend for either truck. Just to make it interesting, we can add 10% to the max if you are feeling real frisky. I'll go halfway to do this or we can go to wherever Mike Levine does his testing and let him judge it, Mike? I'll put the value of my truck up as "pink slip" money, how about $20,000?

Remember Paul you're the one who said, The ranger is 100 yrs old and still second in small truck sales. That just adds to the fact a older ford is still better then a new tundra. By the way I have 7 ford co. trucks with well over 200.000 on 4 of them with only one alt. change so bring on that 100.000 mile turdra and we'll show you how a real truck should be."

@Chris if you want to get in on this, I'll find $20,000 more to match your mouth. Easiest money I'll ever make, kinda like "Taking candy from a baby." You guys have the stones? I'll allow any third party to inspect my trucks condition and history to prove it's mechanically stock and original, it even has the original spark plugs. If you guys can't come up with the cash, that's OK, I'll settle for the loser paying for my cost to come to the competition.

What's with Americans infatuation with who owns the company?
do you cheer for a football team because of it's owners?
Basically some of you are shallow enough to cheer for a label because of what it used to be....tundra's most American deal with it! Marketing ploy? Why not? what do u think the ecoboost is? 1 mpg extra earns an Eco label? The tundra is a great truck and is hands down most reliable over all. I don't care if your uncle had trouble with his it doesn't mean that they are all crap.... If I wrote about every dodge owner who had trouble I'd never finish.

I'm a GMC fan, but it costs me drearly: Got the first 5.3 back in 1999 Sierra with 210,000. Have had to put $6,000 in repairs to keep her going. She still skips down the road at 70 (plenty of vibration and wind noise). Can't turn up the radio 'cause both speakers are gone!

Hope my new 2011 Avalanche fairs better.

All these comments about the Tundra! If the Tundra didn't matter no one would comment on it. But the Tundra matters.

I have owned F100, F150, RAM, Silverado and Titan during my lifetime and now I drive a 2009 Tundra 4Dr 4X4 Limited 5.7. My Tundra is the best truck I have ever owned, bar none. You can take that to the bank from a guy who has owned them all.

If you don't like Tundra I am cool with that. I can afford anything I choose to drive, but I prefer to drive Tundra. Biggest selling points for me with the Tundra were the engine, transmission, ride, handling, smoothness and quietness of the cabin. None of my previous trucks could even come close.

In 2007, 2008, and 2009 Ford, GM and Dodge were all comparing themselves to Tundra. In 2007 Tundra was first with an all-aluminum DOHC 32-valve 5.7L V8 and a six-speed transmission. Everyone else played catch up since then.

Tundra isn't even a big seller and no threat to the F150 yet people have to make disparaging comments about the Tundra. Doesn't figure, unless the Tundra is clearly the better truck. Why else talk it down?

"...Tundra isn't even a big seller and no threat to the F150 yet people have to make disparaging comments about the Tundra. Doesn't figure, unless the Tundra is clearly the better truck. Why else talk it down?" -DeBinder Dundett

It is all in hopes that Tundra will will just finally go away. That way, those 50,000 a year sales (Tundra) would get spread between the real trucks (F-Series, Sierra, Silverado, & Ram).

Yep, it's those lost sales. Some people chose not to buy Ford, GM and Dodge, and were handsomely rewarded when they bought a Titan or a Tundra.

I don't know of anyone who traded their Titan or Tundra for a Ford, GM or Dodge truck, but I know repeat Titan and Tundra buyers. I will probably be a repeat buyer too in 2014.

I owned a 2007 Titan and it was a much better truck than my 2002 Silverado. Through a quirk in employee perks my employer gave me a brand new 2006 F150 and a Shell credit card to use and I sold my Titan (to my brother).

When I retired in Dec 2008 I bought myself a 2009 Tundra. It is a much better truck than the company F150 XLT and better yet than my 2007 Titan. Bigger engine. More gears.

So what's the big deal? Some people prefer buying a Tundra because it works for them. Opinions matter! And when a man spends his own money he should buy exactly what he wants, even if it is a Tundra. No politics. No brand loyalty. Just buy the best he can afford that gives him the most value for the money.

Isn't that the exact same reason why people choose to buy a Ford truck?

Just remember when you buy a japenese brand truck the profits still go to Japan no many how many Americans had a hand in building it

Ranger outsold Mustang but with high incentives. I bet for every few Ranger sales, 1 Mustang or F-150 sales brings more $$$.

GM updated their little trucks, and look where they are, combined selling less than the Mustang.

Killing the Ranger now means they don't have to make any more investment in bringing the safety up to the new standards for a dead end product.

Last I heard Ford never said that there wasn't going to be a replacement for the Ranger, it was just that they have not announced the replacement. Ford is no longer tipping their hand early on future product decisions, so that is why Mike only said they were working on two smaller trucks but it was "not gauranteed."

The current Ranger is still being made through 2011 and whatever replacement there is will be at least 1-2 years out so there is no way you'll hear anything about it now other than what Mike already said....."working on 2 smaller trucks. not guranteed." wink. wink.

If the Tundra is the greatest, why did Mike have this to say?

To quote Mike Levine:

"I'm not sure how you measure "catching up" but beyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Three years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control for 2011 will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy."

"I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. In 2010 JD Power Quality Survey, Tundra quality problems jumped from 88 problems per 100 vehicles to 100 problems."

"I hope Toyota gets the engineering and features right in the next Tundra. I'll be the first to stand up and applaud."

- Mike Levine

GM sold more pickups then Ford in August and they did it with an old style outdated pickup. Imagine that!

GM sold more pickups then Ford in August and they did it with an old style outdated pickup. Imagine that! By Greg

Really i saw the chart, am i missing something

JD Power 3 years dependability ratings.

JD Power Initial quality ratings.

In the 2011 new truck initial ratings Ford wins by one. In the 3 year reliability ratings Toyota wins with a 5 year old design.

If you don't like a particular truck don't buy it, but why do some people feel the need to come on here and bash other peoples decisions, this is America and what makes America, we can do and buy as we please.

@Chuckz why do care so much where the profits go? Wouldn't you rather Americans working at well paid jobs than GM (just an example)profiting on a foreign made vehicle? I assumed truck owners would care more about the "little guy" earning for his family as opposed to a large corporations profit margin...No?
Just explain without rhetoric give an effective reason if you got one...

I just can't imagine if I lived in San Antonio loving my chevy wishing the local factory would shut down because of profits....?

70,000+ sales of the Ford Ranger and Ford is going to walk away from that?! Really dumb. A new model with an efficient engine (and a diesel option) would sell like gangbusters.

Who cares if it steals F150 sales? At least you're selling Fords instead of Toyotas.

Some of these comments are idiotic. This is America where you have a free choice to buy whatever you want. If someone wants to buy a Tundra or a Tacoma and they like it that is great. If someone prefers an F-150, Silverado, or a Ram that is great. You can have a good experience or a bad experience with any vehicle. I hope Toyota sells a lot of trucks and employs Americans that spend money in this economy, send their kids to college, and pay taxes. The same with GM, Chrysler, and Ford. Most US companies have foreign operations that employ workers overseas and export products to the USA. Are those US companies really helping the American worker? Be glad that Toyota, Nissan, the Koreans, VW, BMW, and other foreign companies are employing American workers that contribute to our economy and our tax base. If you have not bought a new appliance, electric tool, coffee maker recently you will find out that most of these items are made mostly in China. Eventually the cars and trucks we drive will be made in China as well. Will you really care if it is a US based company if it is made in China. I myself have owned a Mitsubishi Mighty Max, International, Chevy S-10, Isuzu I-370 and have been please with all of them. I have considered buying a Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma and would not rule out a Tacoma in the future. Does anyone really want a future where only one manufacture makes a truck? Do you really think a Ford, Chevy, and Ram that might be made in China in the future is American because of a US based company that might eventually have a Swiss address to get around the tax law? Come on wake up and smell the coffee? If a company provides jobs for Americans be glad. Hope that they make a profit and employ lots of Americans.

@Jeff: Well put.

"If you don't like a particular truck don't buy it, but why do some people feel the need to come on here and bash other peoples decisions, this is America and what makes America, we can do and buy as we please." -BigJ

There will not be anything left of America with this mentality. The Asians will be running this country. For the American plants, building Nissans & Toyotas for example, where are the top executives living? Right, Japan! American workers are being run by the Japanese!

For those that argue; "I will support a foreign company (Toyota) that puts Americans to work (on 3 or four out of a dozen models) before I give my money to an American company, that also puts (more) Americans to work (on the majority of their models)."

What if the U.S.A. no longer had any companies? What if all the companies in the world were in other countries? What if all Americans had, for work, was to be laborers for foreign companies? Americans would be left to be worker bees and the "fat kat" executives in these other countries rolled around in all of the money (profits)? The Asians are gaining more and more control of America because of our blind society!

That is where the U.S.A. is heading with this anti-American and "Foreign companies do it better than American companies" reasoning!

So... it would be better for the US if a couple of executives living in Detroit had all of the "American" trucks made in China/Mexico by thousands of foreign workers and slapped the "American" badge on them?

Hmm, I thought most Americans actually wanted a job themselves rather than have it done by someone in a foreign country... .

The profit margin on most consumer goods is very slim--probably less than 5%. I would rather keep the 95% of costs and manufacturing capability here and let the measly 5% go wherever the heck it goes.

I too wonder why people get so fired up about the Tundra if it is so inferior... . They doth protest too much, me thinks.

Gotta love all of the narrow-minded rednecks who post on a site like this!

So quick to point out that they won't buy the most American truck (a Toyota) because the company in charge of manufacturing it is based in Japan (even though it's actually "owned" by people all over the world in the form of STOCKS--probably even in their own 401-K plan--and that's really where the profits go).

...Yet apparently blind to the fact that Dodge is owned by Fiat or that Chevy is still largely owned by thier own government (since when is state-owned enterprise a good thing?).

Y'all just read the name on the grill and spend your thirty grand accordingly! :D

Hmm, let's see?

Buy a General Motors Corporation product and my money goes back into MY government?


Buy a Toyota and have most of the money go to Japan's economy/government?

I'll take supporting the U.S. government, thank you. After all, it is the U.S. government that will be here for me during times of war, safety, and health! No other country/government takes better care of me than my own!

Back on topic:

It would be funny if this whole idea of; Ford killing the Ranger, is a hoax. Ford could be telling us all this in hopes of General Motors killing off the Canyon/Colorado...just to come back and say, just kidding, "Here is our new Ranger!"

Ford would have the compact-pickup market to itself.

ignorance is common among chevy and toys. our last 3 f150s have all reached above 300k with nothing done to them except tires, oils, and other general maintenence (<-or however you spell) and the reason chevy does not sell as much as ford is cuz they will not outlast outrun or outdrive ford

deal I have owned a first generation tundra,I fell for the toyota quality riot.Huge mistake.More down time vs the fords I owned at that time. I race with my best friend who owned a tundra and pulled the same size trailer I have.First my ford would out pull it all day long.Ford learned yrs ago torque not hp makes a truck.second my ford got better mileage towing and empty.Third my ford never waivered pulling my 24 ft enclosed pace.If you think the tundra is not a handfull then hook it up and see how brave you are.I could tow at 70 solid as a rock.He could too if you can stand the wallering from lane to lane..Both trucks had tow bars attached and the tundra squatted badly vs my ford..We both race a series that competes all over the u.s.He has had 3 sets of brakes before my one. Ride in any tundra in the rear seat then tell me it rides better then the ford if your head has quit bobbing by that time.I have drove his truck as much as he has and vice versa because sometimes we 'll double up to save cross country expenses.The 5.4 pulled hard from stop lights and hill's while the tundra would need higher rev's to accomplish the same.People who actually use there trucks know the tundra is a joke.If the toyota actually did do something better who would want to walk out of there house and see that God awful ugly thing setting in the drive.Bass fish front and elephant doors.It being japanese isn't the problem it's its looks and interior.You have to reach way over to adjust the controls on the dash.The dash looks like a parts bin raid by toyota.Joey has traded his tundra for a new ecoboost and I have to say I was skeptical on a turbo charged 6 being better then a v8 but that thing pulls like a diesel which I guess is as close to a diesel set up as you can get.It has torque like a race engine and pulls like a train but the mileage towing is awful.About 8 is all he is seeing but pulling a 24 ft and a 6 I guess that ok.Empty that thing is getting 22 on the hwy and will fly.Back to the tundra best of luck at disneyland because goofy could tell the difference between a real truck and a poser.Toyota changing it all literally!

Another "them versus us ((US)" fight.

Companies are in business to make a profit.
An 80% US Tundra with 20% profits leaving to Japan is on par with a 60% US F150 with 20% profits staying put.

@Roger - protectionistic sentiments are always worse when times are tough. It is always easier to look outside for blame than to look inside!

@ Fred - math not your strong point?

Ford USA = 361,978
GM/Chev USA = 346,176

Ford outsold GM corp by 15,802 units.

I'll post Canadian sales figures when I have the time to look at them.
As ramman pointed out -Canadian Ford is #1, Ram is #2.

I can't see Ford building a Ranger replacement. I just read an interview with Ford Canada's CEO. He had some interesting statistics on Ford's goals.
In 2005 Ford had 100 world wide nameplates. Trucks were 60% of sales, cars 40%.
Their goal is 20 - 25 world wide nameplates.
By 2012 they plan on having a reversal in the car to truck ratio. 60% cars, and 40% trucks.

The next F150 is rumoured to be smaller, and much lighter than the current F150. The frame is rumoured to be radically different than the current frame with the use of magnesium.
It does not sound like Ford will settle for a cosmetic rehash of the F150.

I would rather support a foreign based company that hired US workers and invested in the US than a US company sending most of the jobs overseas and changing its home base to an overseas address to get around paying corporate taxes. I agree it would be ideal to support US companies providing US workers jobs but this is not the ever changing world we live in. It is true that the Japanese and Korean governments give tax incentives and subsidies to their corporations and the US with the exception of the recent GM and Chrysler bailouts (also the Chrysler loan in the 80s which was paid back with interest) does not. We could get in a debate about our corporate tax which is the second highest in the world. Yes we should lower our corporate tax rate but at the same time close some of the huge loop holes in our tax code. There are many unemployed in the US which would be glad to have a job regardless if the company were US based or not. Just be glad the the US is an attractive market for Asian and other countries to invest in to create jobs. If we were not that appealing then we might not have as many jobs as we have. Do we really want to go back to a mentality of the Japanese and the Asians are our enemies? We are living in a global economy and we need to compete. Lets concentrate on making our economy better and bringing more jobs to our country. Let us not waste our energy Japanese and Asian bashing.

Nice to see GM on top for the month, This wont be rare at all once the new GM trucks arrive in 2013...Im excpecting good things out of those trucks.

um i don't get how gm is on top for the month? As lou pointed out, ford outsold the gm twins by a pretty good margin. Add in ranger colorado and canyon sales and the margin only gets wider. I definitely prefer the big three not only because they build better trucks, but because thier companies as a whole are much more likely to keep jobs in the USA. General motors alone employs more people in the USA than honda, toyota, nissan, and hyundai combined.

@Creigmac- A pre 08 F150 you say? So, does that include my dads 79? 460, 4.10 rear, C6 (?), 4 bbl carb, smoke stacks and a few other things. Does this apply as well?

@lou- Watch as Fred responds with how your Canadian numbers just dont convert right!

@Steve O Hey I can a "few other things as well", sure, lets do it, I'd like a free TRD Supercharger, don't forget your $20,000.

@paul I'd love an Ecoboost too but you said 2008 or older, so lets get back to the subject of taking your $20,000. Just let me know where and when.

@ Creigmac- But why? You have a TUNDRA!!!! Hell the V6 version alone should give the Diesel HDs a run for their money! Either way, should we start with 15,000 lb trailers, A sled pull or just a good old fashioned tug of war? Its certainly a 1/2 ton body. Springs, axles, etc. well... it still says F150 on the side!

LMAO @ all the usual xenophobes!!!

Rooting for Dodge when it's owned by Fiat.......hilarious.

Glad the "American companies are in the green"......Why??? so they can build more factories in China???

Tundra sales are not that impressive, but it is a 1/2 ton model vs everyone else's full lineup.

Ford outsells Tundra by 7X' many more models are there for Ford??

Funny thing is, we just bought a 2nd truck to compliment the EXCELLENT Crewmax Tundra we've owned since '07 and 90,000 trouble free miles.

Bought a Dmax because we are now towing over the 10K the Tundra was comfortable with.
GM's crew is horrible compared to the Toyota room wise and the middle trim SLE dash is no better or worse than the SR5 trim.

We still use the Tundra as the daily driver for the comfort, room and ride.

For the idiots who still use Ford's propaganda regarding twisting frames; check out Gm's video.......errrr......Putc's video on the HD's. Funny how frame flexing isn't that important for Ford on HD's........ROTFLMFAO!!!

As a previous Ford owner and a current owner of a GMC and a Toyota, I assure all the Tundra is as good as any 1/2 ton out there. It's great when one is not blinded by pseudo patriotism and blind brand opens up a whole new world when you can choose something with an open mind.

@steve o I guess you don't have $20K to defend Daddys truck? Shame really. BTW I have 4.30 gears, huge brakes, fuel injection, twice the gears you have, stronger axles, better MPG's. Face it, there is not one thing a 1979 truck of any kind can do better than a 2008 Tundra, well except breakdown.

it opens up a whole new world when you can choose something with an open mind

Well said.

@ Benchimus - I can't find truck figures for August yet. Last month Ford #1, Ram #2, Sierra #3, and Silverado #4. Candians like the Sierra better than the Silverado. On a per capita basis - Canadians own more trucks than their US neighbours.
If you go by brand for Canadian YTD sales
#1 Ford YTD - 188,102
#2 Dodge/Ram YTD - 119,995
#3 Chevrolet YTD- 106,949
#4 Toyota YTD - 93,335
#5 Hyundai YTD - 92,981
#6 - Honda YTD - 67,985
#7 - GMC YTD - 49,412
Even if you combine Chevrolet brand and GMC brand sales - Ford still outsells them by 31,741 units.
If you consider Canada's market size is 8.5 times smaller than in the USA - Ford dominates the Canadian market.
That would be like selling 270,000 more vehicles in the USA.

I'm not selling anything but I have to side with the guys who want choice. I'm all for choice. That's what makes America great. No one is forcing anyone to buy a Tundra. But a lot of people do because they have the choice and they think the Tundra beats all comers.

Does anyone remember the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Ford, GM and Dodge ads comparing their half-ton trucks to the Tundra? As a result we saw the 6-speed automatic in half-ton pickup trucks, and Ford came out with the 6.2. Ford's EB V6 trumps all the other manufacturers if you're in to turbo V6 in a trucks. If I want a turbo truck, I'll buy a Peterbilt!

And all this crappola about who owns the company, where the profits go, who makes what where. Does anyone care that Ford, GM and Fiatsler make a lot of their vehicles in Mexico? And Canada. Last time I checked, that does not create any jobs in America, dudes.

I only speak for myself when I say that when it comes to half-ton pickup trucks: I have owned the rest. Now I want the best.

I put MY money where my mouth is.

I put MY money where my; and my families, friend's, and neighbor's, mouths are! Right here (U.S.A.), for the better of all of us.

Thanks Paul for the comedy relief!!!

If you've been paying any attention to this very site over the years, you'd have seen that the Tundra 5.7 DESTROYS the weakling 5.4L Ford in EVERY published test whether towing or not. In '07, it even out pulled the diesels with a 7,000#+ load. (yes, I know with heavier loads a diesel can't be beat which is the reason for our Dmax purchase)

The only gas truck to beat the Tundra performance wise was ONE of the premium swilling GM 6.2L's.....the Tundra beat the other one in the same test.

If your friend (or you) do not know how to set up a trailer for towing straight, don't blame the truck. The same PUTC test also shows the Tundra has the least squat of all the 1/2 tons.....again pointing to you or buddy not knowing what you're doing. That is if any of it is true.

We've made many a trip with a 9,000 pound toy hauler up one of the steeper grades in the gas Ford prior to '11 could even come close.

Now, I will admit that she does eat pads. But the irony is that the Brembo style 4 piston calipers make pad changes literally a 10 minute affair......and Auto Zone exchanges pads out for free for life; not a big deal considering how warp prone the tiny brakes were on my previous Fords.

Looks are subjective, but I'd rather look at my Tundra than the current droopy eyed sad sack Ford front end.

And everyone knows the Sierra still has the prettiest face of them all....LOL

@Buy American.....

Too bad those companies you support use that money to build on foreign soil......I suppose those poor Chinese kids thank you for feeding them!!

I heard McDonalds sells the most hamburgers for howover many years in a row. Does that mean Ford makes the best burgers or just the most burgers? I definitely say it's just the most burgers. Same as ford they make the most trucks but definitely not the best trucks.

How do I know? Because GM makes the Best trucks in the world and wins shootout after shootout. We all know that. even ford fans know that fact, they just will never will admit to losing ever.

Let it be written!

We have to keep things in perspective here. The F150 is the best-selling truck in the USA, and the new 5.0 DOHC is a mighty potent little engine that could. In fact, the new 5.0, basically a Mustang engine detuned for truck use, replaced/displaced both the 4.6 AND 5.4 in the F-150 line!

I had the use of a 2006 5.4 XLT provided courtesy of my employer, and the truck was a dog. The new F150 has incorporated ALL the ride, handling and smoothness characteristics first seen on the 2007 Tundra 5.7. The 5.0 F150 has finesse AND panache! Something that was lacking from domestic trucks prior to the current F150.

And for V6 enthusiasts, the EB V6 is the epitome of the ideal power-to-weight ratio in a truck. Not everyone can afford a Tundra 5.7 or a Titan 5.6, all dolled up, and having a choice in an affordable truck like the F150 sells a lot of iron.

But make no mistake, GM and Dodge don't even come close to the new F150 line of pickup trucks. That's why they sell so well. Both GM and Dodge keep putting more lipstick on their pigs and as long as their fans keep buying them, more power to them.

I believe in buying the best I can afford that gives me the most quality, value and content for my money. When I went shopping in 2009, it clearly was the Tundra 5.7.

When I go shopping in 2014 the new truck I'll buy has got to give me at least as much as what I have now and more. I'll buy whatever is best then, regardless of brand. Yep, even Ford, if it is the best truck out there based on my own evaluation.

@DeBinder Dundett
I know when I go shopping in 2015 or 16 I will look at all trucks but if Toyota wants to keep me I want better gauges simular to F150 or Ram I aslo want the use of direct injection and vvel for atleast 30hp and 30lb ft added to the 5.7L V8, 4.6L V8 and 4.0L V6 so that is 411 hp/431lb ft for the 5.7L and 340hp/357lb ft for the 4.6L and 300hp/308lb ft for the 4.0L V6. I also want 14/20 for the 5.7L and 15/22 for the 4.6L and 18/24 for the 4.0L V6. I also want better quality materials none of this cracked tailgates stuff. If Toyota doesnt give me atleast this much then they wont be in the running and it will be between Nissan, Ford, GM and Ram.

5.3L LOL, the whole instrument panel on the Tundra is something I had to get used to. Especially after the 2007 Titan I owned and the 2006 F150 I drove.

My wife hates everything about the Tundra except the higher seating position. But I don't care for the layout of the instrument panel in her 2009 Lexus LS460 now that I have gotten used to the instrument panel in the Tundra.

DI may be the wave of the future for all vehicles. When you consider when the Toyota 5.7 was developed, you can easily see that the new Ford 5.0 and EB V6 are much more modern in concept, design and execution.

But don't worry, with all the EPA mandates taking effect in 2016 and beyond, we will be in for some pleasant surprises when we go shopping.

I have owned a lot of trucks over my 64 years of living and some were clearly better than others, but all of them were better than the generations before them.

It's up to us to pick what works best for each of us, regardless of who makes it, where it is made or who owns the company.

If we based our buying decisions on blind patriotism we would never have progressed beyond the '49 Ford pickup truck. I say competition works to give the buyers a choice.

@creigmac- So which first? Tug of war? Sled?

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