Diesel Power Magazine's Epic Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker Video


Heavy-Duty Hurt Locker or King of the Hill, it doesn't matter what you call our recent comparison test of the latest diesel-powered Ford, GMC and Ram one-ton pickups because it was epic.

Our friends at Diesel Power Magazine, who partnered with us for the test, have released an amazing video that summarizes the trip and tests we performend.

Look for the full story early next month in the next issue of DP.

[Source: Diesel Power Magazine]


I love me some blue oval.

Great video, thanks!

It looks more like a draw, between the Ford an G.M.C., than a shear win. The Ford and Chevrolet/G.M.C. are both winners and the Ram is a not so close runner-up.

Very nice video! Good Job Guys!

Truth is you can't really go wrong with any 3 of these HD's. I personally am a Ford fan but when you look at the differences between the 3 they are so tiny.

If these 3 HD's keep up with their crazy increases in towing it wont be long till you see them hooked up to an 80,000lb load lol.

The Ford & GMC are too close in my book to declare either one a victor! I'll go with the FORD! Thank you Blue Oval!

Good video. Looks like GM's are geared for lower speed acceleration and hill climbing. Ford geared for higher speed acceleration and fuel economy. In the end, they're a lot of truck that most of us aren't needing these days.

Ford is the ugliest truck by far, but has the best interior, I will give them that.

I would take the GM, I think they are the best everyday truck.

all i can say is F**kin EPIC!!!!!

Dank Nabbit, Dang Nabbit, Dang Nabbit. What ticks me off is they say in the video that the ford dominated the quarter mile when infact it was very close with the ford completing the 1/4 mile in 25.63 seconds at 55.13 miles per hour and the GMC fiishing in 25.88 seconds at 56.75 miles per hour. Yes the Ford won but the GMC was coming on and would certainly overtake the ford past the quarter mile mark.

25.63 seconds to 25.88 seconds is not domination and the Duramax had a faster trap speed.
"The Ford F-350 carried a higher speed through the first 600 feet before the Sierra 3500 started to outpower it, but by then it was too late. The Sierra couldn’t close the gap between the two, even though the gap was shrinking."

Now, Domination is when you obliterate the competition like the GMC did up Davis Dam and Eisenhower Pass.

The GMC Sierra 3500’s quickest time up Davis Dam was 11 minutes, 11.3 seconds, and its average speed pulling from 500 feet up to 3,000 feet in elevation was 58.35 mph. Top speed was 69 mph for a few moments where the highway’s slope decreased to 3 percent for several hundred yards.

The Ford F-350's best time up the grade was 11 minutes, 50.8 seconds at an average speed of 54.9 mph. Its top speed was 63.15 mph.

The Ram’s fastest run was 12 minutes, 54.2 seconds at an average speed of 50.64 mph. Its top speed was 62 mph, at the same spot the GMC and Ford hit their top speeds.

So to state my point, Yes the ford won the quarter mile test by a very very slim margin but the GMC Obliterated, I like that word, the ford and the Dodge as the times attest for themselves. Yes, the ford has some strengths but when it comes to towing a trailer the GMC is the recognized KING of the Hill and was the outright performace champion.

The GMC Sierra 3500 is our choice for the Best Overall Heavy-Duty Truck in the Hurt Locker test. Its performance continues to affirm what we’ve seen from previous 2011-12 GM HD pickups. Their chassis and on-road performance should be in the crosshairs of Ram and Ford.

The GMC Sierra led with best-in-class performance, with wins in almost every test we put the trucks through.

The Sierra was the most comfortable rig over our long days. It was also the quickest for the driver to get comfortable with the trailer and load.

It's funny how they highlighted the ford wins, and at the end GM wins, most people will be confused.

Ford has a little better fuel economy; GMC has a little better performance up the passes - which is more important to you.

Ford does need to improve the exhaust brake.

They said Ford had the best suspension, comfort, acceleration, braking and fuel economy.

GM had the best exhaust brake in the mountains and fastest mountain climb.

I think I'd take the Ford.

@Mark, Stop posting your Ford propoganda. GM was the King Of The Hill. GM won the Diesel Power Magazine King of the Hill test and GM was King of the Hill. Deal with it! Hay ford lovers, how do you like getting beat by GM'S Duramax again? What is this like 4 in a row now? I love seeing you guys make all kinds of excuses. How about eating some humble pie instead?

Yet, consumers continue to demonstrate which pickup is best, with their purchases. F-Series sales prove where the consumer confidence is.

The GM cant haul a trailer up the pass as fast as a RAM can push a CGI logo. Advantage Dodge

Hay Buy American,

Selling the most doesn't make you the best. McDonalds sells the most hamburgers but are they the best burger? Ah, no.

GM sells the best truck that wins every shootout. So crow all you want about being best selling, I would rather have the title as best truck. Or as Diesel Power Mag called it, King Of the Hill. Ford loses again!

@Detroit Bob-" Hay ford lovers, how do you like getting beat by GM'S Duramax again?" - Doesnt bother me. If I were in the market for a diesel, I would still buy the Ford, as will the majority of the country. I would venture to say it doesnt really bother anyone.

@Michigan Bob, Chevy Bob, Detroit Bob??????????

We are talking trucks not hamburgers.
Hamburgers sell because they are cheep.
A 50,000 dollar truck is completely different.

Abraham Lincoln once said -
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

That sums up truck sales rather nicely, don't you think?


If you want to compare top selling burger places to the top selling heavy-duty trucks, here goes.

Top selling burgers:
#1 McDonald's
#2 Burger King
#3 Wendys/Arby's

Top selling Heavy-Duty trucks:
#1 Ford
#2 Ram
#3 Chevy/#4 GM

McDonalds like Ford is definitely the best quality, best innovation, best menu, best tasting, cleanest and with the best service.

Burger King like Ram has improved, has some niches, but isn't the best, quality wise Burger Kings where I go are disgusting but not as bad as Wendy's.

Wendys/Arby's like Chevy/GM is the worst selling, worst quality, dirtiest, has the poorest service, most disgusting food, and like GM will file for bankruptcy....

So there you have it. That's how the top selling fast food hamburgers compare to the top selling HD trucks.

@Michigan Bob

I don't know about you, but I'd rather eat at McDonalds (Ford) than at Arby's (GM.)

It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's (Ford)!

I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's (GM)!

Any questions?

It's pretty lame when someone has to compare the similarities of fastfood burger joints to the fullsize truck offerings from GM, Ford and Ram.

Abraham Lincoln once said -
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

That sums up truck sales rather nicely, don't you think?

And fast food sales, too.

Bob's so hungry for a GM truck he can buy one at Arby's.

Can you call an Arby's sandwich a burger?

@Lou - Wendy's old fashioned burgers are delicious! Way better than McDonalds.

@Don, My dad used to take me to Wendys when I was little and if its good enough for him its good enough for me.

Anyone try Wendsy new fries? For some odd reason I like their old fries better. I'll get used to the new ones, they're still good, just not as good as the old ones.

The worst fries ever are KFC's old fries. Anyone else remember those? Horrible!

Thanks Michigan Bob, GMC is clear cut the best HD truck again, very nice accompliment after Ford put nearly a billion bucks in redevelopement for their new trucks and GM held back on theirs. When GM does redesign the exterior they most likley will lose a few hundred pounds and tweek the airodynamics to close the mpg gap that Ford has. That few tenths of a gallon can add up on a 2000mi drive. There was no losers only winners with American made trucks, toyota can only dream of pulling a 14 foot fishing boat up a hill with their crappy tundra. The ford girls will cry like their boyfriend stood them up but the truth is they ain't number one.

@Steven, I'd take Wendy's any day over Burger King's.

I have always thought Wendy's are pretty decent. I don't know where many of you burger snobs here are getting your burger or what you expect from them. But of the big 3 burger joints Wendys is the best.

Now onto fries. I've always enjoyed Wendy's fries. They've kept me company on more road trips than I can count. Everyone knows that McDonald's fries are the king of fast food potatoes, so there's no use in comparing, but Wendy's fries were always tasty enough to hold their own.

Burger King fries, on the other hand, are almost inedible; they have this strange coating that makes them all texture and no taste. Just overall unpleasant if you ask me. Of course I'll eat them,but I always find myself hungry for a superior fry from one of their competitors.

That said, I am looking forward to going to Wendys again.

now what ,ford back to upgrade again,and again,upgrade number 4.5.6,,gm is a older model whit a older diesel.whit a new frame....and dodge have the better diesel for lifetime,ford build a new diesel,,was supposed to dethrone the dmax,but still not their yet..better to move face before the new dmax coming...

Again with the arguing. They're all fine. I'd prefer a truck with an effective exhaust brake but outside of that I think I'd be OK with any of the 3. They do more than most of us will ever need out of as pickup.

Again with the sales figures. Lots flooded with trucks with huge discounts will help sell them. Price and avaiability have as much to do with sales as anything.

I bet if dodge would have put there legendary 6 speed stick it would walk all over both Ford and gmc all day long

Let's here it for the Ram...the last pickup with a MANual transmission! Now, if Ram would only put the H.O. motor in front of the MANual.

wow that video seems to say FORD all the way cept they announce GMC the winner at the end..hmm. As someone said all good trucks i dont think anyone could lose. I'll stay with my Fords though because the one thing that none of these tests look at is who will stay running the longest and be dependable, plus solid front axle over IFS = Ford. I am impressed by the GMC though, If Ford went out of business tomorrow I would have to give the GMC a serious look before buying the Dodge.

@Lou, Thanks for your support. McDonaolds stinks. Go Arbys!

"Again with the sales figures. Lots flooded with trucks with huge discounts will help sell them. Price and avaiability have as much to do with sales as anything."

Again his theory does not compute. GM has the most trucks on the lots and has $2000 more in rebates than Ford. Dodge has the worst inventory but sells more than GM. GM has the most trucks and bigger rebates but sells the least of the 3 heavy-duty trucks.

GM needed to cut back production at the plants that build the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks, due to reduced demand and high inventories. GM overestimated demand. Inventory and price does not equal sales. It's about the product mainly.

@Jason, People aren't buying as many GM trucks right now because there are no jobs. Employers added no jobs in August. No jobs = no trucks! It's that simple.

This is the first time since 1945 that the government reported a net job change of zero. The unemployment rate stayed at 9.1 percent.


Dang nabbit, the most rootin tootin truck of them all was spanked buy a ford in the 1/4 mile by seconds and I like the word Obliterated...blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda. FYI Michigan Bob or what ever other name you like to go by...WE DONT CARE!!! You have made such a JackA$$ of your self that no one even cares anymore what you say because it doesnt matter wether its a GM story or a Ford story you just want to stir the pot more and more. Grow up or shut up.


So your saying Ford is being run by a bunch of clowns?.... Go figure.

Synergy? What did I do??? The problem is with the ford fans like Lou, Frank, Mark, Synergy, Don, Jason who always bash GM after they win the shootouts. It never FAILS. I bring up McDonalds and some joker has to bash Wendys and Arbys and call GM Arbys and bring up the banktruptcy BS again.

Anything to do with GM about a GM product and the ford fans can't wait to bad mouth it. How come nobody here ever brings up that Chrysler filed bankruptcy? How come nobody brings up the Chrysler Ram bailout?? Don says I am hungry enough to buy at Arbys??? Who the hec does he think he is? What's Arbys go to do with GM truck sales?????? And the fact of the matter is Chevy + GM heavy duty trucks outsell Ram heavy duty so you don't even know wha t you're talking about!

2010 heavy duty trucks sold

Ram 75,867
Chevy + GMC 102,582

GM sells more trucks than Ram!
Wendys better than McDonalds!
Ford fans can't handle the truth!


@Lou - Can you call an Arby's sandwich a burger?

Are you kidding me? Ever hear of Arby's roastburger? If you like burgers but hate the grease try Arby's roast burger!



ATLANTA, GA - (February 27, 2009) - With the launch of Roastburger sandwiches, Arby's is providing consumers with what they crave - a change in fast food. According to a recent survey from Kelton Research, people are looking for something different than standard burgers and fast food fare. Featuring Arby's signature, oven roasted, freshly sliced roast beef, Roastburgers represent a new face in fast food.

The survey revealed that more than half (55 percent) of burger lovers said fast food burgers can be too greasy, while 40 percent said they can be too dry. In addition, 45 percent of respondents said their number one fast food 'beef' is the quality of meat. With Roastburgers, fast food fans finally have a refreshing departure from the standard burger.

Never fried or greasy, Arby's Roastburger sandwiches are available in three delicious varieties:


@Bob- Nobody brings up Chrysler filing taking bailout money because nobody on here touts them like you do GM. Other posters find it annoying and to fire back at you bring up GM taking money. It is YOU who is the annoying fanboi who just cant help but bash anything Ford related. And when you arent outright bashing Ford, you act condescending towards them and all their fans on here.

You know what you did...Bob. what the heck is with this fast food crap, this forum is going down hill fast. Oh and Bob, FYI, PS, or what ever else just so you know I am not just a Ford Fan boy because I drive a Ford. Actually I dont drive a Ford...Surprise!

Why these HD-trucks are driving in a bright, clear and sunny day with turned on lights plus some of them additionally even with fog lights and on a test track/proving ground? That aren't DRL, it isn't Canada and I don see any kind of sense in that... Are these drivers blind or what?

Great test guys, awesome as always no matter what your truck preference.

I have one very tiny question:
Who really NEEDS these rigs? More and more the writers have stated that they had to get a CDL just to drive these trucks; how many of you everyday drivers out here have a CDL attached to your license?

Let's get back to common sense, kids. Not a one of us is all that likely to be hauling 20,000 pounds around on even an intermittent basis to need something like this. Quite honestly, these brands are emphasizing all the wrong aspects of what should be a working utility vehicle.

@Vulpine they are not working rigs here in Australia, but more and more Grey Nomads with Large Caravans and 5th Wheelers, love them. I know someone who just chipped his 6.4 Ford F350 to get 560hp, to tow his 22ft Caravan(yes it is heavy). I think maybe a large market for these Pickups is the US RV Market.

@Robert Ryan: I could see if the 5th-wheel RVs weighed in at nearly nine tonnes (20,000 pounds or ten tons Imperial) such a rig might be useful, but the average weight of a 22 foot trailer, whether 5th wheel or not is usually closer to four or five tonnes (8,000 to 10,000 pounds). On the other hand, I do know some 5th wheel RVs do push the 30-35 foot range so maybe I'm misreading the usefulness of such a truck. Still, here in the US to even operate such a truck with a near 20,000 pound load on the tail still requires a commercial driver's license or CDL. The only exception to this rule that I'm aware of is if the vehicle is specifically for RV use like the big Class A and Class B rigs.

Honestly, considering the horsepower available for an F-350, an S-3500 or Ram 3500 one-ton pickup, it seems that such towing capacity as needed for even the largest RV would fall within their range. What with the recent drive for "going green" and improving gas mileage, I'd expect both the trucks and the trailers to find ways to lose weight. With just me and my wife, I could easily see a 15-19' fifth wheeler behind my 4-door Wrangler were it a pickup bed.

Compact to mid-sized trucks have really been lost to the American buyer. The Dakota is dead, the Ranger is gone and the Canyon/Colorado is too big for my taste. Bring back the old Ranger. Bring back the old Mitsi/Dodge D-50 and the S-10. Most of all, bring out the Gladiator; that's the truck I really want.

@Vulpine in the US, some use mainly Volvo HDT's to pull very heavy 5th Wheels or even lighter units. They claim much better control in hill ascent/descent and turning and even ride. The Trucks they use are near the end of their commercial life, so they are relatively cheap to buy, cheaper than a new HD Pickup. A Lot of 5th Wheels in he US are in the 32-36ft Range. A 22ft Travel Trailer is generally a lot lighter than 8000-10,000lbs. Twin axle 32-35ft units weight 10,000lbs or more. The chipped Australian F350 would be normally overkill here for a heavy Caravan as most people use SUV's to tow them. He is finding the extra chassis length beneficial and the chipped engine gives fairly good fuel economy.

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