Jeep Pickup at Least Four Years Away?

By Mark Williams

A Jeep pickup truck remains a high priority for the brand, according to Jeep CEO Mike Manley as reported by Automotive News.

However, in an interview last week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Manley said no official decision has been made. We suspect that means the company still needs to hammer out the manufacturing details with Ram and other slated Jeep models.

Manley also noted he was keeping a close eye on Mopar’s JK-8 conversion kits that turn the last-generation long-wheelbase four-door Wranglers into a type of subcompact pickup truck. Manley says the dealer orders are “very strong,” but so far only 300 units or so have been sold. The kit costs $5,499 (before labor) and does require the do-it-yourselfer to be quite garage savvy. (Knowing how to use a welder and a plasma cutter wouldn’t hurt.)

Look for more details and info about the feasibility of a Jeep midsize pickup truck as the Chrysler product team and Jeep engineers get closer to the 2015 and 2016 model years.



come on jeep crank them gators out

I have wanted a scrambler for so long! I sold my Jeep for a Tundra and even though I love my Toyota there are times when a Jeep would be a better choice.

Just another chapter in the ongoing saga of Jeep concept vehicles that will never see production. No news here, just move on.

Bummer. I suspect that they are waiting for the redesign of the Wrangler. This should happen either for 2016 model year (Jeep's 75Th Anniversary) or for the 2017 model year (continuing the every 10-year model redesign) of the Wrangler? I am sure they want to get more than 5-years out of their investment.

Interesting! It would def be worth a look!

Hopefully the new or redisned Wrangler in '15 or '16 will be true to form and not some re-engineered Fiat. I really love the Gladiator Concept pickup, but i'm sure we'll never see it.

What's with the delays? Give Toyota some competition! Make it a one ton;)

them things would be so mean with a 5.9 cummins in it

Four years is too far away.

I'm sure they want to release the Jeep truck along with the next generation Wrangler, however now is really the time to strike. It might cost them more to bring out a truck now, but they would have nearly the entire market share in their lap.

I love my truck dearly. It does everything I want it to at a low cost. However, if it happened to die a year or two after these came out I might not complain...

i am not a mopar fan but if jeep ever makes this truck i would deffinatly buy one

@PUTC, are there any other awesome products that we're never going to have here that you want to tell us more about? For pete's sake lay off the bad news!

Fiat is on a mission to flood the US with their micro cars so don't expect breakthroughs in the truck & 4X4 segments but piggybacking on Chrysler is their only way in. Fiat did too much damage in 70s & 80s.


I don't think they want to flood the market with micro cars. They need to compete with whats here: Ford has the Fiesta & Focus, GM has the Sonic & Cruze, Toyota has the Corolla & Yaris, Honda has the Civic & Fit and Nissan has the Sentra & Versa. So Fiat has given us the 500 and now they're working on re-engineering the Alfa Romeo Giulietta to replace the lackluster Caliber. Hardly a flood.

just think if ford never invented the JEEP Grill, jeep would never be lol.

OK Jeep, your turn to try and build a good US small truck!
What we want? 4 door, 4x4, 5,000 + towing, 30 HWY MPG.
We don't need a gear so low that it will go straight up, but maybe a towing case and an unloaded daily driver case that gets 30+ MPG.
Come on Jeep make my '43 Willys proud of its offspring!

@Hauling, I realize you're kidding, but FYI, many manufacturers made 'jeeps' back in the day. Ford's 'jeep' had a 9 slit grill. Chrysler has now trademarked the modern 7 slit grill and the Jeep name.

I want to see a new jeep truck based off the old J-Series Gladiator trucks.

Those things were badass!

Agreed. Love the old J-series 10 (half-ton) and 20 (three-quarter-ton). Base the Gladiator on the Ram platform, on 1500 and 2500 (Power Wagon) Platforms, Pentastar, Hemi, and Cummins engines and you got yourself a winner! And build a Scrambler, for those who want smaller truck, with Pentastar and a diesel engine (unlikely to see latter engine).

@Greg B

Either way, Fiat didn't come here to full fill our truck fantasies and are an econo car builder doing whatever it takes to grab their share of the US market. They'll maintain/update the Chrysler (group) fleet but don't expect any bold moves.

Ya, I agree, Fiat just don't know trucks, however they will likely provide Ram with a Full size van replacement for the Sprinter. I heard rumour of the Fiat Panda (barf) becoming the next Compass/Patriot too.

I better rephrase that, Fiat just don't know 'pickup trucks'.

Without, American Bantam (summer of 1940), and the U.S. Military's need for a lightweight & high-speed scout vehicle, there would be no Jeep today.

I don't want a "Scrambler", I want a Gladiator. I don't want a JK with a baby-bed, I want an LWB Wrangler with a 4-foot-wide bed and at least 5 feet of bed length. If I want to carry plywood, I want to lay it flat, on top of the wells if necessary. A simple rail level with the well-tops would support most of the length of a sheet of plywood or drywall. Could also serve other purposes with a little ingenuity.

The Gladiator concept truck is the most attractive design I can currently imagine for a Jeep pickup. Anything else just wouldn't be a Jeep.

The Jeep brass need to listen to what people are saying, and build this thing already! I dont think JK8 sales have anything to do with how well the Gladiator would sell. Customers were begging for a jeep with low geared transfer case and lockers, the rubicon was built and look how well that sells. Jeep keeps sitting on their hands and they will lose out to the imports.

Can we all say Mihindra? WTF how are is it to make a dang truck. Gee we'll sell you the parts and let you do the work. Shoot, give the work to AEV. They stuff Hemis into jeeps and other things. Even their so called truck looks factory without the hassle. Just large price tag cause the factory didn't mass produce.

Next you'll be telling us a diesel is in the pipelines for the wrangler. I don't see why that can't happen either. There are a ton of diesels they could slip in there and be smog legal! GIVE me a truck with a TDI!!

This is absolutely ludicrous!!! How colossally stupid can the top brass at Jeep be??? 2015? Are you kidding? That is a full 10 YEARS since the Gladiator was rolled out. I have never seen such a grid-locked, corporate over think of a no brainer issue in all my life. Why is this so difficult? What could possibly take 10 years?

Just forget it Jeep I am done!

If you are gauging interest in a "Gladiator" like truck based on you JK-8 conversion kit then I think you're looking at the wrong demographic. I have a Toyota T100 built to the hilt but I'll never by this goofy kit to put on a truck that will never meet my needs any better than my 13 year old T100. Now the gladiator with a diesel is a whole different animal and you know it. If you're not going to build it then stop talking about it already.


The first 4-door Jeep Wrangler was the 1997 Jeep Dakar concept. Fast-forward (slowly) to 2007, ten years later, Jeep finally makes a 4-door Wrangler (Unlimited). I know that this will not make you feel any better.

It's Dodge division killing it again I think.

After the Chrysler buyout of AMC the original J10/Honcho was cut to avoid competition and Dodge has stubbed out Jeep pickup ideas ever since.

PJungnitsch -

That is just like what happened to the Jeep Comanche. Dodge (Chrysler) did not want the Dakota to have to compete with the Comanche.

PJ and Buy American, you're both correct. I have been saying the same thing for years now. Dodge has always believed that it should be the only Chrysler unit that should offer trucks; that's one reason why you don't see Plymouth trucks anymore.

I wish I were joking when I say that no matter who owns Chrysler (whether its Daimler, Cerberus, or Fiat), it's Dodge who really calls the shots in deciding who gets what to build and sell. But I can't. It is what it is.

@PJungnitsch and Buy American
Well we won't have to worry about the Dakota since it's dead. So it's time for Jeep to bust out the Scrambler, Comanche, Gladiator, or whatever pickup they come out with...unless Ram sales kill the Jeep. It'll be a helluva lot better that some fugly Jeep car replacement for the ComPat twins.

Even Dodge dropped out of the truck business (well implicitly anyway), focusing only on cars, so basically no one in Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep offers straight trucks...unless you're talking the divorced-from-Dodge RAM trucks. Chrysler Corp. will be saying RAM is the reason they don't need Jeep trucks. If GM had that thinking they would've killed off GMC or discontinued Silverado and Colorado. Glad THEY didn't...I guess.

High priority but 4 years away. Sounds like to much time
being spent on the golf corse

The Jeep engineers should only be allowed to play golf on the golf course just outside South Lake Tahoe. ONLY after they put in a full day's worth of work, doing research & development and testing, on the Rubicon Trail.

4 years out is way too far. Jeep should go ahead and produce the gladiator with the small diesel engine. I consider myself a pretty regular joe and I would buy one in a heart beat! With fuel prices on the rise, a fuel efficient 4x4 would definitely be a winner for Jeep. I have two Jeep vehicles and a Dodge Dakota now, and the Gladiator is much more appealing to me. Just biuld it an reap the benefits Jeep!!!

chrisler corporation would you please build a real gladiator pickup truck im sick and tired of these large amercan pickups that look like huge shermam tanks .

it woild be nice if the new gladiator pickup would have all metal fenders and all metal inside the cab im sick tired plastic made in thetrucks american made

I lick the way the pickups were made in the 1950's with a metal dash and the door panals were metal the front and back bumpers were metal thats the way the gladiator should be built not with plastic .

A diesel jeep truck by 2016, I hope I don't get crapped on by those flying pigs.

Also concerning "Manley also noted he was keeping a close eye on Mopar’s JK-8 conversion kits that turn the last-generation long-wheelbase four-door Wranglers into a type of subcompact pickup truck. Manley says the dealer orders are “very strong,” but so far only 300 units or so have been sold. The kit costs $5,499 (before labor) and does require the do-it-yourselfer to be quite garage savvy'

I just can't seem to justify taking off perfectly good parts and throwing them away and then spending 6k to replace them. Go figure, Manely. I wonder why more kits haven't been sold, duh.

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