Next-Gen Chevy Colorado Gets Ready for World Debut


By Mark Williams

Final testing of GM's all-new Chevy Colorado, built in Rayong, Thailand, is coming to an end as the global midsize pickup truck prepares for its worldwide introduction.

Thailand will be the first market to get the new truck, but concepts of the vehicle, such as the Colorado Rally, have already been seen in Argentina, Australia and Germany.

The model lineup will feature crew-cab and extended-cab variants powered by GM's new four-cylinder Duramax diesel engines. Built right next door to the Colorado's plant, the newly developed engines (2.5-liter and 2.8-liter turbo-diesels) will feature overhead cams, aluminum cylinder heads and specially controlled turbochargers.

Chief Engineer Roberto Rempel (pictured above) said his team finessed GM's successful truck formula to ensure the new Colorado meets local market needs in Southeast Asia and abroad. Rempel and his team lived in Thailand during the Colorado's development, immersing themselves in that highly competitive truck market and observing how the locals use their vehicles.

"The hard work for this program has been done, and we are incredibly pleased with the results," Rempel said. "We know customers of this type of vehicle want a workhorse and a daily-use vehicle all in one, so our product has to deliver.

"We have benchmarked the toughest, most flexible vehicles around the world. When you combine that approach with our detailed consideration of global expectations, we are confident the new Colorado will be a winner," Rempel said.


What does this mean for us? We assume that means the truck is coming here, which is what our sources told us in March when we posted the first look of the Colorado show car.

Although no official announcements have been made about a new midsize truck for the U.S. market, it's been reported that according to the terms in the recently negotiated UAW labor agreements, GM will invest $380 million at the Wentzville, Mo., plant to build a new pickup truck platform. The Shreveport, La., plant where current-gen Colorados and GMC Canyons are built is scheduled to close next year.

For more background on the GMI 700 platform, stay tuned to


I doubt in the near future we will have the 2.5 and 2.8 L diesel engines...that said, I hope (if they sell the Collie here) that it has the 2.4L I4 and 3.6L V6 and six-speed manual and auto trannies. That will make Ford (and Ram...sorry) look like idiots for dropping a huge ball, leaving a crater in the petite truck market! If they don't sell here GM will look like BIGGER idiots! Face it, the Silverado surely is a great truck, but it's big and BORING!

Bring those Diesel Engines to the USA! GM are you listening!!!

Looks cool, I wasn't crazy about the facsia before, but seeing it drive down that dusty looks ok. Hope GM has a real winner here.

I don't know why they can't put a small diesel in this for America. They're putting one in the Cruze so why not the Colorado? If they've already done the development for a North American compliant diesel the more they use it the cheaper it'll be. We left Ford when we couldn't upgrade to a 4 door Ranger (no Explorer Sport Track) and the Old GM Trucks (colorado/canyon) sucked. I wish this was here a year ago.

diesels!!!!! too bad we won't get either of those here. as much as its mention here that we trucks guys want a small diesel, sad that we who voice r the minority. the vast majority public(soccer moms, wkly depot guy, etc) don't want nor need a diesel. so much for that...

besides that, the truck looks decent, except for the car front end. just doesn't go with the body. n that rear door window looks just like the tundra n tacoma. for a moment there i thought it was a tacoma door.

I'm all for fuel efficiency but not fond of diesels. I have had one, it smells up your garage, your clothes smell like diesel and when you go to fill it up at the station, you either have to put disposal gloves on or wash your hands when done. I want mne with the 3.6 in burgandy(dark red) thank you very much

I wonder if the people in Thailand complain about profits leaving the country?

Will this truck be built in the USA or will it be shipped in such a way to avoid the "chicken tax" and assembled in the USA?
Kinda like Ford and the Transit Connect.

Kudo's to GMC for not abandoning the small truck market in North America.

@ Dave,

Modern diesel powered trucks no longer smell or are dirty. that is part of the problem. Most don't know they all come with emissions stuff now and everything is closed up just like a gas motor would be.

Other markets around the world don't have or want Silverados so Colorados are perfect for them but won't come to North America because they're priced below Silverados even though they costs the same to build. What would be the point of cannibalizing Silverado sales again? Yes some buyers prefer smaller trucks even with similar price and MPG as full-size but will remain niche buyers in NA. Where are all the buyers of current Colorados?

2.8 duramax.6 speed manual trans.I'll be the first one in line,and yes there will be a line.

don't let the crappy taco take over the market be a thorn in there side GM!

If these get small efficient diesels GM will sell them as fast as you can get them. I'd buy. I'd love a torquey little diesel that returned in the upper 20's in mileage.

@Lou that is what I posted on earlier threads about the Colorado. Built cheaply in Thailand, then assembled in Wentzville. It would be much cheaper than the Silverado, still the 'cannibalizing" sales is a problem.
@Scott one reason why US automakers are not introducing diesels. Perception that they are noisy and smelly by the general public. US auto buyers are pretty conservative and they resist too many changes.
@uh huh Soccer Moms rule. If the bulk of the population want a SUV with a bed, that occasionally does some work, that is what the Automakers will give them.
Notice the chief Engineer Rempel said that people wanted a workhorse and daily driver in one vehicle. Pretty par fpr the course here although unlike Thailand we have a lot that just use them as transport.

No official announcement huh? I guess you would have to be blind and stupid to not know they are going to build it here in the USA and Yes it most definitely will be sold in the US. That means ford and Dodge will be sucking hind titties again because those trucks are going bye bye.

Yes American consumers, once again GM is leading and you will have a mid size truck that will be a segment leader.

Hay everyone, did you catch the race in Chicago??? Chevy was 1,2,3 or as they say in horse racing, WIN, PLACE AND SHOW! Chevrolet, The Brand Champions and Americans trust. Don't you just love it!

The "Duramax" is actually the VM Motori Italian designed diesel replacing the Isuzu engine. Isuzu sells it's own DMAX models separately. They are bringing out a new Model and a SUV pretty soon.

Michigan Bob, you shouldn't watch NASCAR. That's the butthole of racing. You should watch Rolex Sports Cars, Pirelli World Challenge, Blancpain Endurance Series, FIA GT3, and Formula 1 where corvette Z06s, Ford GTs, Cadillac CTS-V Coups, Ferrari 458 Italias, Lamborghini LP600s, Mercedes SLS AMGs, and McLaren MP4-12C GT3 play at. NASCAR is for advertisement and only left turns. You want left turns, right turns, and a couple of slaps here and there. I used to watch NASCAR. But, I emotionally died and came back as a better man.

@Dave- That diesel smell is part of their charm.

A diesel is what would make me buy one. The stars are aligned for a US intro. No competition, even the Taco is barely refreshed. High 20's mileage would be seen in very positive light today as well. I think it's a big opportunity.

So Nascar is the "butthole of racing" hay there classified? Well it just happens to be the most popular and have the most fans attend in all of motor sports. All I know is Chevy and GM DOMINATE!

With GM's announcement about the diesel equipped Cruze, we can finally say GM has seen the light. So long as diesel Cruze sales are as expected, Diesel Colorado's should be driven stateside too. GM will get their Colorado diesel engine counts up via world sales and US consumers should see a cost savings.


There's been case where prosecuters use onstar to convict peeps.

One example was cops sees guy speeding(he was) but cops car was not equipped with radar/laser, ticket guy for speeding. Guy fights in court bcuz cop did not clock him speeding but cop n prosecuter able to pull onstar data n convict guy for speeding.

Thnx but my vehicles will have no such devices even if I have to sacrifice certain options.

@Cory and uhhuh - I read an article quite some time ago about police and paranoid governments using systems like OnStar to issue traffic violations and keep an eye on you. Looks like what I read is coming true.

@classified "butthole of racing" Good one. Funny.
@ Bob - thank you for validating classified's comment.

Lou and Michigan Bob, many people don't know better. Like I said, I used to watch NASCAR until I changed. Try watching the series I've just mentioned and compare those to NASCAR. I've seen them all, now I'm inviting you two to do the same.

I love Chevy and GM. In fact, I drive a GMC and my mom drives a Chevy. But, you two have to face the facts: we're talking corvettes, Cadillacs, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes at their finest, Audis, Porsches, and McLarens slapping around here.

I get hard-ons seeing them run around. I'm sure you'll get the same. Power to racing, Brothas! Power to the playas!

Thank you, Fight On, and God blessed.

@Ken, logically you would think so, but I am not so sure.Maybe some "Ecoboost" engine with DI.


Never heard of Formula 1?

They have more fans and more of a following than Nascar and better wold class drivers that know how to make right turns and RACE IN THE RAIN!


GM may dominate the cup series but why is Toyota the dominate brand in the Nationwide Series and Truck Series the last 5 years?

Toyota has not lost a manufacturer's title in those series for quite some time!

So we can expect the truck to be built here, but with high foreign parts content. I'll consider it. Before the Cruze TD announcement, I would have said there is NO WAY that the Colorado would come here with an oil burner. While the 2.4 and 3.6 are all but a sure thing, I still think the 2.0 Turbo would make a great little truck motor, especially since it will likely go into the Caddy ATS. I think the big deciding factor will be if they need SCR to meet emissions in Europe (and Japan). if they do, and have to implement a system, then the road is clear for a diesel to come here.

GM do it NOW!

@ everyone

i'm genuinely curious to why some folks talk about a truck that will never be in the american market so passionately?? to me its a kick in the teeth....

@hemi lol -"GM will invest $380 million at the Wentzville, Mo., plant to build a new pickup truck platform."
So what do you suppose this will be?

@Mrknowitall, what about the next gen silverado? Could that not be cause for the Wentzville investment?

@UNclebud- in theory, yes, but GM already has so much plant capacity to build the fullsize trucks, that the 900 replacement will be plenty at home in those.
Van& midsize truck- not unheard of: VW alledgedly derived much of the stuff under the Amaroc from the Crafter (thinly veiled Sprinter). GM could also nicely allign the powertrains between a midsize truck and a next gen van.

I suspect that the next gen Colorado will show up in the USA in some sort of form that will circumvent the Chicken tax. It will be imported from Tailand and assembled in the USA. Games will be played to satisfy those who pay attention to things like domestic content. Tailand gave GM close to a billion in low priced loans to build the Colorado there. 380 million for a retool of Wentzville to assemble trucks is chump change. GM is spending a similar amount to retool Flint for the next gen Sierra/Silverado.
I'd like to see more competition in the small truck field. Once my kids are older, I may decide I don't need a full sized truck. Consumer choice is nice.

Ok thanks guys, it sounds to me like it must be coming. Good news. Seems to me that there is some risk in putting all your eggs in one basket by having a truly global truck that will make or break you as opposed to having some diversification through geographic demand, so I would bet that this will be a well thought out and well built product. And Ken makes a good point that the global sales of a diesel would defray introduction and growing pains here in the US. This idea has real potential in my opinion. I think this is going to be a good truck for GM.

I'm gonna be highly disappointed if we only get gas engines again and again.

I was liking at the info on that 2.8 and they tested it to the same standards as the new 6.6 its got to be coming here that and is like to swap with my 08 Colorado

They're going to have to do something to meet the MPG standards. A diesel would be the simplest bandaid solution. I don't think they got any new technology in the works. We've been teased so many times before and I'm still skeptical that there will indeed be a diesel for the Cruze. You know, we've heard that line before only for the plans to be canceled. But the deadline is approaching and I just don't see a plugin hybrid for pickups happening any time soon.

I also think the perception of diesels relates to car buyers not truck buyers. When truck buyers think of diesels, we think of real powerful engines. I think the real reasons we don't have turbo diesels here is because of the cost of the emissions control systems and deals with the oil companies. Besides, make it an option. People that are uncomfortable with a diesel can get a gas engine. Just like VW, you have a choice. It's not all or nothing.

Confusing.. US or not? If not, remove this story from US's portion of the internet. lol

A truck like this would be perfect with larger cab and a bed that opens into the cab via an easy MIDGATE. Also, how about back seats that face the bed? Clever bed storage like the Ram Box or Ridgeline Bed trunk.. or how about both! Maybe a built in headache rack seamlessly in the roof line.

Two beefs.. it takes the US 5 years to get a truck design into production.. and it's like they have no idea how we use our trucks.. every year same old design and features. No innovation.. this truck is pretty.. but has nothing that would motivate a trade in.

in south america the engine will be a new international mwm 2.8 with +- 180hp.

the current ford ranger has a international mwm 3.0 with 163hp, and the new ranger will arrive next year with a ford duratorq 3.2 with 200hp.

nothing compare wiht the heavy duty trucks, but its enough to have a 2600lbs of payload and 7000lbs of towing.......and easily makes 30mpg.

Jera- Nice comment.

That has been my goal for the last 244,000 miles on my 2500 awaiting those exact numbers.

Cmon GM, just do it!

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