PUTC at the State Fair of Texas

By Mark Williams

We're headed to the State Fair of Texas, one of our favorite events of the auto show season. Nowhere else on the planet does a show cater more to truck buyers and enthusiasts with huge product displays, interactive learning centers and live country music.

The fair in Dallas runs Sept. 30 to Oct. 23, but we’ll get an early look when the media gets a chance to see any new models and surprises that manufacturers want to tell the Texas show-goers.

All we’ve heard so far are rumors and info from suspect sources, but it sounds like there could be some interesting pickup truck news from several of the big truck-makers. And you can bet we’ll get the info posted on PickupTrucks.com as soon as possible.

PickupTrucks.com will once again host the “Truck of the Fair” competition, where show-goers will be able to vote for their favorite pickup. Ford has dominated the last few years, with the Super Duty winning in 2010 and the F-150 in 2009, but there will be new trucks ready to take the crown.

In fact, people at the fair can text their vote to a designated number, and we’ll be keeping track of which truck is leading. Every new pickup is eligible, and anyone with a phone at the show can vote. We’ll provide updates, and we’ll name the overall winner at the end of the fair.

We’ll be posting updates from the show starting Thursday. Stay tuned.



Will Mike Levine be there representing Ford?

The only reason the Super Duty won it in 2010 was the fantastic innovation of the "Man Step" of course you need a man step just to get into the bed of the superdud because it resembles a monster truck. In 09 the f-150 won because it was an all new truck and design.

I am really looking forward to GM'S next generation pickup trucks that will be new from the ground up. I expect it to be the class leader with best in class power, fuel efficency and of course appearance.

I will say that ford has come along ways in the appearance department compared to the offerings of just a few years ago. I think we as consumers are all guilty of brand bias and I am guilty as charged. Obviously, Chevrolet is my favorite brand and is the brand of Champions.

Ford is the brand of? wait, wait, I'll think of something, Oh yea, the blue oval, (ugly) and the innovative "man step".

My brand bias is Chevrolet for trucks, Honda for motor cycles, Ski-doo for snowmobiles, Can Am for Atv's, International tractors or now called Case IH.

Truck buyers are very loyal and usually stick with their brand they grew up with. Snowmobile owners are just as loyal and usually stay with the brand they grew up with. Of course there are always exceptions to that rule.

Awesome! Hopefully there will be some news coming from the Ram camp. Like an updated HEMI Magnum or transmission changes. I would like to see the G-56 manual transmission make a comeback in the 2500 gas application.

Go RAM and FORD!

The rest, I don't care!


Amen brother! Let's see if hemi lol is choking on some rice right now, with that comment, and comes back with a defense towards "The All-Mighty Tundra"? Because nothing compares to the Japanese (Asia) of course. We dumb Americans can not do anything right.

Looking forward to seeing any new developments from any manufacturer.

Figures, second post and little bobbie is crying already.

hey Bob, don't you feel bad that the GM twins got beat by the so called man step? must not look too good for you if that is all it took to beat GM.


I am 6 and a half feet tall {that’s two meters exactly for Lou and Robert Ryan :) } and can basically step right into the back of any truck with the tailgate down and I can also reach over the sides and touch the bed but I REALLY like the "man steps" on the sides and back. I don't own a Ford but I do appreciate having that convenience. I did have a rear step on my Land Rover and it was a godsend.

I know you have a beef with Ford for whatever reason but these are actual functional tools that make life easier, even for very tall people like me. I bet all the major truck makers have them on by time they have refreshes or all new trucks. Are you still going to knock them on a GM vehicle?

Agreed I am not a Ford fan and wouldnt buy one but why knock the man step it works makes life a little easier who cars. If it was an option on Rams for the right price id get it. Not needed by any means but def a nice convience. Relax

Don't have a problem with the "man step" I just find it funny that Howie Long calls it a "man step" Ford and dodge for years had their trucks way up in the air and if your standing outside the truck and you need to get something out of your bed of a ford superdud, you almost need a "man step" to get things out of the bed and that is why ford made it easier and put a "man step" to give customers a easier way to get items out of the bed.

@ Bob
i agree Fords and Rams are higher but that was one of the reasons i chose a Ford more ground clearance and besides my truck sits level and not on a downward slope (to the front) like them chebbys

I would rather have a tall pickup (4X4), such as the F-Series and Ram pickups, and a "Man" step than a 4X4 that is low to the ground. Off-roading ground clearance is a good thing. Low trucks are for the street.

Everyone has a favorite brand they like to follow. No one is going to harp with you over that Bob but you keep complaining about the same thing over and over again. What did Ford do to you to make you so angry?


I will say it again, Chevy trucks are CARS!

This is why they look better when they are dropped/slammed to the ground, like the duallys and suburban. HIDEOUS!

I raise my trucks and drop my cars!


Ford pissed off Bob by building excellent trucks!

I would love to here news about G.M.C. deciding to produce the Sierra HD All-Terrain. Now that would be groundbreaking news. That, and an announcement from any of the manufacturers producing a 1/2-ton diesel would also be a shocker.

@mhowarth - that would be 1.83 meteres :)
Feet works just fine for me.
I predate the metric system in Canada (hurts to say that).

@Bob - Ford and Ram guys need to reach into their pickup beds because they actually carry stuff in them ;)


LMAO - That's what I was thinking as well.

My 2005 F350 has enough ground clearance to clear a nice size fallen tree if I had to. Not saying I'd want to but I could. As a milkman when the the white stuff starts to fall in the winter I have to go to work no matter what. People love their milk when it snows (still don't know why though) I can't afford to be stuck in my driveway because my truck only sits 4 inches off of the ground. One reason I would never buy a Chevy, and with every redesign I agree they are becoming more car like every time.


Hot Chocolate in the Winter/Snow!!! Or, White Russians!

My '99 F250 V10 4x4 was able to fit 35" BFG A/T just fine when it was stock.

I was looking at the picture.
It definately didn't come from Mike Levine ;)


That would be in reference to the big "blow up doll" in the background.

My 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon fits 35" tires nicely, stock. It came with 33" tires brand new.

I believe Sierras/Silverados (4X4s) need a minimum of 4" of lift to fit 35" tires?

I am sure it will be a great show, as always. And, I am equally sure there will be absolutely no information whatsoever about the upcoming next generation GM full size trucks. None. Period.

@Shawn - I looked at front bumper heights on new trucks. The Ford was several inches higher than the Chevy plus the lower 1/3 of the bumper isn't covered in plastic. 3 winters ago I had a Safari van. Whole nose is plastic. I was coming home from a night shift in -35 weather and I went through a 2 foot deep edge of a snow drift. The plastic fascia shattered like glass.
This last winter, we had record snow falls.
I went through a drift a foot higher than the bumper. No problems at all.
@Frank - hot chocolate? They have that in California?

@Big Bob - you may be right.
Last year their was more news about the belt buckle Fred Diaz wore than abour GMC.
Maybe GMC should get Cameron Diaz wearing just a belt buckle as a spokesperson.


Lol! Yes, along with hot coffee, hot food and hot woman!

@Lou i'm already sold on cameron diaz, call me michigan bob.

Comparing Ford F-150 to Chevy's Silverado 1500 minimum ground clearance levels...

Cab style Regular Cab
Pickup box style 5.5-ft. Styleside 6.5-ft. Styleside 8.0-ft. Styleside
Drive system 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4 4x2 4x4
Wheelbase (in.) - - 125.9 125.9 144.5 144.5
Overall length (in.) - - 213.2 213.2 231.8 231.8
Cab height (in.) - - 74.8 76 75 76
Width - Excluding mirrors (in.) - - 79.2 79.2 79.2 79.2
Width - Including mirrors (in.) - - 97 97 97 97
Width - Mirrors folded (in.) - - 84.3 84.3 84.3 84.3
Track width front/rear (in.) - - 67.0/67.0 67.0/67.0 67.0/67.0 67.0/67.0
Overhang front/rear (in.) - - 38.3/49.0 38.3/49.0 38.3/49.0 38.3/49.0
Angle of approach (degrees) - - 22.4 23.8 22.7 23.5
Angle of departure (degrees) - - 23.9 25.3 24.6 26.1
Ramp breakover angle (degrees) - - 17.7 17.1 17 15.7
Minimum running ground clearance (in.) - - 8.2 8.5 8.5 8.4
Open tailgate to ground (in.) - - 34.1 35.3 34.7 36
Front bumper to back of cab (in.) - - 126.3 126.3 126.3 126.3

Maximum gross vehicle weight rating: 7,000 pounds (4x4 crew cab, extended cab)
Maximum payload capacity: 1,924 pounds (4x2 crew-cab short box)
Maximum towing capacity: 10,700 pounds (4x2 extended cab with enhanced trailer package and 3.73 rear axle)
Fuel tank capacity: 26 gallons (SWB), 34 gallons (LWB)
Axle ratio: 3.08:1, 3.23:1, 3.42:1, 3.73:1
Minimum ground clearance: 8.4 inches (regular cab 4x2 SWB), 9.1 inches (regular cab 4x4 SWB), 8.9 inches (regular cab 4x2 LWB, extended cab 4x2 SWB), 9.5 inches (regular cab 4x4 LWB), 9 inches (extended cab 4x4 SWB, extended cab 4x2 LWB, crew cab), 9.3 inches (extended cab 4x4 LWB)
Approach angle: 15.6 degrees (regular cab 4x4 SWB), 15.8 degrees (extended cab 4x4 SWB), 15.5 degrees (crew cab 4x4)
Departure angle: 24.2 degrees (regular cab 4x4 SWB), 22 degrees (extended cab 4x4 SWB), 23.1 degrees (crew cab 4x4)
Ramp breakover: 24.4 degrees (regular cab 4x4 SWB), 17.8 degrees (extended cab 4x4 SWB), 19.6 degrees (crew cab 4x4)
Cargo-bed load height: 35.4 inches (regular cab 4x2 SWB), 34.5 inches (regular cab 4x4 LWB), 34.4 inches (extended cab 4x2 SWB), 33.6 inches (extended cab 4x4 LWB), 33.5 inches (crew cab 4x2), 33.8 inches (crew cab 4x4)
Cargo floor length: 69.3 inches (short bed), 78.8 inches (standard bed), 97.7 inches (long bed)
Cargo floor width: 62.4 inches
Cargo floor width at wheel well: 50.6 inches
Cargo bed depth: 21 inches

Ranger Ranger..............

@Bob - go to a Ford lot and measure the ground clearance to lowest point on the front bumper, then go measure a GM/Chevy product.
The GM is several inches lower.

Funny that you brought up box depths and load heights.

This is the comparison for a F150 4x4 SuperCrew shortbox versus a Sierra CrewCab short box 4x4.

F150 Load height 34.6
box depth 22.4

Chev load height 33.8
box depth 21

The box depth is 1.4 inches greater on the Ford.
The load height is 2.8 inches greater on the Ford.

So tell me again why it is so hard to reach into a Chevy?

So tell me again why the man step is a ridiculous idea?

Small man syndrome?

There will defenetly be news furm Ram


@Lou, you have just proved your total ignorance when it comes to ground clearance. You have just proved how stupid and ignorant you are when it comes to trucks. Ground clearance isn't measured fromt the front bumper you dunce. Ground clearance is measured from the lowest part of the vehicle which is usually the rear differential. Not the front bumper you nimrod.

No they don't measure ground clearance from the front air dam as you may think. It's the rear differential. And you have the gull to call yourself a truck expert. NOT!

mhowarth said 6 1/2 feet tall. 2 meters tall... that calls for a Big Man Step.

The state fair is hands down a great venue if you love trucks as much as Texans do! The weekend of October 8th is the annual Texas/oklahoma football game, so the eye candy is at its peak! I've gone to the state fair for 22 straight years, and I've never been disappointed with anything! The food is great, the concerts are awesome, the women are gorgeous, oh, and there is a lot of exciting cars/trucks there as well. :) Anyway, those of you talking about the Chevy trucks being low to the ground are absolutely clueless and still living in the 80/90's. Stop talking out of your ass, please, and get informed. The 2 wheel drive Chevy trucks, with 20's are as high or almost as high as a Ford or Dodge 4 wheel drive. GM trucks don't sit low to the ground and they have plenty of ground clearance. Some of you clowns will argue about the most childish things, and most of the time, you're wrong anyway! So stop pissing in the wind about whose truck is lower, whose truck is better, etc. because it's annoying and stupid already. Just enjoy the information this site provides and shut up already. Damn.

We talking Frame Clearance. The Frame on the Chevy is way too low, of course adding bigger tires/wheels would help.

Of course they both have the same GROUND CLEARANCE bitchagan Bob, they use the same tire size.

The FRAME, dolts!

@ Ford 850

Naw I only need a regular man step. I only weigh 184 lbs

Lou that is about 83.5 kilos :)

Just to stir the pot some more the Chevy likely gets an aerodynamic advantage for having the front end lower to the ground aiding MPG's. Honestly for what I use a truck for I'd take that trade-off.

No Frank were not talking about the frame you ignorant pompus one. Yes you Frank. Ground clearance is not the frame you idiot, it's the lowest part of the vehicle which is usually measured from the rear differential.

So stop trying to act like you know something when you obviously don't. Just shut your yap and get off this site.

@Bitchagan Bob,


Chevy runs deep.....even their frames hang low!

Frank = Douchebag

The last time I checked ground clearance was from the losest point on a vehicle to the ground - which would cause you to hang up or snag on something - rite? That would not be the frame. Try drivetrain!

Go check your ground clearance when you go manually lock your hubs on your furd.

Oh yea, that IFS has more ground clearance than SFA, thats why the military, four wheelers, and off road vehicles have it - specifically for ground clearance.

The low frame is a huge problem on GM trucks. My dad and I were at a farm sale and everybody was parked in this big muddy field. All the Duramaxes got stuck because they sunk in and their frames were resting on the ground. My dad's old '79 Dodge got out without a problem, but they had to get a Cat crawler to pull the Chevys out.

I'll admit, a lot of Fords and Dodges got stuck too. The difference is, some Fords and Dodges got out on their own. Every Chevy had to be pulled out except one, and that one had a huge lift and its frame was nowhere near the ground.

Perhaps the terminology (ground clearance) has been misused in this front bumper (valance, air dam, etc.) height debate. The correct terminology is approach angle. The lower the front bumper- the lower the approach angle (measured in degrees). That is where the Sierra/Silverado 4X4s fall short. In their low approach angles. F-Series and Ram (especially the HDs with their superior S.F.A.s) have higher approach angles, with the Ram HD 4X4 having the highest of all. Sierra/Silverado HDs will push a 1-1/2' high pile of snow with it's valance/bumper whereas a Ford Super Duty or Ram HD will push this same pile (of snow not Sierra/Silverado) with the front differential.

@Bob - the chin spoiler/bumper fascia on the GMC trucks is very low and prone to damage. Most of the GM/Chev work trucks I see have damaged bumpers/plastic.
I don't do any hardcore offroading with my truck (at least what I consider hardcore), but I do spend a large amount of time (winter in Canada) dealing with cold weather and deep snow.
Plastic breaks easily in the cold.
Low slung bumper plastic is a liability.
@Buy American - thanks for the clarification on approach angles. I wasn't thinking about that aspect of it. If I'm plowing snow at a severe approach angle (heaven forbid), that would be an indication that I just ran off the road ;) LOL
@mhowarth - you have a valid point, and that is why truck bumpers and airdams have gotten lower.
The under 30K shootout showed the true MPG advantage of GM/Chev truck.
I'd rather not have to worry about the nose clip on my truck.
@Jason - I'm not concerned about the hard parts of the truck plowing through snow or mud. Just the stuff that breaks real easy. I haven't had to worry about crawling over rocks.

i rather a frame hit the ground the my rocker panels. frame strong steel rocker panels cheesey tin that they put on all trucks now days


I am speaking for Frame Clearance, we all know what the ground clearance is, dirtbag!


Thank you!

@ mhowarth

i agree the advantage of the chevys having a lower nose has to
gas milage. vehicles always get better mileage going downhill

Dang!!! Honda used to be my favorite bike too. Please Bob, say you are talking Cruisers. I would hate to have to go set fire to my CBR... So which model of all your favorite brands do you own? Just curious?

@Chris, "Women are gorgeous"

Main reason why i go to the fair.

"All we’ve heard so far are rumors and info from suspect sources, but it sounds like there could be some interesting pickup truck news from several of the big truck-makers. And you can bet we’ll get the info posted on PickupTrucks.com as soon as possible."....

I wonder if they will talk about the next-gen Silverado/Sierra trucks?

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