The 2011 $30,000 Shootout is Live

There was so much interest in the upcoming shootout that we decided to launch it today instead of Monday. Check out the full shootout and of course weigh in with your own opinions.

2011 $30,000 Shootout


@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

"I personally like being able to go out on my adventures, without having to haul a supply of spare parts and tools, knowing that my truck will stand-up to the punishment."

Yeah, we call them beginner trails or in your case kiddie or chick trails!

Please stay on those easy ones and leave the REAL off-roading to more experianced drivers!


Are you that deaf?

I DO NOT care for the dimensions or weight of a tank full-size! Get it through your thick skull!!!

On just the trails I went on this year I would have done thousands of $$$ worth of damage to my paint and body if I went with a simple full-size tank!

Plus the sheer weight of a tank full-size EMPTY would have sunk it to the point of either getting stuck or having to use every bit of the V8 torque just to get through simple muddy/water trails where my 4-cylinder breezed through easily!

Full-size tanks are too wide and heavy for REAL off-roading, that is why you do not see so many on the trails. You mostly see them left in the campsites as the pulling vehicle for their REAL trail rides!

The ones you do see on the trails are so tall in the air they are not street-legal or effiecient to even drive on the highways!

Get it now?

"Full-size are too heavy for REAL off-roading"

2011 FORD
145-in. WB XL Styleside

Total: 5333 lbs

2011 Toyota
Tacoma Access Cab 4x4
4 cy 5 speed Manual

3560 lbs + 1500 lbs of added weight by oxi
Total: 5060 lbs

I doubt an extra 200 lbs on the F-150 is going to make much of a difference to a REAL off-roader.

Oxi, what is it that you don't get about contact pressure?
What the video of two equivalent HMMWV, one with regular tires, and the other with tracks.
The tire gets stuck/immobilized, and the tracked one gets through the field just fine.

So tire pressure & void ratio determine your contact pressure.
Chose the correct tire & operating pressure.

@paul810, 5.7 tundra come standard with 4.30s.

@uh huh

It's only standard on the Limited, which is the highest trim level.

@oxi - I'm just pointing out all your contradictions.
Now we are talking about weight, and width.
I take my big, heavy, long, and wide 4x4 to the trail head, set up camp, unload a KTM 450 EXC and I'll spank you all day long.
That does fit your weight and width argument doesn't it?
Ohh - I forgot, I might get wet, or get dirty, or fall off and get dirt under my finger nails.
You'll probably try to bring up street legalities - guess what?
My bike is street legal - lets run both through an inspection and see who gets towed away.

I'll just have to leave the "girlie" beginner trails to those modded compact trucks;)

The point you do not get is:

Guys buy trucks for different reasons -

Get it now?????????????????????????

I don't think so, all tundras with the 5.7 comes with 4.30s. 4.10s r only available on 4.6 n under tundras.

Also f150 3.55 comes almost equal to 4.10s while 3.73 is close to 4.56s, both falls around tundras 4.30s. So the f150 either has to go over or under. Calc it for urself using the final ratio posted earlier. We can't really say which is a better match bcuz it isn't. But I do wanna see a test using all makes with shortest gearing available.

In the end, who cares, we're all still gonna buy what we want no matter what other makes offer, better or worse.


Do yourself (the rest of us mainly) a favor and look in your local cable/satellite listings for the SPEED Channel. Look for a show called Xtreme 4X4. It is on every weekend. Watch it and see the places where they take full-size "tank" pickups. I think the trails that they go on can be defined as "REAL" off-road trails.

On that same show you will see build-ups of how they take foreign jobbers, such as Toyota pickups & Tacomas and Suzuki Samurai to name a few, and rip out their tiny, weak axles & motors and swap in solid rear and front axles and V8s from American pickups. They have to swap in the heavy-duty American parts after they snap the factory wimpy C.V. joints and axles.

Lets put an end to this I dont think the 4.30 axle ratio is technically standard but good luck finding one that doesnt have it because its standard on limited and platinum but its also part of the SR5 package for the SR5 Tundra and Texas Edition and is also part of the tow package for the grade (base) model Tundra so just about every 5.7L Tundra has it so it might as well be standard.

@Michigan Bob: I had the 310 HP 5.3 4 speed 3.43 geared 2006 ext cab 4x4 265/70/17 lightweight good years. I have the 2010 TRX4 uad. Hemi. Lets see driving out west to pickup a racecar I managed over 19 @ 75-79 mph at some points, half a mile per gallon less then the Shivy. Lets look at it further. the Shivy tires are very highway orientated, low rolling restance, minumum load my Ram has the Good Year AT/S tires more plies and a more offroad design. My truck has 4 real doors as opposed two ext cab plus my Ram is way better equiped and safer READ: HEAVIER I really am not hardly off. If I had the lightweight low rolling resistance tires that weigh 39 pounds vs. 47 Sure now I can even get 3.08 gears now with a Chevy with the same high gear as the Dodge has, a .67 , that'll really downshift alot in these hills! Bet it woulda killed a Chevy 5.3 wih 3.08s bringing over 6, 000 pounds of racecar stuff, and it would really worked a 5.3 even with 3.42s

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

I go out with REAL off-roaders and not wanna-be's with straight pipes!

I always love showing those big V8's what a simple Toyota with just a 4-cylinder can do off-road!


You are comparing a stock F-150...

Now add the skid plates, proper front and rear bumpers, cap and roof rack, aux. fuel tank with the ability to carry max payload in the bed and re-calculate!


And when you have to make over 100 trips to match the payload I will have for just one trip as well body fatigue, you'll think twice...

Oxi - F-150 already has proper rear and front bumpers unlike the front car facsia on the Tacoma. A ridiculous cap and a roof rack does not belong on a real off-road truck!

this shootout has absolutely NO merit. Why you ask? Simple, because you are not comparing equal cab configurations, gear ratios. Ford should be disqualified because there truck is a fricken regular cab and Toyota for having a truck with a 4.30 rear end.

Yes, I realize they ranked Chevy last as it is the second oldest platform offered here. should have had some paramaters as to what the trucks had to have. Who is going to buy a regular cab in the first place?

I hope the next time decides to run a shootout they make every effort to make the trucks as equal as possible. They failed miserably in this shootout.

Michigan Bob-

Understand, that this test was just a fun experiment to see what the manufacturers felt was their best under $30,000.00 offering. It was not meant to be a; best tow, best people/cargo hauling, best off-roader, etc. vehicle comparison. You are reading in to it too much. Maybe you would rather see another Ford news story instead? Give the guys a break.

@Buy American - maybe all of the trucks with power windows, door locks and rear disc brakes costing less than 30K should be disqualified as well.
@Bob - what do you have to say about the fuel economy of the 5.3 Chevy?

@And when you have to make over 100 trips to match the payload I will have for just one trip as well body fatigue, you'll think twice...

That's why I have the full sized truck.

You play offroad and so do I.

We don't work offroad - we play.

"Show bunnies for different purposes".

My weapons of choice are dirt bikes and quads.

Yours - a modified Tacoma.

As far as having to "make one hundred trips" to match your one.............................
Thanks for pointing out why I prefer bikes.
Spares me from buying a gym membership.
I can do one hundred trips in the time it takes you do do one. (Hperbole for effect)

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