This Is the 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 Custom Sport Truck

This is the 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 Custom Sport Truck Package

In 1967, Chevrolet introduced all-new full-size pickups that moved beyond being basic workhorses to dual-purpose trucks that could be stylish as well. Known informally as the "Glamour" lineup, 1967-1972 pickups still heavily influence the design of Chevy cars and trucks today.

One new 1967 model was the high-end two-door Custom Sport Truck, or CST. Among its upgrades, the CST featured a deluxe vinyl interior with bucket seats, chrome bumpers and special badges to separate it from lower models.

Chevy is bringing back the Custom Sport Truck model for 2012, just in time for its 45th anniversary.

Today's CST bundles the following features:

  • Vortec 5.3-liter V-8 engine
  • Six-speed automatic transmission
  • Heavy-duty trailering package
  • Automatic locking rear differential
  • Heated power-adjustable, manual-folding outside mirrors with chrome caps
  • 20-inch chrome-clad aluminum wheels
  • Bodyside moldings with chrome accents
  • Chrome door handles
  • EZ-Lift locking tailgate
  • Power driver's seat
  • Steering-wheel controls
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • Stereo with USB port
  • Dual zone automatic climate control
  • Fog lamps

The Custom Sport Truck Package is available nationally on Silverado 1500 extended cab models and in California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi on Silverado 1500 crew-cab models.

1967 Chevy C10 Custom Sport Truck


Nice looking truck, but the 5.3 engine and 6 speed tranny should be offered with a choice of 3.73 or 4.10 gears.

So.... what exactly makes it a "sport truck"?

@LJC I might be wrong, but I thought the max trailering package included a 3.73? I could be confusing this with one of the other manufacturers. Not a bad package except for those 20" wheels.

I think the max trailering package does have 3.73 for the 6.2L but I think the Heavy-duty trailering package for the 5.3L has 3.42 although I could be wrong also. I am confused how will this be a big sell I would rather have the 67 chevy.


With the 6spd tranny ratio, the axle ratio end results is better than the old 4spd tranny with 3.73 and 4.10 axle.

I guess we won't see new motors until... whenever. Meantime the competition gains in sales and new customers.

The 5.3L is marginal. F150 Ecoboost... brilliant.

Anyone else think those bumpers look much better? I am amazed what changing black to silver and chroming the corners does.

I'll take the one in the second pic. The other is worthless

@Bigger Bob Definitely, I'm not a huge fan of excessive chrome but it does look sharp

If they offered the 67 they might be able to compete with ford. LOL.

Give me the second one all day long. Might even be able to fit it in my garage.


Says the guy who drives a superdoody for a living.

If it has fog lights, I like the painted bumper better, but the chrome looks good too.

Without fog lights, it looks bad painted or chrome. Chevy Silverados must have fog lights for the large bumper ends to look decent.

See page 13 here...

Both trucks look BEAUTIFUL. Chevy for life!

i want a 72 1 ton with the LML duramax stuffed between the fenders but only one can dream lol

@chevyman, I can appreciate a nice truck no matter if it's a ford gm or ram. The 67 is nice, the new ones are not. Yawn

Im not a chevy guy but they are both sharp trucks. I like the wheels on the 2011.

I know people prefer the utility of a 4-door pickup and also b/c it brings better resale, but if GM was to offer this package in a regular cab, short bed 2WD, then it might be something worth looking at.

Nice! Love me one of those!

I like that you have to upgrade to get the EZLift locking tailgate. That's standard on the F150.

And that 5.3 has GOT to go. GM's been caught with their pants down on that one now that Ford put the 5.0 in the F150, 'yoda's got the 5.7 like the Ram, and the long-in-the-tooth Titan has a 5.6. Hope they have something in development...but judging by the press release that stated the 5.3 would carry-over in to the next redesign, I'm doubting it.

Looks like an oridinary LS.

1967 or 2012... Chevy Runs Deep!! Love the chrome, love the features!


EZ-Lift locking tailgate is a $95 option for just a spring to make it easier to open the tailgate. Rip off!

I could use that for my next fill up, scallywags over at GM!

sounds to me like a little LTZ and what I got, All Star Addition, the chrome of the LTZ, and the interior stuff packaged together with 5.3 6sp. Just one ??? Mike L., did thay say if 4X4 was available?

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!, If it was an LS, then it would have those cheap looking "chrome" wheels that are usually found on the work trucks with the optional LS package.

Sorry. I am not privy to General Motors products.

@ Luke nothing wrong with the 5.3 it just needs a improvment to make it more efficient nothing has been really done to the 5.3L gm motor since it came in 1999. Its basicly same motor as 2012 2 valve per cylinder 1 plug per cylinder. Where the new ford motors have 4 valve's per cylinder 2 plugs per cylinder with direct injection. The new 5.3L in the next gen gm trucks will be a monster, just needs some upgrades done to it as well as all gm gas motors in the truck lineup.


"EZ-lift Standard on the F-150"? Last time i checked, EZ-lift was a Chevy exclusive feature. Either you should get yourself checked out for brain damage or gather up better facts next time.

Chevyman: I like the chevys probably more than you, but no ezlift is not a Chevy exclusive. and Bu American: if you get the LS you get everything that the LT can get for a lttle less$$$, but in diong so you can only get the 4.8, you basicly get an LT truck, and you don't have to settle for the 4.3! and you save a lot of $$$, you get P/W/P/L On-Star everything, but you chioce of engines. But you are limited to options, no Z-71 6spd, but you can get towing, limtslp, but to save $ on the truck with a V-8, you have to take the 4.8 4spd 3:08 diff.

Good looking trucks, but why don't the offer it in a regular cab short bed, like the original?

Still canna get a 6.2 in a reg cab short bed, or a Ecco Ford in a reg cab short bed. Is there a conspiracy against reg cab short beds...have to go to a Tundra, Toyota doesn't worry about such trivia.

Also the '67 weighs about 2,000 lbs less that his grand son.

You roll that 67 & it would cause a really bad headache. Crush standards didn't exist, just lucky to have seat belts and safety glass.

Hopefully they got rid of the drum brakes on the rear!

@Bigger Bob - I'm with you. The bumper does look better than before.

Seems to be more of a sticker kit in relation to "Custom Sport Truck".

I'd take the "67 Chevy any day. Sweet truck.

Chevy Man,
Easy Lift Tailgates came standard on Nissan Titan's in 2004. and F150's in 2009. The rest of CST "Yawn"

Guys, come on. This is an appearance package, not a total redesign. But sounds like that is mostly from the Ford camp. I was fortunate to have owned one of the 67 CST trucks when they were on the road, and liked it, but I think many have forgotten or never drove one of the older trucks. The 67 CST was also a trim package which was mostly chrome dress up items, although the truck I had also was heavily optioned including a 327 and TH 400 Auto. These new Silverado's will outdo the older trucks (and probably most new ones) in nearly every aspect, and I can say I have owned several models of Chevy trucks starting with the 67 CST, up through a 2011 Silverado with the 5.3 6 speed, and this one is the best by far. And calling the Ford 6 with the hair dryer brilliant?......I am not impressed, and Turbo 6's have been around for years (in small cars), and time will tell how they hold up, and what is up with the MPG ratings? 21 MPG highway in a V6? My 5.3 V8 easily does that, and I am averaging 19. Wish in a way I would have held off for one of the new CST's, but can't do those 20 inch chrome rims which should stay on the lowered 80's Caprices with the purple paint jobs - that is the one thing I do not like about this truck, but that is an easy bolt on 'upgrade' by going to 17's or 18's max. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.......Chevrolet had the best trucks in 67, and still do in 2012.

Ron: I also own a 2011 Chevy Ext. Cab 1500 Z-71, 5.3 6spd 3:42 lmtslp, and we love it. With that said I alos own a 2011 Ford F-150 Reg, cab, Ecco-Boost 3.5 V-6 4X4 8' bed, XL, all black with lmtslp, 3:55, I also like this truck too! this is my 1st new Ford, and time will tell, IF I have any problems with either, I will get rid of it before the waranty runs out, 5/100,000 Chevy 5/60,000 Ford. I have had Chevy's right along, I don't expect any trouble, but the Ford is very complicated! I'm not sure I will even be able to change the plugs! BUT an I mean BUT there is NO comparison with power between the two. The Ford tows and drives with a lot more power to spare, and the gass mileage is about the same towing or M/T. The Chevy is rated for 9,800 lbs towing, the Ford 10,800 lbs. I could have gotten the 11,300 lbs package with the Ford, but that would mean a harder ride and not many options for aftermarket wheels because they are 7 lug on the HD F-150! along with diff. springs shocks and the frame has more cross-members. The Chevy does ride the best M/T, the Ford rides best with a load, and is rated for 2,000 lbs! the Chevy 1,680. I can harass the kids in the IROC Camaros with the Ecco-Boost!

Sandman - Good to have an honest unbiased opinion on both those trucks. Sounds like you have a nearly identical truck to mine. Salesman at Chevy told me GM is going to bring out a turbo V6 in 2013 in their trucks, and hopes to get 23 MPG out of it. I can't say I will be trading anytime soon though - I prefer either an inline engine, or V8 (just traded a inline 5 Colorado which by the way I loved and after 122,000 miles not one single trip to the shop). What I really would like to have is one of the 6.2 Silverado's, but with driving 70 miles/day I need the better economy of the 5.3.

Ron: if I had to drive 70 mls a day! I would be driving a new VW Diesel Jetta Sportwagon! and keep the truck for the heavy stuff!, but some days I don't even drive the trucks at all, (Harley Davidson 40mpg) hehe weather permiting of course. I would realy like to se a small American Diesel p/u. Then again I drove a new Chevy Volt the other day! very nice quiet, very smooth, lots of torque off the line, and in the 40miles the engine never even turned on! I had to push a button for more power to get the gas engine to run, and when it did it was also quiet and smooth, that woul dalso be a nice car for 70mls a day! you would burn about 1-2gal/day! the only drawback is the price $42,000!!! but with a $7,500 tax credit.

Nice truck, the Chevy design team that did volt aquinox, cruze, is doing the New 2014 model.. Should be time to trade my 2011 by then. When combined Chevy GMC sales, they blow away then competition.

Nice! Both of them are better looking trucks that any on the market today. Nice to hear the jealousy from the ford girls. I've got the 5.3 in my 99 Sierra and it outperforms the new ford motors even being 12 years old. The 67 looks fantastic and is a head turner. I wish would find out why ford trucks rust out after 4 years here in the midwest, this has been going on for 40 years with the through and through rust on fords that aren't even 10 years old. You won't ever hear anyone saying fords are the longest lasting trucks unless they are sloppy drunk, they are the quickest rusting heap around though.

@Sandman - VW Jetta would not hold up on the road I drive. I just traded off a Z71 Colorado 2 wheel drive, and main reason was it was 2 wheel. Many times I have came home to find washed out road, snow, etc. I probably traded off my last 2 wheel drive unless I move. I ford two streams one way out, and if I take the other way, it is 4 streams - one of which is impassible in heavy rains. 4x4 with locking diff is nearly a must have here.

sorry Ron: not much choice huh? maybee buy and older 24valve Dodge Diesel 2500 4X4 with 6spd man.? set up to hyper mile! they have been kown to get 28hyw 20city! and if you can't cross the river in one of those you might as well use a boat! and the big plus is bio-diesel, that you can make youself!


Sounds like a job for a Ram 2500 Power Wagon, to fit your needs:

Rear AND front electronically locking SOLID-axles. Electronically-disconnecting anti-sway bar. Warn 12,000-pound winch. Thirty-three inch all-terrain tires. Lots of skid-plating. ALL from the factory.

Yum..that '67. The wife owns a '68 C-10. I hate to break it to the General, but the current truck is no C-10.

Today we have bloated and over-equipped suburban haulers, not real trucks. And I say that as a Ford/Toyota guy who works a bought-used '03 Silverado hard (and likes the truck). At the same time--even an '03 has too much expensive crap to break. I can only imagine as the plush goodies on this new truck.

Oh, for something with the simplicity of an old truck to do real work, but with a modern drive-train and brakes. Nevah happen :(

- I don't see any real difference with rusting out amoung brands. There are some generations of trucks that are more prone than others for rust.
I'll throw out my own generalized comment about what I've observed.
If you look at the current generation trucks, when it comes to trucks used in logging and other heavy industry - the Silverado and Sierra's look beat up worse than Ford or Ram.
I see a GM work truck and I'm generally surprised NOT to see a bent rear bumper or all/and or most of the plastic torn off of the front bumper.
The drivetrains hold up well but the bodies don't.

Sandman 4x4 and Buy American - Yeah, I had a lot of choices, but I grew up around Dodge trucks when you could not give them away (60's and 70's), and if you got one of the older Dodges to start in cold weather, you were doing good. Yeah, I still remember those days. Only after they changed the body style in early 90's could you get anyone to give a Dodge truck a second look. I still can't see why. Obvioulsy a lot of people disagree with me, but in my mind Chrysler has never built a good looking truck. And drive a 3/4 ton clattering Cummins diesel with solid axles, and big tires 70 miles a day? No thanks.

I just purchased a '12 CST BLACK, WITH THOSE 20'S..People are asking whats the sport look.... Ha... I don't get it. This a sweet, kicka$$ looking truck. I love mine and think it looks just as sweet as any of its compatition. You do know" Chevy runs deep".

I have a 67 swb with a 2000 5.3, 4l60e, 3.73 posi and let me tell you I wouldn't trade it for a new one!

Nice features but i have not yet to see the option i would prefer from Chevy.I've look at many of silverado SS models out there, but have not yet to find a simple reg. cab and 2wd period.Its either reg. with 4wd or ext. cab and maybe 2wd.Truly i would prefer a 70 to 72 model but don't have the time for a restoration.Even if it would have to be a special order a 6.2 supercharge,6 speed auto.3.73 rear end,black short wheelbase would be nice.

i traded my 2011 straight across for the 2012 custom sport LT 1500 ext. cab. 6 speed auto, which is reduced to 4 cylinders on the highway when using cruise. getting about 15 mph at the moment as i just bought it in november with 233 miles on it. i hit 80 in about 2 normal city blocks. the vortec engine has smoked every other truck on the street and highway so far. i love it. :)))))

I'm sorry RON: don't have many options? Maybe buy and older 24 valve dodge diesel 2500 4 x4 social Democrats 6. ?Set to super! They already know get and hyw and city! If you can't across the river you might as well use a boat! And the big advantage is the biological diesel oil, you can make yourself!

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