Top 10 Country Songs About Pickup Trucks

By Mark Williams

We know it's been a rough past few days for fans with Mike Levine moving on to a communications job at Ford Truck and, more importantly, the fact that it’s been 10 years since our country was hit by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. We thought this first piece AL (After Levine) might be a good time to offer something a little "less weighty."

We know a lot of people don’t like country music, and there’s no doubt a lot of great music is out there outside of country music, but we’re pretty sure no other musical genre uses the pickup truck as the main character in its songs. 

What follows is our attempt at selecting the top 10 country songs that feature or highlight somewhere in the song that great American icon, the pickup truck. We apologize if we’ve missed your favorite, but feel free to let us know.

For that matter, let us know what music you like to play in your pickup truck. Some music surely works better than others when you’re doing what you love most. And remember: Keep it clean.

10. “Life Is a Highway,” Rascal Flatts

9. “Chrome,” Trace Adkins

8. “We Rode in Trucks,” Luke Bryan

 7.  “Drive (For Daddy Gene),” Alan Jackson

6. “Hillbilly Deluxe,” Brooks & Dunn

 5. “I Love My Truck,” Glen Campbell

4. “Big ‘Ol Truck,” Toby Keith

3. “Rough and Ready,” Trace Adkins

2. “Mud on the Tires,” Brad Paisley

1. “Pickup Man,” Joe Diffie









country music all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

country to the bone!! a good truck song you might not know is (Corb Lund band - The Truck Got Stuck) lol good video fords dodges and chevys trucks haveing some fun in the field

there the link to THE TRUCK GOT STUCK

"Life Is A Highway" was originally a Tom Chochrane/Red Rider song that came out in 1991.

country music is always good!

i'm a big fan of josh turner's "everything is fine", kinda sums up how i feel when i'm just rolling around in the truck.

How about songs that defined a truck like the Bob Seger song "like a rock," that GM used for years as their marketing campaign?

I will take some Classic Rock and Heavy Metal.

Thanks anyways!

@mhowarth - agree 100% with "Like a Rock". I'd say that was the last time GMC had a decent truck commercial. (I'm not a fan of any of the truck commercials irregardless of brand).
I'm a big fan of Bob Seger. Funny how he has been classified as country in the last 10 years or so. I think it is more a case of "country" becoming more main stream "pop".

On the subject of Bob Seger - "Roll Me Away" is a good highway song.

How about "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar?

"Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf is another great "road" song.

"Bat Out of Hell" by MeatLoaf is another one.

"Copperhead Road" by Steve Earle?

As you can see - not to many country songs in my music collection.

This is why I love country music, it goes together with trucks like peas and carrots.

Slow news day eh?

Other than Brooks & Dunn's Tundra video/song, almost all other songs have good ol' Chevrolet/G.M.C., Dodge, and Ford references in their lyrics/videos. Thank goodness for good taste.

P.S.- Welcome, Dave Lee!

@Buy American - not to overstate the obvious - but what rhymes with Toyota?

On that note how about "Drove my chevy to the levee, But the levee was dry. "
Don McLean - American Pie.

I'd like to clarify to everyone: I am only the PUTC steward (like Denethor from The Lord of the Rings) until we find a replacement for Mike. In the interim, Mark Williams (the author of this post) will be our guest editor.

take it easy - Eagles .... flat bed ford slowin down to take a look at me, take it easy! ---pop/country

for the corb lund song the trucks got stuck...all i saw was 2 chev, 1 gmc and a dodge lol where is the Ford? must have been submerged or never got stuck to begin with...

that song/video brings back lotsa memories except my ford had a 460 big block, lifted 12 inches ,locked front and rear with 42 inch swampers on it, when it got stuck it was STUCK!
thank god for my 12000 lb winch haha

Mike is gone for one day and this is where we go... pathetic.


Give it time. The site obviuosly has to make some changes.

Rhett Akins "That aint my Truck"

I fully endorse this list. The news is a bit slow but hang in there. Lots of good stuff coming!

on this whole page and no one mention of the BEST DRIVING SONG in the history of country music---- Im' not sure but I think the name is WILLING: lost of bands have covered the song, and I'm not sure who wrote it: maybee Lynard Skinard? Poco? Nitty Gritty Dirt Band? anybody know? "and if you give me wheat whites or wine, I'll show you a sign, an I;ll be willin, to be movin______ oh on second though I believe it was Little Feet! I seen them perform it!! Great song! but Realy Great song while drivin.

People have to realize that its gonna take a couple of weeks or so to get someone to replace Mike and don't worry have faith in your only place to find out about all your truck news.

People have to realize that its gonna take a couple of weeks or so to get someone to replace Mike and don't worry have faith in your only place to find out about all your truck news.

from Tuson to Tucumcary from Hatchappy t Tonavar, I've drivin evry kind of rig that ever been maaa aid::::::::::: drvin the back-roads so I wouldn't get weigh ied an if you give me e e wheet wite an wineee an show me a sign, an I'l be willin, to be movin..... I've been a Class A CDL driver all my life,and I've heard them all, but when the eyes get heavy and the miles get long THAT is the one song among many others (not on this list) to help "keep me movin" an I'll be Willin

Where's cowboy cadillac by Garth Brooks.

I dont listen to music when in my truck,the sound of the engine is sweet music to my ears !!!

I have a feeling I will miss Mike Levine !!! Really WTF is this a music blog,WTF !!!

Pickup Truck by Joe Diffie was right on. I enjoyed seeing the old clothes in the video. The good thing about a song is that it brings back memories, and the videos brings back history.

The song Willin" was written by Lowell George of Little Feat. George was also in such groups as Fraternity of Man and the Mothers of Invention. George claimed Zappa fired him for writing a song about dope - Willin'

I think we're all forgetting one. Cattlerack Cadillac. Reminds me of my uncle's old truck that I grew up riding in, lol.

To the guys slagging this thread, Shannon Sangster sums it up rather nicely "The good thing about a song is that it brings back memories, and the videos brings back history."

Kinda like an old restored truck, or a dirty, well used truck with a sad old dog riding shotgun - brings back memories and history.

and Joe Diffies song has MULLETS in it!! lol lol lol

I always remember Alan Jackson's summertime blues as being a good one. they're runnin through a mud pit the whole video in pickups.

@ buy American

what the HECK is wrong with Hillbilly Deluxe? all positive posts except yours, i suppose thats a common theme with you though. EVERY REDNECK i know that loves to off road owns or knows more than one person with an old Toyota pickup or 4runner they take muddin and trail ridin.

We must not forgot about; Convoy- by C.W. McCall. Song is about the mutha of pickup trucks...the good ol' American big rig.

I must be an idiot...what happened to Mike?

I would throw Toby Keith's Ford jingle in there...hey, it's a song....

..."If you see me on the highway in the left hand lane, lost on a back road in a driving rain...up past the timber line where the ride gets rough, ain't no doubt my king of the mountain's built Ford Tough"

A couple of my favorites:

Picture To Burn- by Taylor Swift


Before He Cheats- by Carrie Underwood

Never mind. Found the article about Mike.

Good luck, Mike!

Nice list. Here's some more good songs that mention trucks:

My Kinda Party - Brantley Gilbert version

Cab of my Truck - Dierks Bentley

She's Country - Jason Aldean

Hillbilly Bone - Blake Shelton (w/ Trace Adkins)

@ Mike Levine

Since we are talking about pickups, did you get to go ahead with the Ford F150 Ecoboost, 5.0, and 6.2 towing mileage tests?

Is Mr. Mark Williams the new front man for PUTC??


Takes me back. Especially "Pickup Man" which debuted exactly when I turned 18 and got my 1st truck. A black swb regular cab 4x4 silverado that carried 34 inch Buckshots and a winch bumper complete with a 8000lb Warn. Formally known as the "Beast". Saved 2 Broncos from the abyss.

Check the X-runner in vid #6

How about this one: Big Trucks by Kendel Carson

I have been trying to find this 1 pickup truck song by Toby Keith and I can't find it. Its the newer one in the commercials and was on the North Texas Ford website. Its goes a little like this "Ive seen a whole lot of Texas out on the open road...Ford is the best in Texas" Its a little country but it also has some rock in it to.

Does anybody know this song? Haven't been able to find it for a while now.

All great songs and especially great when I am out pulling with mine cross country!

Country has become the new caucasian pop. Very generic sounding with half the song being a chorus repeated over and over. It's songs seem like they have a very short shelf life. And now with all the the washed up pop singers using country"s gullible fans as it's cashcow, it's hard to take it serious.

I used to listen and my wife still does, but I just can't take it anymore.

Stay tuned readers, our next article will be the best picture frame to buy when mounting a picture of your truck on the wall.

Zac Brown Band's Highway 20 Ride...just don't have your kid(s) in the back seat during your weekend visit while this is playing. Talk about a cry in your beer song. Just saying. Whoever says country music can't touch your heart hasn't looked into your kids eyes while this song plays. Pass the kleenex.

"Pickup Truck", aptly named by Kings of Leon, though that may be a metaphor...

And yes, I know KOL is not country, but it was something that came off the top of my head at the moment.

"Truck Drivin' Song" by Weird Al Yankovic

Best truck song ever. Let it be written, let it be sung.


I would much rather listen to the classic country from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Back when country music had a distinct sound. The new stuff, like you said, can too easily cross-play on country and pop stations. BRING BACK THE TWANG!!!

I would have thought Garth Brooks "Ain't Goin' Down Till the Sun Comes Up" was a given.

"Papa drove a truck nearly all his life..."

@zrpoo, buy american. Agreed.
You have guys like Bob Seger, or even the Eagles that are now considered country. I've never been a country fan but I prefered the Hank Williams Senior , Waylon, and Willie style better.
It seems that pickups have met the same fate as C&W. Softened for mass consumption.

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