2011 Truck of the Fair Voting Update

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We’ve noted before that the past two years we’ve held the Truck of the Fair competition that Ford products have dominated the event. This year, we decided to let the attendees at the State Fair of Texas make the call by texting their vote for their favorite truck. And it looks like this year may be a little different. So far, our top five are:

  1. Chevy Silverado 1500
  2. Ford F-150
  3. Nissan Titan
  4. Ram 1500
  5. Toyota Tundra/Raptor (tie)

We should note that Fair attendees are splitting votes between the Raptor and "normal" F-150, but even if we were to combine the two, it still would not be close to beating the Chevy's numbers. We’ll update you at least one more time before the end of the fair on Oct. 23, so if you have friends who live in the area, make sure they get out to the fair and vote. 



Wait...weren't you complaining in an earlier blog entry that the Silverado hadn't been changed in a long time...?

Didn't the chevy need to be present at the show to be eligible? Are people voting for the truck they think they will get in a few years?

Seriously, did Chevy even have a truck booth?

Looks like Chevy fans came in full force and skewed the poll.

It would be interesting to know how many voted and what the %'s were. Kudos to GM.

And Nissan did remarkably well no doubt do to the newly discovered abilities of the Nissan Frontier to assist in large aricraft landings. :)

Ford, Chevy, Ram Truck and Toyota have the largest displays outside in the Truck Zone. We placed standup banners in the beds of each of the trucks at the show and let attendees decide who they vote for. So far, we've had less than 1000 votes cast and the Chevy Silverado 1500 seems to be walking away with it.

Give credit where credit is due...

Chevy clearly has the most loyal dedicated followers. Not even an outdated subpar pickup line will dissuade them from buying. And seeing the hugs sales numbers clearly there are many many loyal Chevy fans. That dedication can't be earned overnight.

No suprise there, GM comes out on top AGAIN! It is also no suprise that GM and Chevy Won the manufactures cup AGAIN in the Winston Cup series. It is also no suprise that ford finished second AGAIN! in the voting above.

GM, The Brand More Champions Trust!

Is is clear that the 2012 Raptor should be the winner. Let's see what the Texas Auto Writers select for the Texas Truck Rodeo/Texas Truck Awards because it's obvious that Chevy fans don't want to be honest with themselves and just want to skew the poll.

When it comes to motorsports, a lot comes down to economics, Chevy's (engines) are way cheaper to build and run than any other brand. It's common sense that if you can build two Chevy engines and have one as backup for the same price as a similar powered Ford or other brand motor, than that's the way to go. Simple economics not performance potential

This is why GM hardly puts in an effort... It all makes sense now! Why spend billions upon billions to update the 2nd best selling truck when in the end it'll still be the 2nd best selling truck???

Does not surprise me at all. gm makes a damn good truck. This is why it is the No.1 selling half ton. gets the job done and looks good doing it. Being an owner of a 2010 Cummins Ram 3500, i hope Ram can at least catch up to the Nissan and Ford.


Good point about motorsports people. I have a 2007 6.0L in my 87 Jeep Wrangler partially because of this ubiquity.

Not only are aftermarket power upgrades cheap and plentiful, the knowledge needed to transplant one into pretty much any vehicle (non-Chevy vehicles included) is out there on the 'net just a google search away...

IMHO chevy makes great powertrains, but it's the REST of the truck where they have problems (and I'm saying this as a Silverado owner).

The body on my '99 Chevy truck is rotting away from rust and I have had to work on pretty much every every part of the vehicle with the exception of the engine and transmission which have always functioned more or less flawlessly.

Since puirchasing the vehicle used in mid 2009 I have had the following problems:

* Replaced the heater core
* Fixed the 3rd door latch
* Replaced the mirror positioning switch
* Replaced the passenger mirror (dead motor)
* Replaced the turn signal/cruise multiswitch
* Replaced the windshield wiper motor
* Replaced the front swaybar bushings (shot)
* Replace the entire rear axle assembly because the G80 exploded and took the R&P with it.
* Replaced the power steering pressure hose
* Replaced the fuel pump.

So I've got this love/hate thing going with Chevy... It's almost as if they put so much engineering effort into the powertrain that they didn't have sufficient resources left over to properly engineer the rest of it...

Just my $.02USD

Are you blind, they had all the trucks shown for you to vote on, GM was there.

@ JasonH What nyou are experiencing with your Chevy is par for the course. There is no doubt in my mind that a GM powertrain would outlast nearly anything but what will it cost to get the rest of the vehicle to go the distance?

@Toycrusher84, so you say your 99 Chevy Truck is rotting away huh? Well @Toycrusher84 did you rust proof your truck? Or did you take the cheap way out and say, it doesn't need any rustproofing? Anyone that plans to keep their truck more than 10 years and doesn't rust proof the truck is an idiot! and deserves what ever rust appears on the truck.

This is especially true if you live in the Northern part of the united states where they put salt on the roads in the winter.
GM trucks do not rust any quicker or faster than ford, dodge or toyota trucks do even if some crap for brains claims otherwise. I have heard so many b.s. stories about GM'S thin sheetmetal and this is wrong and that is wrong yada yada yada. So if that's true why would you buy the truck in the first place??? All trucks rust if you don't properly use preventive measure like rustproofing your vehicle.

Let's see @Toycrusher84 the truck is going on 13 years old and that's all the problems you've had with your truck? all used trucks have problems and it's not exclusive to Chevy or GM. Don't rustproof your truck, than expect it to rust and no manufacture is immue to rust.

Scott, sure us Chevy fans love to stuff the pickuptrucks.com voting booth. If ford had won would you be saying that ford fans skewed the results??? of course you wouldn't. Chevy fans don't have to skew the results and that is something only a ford fan would think of.

hell yeah show them how its done GM lol

@Michigan Bob:

Those were my comments, not Toycrusher84's.

And in response:

**...so you say your 99 Chevy Truck is rotting away huh?**


**did you rust proof your truck? Or did you take the cheap way out and say, it doesn't need any rustproofing?**

Your patronizing tone notwithstanding: Nope it was already rusted to sh!t when I bought it (in 2009, used, as it says in my post above). I saw no point in attempting to rustproof a truck that was already completely rusted out. I will say that living in Northern MN where they salt the hell out of the roads all winter ddid not do it any favors and I've seen other local trucks of this vintage that were not rusted nearly as bad, but I have also seen trucks almost as bad as mine.

You are correct to assume that the vehicle was likely abused early in its lifetime (before I owned it). But you kinda come off looking like an idiot when you accuse me of not taking care of a truck that I've only owned for two years and have pretty much done nothing but fix stuff on it.

**So if that's true why would you buy the truck in the first place???**

The obvious body rust problems meant that I could buy this truck very cheaply. I needed a truck and didn't really care that it looked like hell. I've had a lot of experience with Chevy drivetrains in the past and I knew they were solid. This truck runs and drives just fine. I know that anything that DOES break on it, I can fix it myself (worked my way through college as a diesel tech for Ryder Truck). So that's why I bought it.

**Let's see ... the truck is going on 13 years old and that's all the problems you've had with your truck?**

That's just what has gone wrong in the two years that I have owned the truck.

**all used trucks have problems and it's not exclusive to Chevy or GM.**

Got that right. It's all Junk. Even my Chevy.

**Don't rustproof your truck, than expect it to rust and no manufacture is immue to rust.**

True again, but this truck seems more susceptible to rust than most I've seen...even in this area.

Here's some pictures if you don't believe me:


@Jason H
yeah i think she been beat not a straight panel on her lol

@chevy guy

Got that right... :D I let my wife drive it once (after these pictures were taken) and she promptly backed it right into a tree and bent the OTHER side of the rear bumper too! LOL

...But at 160K miles she still runs good, still starts when it's -40 below F and still tows 9k pounds without too much protest. No piston slap in this one (pretty common for that vintage of Chevy) and right now I've got a good majority of the bits fixed up and flying in close formation, if not exactly working as good as new. :)

I must say...there is something very liberating about driving a beater. No worries about a little brush-beating or the odd hail storm here! :D

This is a cool marketing gimmick, but in the end, the brands only care how consumers vote with their wallets

Bob is asking me what I mean by skewing the poll. For some reason he thinks that it only means multiple votes from one person. Actually, pickuptrucks.com can control that. What I detest is seeing, is all these Chevy websites posting the poll for every Chevy fan in the known universe who never even went to the fair to come and vote for Chevy. That’s what I mean by skewing the results.

I know this comes as a shock on this ford biased blog, but GM makes the best truck in my opinion, the automatic locking rear end alone is enough reason to not look past chevy, with Ford's e-locker 4wd has to be engaged before the rear end is locked, so fishtailing everywhere is out of the question, and GM's patenented oil life monitering system, heavy duty drum rear brakes, and I personally prefer the looks to any other pickup. Needless to say, I've been thrilled with my 2010 Silverado, and all of my previous ones as well.

Big deal, the real winner is in the YTD Sales.

This, pffttttttttttt......big effen deal!

But less 1000 votes were made in total. If that's what Chevy fans like Bob call stuffing the ballot box that is pathetic.

A few hundred votes is hardly any votes at all. If Ford guys start posting the poll on their sites, the Chevy Silverado 1500 (worst half ton as rated by pickuptrucks) would be blown out of the water.

Chevy fans are like Ron Paul fans. Very dedicated but in small numbers. Can win a meaningless poll but when it comes to the general elction/YTD sales they lose every time.

With Toyota on the bottom- I can live live with Chevrolet on top.

Hay Scott, Lou stop hatin. Chevy is winning fair and square. You don't have to like it but you better learn to love it because Chevy is the best truck running today. Ford won the past two years because Mike Levine and all of the Ford fans riggied the poll!

Attention all Chevy fans.

Text Silverado to 35350 to vote for Chevy.

Git r done!!!!!!!

I repeat text SILVERADO to 35350

Git r done!

I guess I feel the same about Texan's voting on their favorite truck as I do about Iowan's picking presidential candidates. Who cares?

I'm a chevy fan don't get me wrong. But don't you think there would be more chevy fans shopping around at this event then ford fans. Numbers show that ford is selling a crap ton of models. Why would there be ford fans here, if they recently bought a truck. I think these numbers might be a little skewed. A lot of these market studies are to show what trends are showing. And it looks like the market wants a new GM truck. Btw love the people that post what's wrong with their truck like it's specific to the brand.

This just goes to show the Ford cheerleaders cannot compete with the proven power and reliability of GM cheerleaders! We are a relentless army that cannot be stopped, where as the Ford cheerleaders need a 'man step'! The most dependable, most reliable cheerleaders on the road, GM wins again!

Besides a good diesel and a trans connected to it, a locking rear end, and the highest mpg ratings per a v-8 4x4 truck (funny how the 4x2 and 4x4 get same mileage.) achieved with a gutless engine that needs rpm to make what power it does yet gets attached to 3.08 and 3.42 gears for the sake of numbers. Thats all there is. Nothing special

I'd have to agree with some of the other posters. GM fans are a rabid bunch. Look at all of the Bobs. Mind you, people voting for GMC could be the trucking equivalent of a pity f-ck.

I think Ford fans forget that Chevy buyers get more years out of their trucks. Ford F-150, #1 in sales because they have to be replaced mor frequently. :p

think some people need a bottle of milk i hear a lot of crying lol

I think the GM guys should start drinking milk. The moonshine is clouding their judgement, kinda like sobering up to realize your girlfriend Clemintine is actually your cousin Clem ;)

I wonder how many votes Bob has sent on?
I can see his wife being pissed when next month's cell phone bill comes in.
bbbbbOOOOOOObbbbbb - what is it with these &^$%#$ 4,000 text messages to #$%@^ Texas, you &^#*%^ twit?


That is hilarious!!!

The real question is: can one get a deep fried stick of butter at the Texas Fair?

We have free textubg on our phones.

@Detroit Bob - free texting. That would explain GM's lead in the Truck of Texas poll. How's the Carpal Tunnel?


lol, Good one!

Hey Lou, You're clogging up the damn blog with your usual Mr-know-it-all comments... BTW, How's that Prius workin' out for ya?

It looks like there has been another breach of security? Another case of identity theft. Frank's identity has been stolen this time.

I smell a rat right above me...

LOL! ^^^Know this guy is funny!

I just voted for Chevy.

Text Silverado to 35350 to show your support.

git r done boys

text SILVERADO to 35350

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