2012 Camo Ram Aims to Deliver a Bull's-Eye to Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Outdoor enthusiasts, take note: Ram has announced that it will launch a 2012 Ram 1500 limited-edition model featuring the Mossy Oak camouflage brand.

The four-wheel-drive crew cab, aptly named the Ram Mossy Oak Edition, is based on the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman. It goes on sale in December with a starting price of $38,915, not including a $995 destination charge.

“Ram Truck owners are deeply involved with the outdoors and proudly participate in hunting and fishing," Ram CEO Fred Diaz said, adding that the Mossy Oak Edition and the Outdoorsman models will “keep our focus on the needs and wants of our customers so that they can enjoy their enthusiasm for the outdoors and their sport of choice.” Among Ram 1500 owners, 30 percent of them hunt, 44 percent fish, 27 percent are boaters and 42 percent are campers, the company says.

The Ram Mossy Oak’s bedcaps and tailgate are covered in the camouflage brand’s Break-Up Infinity pattern, and it also appears on the center column of the instrument panel and door inserts. Mossy Oak logos appear on the rear quarter panels and the head restraints. Buyers can get Espresso Tuscany-colored Katzkin leather seats.   

Available colors include black, bright white, Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl, Mineral Gray Metallic, Saddle Brown and Sagebrush monotone.

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WOW! that looks pretty cool

wow now that's one nice looking truck!!

Oh boy. More camo to clutter the market and get into you boys pocketbooks!

Mossy Oak Edition? Really, are they even trying anymore?
On to the next lame trim level please

Camo interior trim?
I hope the hunters who buy this don't get so drunk they forget they are no longer in the blind :)

How about a limited edition labrador retriever truck?
Waterproof and odor proof interior. Instead of camo, you could put muddy paw prints and hair all over the place.

All kidding aside

Nice truck, but the pictures don't do it much justice.
Kudos to Ram for adding new trim packages.

I'd like to see one of these manufacturer's come up with a Nav system that actually works offroad.
That whole "turn back now" thing really gets annoying.
(Must of been some granola crunching tree huggers that designed those things).


@bob - I bet your Impala looks real cool with that tan and olive camo.
Sorry .
I thought that was camo.

Nothing exciting but at least Ram is doing more than just sitting on their thumbs.

Looks pretty cool out the exterior, but I think the interior looks tacky with the camo trim.

So they took a Ram Outdoorsman and added leather seats and mossy oak trim then price it at almost $40,000. Seriously? I seem to recal the aftermarket making trim inserts like this and give Cabela's/Bass Pro time and you will see the camobed rail caps for sale there. Ram is adding more "models" by just sticking crap on , or removing it from existing models. Nothing innovative here. What's next? A Flowmaster edition with a Flowmaster exhaust and some extra chrome?

I know so many rednecks in Mississippi that will die over this thing.

Looks too cheap and aftermarket. FAIL.

This is perfect for those redneck hunters who are too lazy to make a duck blind. LOL!

Why not just offer a full Camo truck? You could even offer different patterns, break up, infinity, max-4... I'm half serious... I can hear the insurance companies now, no payout! your truck was camouflage and my client couldn't see it!

Ford has a Cabela's trim and Harley and Jeep has/had Orvis. Nothing new here.

And the worse part is, Most of them are going to be purchased by city-boys who think buying a pickup makes them manlier.


WAIT A TICK!... Is that fake camo on the interior panels??

Chrysler is just ASKING for another bankruptcy. Hopefully, its not bailed out this time. I dont want my money going to an automaker thats not competitive.

It's great for evading pursuit from the cops but people who are seriously into the outdoors are going to places that truck can't go.

This is Fiats maketing genius at work. They take the Fiat 500 and make special versions and expect them to sell. All they do is take someones name and then paint it in thier colors , same with the interior. If this was supposed to be marketed for hunters(which I am one) they would add a mild lift of 2-3 inches, add a grille guard to protect it from road kills and add a winch.

Marketing a pickup truck to outdoor enthusiasts, yeah what a silly idea. Seriously, what do you guys want? The Ricecooker edition for the drag strip?

Well, much better than the 09-11 Lariat woodgrain!

kinda cool. i wouldnt buy it even if i was a majorly outdoors guy but im sure some ppl will like it

@Snowman - considering the effects of global warming, you are going to have to change your name.
Puddle doesn't sound as cool though!

shoulda added the stage II mopar suspension and some mean 35-inch mud terrains...

Is interesting

@CommonMan 2011 Lariats had a different woodgrain than the 09-10 Lariats, and apparently the woodgrain is changing for 2012

It's not a bad looking pickup, but the price killscit for me.

I like it!

Dang! It's dark out here in the woods and now I cant find where I parked my truck...oh wait, there's the shiny front bumper!

where can i buy this camo parts
i live in mexico

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