All-New Chevy Colorado Revealed


After a great deal of anticipation and a boatload of speculation, the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Colorado, built in Thailand (with no official announcements yet about the U.S.) debuted today in Asia. We’ve seen the Rally Concept and the spy photos, but now the production model will go on sale later this month in more than 60 countries.

For the past five years, global GM engineers have tested and refined the new midsize pickup truck that will offer 26 different combinations of models, powertrains, cabins and ride heights. The new Colorados will include regular, extended- and crew-cab bodies in high- and low-stance configurations, wide- and narrow-body options, as well as two- and four-wheel-drive.

“The new Colorado represents our largest-ever engineering and manufacturing program (over $2 billion) and demonstrates the outstanding skills and capability that exist in this country," GM Thailand President Martin Apfel said. "Our manufacturing operations have the ability to meet the needs of the local and global marketplace now and well into the future.”

Based on GM’s global body-on-frame, rear-drive midsize truck architecture, the new Colorado is designed, engineered and executed to deliver best-in-class appearance, performance, versatility and refinement. It competes with the global Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux and others.

The new Colorado features an all-new global family of GM-developed turbo-diesel four-cylinder engines designed for performance and fuel efficiency. The two Duramax diesels, built at GM Thailand’s newly opened $200 million engine plant, are available in 2.8-liter (pictured below, left) and 2.5-liter (below, right) displacements.


The 2.8-liter turbo-diesel features a variable-geometry turbocharger and a balance shaft for greater smoothness, while both engines feature components designed to last up to 150,000 miles.

The 2.8-liter engine is rated at 180 horsepower and 346 pounds-feet of torque with an available six-speed automatic transmission. The 2.5-liter engine is rated at 150 hp and 258 pounds-feet of torque.

The transmissions to be offered aer a five-speed manual or a Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmission with automatic gear selection via a toggle switch on the shift head. The 4x4 configuration will include a new two-speed, electronically actuated part-time transfer case.

Other features include electronic stability control, antilock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution, traction control, hydraulic brake assist, cornering brake control and driver and occupant front airbags. 

The development of the all-new Colorado was led by a team of GM engineers in Brazil that used their expertise to tailor the vehicle for a number of global markets, including those in Southeast Asia.

Team members lived in Thailand during the Colorado’s development, immersing themselves in the highly competitive truck market and observing how Thais use their vehicles and the driving conditions they experience. That expertise led to the development of new Colorado models covering three specification levels: the entry-level LS, midrange LT and range-topping LTZ (pictured below).


The new Colorado was designed to deliver much-improved ride and handling characteristics thanks to two levels of chassis and suspension tuning. As a result, it is likely to be more adept at both hauling and towing as well as serving as a day-to-day city commuter.

Design highlights include a power dome in the hood which, combined with a raised cowl, is intended to give the Colorado a strong, purposeful appearance. Higher-mounted dual projector headlamps are positioned beneath the power dome, intended to emphasize visual strength in the face of the vehicle.


Also prominent is the dual-port grille that carries a three-dimensional grille mesh. Higher trims get chrome in the grille surround, door handles, tailgate handle, mirror caps and headlamps and fog lamps. Additionally, in a first for a Chevrolet pickup truck anywhere, the Colorado offers LED taillamps on certain trims.


The premium finish in the Colorado’s exterior extends to the interior, with the use of chrome appointments around the shifter and shifter head, steering-wheel bezels, air-conditioning controls, door pulls, door appliqués, and surrounding the radio head. The instrument cluster and air-conditioning controls are backlit in Chevrolet’s trademark “Ice Blue” LED illumination.


Seats feature flat-woven cloth fabric or optional leather on high-end models with matching instrument panel inserts. They carry sculpted edges and have dual-density foam construction. A front vinyl bench seat is available on base models.


Convenience features such as auxiliary power, auxiliary plugs and USB connectivity are standard across the range. 

More pictures below.







I agree with Dave. I am tired of hearing about the bailout. Been there and done that. I wish it didn't happen but it did and it's time to move on.

The fact is it's only a matter of time before the all New Colorado is offered here in the US and made in Missouri. The Ford fan are acting like girly men try and tear this apart because it's made by GM eventhough Ford is doing the same thing with the Ranger. But is is Chevy that will have the New Colorado up for sale in the US before Ford does anything with the Ranger in the US!

I live near St. Louis and the Wentzville GM plant is being retooled for a new mid-size truck. That is what is keeping it from coming to the US. GM is sinking 300 million into the plant plus a new labor agreement.


Goog job, GM!

Thank you for making the New Colorado in Missouri!

"The Ford fan are acting like girly men try and tear this apart because it's made by GM."

I know. My fellow Ford fans need to grow up.

And Bob doesn't act like a GIRLY FANBOI!


BOB is the worse!




GM is CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!!!!!!

Bob I hope your Chinese is better than your English because if American companies keep shipping work overseas that's what you'll be speaking.

The silver and blue picks are the current overseas colorado's who's pics somehow wrongfully got mixed into the new next gen colorado pics from the press release, pickup please make sure you guy's proof check your articles before posting.

I like the new look and it's growing on me more and more each time I see it.

The closeup of the dash gauges are also from the current truck and not of the new camaro like design that the new truck shares.

Unfortunately I never had the option to vote on whether my money would be given to a company that intended to pay Brazlilian engineers to design a truck that Asia would build. You want to talk about returns? How about returning the enormous favor of bailing GM out by keeping the work at home? It's no wonder unemployment is so damn high, corporate America is showing a complete lack of leadership in the rebuilding of it's home country, even the ones that are capitalized by US taxpayers.

I'm not a Ford fanboy, in fact I have bought 2 Chevy HD's this year alone. My wife wants an Enclave. Not happening now! Seeing how Ford is investing $16B in the US and employing an additional ~16,000 people here over the next few years, she may just have to learn to like the new Explorer.

The blue truck on the final pictures is an old generation truck, not the 2012 model.

Still looks like Isuzu participated in the design of this truck even though GM and Isuzu no longer cooperate on midsize/compact trucks.

just imagine the next dmax,power,3/4 and 1 ford reader said in

I was hesitant about the looks of it at first. I thought it didn't "look like a truck should", but it actually doesn't look too shabby. Besides that, why should I care? If it does everything I want it to, and is at least bearably comfortable I'm quite content. And it doesn't appear to have any idiotic crap like sat-nav, but unfortunately it also seems to be missing an oil pressure gauge and a battery voltage gauge. I'd like to see it in person and so I hope they bring it here to the United States.

wow we have wannabe analyst,,ford ecoboost,,dont help ford to sale more pickup......the difference is the return value next time they change the truck more easy to sold a older truck whit a ecoboost engine compare to 5,4 engine...this is the only smart move if you get a ford,,,dont forget hyundai pass ford in world sale,for four place.....2010..

Nice looking truck, but too much windshield rake. If it does end up being built at Wentzville, it's a sure bet it will be sold in the U.S.. And, look at it this way: The only way we will ever see the new Ranger in the U.S. is if this truck is a sales success here. If it bombs, kiss the Rnager good bye!

"The only way we will ever see the new Ranger in the U.S. is if this truck is a sales success here."

Mike Levine made a similar satement I agree. If this does poorly, I mean really poorly = kiss the new Ranger goodbye. If it does well = maybe.

Sounds like Zack J might need to clean up after harvesting a deer in a hurry.

I'm such an idiot.

Me too, why neighbor. We are dumb!

We want the Rally Concept,but I like others if it has a diesel I don't care what looks like.

Thanks for confirming Bob!


@Jason H: That giant knob in the middle of the dash is the climate control system. A picture on the GM media website shows this much better.

As for my opinion of the truck, it still looks like an Equinox on steroids & had the rear cargo roof cut off. It doesn't work for me, but the expectations are that this will be built & sold in the US. This would mean a new GMC Canyon would be in the cards & I would be looking for a shrunken Sierra to be born.

I think Bob and Frank should get a room together so they can work this out...

Hey look it's a Chevy Venture with a bed hahaha...........FAIL!!!!

Its a shame that they build (to me) a really bad ass looking concept truck but then follow it up with this. That concept truck would sell faster than they could build it, but go figure. It will be interesting to see how these engines perform and what fuel milage will be.

I will take that regular cab long bed please .

I don't care for that half-car, half truck appearance that seems to be so popular overseas but I'd take it anyway if it came with one of those nifty diesels.

"Nothing can beat the proven Duramax diesel! Nothing! This is the greatest global truck hands down! Watch as Ford will copy it!"
Did you miss this article that came out last week? They cant copy them when they have already released a better truck. I would be willing to bet the new ranger could work this colorado. i smell an overseas comparison...

Let me clarify a few things:
1. I don't have a problem with GM developing products to exploit offshore markets.
2. I've said this before in defence of Toyota - building a product on domestic soil is much better for the economy than importing a product.
GM will make profits off of this but that pales in comparison to the benefit to the economy if domestic workers, domestic plants, and domestic suppliers were involved.
3. They defaulted on 100 billion dollars (old GMC), and new GMC had loans and stock purchased by the USA government to the sum of 60 billion. They allegedly paid back the loans but with money borrowed from a different USA funded bank account. The USA taxpayer is still on the hook for the stock purchase that is depreciating faster than, well, an off warranty bush truck. The USA taxpayer paid back GM's Canadian "loans" but Canada is also on the hook for a stock purchase as well.
4. If a public company raises THEIR OWN money through loans or the sale of stock, I don't really care,
If you dip into my pocket to survive - guess what?
I need see some return on my investment.

@ math- yes but Ford make gud truk. Me like Ford, espeshially new 5,0 motor engine. Eeko-booost sound good and Make good power and me want. But Ford want much too more money for turk and me not hav no munny. Maiby you lone me some munny so I can haz new turk?

I hope that the new diesels meet U.S. emissions. Something needs to get these vehicle manufacturers to start offering diesels in compact trucks, minivans, half ton trucks, etc.


You hit the nail right on the head.

Engine components designed to last 150,000 miles is not all that impressive, especially for a diesel.

@ Frank Is this what you were talking about earlier?

@Frank or Jordan L or anyone -
Does that mean any product made by "old GM" will not be covered by warranty, or be held accountable for safety issues?

Quote -
"Old GM is now know as Motors Liquidation Corp"

"The Heart Beat of America" or "Like a Rock" belong to Motors Liquidation Corp.

What does new GMC stand for?

@Bobbeh , it is not an old engine its a new design by VM Motori in Italy to be built in Thailand. Duramax is a GM designation for their diesels.

@Don, it is bigger than the current Colorado, Tacoma sized

@ Lou could mean pickup and non-pickup options.

@Jason H / @ Lou I do not think it is meant for the Chinese market too many local Chinese Pickups using derivatives of the Cummins 2.8 diesel. They would kill it on price.

@Ford850 You are right ,it will be the basis for a 7 seat BOF SUV.

@Oxi everyone wants to knock off the Hilux. GM said they want to sell in 60 markets; Ford 180. Interesting to see how both go. Toyota coming in 2013 with new Hilux; Isuzu roughly the same time with theirs and a SUV; Mitsubishi and Nissan doing a joint project, timeline no known.

@mhowath the 2.5 and 2.8 are for different markets. We get the 2.8 and a 3 .0 Direct Injection petrol engine.

@mhowarth my feeling these pickup are built for a heavier in some cases much heavier workload than typical NA pickups a lower rating is better for reliability. An example : The Isuzu Dmax has on paper a pretty feeble power output and what appears to be a limited payload. This is not borne out by actual use where it is a very good performer.
Isuzu towing 27ft 7000lb Caravan.(it has some slight mofifications)

@mhowarth- part of the challenge with the power output may be the transmission. The press release states that this uses an in-house Hydramatic. There is currently nothing in the portfolio between the 6L50 and the 6L80 transmission. the 6L50 is only rated for 450NM, limiting the torque (and consequently HP), while the 6L80 is to heavy/expensive/big/lossy. The 2.8L diesel is the same as is currently used in the Wrangler in Europe. there it has 200hp, but its obviously hooled to different transmissions. Hopefully, by the time it starts production here, they'll have the next best thing in transmissions available.

@Frank - That's awesome...

I love the ansi/ascii art, brings me back to the bulletin board days and compuserve/prodigy online.


"What does new GMC stand for?"

...raping the old GM's shareholders and tax payers and then pretending it never happened?

I don't give a hoot who builds a sensibly sized diesel pickup: I want one. This could be real truck for doing work and getting good MPG. Heck yeah, sell it in the US.

Chevy vs. Ford? Who gives a rip? Let's get a 21st Century truck, against the time when the oil begins to run out slowly. I'm sick and tired of only having bloated, gas-guzzling, feature-laden toy pickups as my choice from domestic makers.

Bring that Colorado over here, GM!

[SALIVATING]...That truck is freaking HAWT! For the love of God, GM, sell that truck here, even if you have to tweak it here or there...I mean, it's not that hard you did it with the previous Collie. Give Ford a reason to bang its head on the wall for not pushing the Ranger stateside.

I just keep seeing info on the new Mercedes 3.0 that has 240 hp and 455 lbs of torque for the US market (I think Europe gets another 15-20 hp) and Audi having a new one rated at 300 hp and 450 lbs and I am getting jealous. those would be monsters in a full size 1/2 ton let alone a compact/midsize.

If we could build diesels like Europe we'd be getting 670 hp and 1016 lbs of torque from the various 6.7's on the market.


This articles mentions that GM will only pay for half the repairs on 2005-2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Buick Rainier and Saab 9-7X SUV models with faulty gas gauges.

That really sucks! GM is horrible.

@mhowarth - agreed. We seem to go for big engines that in the final analysis, aren't all that efficient.
Top Gear UK always has a laugh when ever they test a vehicle with a NA V8 for that very same reason. That and the fact that we can't make a vehicle that goes around corners very well.

@Frank - that does not bode well for anyone owning a 2009 or older GMC product or do you refer to older GM products by their legal name "Motors Liquidation Corp" or MLC?
Yup I own a 2008 MLC Avalanche.
Hey Bob - can you say MLC?
Has a nice ring to it.
Money Loser Company.
Maybe Obama can stimulate the economy by paying for a re-badge?
I can see resale taking a big hit. Why would you want to own a used GMC (MLC) if new GMC won't cover any problems.

isn't bankruptcy great, have they ever heard of being accountable

@ Packfan - you beat me to it!

"Engine components designed to last 150,000 miles is not all that impressive, especially for a diesel."

I would hope at least that on a diesel.

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