Award Season Means Serious Truck Testing Going On

FW PTOTY 2012 lead

Whether you know it or not, this is award season for all the big truck magazines. In order to make publication dates at the beginning of 2012 calendar, truck testing needs to happen right around now. Awards like Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, Four Wheeler Magazine’s Pickup Truck of the Year, and 4Wheel & Off Road’s 4x4 of the Year, all do their testing right around now. 

The trail testers at Four Wheeler Magazine sent these photos over to us and it looks like they’re having a pretty good time with the three entries they have for their PTOY award. We’re told the three vehicles are a new F-150 FX4 EcoBoost with the new transfer case, the Power Wagon with the new 6-speed transmission and RamBox, and a Ram 2500 HD Cummins with the new 6-speed tranny and RamBox as well. 

Even though they tell us they’ve posted some blogs on the competition, they won’t announce their winner until the beginning of the year. We’ll try to keep track of all the award winners as they’re announced and pass along the information. 

FW PTOTY 2012 2

FW PTOTY 2012 3



how can you call it fair ford does not stand a chance the power wagon will win then the cummins then ford will pick up last then all the pathetic whinners will bash each other like little schoolboys braging who has the best lunch box grow up boys

It amazes me that some people who comment here on this site/blog are unable to put a sentence together!
Look back at what you learned in pre-school years so you properly put forth your thoughts that everyone can comprehend.
The "texting crowd" is clueless.

southern man your not worth my time ive been a follower of this site for years but im tired of the same morons posting the same my brand is better than your brand mentality with no substance

southern man sorry you had trouble comprehending my text you must drive a ford. i will try to keep it simple next time. cheers srd

I am amazed at how little flex there is to the frame of that F150. I think the finish order will be slightly different than what srd posted.
1. Power Wagon
2. FX4
3. Cummins Ram
I'd rank the Cummins Ram in 3rd for offroad prowess because it is the heaviest of the 3. The one in the picture is also a megacab. That would also make it the longest of the 3 trucks.

It looks like those testers are unprepared - who ventures offroad without proper tools. I've never owned a truck where I've used the stock jack to change a flat.

Nobody is going to ask where a GM product is?

Roberto can wonder about GM and Noxzema will worry about Toyota.


Alex, I'll take drawing board for 200.
(cue the jeopardy music)

The Motor Trend Truck of the Year is also up for grabs. Power Wagon is not going to win that one. EcoBoost all the way.

Well if its all for off road,
1. Powerwagon
2. FX4
3. Mega Cab

You could just look at the tires to determine the same sequence, or number of tires that pull with the same power (4, 3, 2, respectively).

It's not all off-road. It's Motor Trend!!! Funny how everyone is skipping over the biggest award.

1) Tacoma
2) Mossy Oak Ram
3) EcoBoost

So whats the point of this test??...

ZzZzZzZzZzZz.......... YAWN!

Since Four Wheeler Magazine is one of the authorities of everything with a transfer case -the results will be as follows:

1) Ram 2500 Power Wagon (only one that is a real 4X4)
2) F-150 FX4 (benefits from a rear electric locker)
3) Ram 2500 Mega Cab (the heaviest "tank" without lockers)

A twig gave the Ram a flat tire...

These trucks are so heavy they are getting flats all over the place...

Please keep these big and heavy full-sizes on the easy trails where they belong and leave the REAL off-roading to real off-road trucks!

A twig gave the Ram a flat tire...

F-150 also got a flat...

These trucks are so heavy they are getting flats all over the place...

Please keep these big and heavy full-sizes on the easy trails where they belong and leave the REAL off-roading to real off-road trucks!

"I am amazed at how little flex there is to the frame of that F150"

A rigid frame is not good for off-road use...

You want some flex hence why I am comfortable with the back half of my Tacoma with C-channel frame. Easier to clean and better flex...

Why on earth would you use the factory jack to change a tire?

That is not safe when off the pavement!

Get a floor jack or Hi-Lift (too bad those trucks tested cannot use a Hi-Lift due to their weak bumpers) but invest in one...

I have a small Craftsman jack that fits behind the passanger seat, much safer than the factory system but barely can make it up to the axle, etc...

Now that I flipped my spring seats, well you know...

But I always carry my Hi-Lift with me on my proper bumpers (soon proper rock sliders) and retrieval points that also can be used to lift my truck up...

While the factory jack may not be the best, it comes with the truck for a reason, it is tested and does work to change a tire.

I use a Hi-Lift Jack my on my F-150. This jack has no problem doing the job.

The difference is oxi has to swap out bumpers to get it to work.

Ford's bumpers are tough enough to do it stock.

Can't wait to read their tests even though I have little faith in who they crown "winner", too often it correlates too heavily with ad $$$$.

You're tired of the "morons posting the same my brand is better than your brand mentality" and then you throw out personal insults and bash a particular brand without any "substance". Pot---Kettle?

You complain about the factory jacks being unsafe and then rave about Hi-Lifts. Hi-Lifts are great at extracting offroad vehicles and can lift in ways no factory jack can, but "safe" is one adjective I would never use for them.
In the above picture the factory jack is MUCH better suited for lifting than a Hi-Lift would be.

Hi-Lift Jack Operating Instructions...

Proper bumpers...

This is eally important...

Grasp the shaft firmly and pump up and down...

jake's Hi-Lift Jack Operating Instructions...

Make sure you have proper bumpers...

Grasp the shaft firmly and jack up and down...

carefully pump up and down to get the load going...

you will hear and feel it working with each stroke of the shaft...

Mud Bog

Tacoma vs Power Wagon


Power Wagon:

Factory Jack FTW!

Check out the massive articulation on that "FX-4 OFFROAD" Ford...Heh-heh.

Ford haters. Can you see them? I see right through them. Telling lies. Well that's no surprise. It doesn't matter anyway. It's jealous games haters play.

More pics in the album!

Go FORD and RAM! Love 'em both!

LMAO GM, has nothing!

GM has nothing? Wrong, Frank. GM is current reigning Motor Trend Truck Of The Year!

@Jake -
"Grasp the shaft firmly and jack up and down...

carefully pump up and down to get the load going...

you will hear and feel it working with each stroke of the shaft..."

Sounds like you are describing how you spend your Friday and Saturday nights.

@oximoron - agreed.
Jack-alls or Hi-Lift jacks are effective offroad tools that are manditory for any offroad work, but they are far from safe. I had a friend get Ko'ed by one once. I've also seen a few broken jaws, and wrists/fore arms from them.
If they slip, or you slip - big danger.

@Jake - your flat tire comment shows that you are a complete poser.
Leave the offroad commentary to your "god" oxi.
I don't think that even Oxi would make such a dumb comment. (At least using the name Oxi).
I've seen all sorts of objects cause flat tires.

@Mark Williams - how about a story on offroad equipment like jacks, tools, chains, cables, and recovery straps?

Hi-Lift "can cause serious injury or death.....can cause serious injury or death...can cause serious injury ordeath."

I'm just dying to try it. Not. I'll stick with the factory jack. Thank you.

serious injury or death


Can you read?

We call these trails beginner trails or in your case girlie-man trails...

Full size trucks are too wide and heavy for REAL off-roading, that is why you are seeing so many flat tires...

Leave your full-sizes on the road where they belong!

Leave the REAL off-roading to more experienced drivers and real off-road trucks!

I wouldn't use a Hi-Lift/Jack-All to change a flat 99% of the time. If you got a flat and can't get to the axle, then I'd use a Jack-all. I carry 2 jack-alls in my truck and a hydraulic bottle jack. A Jack-all makes a handy winch. It is slow as hell but it has gotten me unstuck many times.
If I have to use the full truck box to carry stuff, I remove my tool box and then the stock jack becomes my around town backup. I've used factory jacks on my wife's vehicles but never my own. I have a hydraulic floor jack for seasonal tire changes.


As shown in the blogs on this competition they are getting a lot of damage to the full-size tanks...

On just the trails oxi went on this year oxi would have done thousands of dollars worth of damage to his truck if he went in a full-size tank!

It's just not worth it...

Hi Jack can only winch up to 5000 lbs. Too bad this cannot handle a REAL truck. For jacking, it can easily slip off the bumper. What is it good for??? Absolutely nothing.

@team oxi - what does truck size have to do with flats?
Bigger truck = heavier ply tires.

I've seen all sorts of objects cause flats, even large bolts.
I was deer hunting and fishing on the Queen Charlotte Islands, I got 2 flats from rock cuts, and my friend with a early '80s Toyota Hilux cut 2 tires so bad that they had to be replaced.
So what is your point?

I don't take my current full sized truck into tight places, that wasn't one of the mission parameters for my truck. Carrying 3 dirt bikes, or a side by side, or quads or towing toys and camper trailers were why I bought my truck.
I can slag the Tacoma all day long because it can't do what my truck can do ie. haul and tow.
I don't do that because that would be stupid.
My goals and objectives are different than your "god" Oxi.

Don't be a bunch of dumb-asses and assume your "god" Oxi is the only guy on this site with offroad experience.

I've also seen trucks unstuck by driving off a handyman jack, I'm assuming this is what you guys are calling a hijack.


FX4 comes with P rated tires!

oxi is going with 285/75...

We REAL off-roaders do not like the dimensions or weight of a tank full-size! Get it through your head!!!

These full-size tanks are too wide for real off-roading and because of that the sidewall of the Ram got punctured...

If the full-size tank was narrower like a Tacoma it could have made it through without damaging the sides of the tires!

Get it now?

"This afternoon a rock punched the sidewall of the F-150's passenger-side front tire and minutes later a stick impaled itself in the sidewall of the Ram's passenger-side front tire..."

They should have brought a REAL off-road truck....

Buy a stripped truck and build it yourself!

That is what REAL off-roaders do.

LOL! OXI's truck has the springs of a 3/4 ton, brakes of a little truck! And with a four banger with all that weight (a combo that can't get out of it's own way in stock form!) now he can't get it moving! Maybe he should buy a Tundra or other full sizer to move it! LMAO!

@Oxi: Get it thru your head: these trucks are made to work first, and play later, but yet be able to go most places, on the other hand, yours is just made for playing and going on trails 95% or more don't need to go. Yours can't carry 5-6 (for some people that's important) I would also hate to be stuck in an access cab 4x4 4cylinder Toyota trying to maintain 65 (the speed limit) on an ozark mountain highway (hwy 65, Arkansas-Missouri. I agree your truck is lighter and can go further, but who REALLY needs to go there? You are just playing. You can't tow much, and you made it worse. Hardly any bed size, you made it worse. You got it?

@Rob. Yeah goverment motors is Motor Trends truck of the year but FORD has been everyones TRUCK OF THE YEAR for like 60 yrs now so the gm boys lose again. Let it be said, let it be written.

Per the Hi-Lift website, the weight of a full-size pickup truck exceeds the rated capacity of this jack...

•4,660 lbs (2113.74 kg) rated capacity

A high lift is really just a farm jack. They can be handy in some situations but I'm seeing a lot of people do body damage (to the truck and their own body) with Hi-lift jacks.

Here is a good thread on the topic specifically regarding the F-150/Raptor and the Hi-Lift if you want to read through it:

Highlift jacks...Oxi has one cause his stock one won't cut the mustard with his mods. Just get an aluminum floor jack.

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