Cummins Could Add 7,000 Employees

Cummins needs to add as many as 7,000 employees over the next five years to meet expected demand, according to Automotive News. 

Cummins predicts sales growth will rise more than 60 percent by 2015 largely because of the global need for more diesel and natural gas engines. Most of the growth is expected to be in South America, China and India, but expansion into other markets is expected as well. Over the next 10 years, Cummins expects the need for more reductions in engine pollution and more stringent fuel efficiency rules across the globe will dominate engine technology and development, requiring more engineering resources.

Cummins said tighter standards for engine exhausts have allowed the company to leverage its engineering expertise, particularly in emerging markets where some of its U.S. rivals lack the technical skill to comply with the tougher rules. 

Cummins supplies the Ram Heavy Duty with the 6.7-liter turbo-diesel I-6 B-motor, installed in over 85 percent of all Ram HD sales per year (close to 100,000 trucks). No word yet on whether a smaller Cummins will make it into half-ton Ram trucks but we know they do have a powerful I-4 motor they use in some South American markets that have also worked well in some military applications.


The USA wants 4/6 Turbo diesels!!!!

I agree, US drivers want 1.6 to 3.0 litre turbo diesels
that can run on both bio and petro diesel.

That's good to know.

Curious what the 7000 employees would be building. Can't imagine the 6.7L being the reason. I wonder which manufacturers will follow through with the little 4 cylinder diesel.

Cummins is normally an odd, quiet company with very little news.

Recently purchased my first diesel. Ford 6.7. All I can say is we need more diesel engines in our vehicles. I'll never go gasoline engine again if diesel technology, performance and economy stays this good. 21-22 mpg at 70 mph in a big ass truck.......put this in a smaller vehicle like a big sedan and would get high 20's with 400hp/800tq.......sick. Would be great to see small to midsize diesels invade our market and get 30 mpg in most vehicles.....finally!! Go Cummins diesel and Go Ford diesel. Would love to see a 3.5 - 4.5 liter inline 6 in the Rams and F150's and SUV's.

I like Cummins and I wish them the bet but if Toyota was putting a diesel under the hood of the Tundra for 3rd gen I dont want a Cummins if its anything like the 6.7L I know I will get killed for saying this but I would rather have a BMW diesel under the hood. I dont want a tractor engine in my pickup I want a twin turbo, direct injected, 4 valve per cylinder, DHOC that will be between 3-4 liters as we are talking about a light duty pickup.

I hope that these 7,000 employees will be in the U.S.A. and not global!

i see the word COULD as the key word here

Maybe they'll help US workers get Visa's to work in their foreign factories!

@Curt- the only way that 4B cummins would be useful in a light truck is with an 8 speed. way too heavy for 1/2 ton trucks, too.
@Ken- I think you're right: I cant imagine paying premium wages to build engines bound for India and China. I'd expect them to be built there.
@Mike- the Cummins ISB is a 1500# engine. WAY too big and heavy for anything less than a HD truck.
@5.3LOL- If Toyota puts a diesel in their Tundra, it will definitely be their VD engine, not something outsourced. That, of course would be like Honey Badger bad-ass!

These new diesels with all of the emissions are POS. My family has a construction company and have ONLY had Cummins Rams (the 1/2 ton Hemi motor is too wimpy for a 3/4 ton actually used for work).

Anyhow, all of the previous motors have been bullet-proof. The new Bluetec is a POS with the emissions. My family almost claimed "lemmon law" with their new truck. It broke down 4 times in 4 months. At first, the useless dealer stated, well, you have to work these things to get them to regen properly. What? The truck in question is almost NEVER not towing a gooseneck trailer loaded with heavy equipment. They finally did the delete but the dealer said that they would not honor the powertrain warranty if the emissions equipment was removed.

I am with 5.3 LOL here. I want a higher spec motor than these old designs. I know the Cummins motor is tried and true and I don't discount that for a second but a half ton buyer isn't looking for max performance (in a workload sense) 100% of the time. We are looking for a reliable vehicle that is a fun drive and has the capability when needed to tow but it likley won't be its dail duty. the BMW motor is tremendous with gobs of torque and plenty of horsepower. Audi has an even higher tune 3.0 and Mercedes splits the two. If the 6.7 had the output of the Audi it would have 670 hp and 1016 lbs of torque, from the factory.

the 255 hp and 455 lbs of torque is plenty for a half tone and probably an entry level motor for a 3/4 ton as well. I think it would justify the engineering costs but I am not sure if any automakers will go for it with the advent of the turbo gas motors.

Who wants diesel, the cost more, don't run well in cold weather, and stink bad.

@ Dav
i don't think diesels here are the answer unless they do away with the emission, cost wise it is just not effective, the reason it works in other counties is no emissions

how is the truck running now that they did the DPF delete

@Dan the Man

Since the DPF delete, the truck runs great and MPG improved.

@Dan the Man - I would have to disagree. European emissions standards are tough as well. They ae a bit different. Other countries not so sure what the standards are.

I'll have to side with MHowarth, and 5.3 LOL. For a 1/2 ton truck, Euro style diesels would be more appropriate.

This is great news, but like a few posters have pointed out, many countries will not pay the same premium for a diesel. North American labour is too pricy for Cummmins to make a profit in those countries.

I do hope that those jobs are North American. There already has been too much degredation of production capacity in North America.

Ford is at it again! the 'new' Ford Powerstroke is just a full blown carbon Copy of the GM Duramax! Here we have GM's awesome v8 turbo diesel that has been out for many years then suddenly Ford comes out with a V8 turbo diesel? At least the Ram cummins is original! But Duramax beats all! GM HD's outsell and out perform the competition this is fact! The problem with he Ford is that its got aluminum heads for its diesel! Yeah thats a great idea there Ford! Everyone knows that aluminum heads in a diesel is extremely bad! I guess thats why GM beats them so much! Duramax is 110% all American and the Ford Powerjoke is Mexican, proven fact! Another bad Ford idea is that it needs refined urine to run! Yeah another great idea Ford! GM is smart and dont do that! Thats why GM wins! God created the earth in 7 days because he drove a Chevy HD!


tell me again where the durasmash comes from

There's a romanticized lust for diesels in small to half ton trucks and it's no doubt the manly rattle of the Peterbilts and heavy equipment we loved and were in awe with as kids. No other reason for them. When you factor in the added initial price tag, emissions and its maintenance, price of diesel vs 87 octane, cost of repairs down the road... you cannot beat a modern gasoline V8 even if GM. Plus it's too easy to assume 3 liter diesels will get twice the fuel economy as 6-7 liter diesels, cost half as much with half the power. Doesn't work out that way but if you really do need tremendous torque and don't care what it costs, you're already driving a diesel 3/4 ton and up.

@ Lou
that maybe but why is there more diesel trucks and cars in European market and why do they get much better FE than in NA, i just don't see diesels being they way as long as they cost more and are becoming more and more complexed and if they could come up with a half ton that gets 30 MPG's Great but i just don't think that is going to happen

@ Dav
that is what we did with our trucks to DPF delete and we have had no problems trucks run better without and get better FE also

It's 7000 *engineers* Cummins will need, not 7000 assembly workers.

article quote:
"Those engineers will be hired in India, China and Africa as well as in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil."

@roadtrip - thanks for the rest of the story.
That is, in many respects better news than 7,000 blue collar workers. Engineers are higher paid, well educated individuals. That will be a great benefit. Too bad they will be spread out over multiple countries. The spin off is that if you need more engineers you will need more front line workers to build those products. Hopefully that increase in productivity does not occur in some 2nd or 3rd world country but in our own back yard.

...wake up the market is not anymore in media problem,to support diesel.two company afraid to loose big truck market,,,tree cost compare diesel and gaz..cummins and dmax all over the world wy we dont have more diesel choice in north America..gouverment by wannabe fake greener..

I can't belive the total IGNORACE by the posters above. With comments like "diesels stink" and they don't run well in cold weather and all the emmissions is causing all these problems yada yada etc etc.

First of all the Diesels produced today are great engines that produce great power and torque and are much cleaner burning and get better gas milage than ever before. It never ceases to amaze me at the total ignorance of some of these posters. There still living in the stone age and don't know what the he double L there taliing about.

Diesels are here to stay and are going to be offered in more and more engine applications. Half the cars in Euope are diesel engines. Emmisions are here to stay so get used to it or buy a gas engine. Oh, wait they have new emmission rules to. my bad.

A small fuel efficient turbo diesel with 225 hp and 375-400 ft-lbs
combined with a 6spd or 8 spd automatic transmission is all 90% of all truck owners need. It needs to achieve 26+ mpg on the highway and NOT cost $40,000+. Build it and they will come! I'm a transportation engineer, a PE, PTOE, PTP and a car and truck guy. I know what I am talking about.

@Michigan Slob,

Love this article!

""[In] July of 2008, the CEO of General Motors, Rick Wagoner, decided to approach Bill Ford and Alan Mulally, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Ford Motor Company, about a merger. The way I describe it in the book is, "this would have been the moment when the Big Three would really have become the Big One." [It was] completely out of character for GM to do this and turned down flat by Ford Motor Company,"

Take that wimp!

Better check GM engineering. The Duramax is an Isuzu diesel w/aluminum heads and uses urea to reduce nox emissions. The new powerstroke is an all in house Ford product.

Someone has to explain the emissions part to me I can't see how a small Euro diesel would be worst than the ecoboost which is better than NA V8. In a fair compairison in the current gen F150 wouldnt a twin turbo small Euro diesel of 3.0L V6 be better than the twin turbo 3.5L ecoboost? I see the small diesel being able to easily match the ecoboost at 420lb ft but instead of 2500rpm at the crank it would be able to do it at 1750rpm at the crank. They both would be able to tow 11,300lbs. The ecoboost gets 16/22 city/hwy I could see the small diesel getting atleast 18/24 city/hwy. When it comes to towing weight like 8,500lbs the the ecoboost is always in boost and gets atleast V8 fuel economy of 9-10mpg hwy while I think the small diesel would be able to get around 13-15mpg hwy. The only downside I see is cost so someone has to explain to me how the small diesel would be worst for emissions.

@Michigan Bob

No, you're living in the past. Diesels had a clear advantage in them there good ole days but today's gasoline engines are way more cost effective and bullet proof plus get the same MPG when performing actual work. I've maintained fleets meduim duty work truck for decades and watched the advantages of diesels dwindle down to nothing. Ford now has gas V10 option on the F-650/750 and it couldn't come soon enough!

Michigan Bob, I commute 2 hours daily, and in the last three years the most filthy stinking vehicle I have encountered turned to be a GM pickup with a Duramax engine. Yeah, I'm sure it was worn out/screwed up or whatever, but you can't really blast people for thinking diseasels stink when they have that kind of experience.


If that were true, how would Semis move freight during the winter.

That was one of the most ignorant comment I have ever heard.

in Brazil the F-250 uses a 3.9L L4 Cummins Diesel.
its the same 5.9 ram engine, but with less 2 cilinders.


Ford had the turbocharged 7.3L and then 7.3L Power Stroke diesels long before Chevrolet/G.M.C. came out with the 6.5L turbocharged Detroit Diesel.

@ 5.3 LOL
i don't think a diesel is worse for emissions it is what the EPA is putting on diesel's that is making it worse, example we have a old '95 F-350 7.3 4:10 rears diesel and you can work on this thing under the hood all the room in the world hardly any sensors and it get 21 to 22 MPG's empty now we have a couple of '08 F-450's little bigger 4:30 Rears you can't even stick your finger inside the hood sensors everywhere before we had the DPF deletes on these trucks we 10MPG's towing or empty

my point is i don't think you are going to get better FE out of a small diesel vs the V8 's in NA because of all the BS the EPA will require, i could very well be wrong but there is a reason they are not here, but they were coming here a few years back until the EPA cracked down on emissions standards in NA i hope i helped with your questions

@Michigan Bob - you are funny, I hope you are trying to be funny.
If not, then you are the one who is lacking knowledge or awareness in general, and are uneducated or unsophisticated.
Don't call anyone ignorant if you cannot spell correctly.
Do not call anyone ignorant if you do not have anything logical or factual to say.

If, as Mark Williams has pointed out, the automotive industry looks at this site closely for feedback, you are the reason GMC has been sluggish in updating its trucks.
Why change anything when a rube like you will buy anything that has a bowtie on it.


GM already makes the best trucks already! The best performance, the best selling, the best at everything! Too bad you Ford cheerleaders put a bad name on a superior product! If Jesus drove one, should you? The Duramax is the best diesel ever made and Ford fanatics lie about it being un-american and it have aluminum heads just like how they lie about Ford not taking bailout! Can you say roasted!? The most dependable, most reliable trucks on the road! Facts!

@Lou and everyone else. Cummins has factories in Pune India, The UK, Brazil, South Africa,China and the US.
The Indian Division does heavy diesels; UK is the home of Holset a former English company, that Cummins acquired, that specializes in Engine Management and Fuel Injection, as well the UK branch does large and Industrial engines. They are the branch that developed the 6.7 litre Cummins, now associated with Dodge; The Chinese make red block Cummins for export and yellow blocks for local Chinese consumption. South Africa again makes large diesel engines and Brazil the 3.9 Cummins used in Brazil and Argentina for the F250 and the F1000? I think.
Cummins unlike Navistar makes Euro V and US Tier compliant engines.

Lets not forget the fact that GM does not make there diesel drivetrains they farm them out because they are not capable of doing it themselves ie. Isuzu Duramax and Allison 1000. Now the Duramax is an excellent engine no doubt i will give Isuzu credit.But i will also give Ford a lot of credit for a clean slate design of a diesel engine in this market that is for a new model every bit a match for the Isuzu Duramax. The dura max did not win or dominate all the catagories look at the data. This diesel has a lot of room to grow so pretty damn good first effort from Ford to design and manufacture there own in house diesel engine and trans something none of the other Big 3 is capable of!!!

Lets not forget the fact that GM does not make there diesel drivetrains they farm them out because they are not capable of doing it themselves ie. Isuzu Duramax and Allison 1000. Now the Duramax is an excellent engine no doubt i will give Isuzu credit.But i will also give Ford a lot of credit for a clean slate design of a diesel engine in this market that is for a new model every bit a match for the Isuzu Duramax. The dura max did not win or dominate all the catagories look at the data. This diesel has a lot of room to grow so pretty damn good first effort from Ford to design and manufacture there own in house diesel engine and trans something none of the other Big 3 is capable of!!!

Jeez bobbeh get a clue Dura,ax is built and designed by ISUZU Look it up and you will find that out GM cannot design and build their own in house like Ford that why they use ISUZU. Don't knock the F150's until you drive one they are built way better than Silverado. By the way i drive a 08 Silverado with 5.3 It is an absolute rattle trap replaced tranny at 73000 now needs new rear main seal the Co. i work for bought it for me otherwise i go Ford all the way

Isuzu=GM! The Duramax is 110% American and GM! Typical Ford people who think they are experts of GM tech! Jesus drives a SIlverado and Satan drives an F150! Facts!

I feel sorry for Jesus cuz Satan drives the better truck!!!

Hopefully Mark has some ideas on the perpetual child-like trolling.

Why does anyone bother responding to Bobbeh. He is obviously a 10 year old boy who is only capable of repeating what he hears from his GM/UAW employed uncles.

Cuz its fun listening to bobbie cry!!

Cuz its fun listening to bobbie cry!!

Bobbeh, is kind of like Ford -he never rests with his usual erroneous banter.

Ford. The Best Never Rest!

Ford just cannot compete with the proven power and reliability of the GM Duramax! It took Ford many engines and it still gets beaten! With over 1 million miles of work under its belt, its no wonder why GM makes a better HD truck! PUTC tests prove the GM makes the better truck! You just cant handle the facts! Have you beaten a Ford lately? GM does everyday!

Bobbeh and others,
Stop with the fake Bob posts, please. It's rude/spam.

PUTC has gone to the shits due to the Bob's

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