EcoBoost Sales Are Uncontested Success for Ford

2012 F-150

    The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Ford is likely to sell 100,000 EcoBoost V-6 F-150s by year's end, beating the automaker's (what was percieved as a) hugely optimistic goal of 40 percent of F-150 sales. In fact, September sales for the 3.5L twin-turbo were almost 45 percent of total F-150 sales. 

    F-150 buyers can also choose among two V-8s (5.0L and 6.2L) and a base V-6 (3.7L) engine, but are clearly opting for the EcoBoost because of the added fuel economy benefits when empty and powerful torque numbers. Additionally, if you consider the fact that the EcoBoost is a premium engine option, adding $750 in most cases, Ford is most likely laughing all the way to the bank.

    In a segment where conventional wisdom says that full-size truck buyers wouldn't ever consider anything other than a V-8 for their work pickup, this will likely send product-planning ripples through the industry for years to come. 

3.5L EcoBoost



Ford marketed this to the uneducated truck buyer, aka, ford girls. Dumb begets dumber and ford knew they could sucker the weak minded into buying a weak pick up. As in the past time will tell, pretty short time and these heaps will fail to keep up with real trucks like dodge and GM. Funny how an 8 cyl 4x4 full size Chevy still gets better gas milage than this wanna be truck.

Ford marketed this to the uneducated truck buyer, aka, ford girls. Dumb begets dumber and ford knew they could sucker the weak minded into buying a weak pick up. As in the past time will tell, pretty short time and these heaps will fail to keep up with real trucks like dodge and GM. Funny how an 8 cyl 4x4 full size Chevy still gets better gas milage than this wanna be truck.

tj : lol, weak truck? OK. I would love to have this engine in my Jeep Wrangler! I wouldn't want it in my 92 F150, I like simple. But, hell... I would take the 2.0L EcoBoost in my 2011 Wrangler if ChryCo offered such a package, it would be epic! Light, fuel efficient, and more than likely fuel economy to meet a diesel!

tj, man you are just trolling sir. The EcoBoost is fine, and will last. Plus, today's emissions and oils are much better than the ones of yore.

Lou's: man, yall got to get it together and come to a consensus ... lol who's who? Is the fake lou the real one with a change of heart? How do I know ? :) j/k

tj: I will agree with you on fuel mileage, we have a 5.3L work truck here at the plant I work at, I think its a 2007. I does seem to get pretty good mileage for a long bed ext cab truck. Seems like it is ~ 17-18 avg, according to the tracking that is done on it.

Not sure if it is better than the EcoBoost though, probably hard to tell since so many new EcoBoost drivers are driving them like little roadsters, I bet it is a riot too!

big title for nothing,,ecoboost is a new engine,to have a success in the company you need to have something to get better sale and ford dont have better no difference if ford came whit a new 7 speed trany ex...success only compare by sale not by a part in a truck......if you have a 5,4 before the dealer offer you the new engine whit less fuel, get the new engine...success only if your sales get better to the year far y dont see success...just a normal sales...

@lou- Thanks for the info.

Why are so many trolls hung-up on the 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost's fuel economy?

The fuel economy is more of an added bonus. The main attraction is the, 11,300 pound towing capacity from a 365(?) horsepower and 420(?) lb.-ft. of torque, powerhouse in a half-ton pickup while still being able to achieve decent mileage. A combination that NO OTHER pickup can match!

Buy American: good question..... Turbos are not new tech, have been used for a while. I see many new EcoBoost trucks here in our area, and it is not even that big. I think they are just against anything "Ford" . Trolls for Ford get just as annoying though, dont see that many for Dodge though..

miath: Automakers have to continue to innovate, or take chances of losing customers to other brands.

Ford lost me as a customer, not due to lack of innovation obviously, but due to the ugliness of their current crop of trucks that have the pepboys chrome all over them, looks geeky to me.... just my opinion. Now an H-D version of the F150 with the colormatched grill, that is a much improvement IMO.

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!
For once we kind of agree the ecoboost fuel economy is a bonus people really buy it for 420lb ft@2500. I say that because if you trade your poor fuel economy truck in for a brand new ecoboost even its improved fuel economy added with the price of a new truck wont save you money. While the turbos are not like diesels Ford probably was smart enough to set it up where it will work and last in a light duty pickup. People have to understand the ecoboost its part of the 400lb ft club but it gives you the best mpg by 2mpg both city/hwy thats the value. With that said I wouldnt trade my tundra in for its better fuel economy because I would loose more money overall even with the improved fuel economy so I just supercharged it.

@Fake Lou,

Work on my grammar?? Listen buddy, making it to the 5th grade doesn't make you any smarter. Also, STOP USING MY NAME!!!... Its making you look like a lonely little troll.... Muahahahahaha!!!

@miath- If you cant speak English then get lost.


It's either you're telling him to get lost cause he cant speak english or it bothers you he's actually telling the truth....

@Fake Lou - funny that you mention 5th grade. Your posts give me the impression that you gave up after several attempts at completing that milestone.

You actually think you are fooling any of the regulars on this site?

If you have nothing better to do, Jake and Oxi are looking for friends.

dont forget 5,4 not the worst engine on the market but not the best to,,,,remember the old pickup test....and they use this engine on super duty it was a joke...

I am curious of one thing... How many of those buyers are recreational truck buyers as opposed to work truck buyers. I am happy for Ford either way, I just wonder how people who need their trucks to work feel.

Okay, I need some help here, guys. I've not owned a truck before, but my wife and I are looking to buy one. We're planning on buying a travel trailer that's around 8 - 9,000 pounds wet. We know the 1/4-ton trucks will be okay, but all this engine/torque talk has me confused. I need something that will tow said trailer part of the time, but will end up being more of a "run around" vehicle the rest of the time. Since I have two small kids, we're looking at the Supercrew setup. (The suicide doors on the Supercabs are not really attractive to us. We'll sacrifice the bed length, since it won't really be a work truck, for the extra cab space.) What do I need to think about in terms of engine size and capabilities?

Paul in TX-

Based on your needs, that you described, I would have to say that the Ford F-150 SuperCrew, with the 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost, is your best option. You will get almost the best torque available when you are towing (small percentage of the time) and you will get the best fuel economy when you are not towing (large percentage of the time).

The 6.2L V-8 would be the best choice if fuel economy was not a concern. It would handle the weight with the most ease and the motor would not even have to be pushed very hard.

The 5.0L V-8 would be a sacrifice in power/torque, compared to the 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L, when you are going up steep grades. The 5.0L would be working pretty hard on the hills, adding wear and tear on the motor, whereas the EcoBoost and 6.2L will barely break a sweat.

Good luck and thank you for considering buying a Ford!

Lou's: sounds like we have an Identity Crisis on our hands, eh? lol


Attack the comment, not the grammar. Are you the grammar police or something? Maybe his english isn't up to snuff, many on here don't use "proper english". This site is on the "www" or World Wide Web, key word being "world". If you are intolerant of other peoples opinions and have to take aim at his "improper grammar", then maybe it is you that needs to get lost fanboi. no wonder foriegners scoff at Americans and consider them rude and obnoxious, your comment states why very clearly. I guess pickup trucks don't exist anywhere else on this planet in your world. I cannot STAND intolerant people.

I too am intolerant of intolerant people! LOL!

@Paul in TX - If you are talking about a 8-9 k trailer that would mean a 27 - 30 ft long trailer, maybe up to 33ft? . I assume the 8-9 k is also a loaded weight. Area you talking about a standard trailer not a 5th wheel ? Even empty there will be a huge amount of wind resistance. It seems to me that from what magazines and guys are saying - the EB 3.5 with a "max tow" package would cover you rather nicely. A longer 6.5 box truck should be more stable. I agree with what "Buy American" has to say. All of the brands do have trucks that will pull that weight. You might end up with a bigger motor than what you really need for the rest of the time.
Have you looked around at trailers? You could get by with something slightly smaller with slide outs.

@Lou -- We're looking at the standard trailers, not 5th wheels, and the lengths we're looking at are in the 27-29 foot range. You are correct, the 8-9k pound weights are loaded. Wind resistance is always a consideration, so we're looking at some lower-profile trailers (5th wheels seem to be pretty high-profile) to help reduce that resistance.

@Buy American -- most of what we'll be using the travel trailer for would be weekend trips in and around the Texas area, where it's pretty flat -- hilly, at most. Occasionally, we might use it for a longer-haul trip that could conceivably include the mountains. But those trips would be few and far between, so I don't know if "performance up hills" is all that big of a factor to consider for us. Obviously we would want it to be able to haul something uphill, but it certainly wouldn't be on any kind of regular basis.

Thank you both for your comments/insight. I really appreciate them.

Glad to see the succes Ford is having with this motor. I traded my Titan in this year for a Ecoboost FX4 and am getting 25% more mpg's and a lot more low end torque makes this truck very impressive.

Brad Mc-

Sweet! Congratulations on your Ford!

@Paul in TX - there are a couple of guys with new EB 3.5 trucks on this site. Sandman and DCfluid. They both pull camper trailers. DCFluid had a 3/4 ton Cevy with 6.0. He says the EB 3.5 out pulls it rather easily and the rest of the time gest much better MPG. He lives in British Columbia - so a lot of mountainous terrain. Sandman is on the East USA coast. He has it and a Chevy with the 5.3. He loves the power of the EB 3.5. He has an AirStream trailer that would weight in the range you mentioned. He is also a trucker, so I would suspect that he knows a thing or two about pulling trailers.

@Red_4x4 - yeah, I better restart my medications ;)

@Lou who responded to me- Im going to assume that was fake Lou.

@Red4x4- I dont care if foreigners think Americans are rude. I dont think highly of them. Hypocritical much? Yes, Im intolerant. But if your going to preach to me about being tolerant, shouldnt you be more tolerant of my intolerance? Practice what you preach... I do.

@Red4x4- Forgot to say in my last comment: He doesnt have to use proper English. Just English that is understandable.

@Benchimus, Red_4x4, poor Miath is the francophone version of Bob. Miath can blame English as a second language for incomprehensibility. Bob speaks English and is incomprehensible 99% of the time. Go figure?

@ Benchimus - correct. Fake Lou.

Bob is fake, too. Bob is a bunch of fake posters that were outed as fictional in 2010. If you want to believe they are real I have a bridge to sell you.

As much as I do not like the anti-Ford filth rolling out of miath's mouth (fingertips) I can appreciate the attempt he is making to share his opinions with us bullheaded Americans. I give him credit for knowing enough of the English language so he can slam my favorite brand (Ford Motor Company).

I can not communicate in another language, as well as miath does, enough that I would feel comfortable to go toe to toe with one of the most loyal and opinionated groups (pickup fans).

So many import loving fans, knowingly, butcher the American economy -so we should be forgiving of miath, unintentionally, butchering the English language.

@Buy American - I'd have to say that is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

people ford 5,4 is not the best engine on the market,,if you drive a ford before you suppose to no this,second the resale of your pickup is more easy to sales latter if nothing is coming major on this engine..the 5.4 is history now not hard to understand ford soon stop to build the 5.4...

@miath- No, the 5.4 wasnt the best engine, tho it was reliable. Still, it was better than the 5.3. I think that may have been an appropriate response, as I have a hard time reading greek.

save your money . if the 2011 Ford F150 eco-boost engine boogs out for any reason expect to get no better than 19 mpg canadian or 12 us gal. this has been the case on numerous vehicles,one of which is mine .

Bloody cool comment. I loved reading this. I found that you update the blog daily. I've bookmarked the site. Thanks a lot!

Yay now I can buy an engine to make my truck sound like a rice burner. Do they make fart cans for the F150 now too?

Ecoboost is the real deal baby. Everything else is just a cheap imitation.

Eco Boost

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