First Look: 2012 Toyota Tundra

2012 CrewMax Tundra 1

The Toyota Tundra gets very minor changes for 2012. Mechenically, the 2012 Tundra remains the same, but Toyota has simplified some option packages.

A new stand-alone Chrome Package will include a chrome exhaust tip, side mirrors, door handles and 18-inch covered steel wheels. It's available only on Double Cab and CrewMax models. (The CrewMax is pictured above.)

The interior packaging choices have been revised and grouped into four main options: Convenience, Convenience with bucket seats, Upgrade and SR5, the latter of which will now include power seats and the rear window slider on all Double Cab models.

Other interior changes for 2012 include a black upper instrument panel and floor carpets standard on all models, regardless of other interior color choice. In addition, Toyota has broken the Towing Package out of other bundled packages as a separate option, requiring buyers to check a box to get the bigger gears, extra cooling, 7-pin connector, temperature gauge and HD battery.

Of special note, the 2012 Tundra is expected to get a new navigation system in January, and Toyota has decided not to offer a navigation system on 2012 Tundra Grade models until the new system arrives. Also, Toyota will make the backup camera system part of the Rock Warrior package; previously, it was a separate option.

Platinum models will have a Super White exterior color option, as well as styled steel wheels on all models across the lineup.

The 2012 Tundra and will continue to be offered in three cab configurations and will use the same three engine and wheelbase choices as the 2011 model.

You can look at the 2012 pricing info here.

Sales of 2011 Tundras have been down considerably, largely because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that disrupted several different supply chains to many different models in March. With that said, as of this month all the disruption is behind Toyota now and all supply lines are running free, said Bob Carter, Toyota's U.S. vice president and general manager.

Sales are still down, though. To combat this, Automotive News reports that Toyota will ramp up its incentive spending to help models that have fallen behind. September sales numbers for Tundra are down more than 11 percent. In the past, Tundras haven’t had much money on their hoods, but we expect Toyota dealerships to be aggressive when trying to move the 2011 inventory off their lots to make room for 2012s. The end of 2011 could be a great time to buy. 

More pictures below.

2012 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

2012 DoubleCab Tundra

2012 DoubleCab Tundra int


2012 Toyota Tundra Work Truck

2012 Work Truck Tundra

2012 Work Truck Tundra Int


2012 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab

2012 Reg Cab Tundra


2012 Toyota Tundra With Platinum Package Interior

2012 Tundra Plat int


Good job Toyota!

Still looks fugly to me.

The front screams "I wish I were a Ram!"

so bland and outdated

I realize my 08 Ram doesn't have the best interior. But it is much better then this thing.

"...Sales of 2011 Tundras have been down considerably, largely because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that disrupted several different supply chains to many different models in March...." -Mark Williams

Come on Japan. The U.S.A. workers need your Japanese parts to put your hunk-of-junk together.

@Buy American we are starting to get a lot of vehicles from Japan now. Looks like the supply issue is disappearing.

2012 doesn't look much different than 2011.
They do need to update this truck.
I heard Toyota is planning on a "traditional look" to the next generation.
Not sure what that means.

@Buy American - JD Power has a completely different opinion on this truck than you do.

Another thread dominated by bashing and rebuttals.

The Japanese Storm Troopers are back on line to carryout their mission of taking over the world.

Lock-up your wives and children now, It's time to wield the blade.

Ford just cannot compete with the proven reliability, gas milage and power of the 5.3 v8! Stop denying the great truth! GM makes the best trucks! The most dependable, most reliable trucks on the road! FACTS! Ford only has lies and myths!


I was being figurative, not literal, with my hunk-of-junk comment. I am sure that their quality is just fine. Just ask the 150,000 owners, give or take 1,000, that have bought a Tundra since 2000.

Chevy Runs Deep{throat}! Taking a good Ram here and there.

Why does every article placed on this site turn into a bashing of truck brands thread? If you don't like it, don't buy it, but clearly people do buy them or Toyota wouldn't be selling it.

Just more boring truck stuff from Toyota! They should stick to making just cars! They actually do that pretty well!

looks r subjective..... that aside... still no tweaks to the drivetrain... i guess if nothings wrong, leave it alone. but it could use a tweak to bump up the pwr, not that it isnt enough.

i think all vehicles should come standard with aluminum/alloy wheels. it's lighter, help save on fuel and the manufactures know this too.

Said it once, say it again. For the price and for the capability this is not a value.

Let alone ugly, sits poorly and the mirror/guages are not easily seem because of the steering wheel and cab configurations.

all i can say is i will be looking at one of these when i am ready to buy again

Cheap plastic bumpers,nobody buys Toyota's anymore.

Why does the dash have to be damn ugly? If it was one piece Dom end to end I'd say it was up there with Ram and Ford. I see bobs terrets is acting up again. Poor guy must have ran out of meds.

Hate the Tundras outisde looks and would never buy a Toyota minus maybe the first Taco and the Toyota "pickup". But the interior in that pic looks pretty decent I dont get the interior bashing.

@Buy American Or Say Bye To America!,

Funny you bash the Tundra YET it's more "American" than your precious Ford F-150 and GM Silverado!

What say you now!

The Tacoma is more "American" than the new Thailand built and designed Ranger and Colorao!

What say you now!

Bash all you want about Toyota, it's the big 3 that are leaving this great nation in search of cheaper labor to build their vehicles and import them into the U.S.

GM has 4 plants worth of vehicles that could be built right here in the U.S. but they chose to import them rather than trust the U.S. worker! All in the name of profits!

When your that hateful, your just jealous in reality!

I don't like the interior. Looks spacey and cheap. But I'm in the market maybe this year and I'll have a look.

Why not do something new Toyota? Impress me some. Old designs don't carry the wow factor for me.

Guys with your ignorant bashing...

This year, the Camry is taking center stage with their new model just released, so Toyota is focusing on that model right now hence the best selling car in the U.S. market!

When the Camry is the best selling car in the U.S. market, thus major revenue, your going to focus on a successful launch rather than pickups right now...

Note, the Camry is the most "American" made vehicle in the U.S. market!

What happened to the big 3 in their own market when Toyota has the most "American" car and the 2nd most "American" pickup?

Funny how some claim the Tundra is the most American pickup, yet it was production of this pickup was significantly impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. How could this be if it’s the most American? It certainly couldn’t be the heavy use of Japanese suppliers that have setup shop in the US, use tons of imported raw materials, but yet qualify on the “sticker” as domestic. As the qualification for the window sticker dictates, domestic content is considered Mexico, US, or Canada. Toyota leverages heavily Denso, US Koyo Seiko Co, Toyoda Machine Works now merged into TEKT Corporation. These are just examples from the top. Could this be the real reasoning Toyota had to stop production of its “most American pickup”? The answer is clear.

Yet let’s conveniently ignore the real facts that matter.

The domestics produce many multiples more truck volume.

The domestics have considerably more capital expenditure in truck production in the US than Toyota.

The domestics purchase many more times the components, assemblies and raw materials for truck production within the US than Toyota.

The domestics employ many more times the people involved in truck production in the US than Toyota.
The domestics sell more total product that’s sourced within the US than Toyota.

So no Toyota isn’t the financial foundation of truck production or economic benefit in the US.

Toyota imported over 1.5 million vehicles, or 46% of all vehicles sold in North America for the year 2010 . Toyota is the undisputed leader in this category, importing.

But if people are happy to represent the number on a window sticker as the end all, keep the propaganda coming.

Oxi, Ford just announced 16 BILLION in investment in US manufacturing. Of course this is in addition to the billions upon billions they already invest in design, testing, research, and manufacturing all across the country. Did we miss Toyota's press release? Having some assembly plants here and a few design centers doesn't even come close to the support Ford and GM contribute to the American economy. Not by a long shot.

some of these comment r down rite stupid, goes along with the poster i guess.

Hi, I am a PUTC blogger and I make uninformed, uneducated comments about other vehicle makes because I am insecure with my own truck, and quite frankly, my manhood. I think just because it has an American name on the truck that the money I spent on the truck doesn't go overseas, when deep down I know it does...especially when my truck is nearly half imported parts. I am bothered that a Japanese company makes a truck in Texas with an engine from Alabama and a transmission from W. Virginia. I secretly wish my truck was 80% domestic like the Toyota, and really wish the electronics in my truck were quality Japanese parts, and not Chinese. Yet, I will continue to act like a moron, make lame comments, and irritate the crap out of everyone on PUTC with my ignorant, redneck comments. You see, I have no friends and this is my only social outlet where other people will actually listen to what I have to say. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to feed my sea monkeys. They're the only ones who actually love and understand me!

Um, regardless of whether it's really import or domestic...

Those are some ugly interiors!

Another observation from reading these forums...

roughly 40% hate Ford

40% hate Chevy

60% dislike Toyota

and 80% are just plain indifferent to Dodge

Please correct me if (or) i'm wrong

Here's the issues with Dodge:

- don't like dealerships, they are small, dingy, dirty

- I don't like the salesmen, mangers

- don't trust the service department - dirty, small, smelly

- I wouldn't trust the company to find and fix a major problem if there was one

- products are below average in quality

- reports on factory workers smoking pot and drinking on the job, wouldn't want one of the engines put together by a guy who was high

- bailout, bankruptcy, fiat/ownship if that bothers you, hd trucks and some half tons made in Mexico + 53% Italian owned

- overall seem to be behind Ford and GM

- price is ok but so is price for other trucks

- lack of innovation

I agree with Don and toycrusher. This is an article about the changes to the 2012 Tundra not an open forum for bashing. Only narrow minded readers with threatened egos resort to this bashing. Chevy against Ford, Ford against Chevy, Domestic against Japanese (World War II has been over for 66 years). I have owned Chevys, Mitsubishis, Fords, Mercurys, Chryslers, Hondas, and Buicks and have had mostly postive experiences with all of them. The Ford and Chevy bashers have almost completely convinced me to buy a Toyota truck next time. The people who bash do not change anyones opinion they just make others more adamant about their own beliefs. I realize this comment will probably not change anything but there are other readers on this post that are reading it for information not biased remarks.


Sure the big 3 employ more people BUT, imagine how much more they could employ if their plants WEREN'T IN MEXICO AND THAILAND!!!!!! You also want to mention how Toyota was affected by the tsunami. Well guess what genius? SO WAS THE BIG 3! Toyota should not stop making trucks as they make the only midsize truck worth buying in the Tacoma. The Dakota is fugly, the ranger is ancient and not available in crew cab, and the colorado with the 3.7 I5 just wasnt appealing. Oh I forgot, they all stopped production as well.

No question the Tundra is a capable truck. But, I have to comment that I think styling is pretty bad. The truck has a disjointed, confused look to it. I hope the next generation Tundra looks better, and Toyota adds 3/4 and 1 ton models.

Any word of a power increase?

Not until 2015/2016.

DM- Well said!

Frank- No official word yet. We have to wait and see how much Toyota will benefit from the Ford/Toyota hybrid partnership.


Without Dodge:

We would not have had the Hemi engine.

We would not have had the muscle car wars, of the '60s/'70s, to the extent that it was.

We would not have had the Dukes of Hazard.

We would not have had mini-vans for our soccer moms.

We would not have had the diesel pickup wars.

We would not have had the full-size pickup styling wars.

We would not have had a great V-8 option in the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We would not have had the world beating Viper. Have you read the recent news of the Dodge Viper beating out the Toyota LF-A on "The Ring" in Germany?

We would not have had a monster V-10 motor in pickups.

We would not have the Gale Banks Engineering Dodge Dakota Sidewinder holding the land speed record for the world's fastest diesel pickup.

We would not have had a performance car revival that the SRT-8 family started.

Without the Dodge Ram SRT-10, Ford would hold the title for the world's fastest production pickup.

We would not have had the king of all 4X4 pickups, the Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon.

Lastly, we would not have had the great Sam Elliot making commercials for Ram.

That is what I call innovation and milestones!

I'm talking about currently. I want to see more technologies and innovations from Ram trucks.

@DM - all of the manufaturer's have gone to a system of minimal parts inventory and "as you need it" parts supply. Companies do have back up plans in the event a supplier cannot provide a part.
But what happens if the prime contractor and the "plan B" backup are taken out by the same disaster?
That is what happened to Toyota.
You can't sell a product if all of the parts aren't there.
People won't mind or notice if we sell them this truck with the right door handle missing. Don't worry, we'll install it later!
Look at the mess with Toyota's gas pedal recall. 1/2 of their pedals were made by Denso the other 1/2 by CTS Corporation. They both were supposed to be built to the same specifications, the only difference was the wiring harness.
What would happen if both suppliers were recalled?
No more toyota products until the problem is fixed.
In that case the "disaster" was created by an American company.
What would happen to Chrysler if there were a shortage of Buritto bucks?
No Rams for a while.
Get over it ;)


Perhaps you should be complaining about GM. It's a Ghost Town over at GM.

@toycrusher84 - true. What was the last one on your list, my attention was waining at the end;)

someone will try to correct you whether you are right or wrong.
Truth never gets in the way of a rebuttal on this site;)

@bobbeh - you are either a start raving "BOB" or a brilliant comic genius with a great parody act.
I prefer to think the latter.
We already have one Bob too many.

Not sure about the statement "Sales of 2011 Tundras have been down considerably, largely because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that disrupted several different supply chains" My local dealer has had about 20 Tundras on the lot most of the summer. He seems to be selling some and getting new ones in to replace the ones he sales? Not sure how he can do that with no parts????

I will take one with a Deisel

I do complain about GM. But at least GM has an all new truck debuting at NAIAS in January.

Oh yeah, and we would not have had a mid-size pickup class without the Dodge Dakota.

When the new GM trucks and then the new Ford trucks with the latest in tech and innovation, it will be a significant blow to Ram. Ram will be a distant 3rd again. Ram can try to comeback with a nose job and an 8 speed but it won't be enough. Tundra will be way in the hole at 4th.

Toyotas own words from PR:

#1 Toyota gets about 15 percent of its parts from Japan for cars and trucks built in North America.

#2 Toyota, he said, has about 500 companies supplying parts in North America, but many of them get components from Japan that might not be available.

This factual proof that the number on the label is just that, a number. It in now way shape or form represents the determining factor for benefiting America economically. Or who's most American.

With many of the suppliers US suppliers to Toyota being dependent on components from Japan really screams American made. :P

Keep up with the rhetoric Oxi, it's comical to see you go on rampages.

Ram is only getting started. They will be putting their growing budget to good use. Ciao!

Two things the Tundra needs sooner rather than later....

- Tundra needs a new frame design. Between the Tundra frame rust fiasco and complaints about harsh ride and bed bounce, the current Tundra’s frame is a weak spot.

- ITBC - it's still not an option in 2012. What the hec?


Thank you for that. Further proof that Toyota, and other foreign companies setting up shop in the U.S.A., is a scam!

Agreed. Very good post by DM.

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