Ford Confirms Large Plant Investment for Vans, Medium Dutys, F-150s

F650_COMF_RegCab II
Ford is moving production of its F-650 and F-750 medium-duty work trucks from Mexico to Ohio, a direct result of the just-completed negotiations with the United Auto Workers, company officials said.

As part of an overall strategy to move more jobs and manufacturing back to the U.S. from countries such as Mexico, China, and Japan, Ford will invest $16 billion in its U.S. product development and manufacturing operations, including $6.2 billion in plant investments over the next three years. 

Moving the medium-duty operation from Escobedo, Mexico, to Avon Lake, Ohio, is a small step in a strategy Ford leadership and the UAW agreed upon as part of their recent contract negotiations. The Ohio facility had been making E-Series vans for many years but hadn’t been running at full capacity for some time. E-Series vans will not be fully phased out until the end of the decade, as more Euro-styled transport and commercial vans are expected become more popular and will likely fill that gap. 

Ford also announced that the Euro-styled Transit van will come to the U.S. as early as 2013 and is scheduled to be built at the Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant. The plant had been building Ford Escape compact SUVs as well as one line of F-150s. 

The current SUV line at the Kansas City facility, which will be idled for retooling after the current Escape is phased out in April, will reopen in 2013, producing the new Transit full-size van. During the retooling, the plant will continue to build F-150 trucks. To take advantage of the slowly recovering full-size pickup truck market, the company also plans to increase F-150 production, building the full-size F-150s on two shifts beginning in May. This will bring about 800 more employees to the Kansas City assembly truck line, for a total of about 1,700 workers at the plant. 

When this Kansas City Assembly Plant retooling is complete, Ford will have the flexibility of building the F-150 on five shifts – two in Kansas City and three in Dearborn, Mich., allowing the company to better meet increasing and changing customer demand.

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As an American OEM mechanical designer it is great to see this coming back to the USA. Now if we could only get qualified people to apply for our open positions.

Wow.. This is great news. It seems these days that the exact opposite is always the case, with corporations moving out in search for cheap labor. Ford just keeps getting better. From not taking bailout money, to the quality of their vehicles, more attractive vehicle designs, cutting edge technologies, and now moving jobs BACK to the US.. The best just keeps getting better! GO FORD!

Kudos Ford!

great news for America! Support American companies and employees. It's a win/win.

that's how we can turn this economy around bring jobs back to the USA

Kudos to Ford.

@Mark Williams
Why are you writting this you know its just going to egg on Buy American Or Say Bye To America! and the other Ford guys? Lord have mercy theirs goona be no living with them now. Here comes the most American truck argument.

LOL @ 5.3 LOL

Interesting Ford's F650/F750's and the E350/E450's are not part of "One Ford"global product line. I know the the bulk of the E-series are going but the E350/E450 is still the basis of Class C Motorhomes in the US and the Transit will not change that much.
The F650/F750 are North America only MDT's. There is a staggering number of competitors globally. Too bad Ford abandoned the L9000 HDT Vocational Trucks. They still use them and their "Sterling" rebadges on construction sites here.

I'm not a "Ford Guy" but they deserve kudos on this! The way they are going about things there are making me seriously consider a Ford truck down the road. New engines and now this. GM better pick up their pants! They are falling way behind in the truck department. The only thing they got going for them is the DuraMax! I'd have a tough time choosing between a Ram and Ford now.

The UAW needs to step up to the plate and thank Gov. Kasich for putting forth the business environment to bring back manufacturing to Ohio!
Good job Ford and Gov Kasich

By bringing these larger truck assemblies to Ohio, it will also spawn many new local businesses that build up on these basic trucks. This one move will help create quite a few more jobs than just the UAW truck assembly lines. Great news!

Big kudos to Ford!

good news but it still a ford ....humm thanks to the union not ford..

good news but it still a ford ....humm thanks to the union not ford..
Posted by: math | Oct 25, 2011 3:53:43 PM

yea sure ford has nothing to do with, the union as far as i am concern is also one of the biggest problems this country has and will not change or take less money to help put

The real story here is ford is spending BILLIONS of dollars just to try and keep up with GM. Good to see ford is spending money to create jobs here in America. Fords New Motto is, if we can't beat em (GM) will just copy their ideas (GM) Ford did make claim to the invention of the Girly Man Step and say that innovation only came from ford. GM says they won't dispute fords claim of the Girly Man Step.

Ford, we bring you the Girly Man Step yeah.

I agree with math if it wasn't for the union ford wouldn't of done it. I agree with dan the man to unions also drives up the cost of the trucks cause easy jobs want more and more money to do less work

I find it funny that Bob is infatuated with the Ford Tailgate Step.

The GM All-Terrain has a bed size step assist and the bed storage like RAM.

This guy is unreal! I am just going to laugh at this hypocrite!

This person never has anything to contribute to the site.

AND Bob strikes again!

@ Michigan Bob
Ford industry first that GM has copied some of these from Ford.
1. First to have a diesel in a pickup
2. First to have a luxury pickup- Lincoln Blackwood
3. First to have integrated brake controller
4. First to have "Man step" GM will copy watch
5. First to have twin turbo FULL SIZE Truck
6. First to have automatic shifter in center console.
7. First to have ambient lighting in trucks
8. First to have "work solutions software" for work trucks
9. First to have Pre-runner truck (Raptor)
10. First to have supercharged v8 factory (Lighting)

Thats just to name a few. If i am wrong post up a link to show your not a complete @$$@#% with your facts. Thought so you can'

in boobs world Gm invented the Ram Box as well

OOPS !!! I mean Bob.

You wanna know the funny thing??? The base Ford engine will waste the Venerable GM 5.3 in a drag race. LMFAO!!!!


There is no competition for the 5.3L. There is nothing that slow from Ford or RAM!

@Bob, you mean Ford is spending billions that they EARNED to keep up with the billions GM "BORROWED"(tongue in cheek)??? Or do you mean Ford is spending billions in the USA to keep up with the billions GM is spending in Brazil and Thailand???

Typical Ford copying GM! As soon as the GMC All Terrain was concept was released we suddenly see Ford with the 'man step'! GM was the first with a powerful V6 too! The 6.7 Powerstroke is a copy of the 4.5 Duramax! The 5.0 is a copy of the 5.7 LT5! THIS-IS-FACT!!!!!!!!! (Kicks Ford cheerleader down a well)

First diesel pickup was a Studebaker, back in 1961. Had a 3 cylinder Detroit Diesel in it. Anyway, I would think the UAW guys in Ohio might be pretty P.O.'ed that thy didn't get the large Transit van to replace the E series. That should be good for a hundred thousand or so units. Instead, they get the medium duty. Ford is a bit-player in medium duty, and I don't think they sell more than 15,000-20,000 units/year

Meanwhile Ford's reliabilty keeps on a falling!!!

"Ford's drop from 10th in the survey to 20th"

Why did Ford leave the U.S. in the first place?

I would not trust them one bit!!!

So bobbeh then i guess really that the Terrain is a futile atttempt to copy the phenominal sucess of the Raptor and that the LT-5 is a copy of the Ford mod motor since it has been around for longer than the LT-5 and the fact that the 5.0 is based on the mod motor. Damn Gm copies Ford alot.

Oxi Gm did worse as well.Read both sides of the story not just what you want and it had nothing to do with the awesome Fseries.

@ Frank i found some competition for the 5.3!!!! A SLUG!!!


Consumer reports = FAIL. They need attention. However, Ford rating dropped due to a Luxury Option of MyFord Touch.

The infotainment system from Ford is a bit intricate for many non-computer aided people. I found it easy to work!

I don't see how the reliability of a vehicle is based off of their infotainment system as it has nothing to do with how well the vehicles drives/handles.

Consumer Report = FAIL. Nice try though!!!!


Thanks for proving me right!

While this is good news, it is PATHETIC that this had to happen in the first place.

Why is it that BMW, and Nissan, and Honda, and Toyota can all afford to build vehicles here and the "American" companies can't?

Heck, Honda and Toyota nabbed FIVE of the six top spots for quality on Consumer Reports test and make many of their North American market vehicles in the USA.

That E-Series van sure is a fossil just like the Ranger and Super Dooty trucks. I heard that Noah had one of each on his ark.


BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, et al can afford to build vehicles here partly because they don't employ UAW workers and partly because of the weak dollar.

@ Luke in co
Get your facts correct the import company's pay good wage to there full time employees. I am UAW and proud of it and I hate the imports but I wish they would join the UAW to give themselves a better life now and for there retirement. Working in the auto industry is not easy work . Three plants in two different states and two shoulder surgerys in 11 years. Hate unions all you want but we set the standard for wages. Now with two tier wage expect none union wages to be under attack. BE AMERICAN,BUY AMERICAN


I understand. However, I think the UAW should be grateful they still have jobs.

Hence, they outsource assembly lines to Mexico and what not.

That E-Series van sure is a fossil just like the Ranger and Super Dooty trucks. I heard that Noah had one of each on his ark.

Posted by: Frank | Oct 25, 2011 7:18:53 PM

Finally!!!!!!! This Frank guy finally posted something intelligent!!

@Bob's Chef - true, no Chevies on the Ark.
Like always, they missed the boat.

@Todd - don't traumatize everyone by mixing up boobs with Bob.

@@Bob's Chef - correction, GMC hasn't missed every boat. Many GMC executives trained on the Titanic.

Sorry Lou!!!!

@ Todd - we'll let it go this time;)

Yes the E-series is a fossil but it still outsells GM

A team of Ford engineers designed and piloted the Hindenburg. Crash and burn!!! whahahaha

Yes the E-series is a fossil but it still outsells GM

Posted by: Todd | Oct 25, 2011 9:26:14 PM

Which proves if Ford built a turd on wheels...the Ford fan boys would buy it in droves and brag about how wonderful it is 24/7.

@Bobbeh put your shirt back on ford didint copy the 4.5 duramax ford has a 4.4 diesel that waould whop your duramaxie pads, ford invents it all gmc is the same truck as chev they need 2 brands to keep up with ford.

Is anyone else having trouble understanding "Hauling's" comment???


Not sure where the animosity is coming from, all I said was that the foreign companies save a little money by not paying UAW wages and benefits, which comes to about $9 per hour per worker.

Also, I'm a little confused. First you say that the imports pay a good wage, then say you wish the workers would join the UAW to improve their lives. But if they're already being paid a good wage, why unionize? And I have no idea what working in an assembly plant is like, and I'm sorry that you had shoulder problems, but I don't see how that is relevant here.

@Bob's Sexy Wife,

+1.... Nice one!

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