Ford Confirms Large Plant Investment for Vans, Medium Dutys, F-150s

F650_COMF_RegCab II
Ford is moving production of its F-650 and F-750 medium-duty work trucks from Mexico to Ohio, a direct result of the just-completed negotiations with the United Auto Workers, company officials said.

As part of an overall strategy to move more jobs and manufacturing back to the U.S. from countries such as Mexico, China, and Japan, Ford will invest $16 billion in its U.S. product development and manufacturing operations, including $6.2 billion in plant investments over the next three years. 

Moving the medium-duty operation from Escobedo, Mexico, to Avon Lake, Ohio, is a small step in a strategy Ford leadership and the UAW agreed upon as part of their recent contract negotiations. The Ohio facility had been making E-Series vans for many years but hadn’t been running at full capacity for some time. E-Series vans will not be fully phased out until the end of the decade, as more Euro-styled transport and commercial vans are expected become more popular and will likely fill that gap. 

Ford also announced that the Euro-styled Transit van will come to the U.S. as early as 2013 and is scheduled to be built at the Kansas City, Mo., assembly plant. The plant had been building Ford Escape compact SUVs as well as one line of F-150s. 

The current SUV line at the Kansas City facility, which will be idled for retooling after the current Escape is phased out in April, will reopen in 2013, producing the new Transit full-size van. During the retooling, the plant will continue to build F-150 trucks. To take advantage of the slowly recovering full-size pickup truck market, the company also plans to increase F-150 production, building the full-size F-150s on two shifts beginning in May. This will bring about 800 more employees to the Kansas City assembly truck line, for a total of about 1,700 workers at the plant. 

When this Kansas City Assembly Plant retooling is complete, Ford will have the flexibility of building the F-150 on five shifts – two in Kansas City and three in Dearborn, Mich., allowing the company to better meet increasing and changing customer demand.

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@Bobbeh put your shirt back on ford didint copy the 4.5 duramax ford has a 4.4 diesel that waould whop your duramaxie pads, ford invents it all gmc is the same truck as chev they need 2 brands to keep up with ford.

Posted by: Hauling | Oct 25, 2011 9:37:51 PM

Ford finally started building their own Peterstroke diesel this year without the help of Navistar. At least GM took the initiative and did their own diesel 10 years ago instead of buying it from someone else. Even when they bought it from someone else, they botched it up. I find it hilarious how Navistar never really had any issues with the 6.0 and 6.4 in their own trucks. When they were installed in Ford trucks, they were ticking time bombs. Leave it to Ford to screw it up.......

"@ Todd - we'll let it go this time;)" - Lou,

Jeeshh, Why don't you invite him over for dinner while you're at it?

@Bob's Sexy Wife,

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Posted by: Nick-Toons | Oct 25, 2011 9:54:38 PM

Thank you!!! My Bobby taught me well!! hehehe

I bet Bob is just mad because he doesn't need a man step to get in his IMPALA! Seriously, you want to talk about girly? Lets ask the ladies what they think of men who drive IMPALA'S.... I mean you can't even argue about YOUR truck being better than anything if you don't own one. So who's the cheerleader again? I actually like your term "man step", because MEN drive TRUCKS! Honestly though BOB, I really enjoy reading your post and would love to one day meet you in person and maybe get an autograph. I admire you for sticking up for your favorite brand, even when they are clearly behind the curve. Kinda like back when the Lions fans wore paper bags over their heads to the football games.

@Bob's Gourmet Chef,

Well said my friend..... Well said.


Well, Thank you.... BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO YELL IT OUT!!

@alton - There's nothing wrong with men driving Impala's... HELL, I'd rather be seen driving an Impala Than be seen driving a Ford.


Hey Buddy, Trucks aren't for "Drag Racing", And i don't know of anyone who would use them for that purpose. That is unless you feel like you're not manly enough..

@alton -

I find the "Man-Step" REALLY unnecessary. That is unless you're lazy or fat (Pretty much everyone who owns a ford meets that criteria.)

@Bob, jack-o-lantern, Bob's sexy wife, Bob's Sexy 21 Year Old Wife, Bob's Gourmet Chef, Nick-Toons

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At least with an Impala you can fit all 6 of your personalities in one vehicle.
Just don't put Bob's sexy wife, and Bob's sexy 21 year old wife next to each other.

@Bob's Sexy Wife
A team of Ford engineers designed and piloted the Hindenburg. Crash and burn!!! whahahaha

I have to agree with you on that one. Ford does have a history of products catching on fire.

@Bob's sexy wife
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Personality and a small bowtie would make it tough. He must be filthy rich.
Must of saved a ton of money with only one vehicle - an Impala.

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Sorry, I am smart enough represent myself, I do not need a union to take my earned income so they can plan party's and send money to (D) candadites and spend even more on lobbying...


Sorry, I am smart enough to represent myself. I do not need a union to take my earned income so they can plan parties and send money to (D) candidates, and spend even more on lobbying.

@Bob's Gourmet Chef

Would your name happen to be Chef Boyardee?

Creepy! Oxi is Evan.

This is great and hopefully the other 2 will follow. More jobs is what we need. It would be a win win for everyone in the states.

@ Luke in co
$9 is for temp workers Toyota in Georgetown Ky pays $29 an hour. Problem is just that they use temp status as a tool to brag about how good they are for our economy when they staff %50 of workforce with slave labor. They can afford to pay a good wage for all there workers. I have meet a few people who have worked there and they don't like there people to retire, so they fire them when they get close to it. That goes for management too. If the imports want to take over our economy at least they could pay all there employees what they are worth.shoulder comment wasn't ment for you someone else made a comment about over paid and do a no work. Trust me when I say I would love the imports to leave our country but that's not going to happen so I want my fellow Americans treated fairly.

@Nick-Toons - odd name for a guy who speaks Spanish.

Puedo veo su tarjeta verde?

It must be upsetting for you - Ford closing a Mexican plant and moving back to the USA.

Way to go Ford Motor Company!!! Maker of the most American trucks.

Thank you, Ford, for taking pride and showing loyalty to this great country and giving U.S.A. workers their jobs back!

Let the foreign companies keep pretending, and fooling the people that believe it, to have any concern for Americans. Just avoiding the chicken tax, and U.A.W., is all they are doing while they are running back to their countries with the profits. To feed their fat-cats in their homeland.

@ ginger WHAHHHHHH!!!!

@Lou - Are you sure thats spanish??.. That could be french for all i know.

@ Luke in CO Interesting link you posted. I did a little searching myself to see what wages were like here in Canada.
Now I don't know if I should be jealous or pissed. It took 4 years of college and on the job training for me to get my Auto Service Technicain (mechanic) license. And as a tech at a Chrysler dealer the amount of Chrysler training required for me to keep my job is nearly equal to the time I spent in college. All this for $31 an hour compared to 40-80. Now I'm not complaining about my wage, I make a comfortable living for me and my family but seriously, what job on the assembly line is worth that kind of money? Perhaps someone out there could enlighten me.


On the contrary, They must be celebrating they're butts off. C'ya later Amigo, Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Good job Ford! Finaly someone is going to stop that "made in china - cheap plastic theme"! I would like to see a new American designed Ford van with seperate chassis to compete that new Nissan Van thing. The Transit is excellent in Europe but can't pull nowhere near as much as the E series vans and Express vans for that matter.

@Bully - that is what the universal translator came up with.

@nick-toons - "They must be celebrating they're butts off" (His quote - not my spelling)

They must prefer sneaking across the border and picking fruit for a buck an hour!

@Jordan L - agreed. I have 4 years of post secondary education, and I'm constantly upgrading to keep my professional status. I could go work at a starting wage of 40/hr with no training and be close to what I currently make.

Ford's Ecoboost motor has nothing on me! Im a v8 and I get better gas milage! Typical Ford right?! This is why Bob has chosen me over his wife! I win!

@Jordan L, Lou -

College is useless. In that case, Just throw your money in the trash can and set it on fire...

Go work like normal people do (Assembly, Construction etc..), EARN YOUR MONEY!


Just cause you're stuck in the office all day worrying about your appearance doesn't mean other people have to do the same.


Maybe you misunderstood what I meant. According to the article I found, the difference between the wages and benefits of a UAW worker versus a non-unionized worker is $9 per hour.

ford still #1

ford still #1

Hey Mike are some other things that are Ford first's to remind Michigan Boob....first to have rear backup sensors, power pedals, upfitter switches, power fold/telescopic trailer mirrors, roll stability control (invented by Ford and shared with others in the interest of safety), trailer sway control, traction control, and I could be wrong but also hill descent /hill start assist Michigan Boob dont tell me how much Ford copies is the other way around you bafoon...some of these features mentioned by Mike S. and myself are still not available on any other truck brands

My Problem with Ford is their management style is very centralized and focused on Ford US's needs , not the corporation as a whole.not a good omen for "One Ford". Ford Australia's potential has been hampered By Ford NA's refusal to allow them to export their products, although GM Holden has export markets to the Middle East and South America and has engineered the Camaro. Jaguar and Land Rover came up with similar concepts to the products they now have now under TATA, but Ford beancounters said they were too expensive. Ford was happy to get rid of Aston Martin , Jaguar and Land Rover. All three are now thriving. Mark Webber , Australian F1 Driver started with the Ford Jaguar Team. They could barely qualify, virtually all major decisions for the team had to be made in Detroit., much to the frustration of Jackie Stewart the then team manager. MarklWebber who is 2nd in the F1 points chase now drives for the Red Bull Team, which is the successor to the same Jaguar Team under the new management of the soft drink magnate.

Ford built America - now they will help rebuild!!!!! No GM government motors!

I think one of the reasons Ford is bring things back is due to the change in workers compensation and disability regulations. I know that they shut down the Hazzelwood Mo. plant 10 years ago due to they had the highest number of people out on disabilty at any given time then any other plant. I was told by one guy at the gym that he goes out every hunting season and in the spring when the fish are spawning. Now that the laws have changed they cannot do that anymore.

@Mike S, here is a list of ford firsts claimed by Mike S

Ford industry first that GM has copied some of these from Ford.
1. First to have a diesel in a pickup
2. First to have a luxury pickup- Lincoln Blackwood
3. First to have integrated brake controller
4. First to have "Man step" GM will copy watch
5. First to have twin turbo FULL SIZE Truck
6. First to have automatic shifter in center console.
7. First to have ambient lighting in trucks
8. First to have "work solutions software" for work trucks
9. First to have Pre-runner truck (Raptor)
10. First to have supercharged v8 factory (Lighting)

I could care less about every single one of these so called and unproven ford firsts. Where's your proof? I'll give you the ford girly man step and maybe the shifter in center console but everything else is uinproven.

The fact of the matter is ford ALWAYS copies GM'S ideas and puts them on their truck and acts as if they invented it. Everyone knows who the real truck innovation leader is and it's not ford. GM is the leader in innovation and the ford girly men darn well know it.

The ford girly men yeah. I don't have a problem with the ford girly man step. It was necessary to get into the ford trucks.

Here's another example of ford copying GM. Ford wanted to have a vehicle to compete with GM'S Suburban and they wanted it to be bigger than the Suburban and ford made the Excursion. The Excursion was so tall that it wouldn't fit in a standard height garage. Ford has discontinued the Excursion.

Ford is always copying GM and putting it on their vehicles.

Ford did invent the Girly Man Step and GM makes no claim to this innovation. Fords motto: if we can't beat you we will just copy your ideas and claim them as your ideas. you ford girly men know it's true! Yes you do and as Jack Nicholson likes to say, you ford girly men can't handle the truth!

Ford girly men, baaaah haaaaaa hahahahahahahaha!

How can anyone, including Chevrolet fans, be negative about this? Making childish comments about each other because of what kind of vehicle they drive? Everyone should look at the market and decide what fits their needs and their budget. My last 5 trucks have been Fords and I have had great success with them but when it times to go shopping again I will look at every brand with an open mind. Being loyal to one brand regardless of quality and needs is not smart.

@Everyone against Bob!

Please ignore the TROLL. Within due time the troll will crawl back into it's hole.

For the sake of PUTC, I will refrain myself from this DOLT!

@bob -
Quote"College is useless. In that case, Just throw your money in the trash can and set it on fire...
Go work like normal people do (Assembly, Construction etc..), EARN YOUR MONEY!"

You've said some stupid things before but your last post is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

I can find work any place in the world. Jordan L could do so as well.
Can a UAW or CAW assembly line worker go to Mexico or Tailand and make the same wage?

I can.

@Northern MN - agreed.
My wife has a Sienna and I have a F150. We bought what we thought were the best products in those categories for our needs and price points.
When we go to replace those vehicles we will look at the market the same way and we could end up with totally different brands.

@Nick-Toons - you don't know me and I don't know you. Don't make yourslef look any worse than you already have.

@Frank and Lou are ford girly men yeah. Frankie and louie get their whittle feelings hurt when I post about the ford girly man step yeah. Frankie and louie want you to ignore my posts but they don't even listen to thier own advice and cannot help themselves from responding to my posts yeah it's true.

Frank and Lou have called me many names and thrown many insults my way because their whittle feeble minds cannot win the argument they have to resort to name calling and insults. You see, you have to have some sympathy for screwey Louie and childish frankie, they like the ford girly men trucks yeah they do. I'm afraid this war will never end and I will be very happy with my GM trucks and frankie and louie will be miserable in their ford girly men trucks.

Frankie and Louie, true ford girly men truck fans and they love their ford girly man step yeah. I looked up girly men and they have pictures of frankie and louie. Yep, it's true.

Is it me or does the grill on the E series look like the same grill on the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster?

And those Euro Vans.... Don't they look like they're going to tip over at any minute?

@Andrew Immer,

Wasn't GM the first one to report about them bringing jobs back to the U.S??

Ok. Lots of things to correct.

Ford did NOT earn this money! They ripped out the carpets and sold anything they didn't need to avoid getting a loan. Why do you think Ford is so far behind the competition?

Secondly, GM has been moving production from Mexico to the US for years. Only the SRX and HHR are made in Mexico now, along with a truck plant. Ford also has a truck plant they will continue to operate. Ford makes a lot more in Mexico than GM.

Let's not forget, Ford had the terrible 5.4 Triton for years. Dodge, Chevy, even TOYOTA were doing better than them. It was only recently that they upped the game, and will be trumped again very soon.

The level of intelligence on this thread is fast approaching Zero...

I thought this post was about Ford bringing jobs back to the US and not a idiotic bashing session with Chevy versus Ford and Ford versus Chevy. It is great when any company brings jobs back to the US whether there is bail out money or no bail out money. I would rather bailout Chrysler and GM than the fat cats on Wall Street. I would rather the factory workers make a 100k or more or less than the Wall Street crowd make an extra couple of million bonus because they think they so valuable. The laborer is more likely to spend money on consumer goods and pay for a college education for their children. I hope this is a trend that will continue and other manufacturers will bring back jobs to the US.

@Jeff Totally agree. If it was developed in Brazil and Mexico leave it there, but if outsourced do it in house instead.

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