Ford, GM Open Door for Natural-Gas V-8 Pickups


Got gas?

A battle is brewing in the world of fuel for full-size trucks. Ford and GM announced this week that they’ll invest in technology and partnerships to allow their V-8 pickups to run on compressed natural gas, or CNG.

The move is aimed at providing commercial truck users a more economical way to power their fleets and take advantage of the fact the fuel is sourced in North America.

Companies like Roush, Westport and IMPCO have long been huge CNG conversion centers for large and small businesses that have wanted to convert their fleet vehicles to the much less expensive fuel. With Ford and GM jumping into the fuel-system conversion segment, they’ll have more control over installation quality and warranty issues. 

Right now, GM is the only manufacturer that provides a single-source commercial option with the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana CNG cargo vans. Adding a bifuel CNG pickup truck will likely help satisfy a broader range of needs for commercial customers looking for a one-stop alternative-fuel vehicle from the factory. This also will allow business owners to spend less on costly upfitting.

“GM’s original equipment is engineered, validated and warranted, which makes the decision to purchase our bifuel pickup trucks easy,” said Joyce Mattman GM’s director of commercial product and specialty vehicles. “Like our CNG vans, this turnkey product will be the best solution in the market and makes good business sense.”

The bifuel commercial trucks will be covered by GM’s three-year, 36,000-mile new-vehicle limited warranty and five-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and vehicle emissions warranty, meeting all EPA and California Air Resources Board emission certification requirements.

The Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty will be available with Westport’s WiNG bifuel system. 

“We’re seeing strong customer interest across the spectrum from fleets of all shapes and sizes for a factory-validated product, as more and more owners understand the economic and operational benefits of a cleaner fuel that’s sourced right here in North America,” said Ian Scott, president of Westport LD.

Engineered at the new Westport facility in Plymouth, Mich., WiNG systems will be installed in the F-250 and F-350 pickups and will be ready to roll when they reach Ford dealers. They are designed to meet EPA and CARB standards. The conversion requires the changing of only a handful of parts and is reported to offer only small decreases in overall power. Towing and payload numbers are unaffected. 



If you are going to make a CNG engine that will also run on Gas that is useless in my opinion. Make it a CNG engine higher compression 14 to 1. as far as hard to start in the Cold weather. I worked with a guy that had a propane only pick up years ago he would go out to his truck in-40 and pour a jug of water on the tank that would give him enough pressure to start and the coolant was directed into the tank to warm it up. I am sure they could make a small tank and put a heater in it to start the vehicle in extremes.
I do not know the temperature needed to vaporise CNG but am sure it is higher than Propane.

yeah!! Bring it on!!!
Hopefully toyoSan will follow suit with flexifuel hybrid Cng wasteoil ethanol turbo diesel.

CNG car conversion is a great decision. A commuter will save hundreds of dollars per month. CNG is 50-75% cheaper than gasoline where I live. It'll pay for the CNG conversion in about a year. Government CNG incentives could also be available. Its a clean and practical fuel. I had a lot of questions answered at They don't sell anything. Just reliable info on emissions, conversions, and EPA.

all you guys that joke about chevy cant even afford one hahhahaha

@Alex - I can afford buying one, I just can't afford to be seen driving one ;)

tack about ford,,wy they take mike from pickup truck..

Ford took Mike L. because of his vast knowledge and professionalism. Mike will do great things for Ford.

I converted a 2004 toyota tundra to cng/ gasoline a few years ago. no problems EVER. It took 1 day to do, and i'm not a mechanic I'm a plumber. Do you guys realize that we could put most of our country back to work doing this and this alone? We would be busy for decades building fill stations, converting cars, designing tanks and compressors. The billions of dollars that we spend on oil every month will stay here in the U.S. I must say something, The way you guys bicker over stupid stuff like who makes a better truck (ford or chevy) is what's the matter with the country right now. GROW UP you immature losers, and let's keep our eye on the ball.

"...The billions of dollars that we spend on oil every month will stay here in the U.S...." -joe

The millions of dollars that we spend on, car/truck purchases, every month would stay here in the U.S. -if people bought Chryslers, Fords and G.M.s instead of foreign products.

RE:By american or say bye to america. actually my tundra was made in princton Indiana. But i agree with you. I buy american when it comes to tools, valves, equipment, when i need the best made. and i will buy one of the NEW ford trucks because of the quality. don't want to get all the foreign car haters going crazy here

Buy American, if people bought Fiatsler products they would be pumping up the bottom line of Fiat, not the Fiat subdivision called Chrysler.

Many Ford and GM products are also made outside of America, like Mexico or Canada. That doesn't do a thing for job-creation or jobs-saved in America.

I think the idea is great and should be considered as we start to tap into the Marcellus Shale for natual gas. Also everything old is new again. From 1995 through 1997 Dodge offerd the 318 in natural gas from the factory, it was mainly used as a fleet vehicle but you could order it if you wanted it. This is not to bash ford or gm as one of them may have had something similar before that I am just aware of the dodge factory option. I am all for looking at ideas from the past that were not used due to cost or lack of technology that we have today that may help improve our vehicles.

Ford produced factory crown victorias, pick-ups, and vans till about 10 years ago. I would see the taxie drivers filling up at the station when i was, They loved the savings in fuel, about half. Nobody ever mentions how clean cng vechicals are, or the fact that we are producing methane from waste treatment plants and landfills. come on america the solution is here right now.

All the Bobs sure are putting on quite a show for all the other users! lol

A commuter will save hundreds of dollars per month. CNG is 50-75% cheaper than gasoline where I live. It'll pay for the CNG conversion in about a year. Government CNG incentives could also be available. Its a clean and practical fuel. I had a lot of questions answered at

We bought a Ford F350 with the necessary changes/additions to have a CNG conversion done by the Ford authorized BAF installer. In the 8 months since it was converted it has not run on CNG for 156 days. It just spent 28 days in the shop and still doesn't run on the CNG. We were told it has to run on petrol for 15 - 20 minutes to warm it up before it will run on the CNG. We have tried this several times with mediocore results. We have had our gas tested TWICE and it is OK. Thoughts?

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