GM Announces Small SUV Off New Colorado Platform

Colorado SUV rear

In what could be the shortest press release in GM history, the automaker announced that the new Chevy Colorado, which recently debuted in Thialand, will spawn an global SUV called the TrailBlazer (again). There was no official word about whether the U.S. will get the small SUV —and it is being called an SUV, not a crossover — but it would make sense. 

With the huge investment in the Wentzville, Mo., plant to accommodate the coming Colorado — and we also assume the GMC Canyon — it is highly unlikely GM wouldn't try to defray some of the investment costs by including the production of a similarly engineered vehicle. With so much questioning about whether a market exists for a small pickup in the saturated full-size U.S. market, hedging bets by including another type of vehicle off the same production line makes good cost-effective sense.

These shots were given to us some time ago, and they show a pretty good idea about the size and strategy of the vehicles. Figure the new SUV to slot between the Chevrolet Equinox (GMC Terrain) and Traverse (GMC Acadia). 

Colorado SUV & pickup

Clearly, the new Colorado platform can be easily modified to accomodate a smaller wheelbase, so it stands to reason it might be just as easy to offer a longer wheelbase, possibly with a heavy-duty payload package and a longer bed — maybe even offering something like the Colorado Rally concept vehicle we saw earlier this year. We can only hope.

There are no specification details yet, but from these shots, it looks like the SUV will have a live rear axle, trailing arms and most likely coil springs. No word about why the pickup truck needed the tow-strap help. Nor do we have any details on powertrain choices, but we'll likely hear about the new Chevy Silverado powertrains before we hear about U.S. powertrains for the new Colorado and its SUV sibling. 



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I'd be worried that I'd tear off one of those low hanging shock mounts.
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1. I worked as a paramedic for 23 years. Try running 3/4 ton and one ton vans through traffic and bad weather conditions. I bet that is more dangerous than racing.
2. I worked as a paramedic instructor and driving instructor. See comment #1.
3. I've raced dirt bikes in cross country events, as well as drag raced motorcycles. I was one of the guys that ran the local MX track for 18 years.
4. I spent many years offroading. I found it was cheeper and more fun to use dirt bikes and quads.
5. I've never raced Baja that one is true, but there was a time in my life where I spent most of my time off of paved roads. That would be a minimum of 5000 miles a year spent offroad.
How long is a Baja race?
6. I've been wrenching on bikes for 35 years. I'm restoring a '68 Ford Galaxie 500.

I've told Oxi this and I'll tell you the same thing (not that it will make a bit of difference since you are a thick in the head troll) -
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That would be a minimum of 5000 miles a year spent offroad.
How long is a Baja race?

Very good question.

When oxi was racing down in Baja last decade the Ford Rough Rider teams and oxi recall an interview with Dave Ashley who commented on that a typical Baja 500 or Baja 1,000 would equate to 200-300,000 miles of street testing in 1 race!

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And the point oxi was making about the shock mounts that so many of you missed is that the rear shock mounts on a Tacoma are very tight to the wheels in the back. They also run the leafs ABOVE the axle...

12 inches of ground clearance...


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That was pathetic. I don't know why you are arguing on this topic when you continue to use insults as your main weapon. If you don't have the experience off-road and can't use facts and reason get out of the debate!

The point oxi was making about the shock mounts that so many of you missed is that the rear shock mounts on a Tacoma are very tight to the wheels in the back. They also run the leafs ABOVE the axle...

Look at the F-150 Raptor. High strength steel mounts from the F-350, mounted outside the frame close to the wheel and have stone shields. That's how to really protect the shock mounts right.

Oxi's comments about shock mounts have always been that they are a problem if they hang below the axle line. The pics of his Taco clearly show that they hang below the axle line. Ford F150 trucks have outboard shocks that are also mounted close to the wheel. So does the Raptor.

In typical Oxi fashion, when challenged on a comment, he changes his story line to justify or rationalize his own unique view of reality. Now his story is mounting location not low hanging mounts.
The only trucks I've ever seen break upper and lower shock mounts were mid '80s Chevy 1/2 ton 4x2 fleet trucks that were beat to death on gravel roads and job sites.
I've seen some pretty beatup 3/4 and 1 ton trucks, every square inch of the undercarriage looked dented and shot peened, I've seen blown shocks and broken springs but rarely ever seen a broken lower mount. Those broke because of bottoming out too many times not because of hitting a rock.

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another none quality american cars/suv

I put forth the following theory:

Most people in the domestic market who buy sport utility vehicles do not know or care if it is "body on frame."

Bring back the Blazer name!

Jordan L-

Excellent post!

"I put forth the following theory:

Most people in the domestic market who buy sport utility vehicles do not know or care if it is "body on frame."" -2011 Tacoma 4X4

My 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited has a unit-body. It shows signs of body flex (rear lift-gate does not line up when parked with one corner of the vehicle higher than the others) from my years of "off-roading" it. I would much rather have a body on frame. With the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee being the only sport-utility vehicles at the time with solid-front axle 4X4s, to satisfy my needs for a durable 4X4 system, that put my third choice Ford Explorer (body on frame) out of my choices.

@ Buy American Or Say Bye To America! Thanks. There is a large variety of vehicles that can go off road. Jake and Oxi really p##s me off. They are up to their usuall games of not respondeing when they know their wrong. What kind of off road guy worries about scratching the sides of his vehicle when on the trail (can't off road in a full size, might get scratched)? I assume your Jeeps and PW have thier war wounds. I know the first time I took my side by side out it came back scratched to hell.

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