GM Invests $275 Million in Fort Wayne Assembly Plant

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On Wednesday, GM laid down the final piece of a $2 billion overall investment plan that was announced last May, and it will include eight states over the next 18 months.

Of note, the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant, which currently produces the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, will get a $275 million capital injection as it prepares to upgrade and retool parts of the plant to accommodate the building of the highly anticipated next-generation half-ton pickups. The Fort Wayne investment is reported to add about 150 jobs; right now the plant employs 3,400 workers on three full-time running shifts. 

Month-over-month September sales for the Silverado and Sierra were quite good, with sales up 36 percent and 26 percent, respectively. Production numbers for the two GM pickups are also good, with double-digit increases for the first 10 months of the year.

As one might expect in a very competitive segment, changes in market share are small, with GM increasing by one full point, the Ram 1500 gaining a little as well, and the Ford F-150 falling an equally small amount. We guessing there will be another significant shift when the October sales numbers come out next week. 

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Bravo GM!.... Bravo

Hey Bob, you are really obese.


I am not fat...I am fluffy.

They did not include the Wentzville, Mo. Plant that will be builing the new Chevy Colorado.

Good work General Motors! Bring it, and keep it, home.

It's always good to see companies investing in the USA. Of course, by Bob's infallible logic displayed in an earlier Ford article, the fact that GM is investing money for trucks must mean that they are playing catch-up, right?

Agree that GM needs to come up with an updated design and engines for trucks of the 21st century but how will this prevent future acres and acres of unsold trucks? Most people choose an F150!

GM's trucks are overpriced for what you get and a new design isn't going to make the competition go away. For starters GM needs an all-aluminum DOHC 32-valve 350/5.7 and a better automatic transmission.

I owned Silverado in the past. I won't own them again. I'll take a Tundra or an F150 over GM anyday.

Good job to Ford and GM!

Can't knock GM fans. They are GAINING market share with ancient trucks that are years behind in technology and innovation.

Ford is going to need more than just a superior product to hang on to their number one spot once GM FINALLY releases their new trucks

Ford should be shakin in there boots that GM is gaining market share against there brand new trucks. I can't wait to see what GM comes up with to combat the Egoboost!!!

look this way gm have a older model,,,wy ford have problem to take more sale if they have a new engine ecoboost,,,diesel we no is gm whit the dmax is the explain me wy ford cant do better...maybe people start to like better dodge.

Ford better start working on their quality issues. They dropped ten spots in Consumer Reports and now they are 28th. They promised a dividend with their earnings report but offered nothing. The market was up but Ford stock sold off because they changed their mind about the dividend. Looks like Ford may be in a little trouble.

Yes Gm make us another rattle trap like the current Silverado. And by the way pay us back our Billions!!!

Consumer Reports knows NOTHING about cars & trucks. Only household appliances.

@ Buy American True very true!!!

Ford rating dropped on CR due to MyFord Touch.

People on CR are computer illiterate.

"Ford rating dropped on CR due to MyFord Touch.

People on CR are computer illiterate." -Bob

For sure. I bet if you gave a bunch of elderly people smart cellular phones, the target customers for Consumer Reports, they would complain and give it a poor rating also. High-technology products in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster and will net low scores from the people that can not handle it.

CR = Fail

I agree with Bob, (wait, what?) They are computer illiterates.

It would be interesting to hear some drivetrain info on GM's new half ton.

@toycrusher84 - I think that part of the reason GM is holding its own with old trucks are rebates. In the USA, there seem to be more rebates currently being offered on their products.
In Canada truck sales are:
1. Ford
2. Ram
3. Sierra
4. Silverado
The other questions that need to be asked:
1.How loyal are Chevy owners?
2. Does the average truck buyer actually pay attention to better technology?
Sales statistics alone do not give a clear answer.

@Ken - I hear that they are going to replace the 5.3 with a 5.3. (not kidding). The rest is just rumors.

A good friend of mine with a 5 series BMW just sat in my 07 Silverado LT and loved it. He was blown away but how nice the interior was, so yes it may be the oldest of the three but at any given time someone is going to be the oldest design.

Same thing in my world of pro photography. Canon takes the lead then Nikon, back and forth and we all become winners.

Government always spends more money around election time.

nice to see my money being put to use in this country finally

good job gm!!

@Fred- Good one!

Seriously, I'm glad to see this. Wonder how this investment stacks up against the Global Colorado?

No doubt this will be a part of Obama's campaign.


No doubt he will take all the credit he can get right now

@Lou - This shows that people don't buy based on paper comparisons alone. Big rebates make a difference to some people, but not all. My $.02 on your questions:

1.Chevy owners are fairly loyal. It would be very very interesting to see the breakdown of the conquest rate of any of the big three. The data is there somewhere. Which brands "take" the most customers from which other brands?

2.The answer is clearly no. We here are the enthusiasts and we are probably a minority of truck owners. Consider the Toyota Camry/Corolla, they are absolutely boring vehicles despised by (most) car enthusiasts. Yet, they are top selling vehicles because most Camry/Corolla owners are not enthusiasts, basically don't care about performance, and would never bother to pick up a car mag review or visit auto based websites. In fact, they probably read Consumer Reports.

So why does GM still have 4 plants worth of production overseas that make vehicles sold in the U.S. again?

So why is GM still the largest importer into the U.S. again?

So why is GM going to be the first to import from China again?

Another GM article, another ford girly men hating GM posts. You see, the ford girly men on this site are so obsessed with GM and bashing GM, they can't help themselves. Doesn't matter what the subject is, if it is anything to do with GM, they come out and droves and bash GM with baseless and false statments. These ford girly men must be scratching their balls and wondering how in the HE double L can GM be increasing their market share with these old trucks???

How many times have you read that GM'S intereiors are bad or squeaks and rattles yada yada yada. The ford girly men go on to bash GM'S engines, their sheet metal you name it they will say something bad about it. Do GM fans say these things about ford or dodge? No. GM fans don't have to put down ford or dodge to make themselves feel better about themselves. I make fun of the ford girly man step but I have said nothing but positive things aobut the fords new engines. ford needed those new engines because there previous engines were less than desirable.

Another gm article and the ford girly men come out to bash. It's proven every time anything gm comes up.

Enough with the brand bashing. The same bashers who have no appreciation of a manufacture bringing jobs back to the USA. Ox is so biased toward Toyota that he cannot see straight. Uncle Bud is so anti GM. There sure are a lot of redneck bigots on this site. Just be glad that any manufacturer puts manufacturing plants in this country and not more in China. If you prefer a certain brand that is your choice, but to wishing a company ill will is sick. I hope they all do well and bring more jobs here. Some of you might feel that you got yours and that you don't care about others having jobs. I guess you are entitled to your biased but this country was not built upon the division that is rampant in our political system and in many of the opinions expressed on this site. Generation Y and X who are the growing consumer group do not put as much stock in domestic brands and are more prone to buy Japanese or Korean such as Honda. This generation is more interested in I-phones, I-pads, and the like. Your biased opinions are your own and they do not sway me to consider the brand you like. Lou it is true that GM has had some good rebates but that does not mean that their products are junk. Ford has rebated products in the past as well. Sometimes the manufacturer just has to move product to make room for new product. Rebating is common among products being discontinued such as the Ford Ranger and Isuzu as well. That does not mean that these products are junk. Loyalty among brands is less than it use to be. Price, features, and reliability are most important. If one manufacture innovates and others copy bravo if it is a better idea. Most consumers don't care who is first. Competition is good for the manufacturer and the consumer.

@Jeff I said I was glad to see this. I'm not anti GM, I'm anti taking domestic taxpayer $'s and investing overseas. A company that stands on its own can do as it pleases as far as I'm concerned but GM would not be in a position to invest in the overseas development and manufacturing of the Colorado if it weren't for the US taxpayer and that ticks me off. So as I said above, twice now, I'm glad to see this US investment by GM. Don't call people bigots for having an opinion.

Uncle Bud sorry to call you a bigot. I am referring to a lot of the commentators. I am not totally in favor of government loans except to help workers keep their jobs. I would rather loan money to GM and Chrysler than to the big banks and Wall Street. The only positive thing about the Colorado is if the truck is manufactured in this country then I am inclined to agree with this investment. GM, Ford, and the others are putting more investment into Asia because this is where the growth is. The only thing that concerns me about auto bailouts is that we as a country are going the same route that Great Britian did when their government provided assistance and ended up owning their car companies (British Leyland and Rolls Royce). Now GB does not have any ownership of their auto manufacturing which is currently owned by companies from India, China, and Germany. I would hate this to happen. I would rather Ford and GM merged then to end up being owned by the Chinese (I guess I am biased myself there). I would prefer to support domestic corporations but as all these corporations become multinational and the lines become more blurred this is harder and harder to do. I am not looking forward to the day of Chinese Fords and Chevys but this could become a reality. Whether it be the furniture manufacturers coming back to North Carolina or Ford coming back to Ohio, and GM coming back to Indiana I am for it. We need to as a country start manufacturing more things and put people back to work. A pure service economy is not going to put our country on solid footing. We need more manufacturing. That is my point on the posting.

Jeff 100% agree with you. Thanks.

@Jeff - I have a problem with bailouts and with Bob.
I don't have much against GMC besides that.
There are currently better products out there than what GM has to offer. (At least in the 1/2 ton ranks.)
Like another poster said in another thread - if Bob said the sky is blue, most of us would argue a different point just because it is Bob.
I owned a GMC van prior to my F150.
Bob does more damage to GMC than any of the Ford or Ram fanboi's on this site.

@toycrusher84 - I used to buy primarily on the best purchase price i could get. I just assumed that new vehicles were all basically on the same level of quality.
I now do considerable amount of reasearch before I buy.
Do I buy based on magazine tests?
But it definately is one source of valuable information that I take a good close look at.

SAAB agrees to sell out to two Chinese companies!
A Chinese company already owns Volvo. A Chinese company almost bought HUMMER. An Indian company already owns Land Rover and Jaguar. An Italian company owns more than half of Chrysler Group L.L.C.

If this is not another wake-up call, for Americans to start supporting American companies (with American labor & manufacturing), then I do not know what is.

Americans need to quit feeding foreign companies and need to start supporting the U.S. companies that helped build this great nation. Foreign (Asian) companies continue to chip away at America and the rest of the world!

Buy American; Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors products or say bye to the American companies we once knew and were proud of. Make our grandparents, great grandparents, etc. proud.

Lou I agree I am not in favor of government bailouts or loans either. We are going down the same road that Great Britian did in the 1970s and then these companies ended up being owned by the Chinese, India, and German companies. The only positive to me about the GM and Chrysler bailout is that these jobs were not eliminated thus having higher unemployment. With the current mood in the country and in Washington DC I think that there will not be any more bailouts for a while. GM will be forced to update their trucks with Ford's new V-6 and other innovations. This is a good thing. I have owned many Chevys and I like them but that doesn't mean that I think Ford and Toyotas are bad. My wife has a 2000 Ford Taurus which has been a fantastic car and I have a 1999 Chevy S-10 which has been very reliable. I do agree with Consumer Reports that the body hardware is subpar after having replaced glove compartment latches, tailgate supports, door latches, seat reclining mechanisms but the 2.2 lit 4 cylinder engine has been excellent and the gasoline mileage exceptional for a truck (it has a 5 speed manual). I have gotten my money's worth in my 12 plus years of ownership. I also have a 2008 Isuzu I-370 Crewcab loaded with heated leather seats and tow package. I was not happy when the transmission went at less than 10k but Isuzu paid for the towing and replaced the transmission and I have had no further issues. I realize that the Isuzu is a rebagged Colorado but at $21k for a new 4 wheel drive truck (about 10k off of sticker) I could not resist. I was not offered enough trade-in for my S-10 but I have gotten over 3 additional reliable years of service and I use the S-10 for my hauling and going to the bus stop to work. I have looked at Ford and Toyotas and will probably own either or both in the future. I owned a 1985 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup (same as the Dodge D-50) before my S-10 and had 200k when I gave it to my mechanic who drove it and gave it to his brother-in-law (it might still be running). I owned a 1963 International 1,000 with a straight six and 3 on the tree. I regret letting that one go. My older brother and my grandfather taught me how to drive on the 1963 International. I am not an off roader like Ox but that does not mean that I don't like trucks. I cannot imagine being without a pickup. The utility of a truck along with sitting higher than a car. Also a truck is easier to get in and out of than a car. I like to read stories about old trucks and how people have kept them running for so long or how these trucks have been restored.

To be clear, it isn't necessarily the bailouts I take issue with, it is how the money was apparently used. I just think GM is obligated to keep work in and help the US since we bailed them out. Bailout is a harsh word. It was supposed to be a loan, that they are supposed to pay back. I also fault our government for not being more proactive in assuring that the proceeds of the loan be used to invest in America and American jobs, not Asia. But that ship has sailed.

I agree completely with you Uncle Bud. GM got money the government of Thailand as well but the US government should have stipulated that our money would go only to keep and create US jobs. I think most people are not completely opposed to creating jobs with the economic stimulus but when the jobs go overseas are if it is wastefully spend then most people are against it. It is bad for companies to get use to government loans because it weakens their competitiveness. Let us hope that this is not the case with GM and Chrysler. In the 1980s Lee Iacocca did repay Chrysler's government loan early and with interest and rebuild Chrysler into a leader until Daimler bought them out. GM could use a CEO like Lee. As a matter of fact we could use a good Lee Iacocca for our President and most of our Congress. Henry Ford, Jrs. firing of Lee at Ford gave Chrysler a golden opportunity and gave Lee a "Don't get mad get even opportunity." We need more Iacoccas.

I love that GM trucks are built in America, not Mexico like Ram and Ford.

Chrysler paid back the gov. bailout $ in the '70's w/intrest and we saved the company and some jobs in the process. GM will do the same. I can't see why that is a bad thing.


Ford and Ram, build trucks in America, as well.

We love our 2011 Chevy Avalanche, but it is made in Mexico.

Sure wish it had Ford's Eco boost 425 ft-lbs of torque@2500 rpm. Certainly needs it, as it is a beefy 6,000 lbs.

Biggest short coming with all these large pickups is their dinky gas tanks; 26 gallons doesn't get you far when towing. Plenty of room under there for 40 gallons. Avalanche has 31.

Ford only builds the F650 and F750 in Mexico and then imports them... but that is going to change with the new UAW contract having them come back to the USA. As far as 1/2 tons and Super Duties there are none that are built in Mexico and shipped to the states Sean. Those trucks that are built there stay in Mexico and go south. The 6.7 diesel engine is built in Mexico though but so far no problems with it (fingers crossed).

In Alabama, we have Honda, Hyundia, and Mercedes plants. Any many factories built to support them also. I'm sure they didn't move here to provide us jobs. It was financially rewarding for them to do so. I have no problem with American auto makers having plants in other countries, as long as it builds them there to sell them there. Even if we lose a few jobs because of plants in Mexico, there are still jobs provided by bringing those vehicles here and businesses to sell them. Now if they build and assemble completely overseas, to save money and then just ship here to sell, that's a different story. Besides, are there any automakers that use only American made parts, and are truly a domestic built vehicle? With the economy the way it is, everyone is doing more to cut cost, individuals and large companies. It's just reality, our wold is not the same as it used to be, but that's how every creature on earth from the beginning has survived. By adapting. I wish it was a perfect world, or that I could have lived in the "good old days" I always heard about from my dad, but to live his "good old days" he had to survive the great depression and WWII. Hopefully things will turn around in my lifetime as well.

Toy Crusher-

couldnt agree more, I love how everyone says GM trucks are doomed yet their marketshare is up one point. Not bad for a truck that is almost 5 years old...O btw, Ford has lost a little marketshare.

GM is doing fine in the truck dept....They will be doing even better once the next gen trucks arrivve.

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