It's Official! The New Colorado Is Coming to the U.S.


After months of speculation, Chevrolet confirmed today that a version of the all-new Colorado midsize pickup will be built and sold in the United States.

The first version of the truck is launching this month in Thailand, and other regions around the globe will follow.

“The new Chevrolet Colorado is generating a lot of excitement as we begin its launch in Thailand,” said Chris Perry, Chevrolet’s vice president of global marketing and strategy. “We think the design, capability and fuel efficiency of the new Colorado will make it attractive to U.S. customers.” The first new Colorado rolled off the production line with the help of GM's engineers and designers. 


Product details, timing and pricing will be announced later, Chevy says. The current-generation Colorado will be produced through the 2012 model year in Shreveport, La., but that assembly plant is scheduled to close soon. The Colorado was rumored to be U.S.-bound amid reports of GM’s huge manufacturing investments to build a new pickup truck platform in the Wentzville, Mo., plant.

Details about powertrains were not given, but we can expect the cab configurations and drivetrain options to mimic current production modeling. Two Duramax turbo-diesels — a 2.5-liter and a 2.8-liter — are used in the Thailand-made Colorado, but we’d expect a different gas engine for North American production. (Rumors are stirring that GM has its own I-4 and V-6 “ecoboost” strategy coming.) Likewise, we’d expect the continued use of an optional V-8 engine to be taken off the table, but no announcements have been made. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a new turbo-diesel here in the states.


Great news! I really hope (but doubt) we'll see at least one of these small diesels.

pretty cool, diesel would be flippin sweet.

GM has more guts than Ford on this one. Big move to intro this truck in the US when it can't sell enough of the current one to pay it's workers. It have a feeling it will pay off with decent sales and FoMoCo will be happy because it will cannibalize Silverado sales guaranteeing F-Series remains number one selling vehicle for foreseeable future

It looks good in those photos, much better than the Tacoma.

Yep, For all the doubting thomas's out there, your WRONG! and like I told you, GM would be building it in Missouri. alot better looking than ford's ranger that's for darn sure.

Another WIN for GM, and another loss for ford. I bet ford changes their mind and copies GM AGAIN!

@Michigan Bob

your comments are pointless and go in circles. The new ranger was first, GM copied it, and the new ranger will run circles around this Colorado.

However, i'll give you this one, it looks ALOT better than the Ranger.

if theres no diesel then its no big deal! The old Colorado was a absolute P.O.S unlike the Ranger.

Bob, you were right but so was PUTC, Edmunds, MT, TT, NYT, etc all said it was coming to the US. It's not hard to be right when everyone has reported it would be sold here in the US. No surprise here.

OK! It means that now Ford MUST bring the new Ranger to the states, in a US spec of course, no matter Tacoma or not!

If it comes out w/ a small diesle I will trade my Ram in for it end of story

Bring it home baby! Chuck in a 2.4 or 2.5L I4 and 3.6L V6 and six-speed transmissions, auto and man! We'll worry about diesel later, but do plan it for the future. Also if you could squeeze the V8 in, you don't have to, but if you do, that would be a huge bee sting in the side of Dodge/Ram for executing the Dakota without a definite replacement.

Hopefully being built in Thailand and assembled and finished in Missouri. A Diesel version with have 356lbs fett of torque more than base Silverado. I think Mullally will have to quickly rethink his strategy on the Ranger if the Colorado, does become a success. Especially if this midsize pickup gets a diesel.

double blow for the ford boys today lol losting the vote and now this, has to hurt lol

This is great news for north American market. Hopefully Chrysler will reconsider Dodge Rampage with 3L turbodiesel and 8 speed transmission soon.

No thanks. I'll be trading my 2000 Ranger in for a Nissan Frontier unless Ford changes their mind about the Ranger.

No diesel, No care.

Hopefully it sells well n hopefully it doesn't have a gutless motor. The front end does look nice, just not on a truck. Not a big fan of crossover suv front on a truck body. Makes it look cute n sissied.

@ uh huh
im sure we'll be seeing more car like fronts on trucks to help meet mpg standards

@uh huh A case of outside the US , they like it. On the other hand current US Diesel Pickups do not stand out, They appear to have an unbalanced styling, rather than the neater Asian sourced stuff.

That's a really pretty Cruck. I call it a "cruck" because the rear half looks like a truck and the front looks like a car.

Crucks will pass in Thailand but I think the only buyers in Northam for this style will be those who bought Buick Rendezvous.

Wake me when they're going to give us the diesels we ask for endlessly. You can put a brush guard on the front to conceal the appearance but with the same powerless guzzler engines, who cares anyway.

I really dont think this a a car or to car like. Maybe only in the looks department but w/ some nice AT tires and maybe a brushguard I think its pretty sleek looking little midsize/compact truck. If it has a diesel than itll sell like hotcakes. And I bet the aeros on this truck are great hence the car like apperance up front perhaps?

The new Colorado will still have the problem the current Colorado has today. The main reason it does not sell is that for a little more you can get a proper full-size truck. The improvements don't change that.

All y'all that were crying foul about everyone discontinuing their small & midsize trucks, now it's time to get your wallets ready. Pay up or shut up. Because this is your chance to prove (with your wallet, not whining) that the small & midsize truck market isn't dead

Has anyone seen the stats on towing or payload yet? I tried looking at GM's websites (even the Thailand site) to no avail.

At least the Tacoma was designed in the U.S.

Care to keep commenting on the Tacoma's size anyone?

Looks like the competition is waking up that compacts are a thing of the past, sad to say!

I have no use for the tight dimensions of a compact for daily use YET I have no reason to own the dimensions of a full-size. The mid-size fits my bill as with many others out there!

@oxi i think most peoples comments are in regard to the tacoma still being called a compact. i think we all agree it's a midsize, and the compact truck market is still a niche someone could possibly fill. this new colorado definitely seems like a midsize.

@Michigan Bob no comments about GM doing an 'Ecoboost' like engine? if this were reversed, you would go CRAZY about Ford copying GM, but I don't see any reverse comments in this thread? Maybe you get a chance to see how ridiculous you can be?

@oxi. New Generation of diesel Asian pickups look like having 7,500-8000lb towing with a 3,200-3,300lb payload , very good fiuel mileage and exceptional off road ability. They will be very car like as well, similar to the new Ford Ranger and I would guess the Colorado.

Great news I may not like chevy but thank you for bringing this in, this may prompt Ford to reconsider the Ranger.

Although I would be much happier to read about the Ford Ranger coming to the U.S., this news still makes me happy. As long as there is an American truck to steal sales away from Frontier and Tacoma it is all good.

Thank you General Motors for doing the right thing and making this truck, for Americans, in the U.S.A.!!!

"Rumors are stirring that GM has its own I-4 and V-6 “ecoboost” strategy coming."

GM copies FORD, AGAIN!

I've been waiting for 3 years for someone to put a fuel efficient compact/midsize truck on the market. As long as GM does not pull a Toyota and put old engines in these *cough* 2012 Tacoma *cough*, I will buy one. If they stick old inefficient engines in these, I will simply skip on it since I don't want to buy a midsize truck that gets the same MPG as the full size truck I recent got rid of.

Silverado HD: Motor Trend Truck of the Year
Chevy Colorado: best new mid-size truck
Chevy Silverado 1500: winner of Texas state fair poll

More wins for Chevy. More losses for Ford!

@Buy American, they are not really "American". The Colorado will be basically made in Thailand and assembled and finished in the US. What engines go in it would the major "American" part. If they do go with a diesel, then basically everything come from Thailand. The Thai Colorado will be assembled in Brazil and South Africa as well. The biggest markets for the Colorado outside NA.

What about GMC Canyon? Built the GMC Canyon in Missouri?

Great. Now if info about the next generation Canyon would start coming out. That would mostly just be the appearance since it will be mechanically equal to the Colorado. But, if the Canyon doesn't appeal to me, the Thailand built model's looks do.

As for powertrains, if they use 6-speed transmissions (manual & auto), they can probably get away with using the 2.5L 4-cylinder from the 2013 Malibu. The V6 option should be a no-brainer (3.6L V6). The V6 should eliminate the need for a V8.

And if GM could bring themselves to think outside the box, the 2013 Cruze's turbodiesel 4-cylinder should also fit the bill.

Lastly, it doesn't matter which company is copying who. In this case, it matters who is offering what to the buying public. Oh, and don't forget, Olsdmobile built the first turbocharged car. Plus, Buick made turbocharging common in the '70's & '80's. The only difference is, those were built for performance first & fuel economy second. The new generation of turbo 4's & 6's is meant for FE first with performance close behind.

Have to give credit to GM, they have more guts than Ford to bring this into US production... I can see this being a hit for those that dont want the Tacoma or Frontier but also dont want to go full size.

Frank, until your "rumors become fact" your post is total b.s. and reaks of jealousy because GM will make the New Colorado here and ford is dropping the ranger in the US.

GM rules and ford fans like you drool. What does ford win anymore? I am talking motor sports wins? Oh yea, they won the best "man step" and ugliest truck awards and they swept the ugly truck awards. I guess they did win something.

The success of the midsize trucks is going to weigh heavily on it's powertrains abilities to provide great power and greater fuel economy than past history. A full size is so much more truck with so little sacrifice in fuel economy and price compared to the current midsized trucks.
The new midsize models must widen the economy gap or die in America.
Diesels is a good place to start.

@Michigan Bob,

There is no doubt that GM will copy. Stop being a twerp, everyone is sick of you.

I care less about midsize compact trucks, I tow big.

My point is GM always follows suit!

"The success of the midsize trucks is going to weigh heavily on it's powertrains abilities to provide great power and greater fuel economy than past history. A full size is so much more truck with so little sacrifice in fuel economy and price compared to the current midsized trucks."

This misconception that a compact truck can't get MUCH better mileage compared to a full size seems ridiculous to me. I had a 90s S10 with a V6 (2.8) and was regularly getting close to 30 MPG with some normal light footed driving. I had that truck for close to a decade from 1998 to 2007. After close to 20 years of development, I simply refuse to accept the fact that a compact truck MPG has gotten WORSE in the last 20 years.

Light truck MPG is getting killed due to a lack of development and a desire to protect full size sales.

Wrong. GM has been twin turbocharging engines for 6 or 7 years now. Maybe a little longer. 2.0L w/ 260hp/260lb. They also TT'd the 3.6L a few years back. It just hadnt made production. The most recent 3.6 TT thats been tested puts out 425hp. The only thing Ford did to set it apart from the GM motors was they gave it the gay a$$ name "ecoboost". But then again, you ford girly men might like the way "ecoboost" sounds. By the way Frank. How's the mangina. Must be swelling up pretty big with all that "mine is better than yours'
talk. Give me your address. Ill mail you some epson salt.

Please offer a small 4-cylinder turbo diesel backed by a 6spd or 8 spd automatic transmission.
Price it such that a loaded 4x4 Crew Cab would run no more than $27,000.

Neil, A truck like that will be in the neighborhood of $40,000.

Dave makes a good point.

Turbocharged 4-cyl. diesel + 6-8 spd. automatic + crew cab + 4X4 + emission regulations + crash safety + even a tiny profit margin= A lot of bones, clams, etc.

@ Brian. I would agree if the trucks had stayed small and kept small power. Problem is they made trucks midsized and even shoved V8's in some.
Take the V6 Tacoma 4x4 as an example. It is a fine truck but gets the same or worse economy as an F150 ecoboost. It seems manufacturers are not even trying with midsize economy, or they would have industry leading technology powering these trucks and getting far better than they do. And cost, you must need a midsize pretty badly if you compare similar full size value.

I think this cements it, Ford has to bring the Global Ranger to the US. They would be ridiculous if they didn't.

I will be selling everything I have and I will get married to this fine Chevrolet! A true fan makes love to his truck! Something the 'man step' fans just dont get! Its not just numbers, its real world performance!


"They also TT'd the 3.6L a few years back. It just hadnt made production. The most recent 3.6 TT thats been tested puts out 425hp"

You said it yourself. I am speaking solely for Full Size Pick up Trucks. Your words are as dumb as you look!

Just for anybody's general information, I'm in Argentina right now and we're cruising arund in F-250's. But here, they call them F-100's, and they have a 4 cylinder Cummins under the hood. Pretty strong motor actually. Interesting huh? Just FYI.

The truck looks good, Let's see if GM can deliver the product we want. Diesel, 30+ MPG, #5,000+ towing or no sale.

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