It's Official! The New Colorado Is Coming to the U.S.


After months of speculation, Chevrolet confirmed today that a version of the all-new Colorado midsize pickup will be built and sold in the United States.

The first version of the truck is launching this month in Thailand, and other regions around the globe will follow.

“The new Chevrolet Colorado is generating a lot of excitement as we begin its launch in Thailand,” said Chris Perry, Chevrolet’s vice president of global marketing and strategy. “We think the design, capability and fuel efficiency of the new Colorado will make it attractive to U.S. customers.” The first new Colorado rolled off the production line with the help of GM's engineers and designers. 


Product details, timing and pricing will be announced later, Chevy says. The current-generation Colorado will be produced through the 2012 model year in Shreveport, La., but that assembly plant is scheduled to close soon. The Colorado was rumored to be U.S.-bound amid reports of GM’s huge manufacturing investments to build a new pickup truck platform in the Wentzville, Mo., plant.

Details about powertrains were not given, but we can expect the cab configurations and drivetrain options to mimic current production modeling. Two Duramax turbo-diesels — a 2.5-liter and a 2.8-liter — are used in the Thailand-made Colorado, but we’d expect a different gas engine for North American production. (Rumors are stirring that GM has its own I-4 and V-6 “ecoboost” strategy coming.) Likewise, we’d expect the continued use of an optional V-8 engine to be taken off the table, but no announcements have been made. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a new turbo-diesel here in the states.


I don't like the way it looks at all. I thought the original Colorado looked strange, but at least it looked like a truck. Don't hold your breath for small diesels either guys.

all you gm fans are funny to read. this is the best looking truck in the world according to you but the honda ridgeline is a joke . am i the only one thats sees a resemblence

For gawd sakes, there better be a diesel option.


Do not hold your breath. Be happy that there at least will be a "U.S.A. assembled" Colorado for the U.S. We have to take what we can get for now.

@unclebud it is a 3.9 Litre Cummins. They imported some into Australia.

A Brazilian engineered Thailand built truck is coming to North America.
GMC is taking a big chance, or maybe not. Must be comforting having the financial might of the US government to cover your ass.
I do hope it has a diesel once it gets re-assembled in the USA.

I'm more interested in the truck that unclebud is driving.
A 3.9 litre baby Cummins.
Why is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

@ Lou,
About the only good thing out of the disastrous F250 experiment here in 2005. The owners who bought them like the reliability compared to the then 7.3 Powerstroke. By modern standards they are not that powerful but make it up in reliability and fuel economy.
From the Brazilan Ford Website.

@Robert Ryan - thanks for the information. If that 3.9 came to North America, they'd have to change the name.
Too close to Duramax,GMC might get upset.
3.9L MaxPower Diesel.
Sounds like a great 1/2 ton engine.

@Taylor - I just hope the Colorado doesn't end up being GM's chili bomb or should I say Thai food induced "ring of fire" ;)

@Lou, "Cabin simples" would not be a real "trucky" name, LOL
The 3.9 Cummins produces 200hp and 405 lbs ft of torque after conversion.

for the f serie lover do you no the difference , gm and ford...million véhicule sales diffrence...wy you concerne if ford or gm sale more pickup at the end only one winner..

It actually doesn't look too bad in the photos above...Must be the angle. The pictures in the last one looked much wimpier.

If they put a turbodiesel/6+speed transmission or a high-MPG (EcoBoost style) gas engine in it I might even consider buying one.

If that truck gets 35 MPG I'll trade in my Silverado for one.

If this truck even just gets 30 m.p.g. I nothing but be happy for Genital Motors.

Oops. *General* Motors. Sorry!

....and what about the turbo-4 GMC Granite P/U? That would be sweet too.

With all this talk about the Colorda will there be a GMC version also? I have owned several GMC products ( 92 Suburban, 96 and 02 Sierras) I think maybe its time to stop the redundency of product. Anyone agree?

For all of those stating that it must hit 30 mpg or 35 mpg for the top rated towing motor can keep dreaming. There are only a handful of cars that can get 30 mpg with the top level V-6 or Turbo-4. Asking to get identical mileage out of a truck with its severely higher coefficient of drag just isn't going to happen.

What we could reasonably ask for is at least 20 mpg on a combined basis. I would guesstimate that whatever the General decides we plebs get for power trains the top level motor will probably be in the very high teens for city mpg and likely around 25-26 or so on the highway. I think that scores like that will probably garner a 21-22 combined score and that is still pretty darn good. The lower spec motor will probably get 22 city and 27 highway and something closer to 25 combined.

To get it any better the truck would need to be all aluminum or other mega weight saving measures and have a drastic appearance to get the low drag for the high highway mileage. That will probably be coming but not for another 9-10 years.

Going back to my original question, has anyone seen the specs on the capacities of this truck yet?

If they can squeeze 23-24mpg city and 27-28mpg hwy out of this truck, bring at least one of those diesel engines from the Asian version and be able to knock the price down a couple thousand from what we are used to pay now in general for a midsize truck I believe this segment of the truck market will become quite popular once again. It will hopefully force Ford to consider bringing the global Ranger to US as well and Toyota and Nissan to hurry with their improved next generation of trucks. More competition means we all win! Somehow I'm a bit skeptical this will be the case but lets hope. Good job GM.

With the full-size Ford F-150 3.5L EcoBoost/3.7L V6s already getting 22/23 m.p.g. - I do not see a whole lot of shoppers flocking to a mid-size to get no better than 25 mp.g.

Unless General Motors can hit 30 m.p.g., while still having some work capability, or pricing it a few thousand dollars less than; F-150, Ram 1500, or Sierra/Silverado 1500, this thing will not have much success.

@Buy American
Thought the 3.7 gets around 18-19 city maybe 22-23 hwy real world mileage so maybe a combined 20-21-ish. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I think a 4-5mpg higher average real world mileage in addition to notable initial purchase savings and smaller overall truck size should be fairly attractive to many customers. In case GM can pull that off.

Buy American is right. The next gen full-size trucks are going to get around 3-5 mpg better mpg. 23 + 4 = 27 mpg. So the mid-size is going to need to get a lot better than 27 mpg if you want people to switch for fuel economy.

The North American version might look the same, but GM will screw it up by putting only gas engines in them and reducing their payload and towing numbers. There selling numbers will be no better than the current Colorado because the full size trucks will have nearly the same gas mileage still.

However, if they were smart, which they are not, they would offer Americans the diesels, which will get better mileage, and then they would sell like hot cakes.

@kryten - I doubt that this truck will cost much less than a full sized comparably equiped truck. There have been huge rebates on full sized trucks which often pushes the price below compacts.
It will be interesting to see the MSRP, options, and powertrains on this truck.

@Lou- Navistar's engine brand is MaxxForce, thats closed than anything GM uses. I think Chrysler still has an exclusive agreement with Cummins for NA engine sales. Ford, GM and Ram could all use smaller diesels for their HD's as much as for half tons (maybe more). Fuel econ and load capacity, for those with no use for pulling a trailer over 10k would be nice.

Unfortunately that is what I fear too. Also as was mentioned here, the capability of the Colorado and global Ranger as it is now is more than the Frontier or Tacoma, again cutting into full size territory sales.

Bobbeh, how do you make love to a truck? Do you stick your ding dong up the exhaust pipe?

@Lou - I won't get charged nothing. We have free text messaging on our phones.

@Detroit Bob -

Thanks for clarifying why the Chevy is winning the vote process.

@Mhowarth No details as yet released will post them When I see some. Only Specs are the 2.8 litre diesel 280hp and 356lbs ft of torque.
@Mrkowitall Correct. Fiat/Chrysler will have small Fiat diesels in the Vans they introduce. IVECO Diesels for heavy trucks , if FIAT thinks it can get into the over the road trucking market in the US. I think the economic conditions and the fact that IVECO has only one conventional HDT , the Powerstar developed in Australia for Aust/New Zealand, weighs against that.
Navistar must be warily looking at VW's next move, as VW now has controlling interests in both MAN and Scania. MAN by the way developed the MaxxForce 13 and the new 15 for Navistar.

If GM is going to offer this here, it better have 3.0/3.6 V6 (4x2/4x4) & 8 speed automatic.

The new Ford 3.7 is certainly light years ahead of the V6's that have been in trucks for literally decades (GM 4.3) but it too is limited in the biggest and heaviest of the trucks with only 17 city and 23 highway in a regular cab 4x2 with 3.55 gears. The payload is around 1600-1750 lbs depending which cab you choose and towing is at best 6000 lbs in the 3.73 gears and 4x2 and only drops from there.

If we are talking about 4x4 then mileage drops to 16/21 which really isn't anything great. I'd still argue that in a 4x4 if GM can get 25 mpg and 19-20 city while being able to haul 2000 lbs and tow around 6000 then they will still have a solid product differentiation than a full size V6, especially if the price undercuts the full-sizers by at least a couple thousand dollars.

From a cost stand point I highly doubt we’ll get the diesel versions. It would just be too spendy to justify. My bet is for some version of the 3.6 (hopefully an updated version of it) with around 300 hp and decent torque as the top level motor. I doubt in a more cost conscious mid-size we’d see a turbo 4 since they just cost more to produce but the torque curve would be welcome. We know GM has the 2.0 ready to go in about 3-4 power versions and spreading the cost just might make it affordable. Who knows?!

This is great news for those of us who don't want a full size truck, but still want a truck that's practical for home hauling chores.
I hope it handles better than my full size GM truck, it certainly has the looks and stance for a sporty truck; I just hope they delivery the goods with engines and suspension!

I'll believe in the diesel when I see it. The manufacturers, foreign and domestic, don't want to cannibalize their big-rig sales with midsize or compact diesel trucks.

But man oh man do I want just that sort of truck. Somebody, someday...

Buy American or buy to America, GM has been dabbling with turbos while Ford was still building flatheads..... Just because they gave it a fancy name and reprogrammed it for economy vs all out performance doesn't mean they are leading anything.
And I'm not a total GM vs Ford guy, I have owned them both; but I want this Colorado, they just have to give it the guts of my 5.3L Sierra.


@Fear The Voices - that post name sounds an awful lot like what goes on inside Bob's head.

All kidding aside, I hope this truck does well, but I doubt it.
The Tacoma doesn't sell really well. The Ford SportTrac was never a big seller. The Ranger - one could argue that it doesn't sell all that well because it is old, it can be purchased dirt cheep. The Ridgeline - don't want to go there (LOL), the Frontier doesn't sell well either

Is GM banking on the fact that there will only be Nissan, and Toyota to contend with?
I doubt patriotism alone will make this truck sell well.(no offence meant)
If it is a few 1,000 less than a full sided truck - it will fall on its face.
If there isn't a huge MPG advantage - again, it will fall on its face.

What is GM's sales targets for this truck?
Ranger level sales volumes are great for a 20 year old design, but not a new one.

GM should build this truck in Shreveport, where the current Colorado/Canyon are being built. Closing the Shreveport plant will be a big blow to the local economy. On the other hand, Ford should take notice and build the "global Ranger" in the US.

@Lou, Problem with the Colorado it is already in a niche, it will not have the model range of the full size models and few families will use it as their daily driver/SUV/ occasional goods mover that the full size models do.

Will be interesting to see if Ford changes their mind with the Ranger.
Hope this new Chevy does well. I`d be kicking the tires on this if I were shopping.

@Robert Ryan - I believe you are correct.
Currently - small trucks are the exception, not the norm.
No one really knows how much a person is willing to pay for a gallon/litre of fuel before they will downsize or totally drop a truck. There was a huge drop in the truck market last time fuel prices spiked.
The next generation of full sized trucks will be just as critical as fuel prices as to whether or not this truck survives the NA Market.
The next gen Silverado/Sierra could be this truck's biggest competitor like Tundra versus Tacoma.


"No one really knows how much a person is willing to pay for a gallon/litre of fuel before they will downsize or totally drop a truck. There was a huge drop in the truck market last time fuel prices spiked. "

As you said, the full size truck market went down quickly during the last fuel spike. Sustained fuel prices over $4/gallon cause people to downsize or switch to more efficient vehicles. That was the break point last time, and the same thing will happen again if fuel goes back up.

23 MPG in a F150 (V6 4x2) looks good now, but a lot of people would gladly drive a smaller truck that was able to get 27 or 28 MPG on the highway. A 4 or 5 MPG gain (especially in combined MPG) can result in significant savings.

I personally ditched my F150 during the gas spike. I dropped a Chevy S10 and bought the F150 because it was only a little more $$$ to get a full size (this seems to be the common trap). While averaging barely 18MPG, I was spending around $350 a month in fuel. The F150 didn't enable me to do anything I wasn't already doing with the S10. I was still hauling around a ATV, making dump runs, and picking up home supplies from Lowe's...

If I had bought a smaller truck that was getting better MPG (like the S10 I had), my fuel cost would have been low enough that I would have kept the truck.

There's more to a smaller truck than fuel economy. How about it fits in places where a larger truck doesn't. Some vehicles sell on lifestyle alone. And lou, you're crazy if you think the Tacoma isn't selling. Heck the Ranger sold over 50,000 last year and its a 20 year design.

The new GM mini truck needs to :

A. Be midsized, cramped midget trucks do not sell well in the US Market.

B. Have a non-gutless Eco version that gets 30MGP can haul 1000lbs in the bed and approx 3000lbs tow.

C. Have a more loaded version that achieves 25 Mpg when unloaded, but meets/exceeds the capabilities of the old mini trucks

D. Be reliable and comfortable

E. Be $2000 less expensive than a full size with similar equipment and have a market entry price of $15,000

@ Brian - The last fuel spike culled the herd of image buyers. There are still many guys with trucks that still fit into the "lifestyle" category but are not yet willing to give up their toy haulers, camper trailers, race car trailers, and a whole host of other uses that cannot be fullfilled by compact trucks. I don't need a 1/2 ton or a compact if one were to take the argument that far. I bought full sized based on my future goal of a camper trailer that was at the high end of compact truck capacity.
The only guys that truly need a truck are guys who make a living with them. Those guys will buy regardless. Higher costs will erode their profits and the extra cost will be passed on to us.

@mackintire - I didn't say the Tacoma wasn't selling, just that it wasn't selling well.
I think that a truck without legitimate small truck competition would sell much better.

@chevy guy: that texas truck vote is about meaningless. So what, you and Michigan Bob can text all night long, along with everybody else that wasn't even there, to prove WHAT? NOTHING! It just means more Chevy people want draw attention to their favorite truck, which needs all the attention it can get. The 30,000$ really put the hurt on Chevy. And Dodge and Ford are comming up (or already have) with new stuff, and their sales will continue to improve over GM/Thailand motors. Most the reason what Chevies that do sell get sold is they are desperate to offload them. Less and less$$$

If ford dose bring the ranger why don't they just call it the F-100 Ranger like they used to? That wouldn't cannibalize the f-series sales, it would add to them

If it can tow an 18ft boat and get some gas mileage I`d be interested.
My Silverado is a pain manuvering in a parking lot.
Todays half tons equil yesterdays 3/4 tons.
I don`t need a huge truck but if MPG and price is the same why not stay big?
I hope this smaller truck has an edge over the full size.


You oght to go out and pick-up a late-'90s/early-'00s Sierra/Silverado 2500 or Sierra 1500 Denali, with the Quadra Steer system. I know that if I was a General Motors fan, I would have one of those 2500s with the Quadra Steer.

The Delphi Quadra Steer system was the right feature -at the wrong price at the wrong time. Such a pity!

@whofan 18ft Boats are no problem for the diesel pickups here. I was on Monday , in a 3 Litre diesel SUV, towing a 20ft boat with a 60hp Johnson Outboard attached. well as myself there was two other 6ft plus males. The SUV never got below 60mph up the hills on the freeway.
Nissan Navarra towing a Boat.
Toyota L70 towing a bigger twin engined Outboard Boat.

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