On the Hunt for Quality Products, And We'll Need Your Help

SEMA Reese 2011 F150
We’ll be at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas all week looking for new problem-solving products for your pickup trucks. But what kinds of solutions are you looking for? There will be sections of the show that will focus on new towing tricks, suspension fixes, interior upgrades, hauling protection, and much more.

Sure, we can wander the miles and miles of aisles waiting for something to jump out at us but we’d rather have you at our sides suggesting some direction. Who knows, maybe we can even talk to a few entrepreneurial creative types and get your product put into production.

What do you need? What problems with your pickup are causing you a headache or what would you like to be able to buy from your favorite outlet? What product do you wish you had in your garage? There may be nowhere else on Earth with so much interest and ability to create something just for you. But you have to let us know.


Interior upgrades and any kind of theft prevention devices

New kinds of tie down hooks, sides, and bed rails that provide tie down points for cargo and increase cargo space in the bed.

Bed rails that can raise up to about the height of the cab and then lower down out of the way when not in use. Something like this but it has to look good... http://www.freepatentsonline.com/6592162.html

Cargo racks that can "wrap around" canopies (caps), driving lights, bumpers, tires and wheels, tool boxes, and offroad tools and accessories like tow ropes, cables, and chains.

Someone told me about a new Firestone airbag system that replaces all but two leafs of the rear springs and makes your heavy/super duty trucks ride a whole lot better.

Any info on that will be worth the wait. I don't complain about the ride of my truck, its a TRUCK after all but it would be nice to have a smoother ride when its empty lol.

Towing, hauling, storage and stuff that just makes a truck do its job better. Suspension and engine power adders get all the glory but my friends and family use trucks for what they are for. The 800 ft lbs in my new truck is plenty.

Anything that can actually help fuel economy. That's the hardest part of a truck to live with.

I would love to find, have, hear about trailer lights, wires, plugs, that just work all the time, for more than a couple years. Seems like that has always been a problem for me on every trailer I have owned. From small single axle flats, to an 8 1/2 x 28 enclosed Pace. I have even went so far as to rewire one with 10 ga. THHN (what we used to wire overhead cranes) and ran it through insulated steel flexible conduit, complete with soldered and shrink wrapped connections and used fittings at all ends of conduit. I even tack welded the ground. That worked for as long as I owned the Pace. Does anyone else have constant problems with lights and or brakes or do I just have terrible luck? All of my trailers have been bought new, and have not been the cheapest around. None of my trucks have had wiring light issues except the occasional bulb change, not even a 72 F 100 that my dad bought new and I just recently sold. I know auto manufactures use the cheapest way they can find for wiring harnesses. About to put LED's all around my current trailer and rewire it completely and see if that last any longer. It is only 3 years old and recently got the gremlins.

As already mentioned, above, I would like to see new/innovative solutions to cargo management. Items that address (secured) storage and securing over-sized loads, without taking up too much bed space when not in use. Modular systems, that can be mixed & matched, would be fantastic.

Towing aides would also be nice to see. Items such as; mirrors, back-up camera systems, brake controllers, suspension accessories, etc.

After all, pickups are made for work as their first job and to be "show bunnies" as their alter egos.

I had one utility trailer that I built myself tha would develope gremlins every 3-4 years. I had wirerd it with a "kit". It always seemed to be the coupler or corroded taillights. I'd have to agree that stuff is cheeply made.
@Mark williams
How about trailer harnesses, taillights, upgrade kits for trailers, and better couplers?

"I had one utility trailer that I built myself tha would develope gremlins every 3-4 years. I had wirerd it with a "kit". It always seemed to be the coupler or corroded taillights. I'd have to agree that stuff is cheeply made...." -lou

This is due to all of the Made In China and other low priced/quality imported products that we are stuck with.

@ Mark Williams how about Truck Campers, Off road accessories, Utility beds

What I would like to see in you magazine is a dyno report about any product that says it boosts power, or fuel economy. And the real company name, with a list in every issue of products that are B.S.
Things I would like on my truck, is the ability to remove the rear seats, easily, to get a bigger cargo area. I have a 08 GMC 3500, crew cab. Long box.
A nice thought would be a lighting system that blinds the driver that comes at me with excessive lighting.
The infered system in the Cadillac with the heads up display would be nice in areas that have lots of wild life on the roads.

I'd like to see some "self-tuning" fuel injection systems for older engines that also control the ingition timing in addition to fuel, but yet has some user programmability if desired too. Like say a mix of FAST and Howell or AFI's GM TBI retrofits. And with the proper distributors for LA and B/RB Dodges.

As mentioned by others already, I would like some research done on which products are well built and which are made in China. There's a product out there for almost everything you want, but who knows whether it's worth a flip. Put them to the test for us.

How about cargo sides that when brought down meet in the middle of the box length wise and become a, flat topped canopy.

Wheels in 17" and 18". Is anybody making chrome forged truck wheels in those sizes anymore?

Interior seating upgrades. Many of us that drive our trucks over decades will wear out the OEM seat foam and material.

Would be looking for something that restores the OEM seat form and firmness along with a variety of seating materials that appear OEM but are of better quality and durability.

@ Mark Williams - If we get to request future products, how about this?

Several SUV's have variable height suspensions, why not a truck. I wouldn't mind dragging my belly to get a couple extra mpg highway if I can still get my 10" ground clearance when I need it.

Drive shafts / cv shafts can't handle that much travel and still function on both ends of the adjustment. Keep the suspension adjustment mild, like 3-4 inches, and couple it with variable height body mounts. Ram already uses hydraulic body mounts so maybe it could be modified to give and extra inch or two of height adjustment.

Finally, eco-boost fords already use plastic shielding underneath to smooth out airflow and boost mpg. If we take the above mods and also add a front air-dam that can drop several inches to improve drag, yet also fully retract in 4x4 we wouldn't have to be removing them ourselves.

Just some thoughts that would probably not be very practical aftermarket but I bet the OEM's could do something with it.

@ everyone: These are all great ideas. Hugely appreciate the time and effort. Keep them coming. We'll be able to talk to some of the truck product creators and truck makers about your ideas, and letting them know they can come to PUTC to find out what real truck owners want and are looking for.

2010 dodge RAM 1500 RAMBOX --- Ladder/canoe rack with hard retractable tonneau cover. A rack/cover combination that would not interfere with the RAMBOX. The ladder rack be height adjustable, slide along the length of the bed. On a side note, i was watching a u-haul the other day and noticed that is would be really awesome to have an internally collapsable ramp built under the bed similar to u-hauls.

@ A - A collapsible ramp is a sweet idea! Even better than a step. Just needs to slide out from the bumper and hook onto the tailgate. Only problem is going to be getting crash safety certified by NHTSA

OFF-Road Mirrors with 180 deg (Forward & Backward) focused lighting for not only going forward on a dark trail...but can also be used for backing a travle trailer into a tight spot with the help of the beam of light from your mirrors. These need to have a Low Beam wash/fog light and a high beam spot light that are toggled with the use of your factory High/Low Beam lighting when switched ON..... This needs to be brought up to the OEM's to add to the Raptor and Power Wagon's ..... BUT .... Needs to be a option on all 2500 and 3500 Rigs that tow wide and long trailers.

** My idea so keep me updated on what they think!!!!! :)

I will give PUT.com a nice payday if it all pan's out!!! ;)

Oh, and the lights should be 180 deg flip-flop from front to back either manually or electrically rotated. These should not operate over 10 mph unless you are in 4-hi or a off road mode for faster trail navigation...

How about a bed rack system that is modular and flexible that you can make fit your truck and bed or take it apart and add it to your new truck - for any size truck. Make it light weight, sturdy and in black, gray or silver.

There are a few things that I'm looking for.

1.) A military style cargo net. Not the bungy cord style ones that become a tangled mess.

2.) A fortified rear bumper guard. We have a million different grill/brush/bull guards but none to protect the rear of the vehicle.

3.) Oh yeah. And an engine that gets 35+ mpg

interior rattle be-gone soooooooo annoying lol

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