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Truck of the Fair End II

No doubt the 2011 PickupTrucks.com/Cars.com Truck of the Fair competition will fan the flames of debate for years to come, having both Ford and Chevy fans making accusations and calling for cell-phone investigations. But all the votes have been tabulated in our four-week State Fair of Texas texting campaign, and a winner has been declared. 

We’ve seen voting fluxuate quite a bit over the month, with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 taking the early lead. In both of our previous updates, voting was steady and consistent with the GM product outperforming Ford’s F-150 by a good distance. 

But all that changed over the past 10 days. Maybe all the Ford fans waited until the final days of the fair to show up, texting their votes for their favorite truck.  In the end, the F-150 took the lead, eventually pulling away from the competition by a healthy margin. 

Here are the Top five finishers: 

Fifth Place:  Ford F-250

Fourth Place:  Ram 1500

Third Place:  Nissan Frontier 

Runner-Up:  Chevy Silverado 1500


2011 Truck of the Fair Winner:  2012 Ford F-150 



@Bob, just when Ram gets a better trans, they will outsell them. GM will still be pushing high mileage numbers only good when driving high speeds, (like do we all drive 80 everywhere? no, some of us don't live within 70 or more miles from an interstate and don't drive them all the time.) and the 4.8? That thing is a waste! Atleast Ram knows the 3.7 is on the way out. The 6.2? Nothing but a big Vette engine that needs high octane. The 5.7 Tundra, The Ecoboost, the Hemi, and the 5.0 Ford are on top. Gm is no leader.

Hecks yeah Frontier!! Show 'em who's boss!


ZzZzZzZz... YAWN!.... You done?

"The 5.7 Tundra, The Ecoboost, the Hemi, and the 5.0 Ford are on top."??? .... LMFAO, This keeps getting funnier everyday.. What a joke.

@trx4TOM -

Is that why they're always 3rd on the sales chart?..... Perhaps you should go back to your sandbox, I don't want you to hurt yourself.

@trx4TOM - agreed. Those are the best engines right now.
I also agree GMC is not a leader. To be a leader means to be the one setting benchmarks, trends, or superior inovations.
They might be the leader in a few years if they come out with some amazing products, but the competition isn't sitting still.
Ram might put the 6.2 hemi in a truck, the Ram Pentastar engine, the 8 speed, a rumoured baby Cummins will be tough to beat.
Ford will have a new lighter truck, and most likely will have an advanced alloy frame, more tweeks to their new engine lineup, and the advantage of having a few miles behind their new engines.
Toyota will have a new Tundra, and maybe Nissan will have a new Titan with a Cummins diesel.
GM will most likely struggle to stand out from the pack.

@Bob - thanks for being such a wonderful pitchman for Ford, Ram, Nissan, and Toyota. You are a credit to those brands (by not supporting them).

Bob: Why the hate towrds Ford so much? They have a clear winner here, and seems many voted with their wallets as shown by the great sales numbers. Numbers are proof!

These picks mean nothing !!

I never have faith in journelists,best is to go out and drive the vehicle yourself instead of being a bunch of sheeple ! Though,people like to think/follow the heard and think in packs ! Almost every article I have read about a vehicle that some journelist praises,turns out to be a lemon and very uncomfortable !!

If Ford has the best drivetrain, why don't they back it up with the same warranty the competition offers? Raising the bar is easy if you get the buyer to do the testing for you.
For all the new Tech. they have, it still has the same warranty they offered before they had airbags?
Ford buyers have more confidence than Ford has in themselves. Is that loyalty or blind faith?

The warranty thing is something I looked at a while back and since Ford uses DOHC as does Toyota its always 60,000 miles and the 2 OHV companies are 100,000 miles. I dont think it has anything to do with Ford not believing in their engines its just OHV must be more reliable. As far which is better I will would take the smaller and more powerful DOHC over the larger more reliable OHV in a suv, car or light duty truck but not HD trucks as reliability is the premium their for me.

@Stevadore - that warranty is an added cost hidden in the purchase price of the vehicle. Fleets can save 3 - 5,000 dollars by waving the warranty (That is what I have been told).
You have to view warranty no different than collision insurance. Companies make big money off of warranty "insurance" because most people do not need it. That applies to purchaced extended warranties and factory warranties (remember cost is already hidden in purchase price).
Longer warranties are used as an advertising or selling feature. Companies accept the liability versus the PR and sales benefits.
It is not a reflection on the quality of the product.
Look at JD Power data. The 2 trucks with the best long term durability, and reliability have the shortest warranties = Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra.

From a Salesman perspective, long warranties are awful. Dealers make their money on accessories, insurance, and EXTENDED WARRANTIES. Ford counts on people paying a premium for their vehicles instead of buying the least expensive competitor. So far it's been working. They stick with a short warranty to give their dealers a chance to make money on extended warranties.

It's all about making money which is what Business is all about. Without degrading this into a bailout name calling event, Ford's strategy has kept them in business for many years.


You would you please stop impersonating me. Tom is correct.


With all due respect. Please know what Bob likes to be on my nuts. He has a thing for me. Really creepy.

THE REAL FRANK (Seal of Approval)

"The warranty thing is something I looked at a while back and since Ford uses DOHC as does Toyota its always 60,000 miles and the 2 OHV companies are 100,000 miles. I dont think it has anything to do with Ford not believing in their engines its just OHV must be more reliable..." -5.3 LOL

Very well stated.


Don't believe him. I'M the real Frank. The fake Frank is actually Bob impersonating me.


Funny how studies show ford buyers are lower income lower educated and chevy buyers are higher educated with higher incomes, texas is a right-to-work-state, or $8.50 an hour. Proof is in the pudding though, chevy is used by the US government as the primary vehicle, the Indy 500 has not used fords for 15 years as support vehicles or pace cars and Dog the Bounty hunter dumped his fords for as he said it, "The Best of The Best, GM vehicles"' as soon as he got tv fame. Sorry ford girlies, you are just uneducated minimum wage earners who settle for less.

BTW Lou, you still know nothing about trucks, quoting jd power on shortest warranty and longest durability makes as much sense as believing consumer reports saying ford overall quality has dropped 10 fold in one year. I don't believe what a magazine that has .05% of the new car buyers opinions as I believe jd power talking about a toyota tundra that has only been built for 5 years having long term durability. Lets wait 15 years b4 we see what the tundra looks like, the t100 has less than 5% of their trucks still running after 15 years, toyota = JUNK

Who cares who won. Drive what you want to drive. These comments sound like children on a playground.

@tj - you are sounding like a Bob.
Where is your proof?
If one were to do an analysis of the quality of the posts on this site and compare that to brand preference - the 2 brands you slagged would rate much higher than the side you support.
In relation to education and income - that would indicate the opposite to your comments.

I've said this to Bob, he didn't listen,and I doubt you will - the speed of light is considerably faster than the speed of sound. That is why you look brighter when you don't speak.

@tj - case in point - didn't Dog the bounty hunter get dumped for saying stupid things? and he changed from Ford to GM.
Thanks for supporting my argument.

@Lou, LOL!

I heard light travels faster than sound, this is why people appear bright until you hear them speak!

No surprise here. I drove the new V-6, Eco Boost, and small V-8 at the Fontana, CA F150 preview earlier this year. They had a Silverado, Ram and Tundra for comparison. The new Ford power trains smoked the competition. I can see why they are selling so many of the V-6/V-6 Eco Boost. Score and goal for the home team.


I was out there also. Isn't the power/performance of the 2011 F-150 awesome?! It was fun watching the F-150s smoke the other pickups on the short drag race section. The 3.5L V6 EcoBoost towing test is what really made my jaw drop!

Nissan Frontier beat Ram 1500 ??? Am I the only that sees something wrong with that ?

"Nissan Frontier beat Ram 1500 ??? Am I the only that sees something wrong with that ?" -10fx4

No. I find this to be disturbing, as well.

my fav is Chevy 1500 .. ud be happy if it was 1st


Alright! I thought Chevy Silverado 1500 will win the Truck of the Fair. I am very satisfied with the results, and also looking forward to next year's fair.

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