Ram Long-Hauler Could Set a New Towing Standard

Ram Long Hauler 1

Our friends at Truck Trend magazine recently published a Ram HD Long-Hauler story about the custom one-off Concept Ram HD that we reported on back in May with a full list of aftermarket suppliers that contributed to its design. We said at the time it was going to be very busy on the show circuit, traveling around the country, attempting to gauge interest as to whether Ram HD should put the vehicle into production. A final decision has yet to be made but we're guessing it must be getting close. As a niche long hauler for those who have brutal trailers to tow from state to state, this seems like a no brainer. The truck seems to combine all the things we love: brutal towing capacity, extra-large fuel tanks and a size that will dwarf any other full-size pickup on the road. 

More of a downsized big-rig towing tool than anything else, this concept truck was put together by Ram to show off how, with just a few modifications to a Ram HD 5500 chassis, you could have the ultimate hauler. The MegaCab Long-Hauler is more than 24 feet long, has a dry weight of 9,300 pounds, and its frame is stretched more than two feet.

Custom modifications include a bladder-busting extended-range fuel tank by Transfer Flow, significant suspension upgrades by big-truck experts Kelderman Engineering, tons of interior mods, a fridge/freezer and much more.  

You can find out more about the suppliers at Truck Trend, but we’re pushing Ram Truck pretty hard to let us have some seat time in the truck. It’s apprently quite popular on the show circuit, so we’ll have to wait our turn in line. But it should be all finished with those committments by December. More to come.

Ram Lang Hauler int

Ram Long Hauler rear


I'll be the first to say thats cool! definitely not your everyday truck nor should it be as it will be a guzzler, but if you want all the fuel and range its awfully slick.

They could start with a RAM 4500 crew like the F-450 pickup but that's silly long! No one asked it but the aftermarket is already selling these RAM 5500s thru the dealer network


I've yet to see one on the road but I see F-450 pickups all day, everyday with some of those F-550 conversions thrown in so RAM should jump into the market but let's be real here.

Whether or not they build something very much like this, the config they should give the go-ahead, is the Mega Cab on the 4500/5500 chassis.

This is actually the 2013 Ram 1500 Super-HeavyDuty tradesman lol

Pretty sure all kinds of rich idiots are already lining up to buy these things for getting groceries/taking the kids to soccer practice...

You know I am a Ford man thru and thru but I can definitely see myself in a Ram if they keep making them that sharp. Ram has stepped up its game plain and simple. I don't think they are hurting Ford HD sales as much as they are taking away from GM HD sales though. Ford has stepped up its game as well IMHO. The new 6.7 diesel seems to be doing just fine. If it had a bigger turbo (so it wouldn't starve itself from air) it would not have any problems staying ahead of the reworked 6.6 GM, which I have to give a kudos to as well, now if they would just do something about the tired truck itself... 2013 can't get here fast enough for GM fans that's for sure.

Good luck trying to find a parking spot for that thing, I can see it taking up 4 spots at Wal-Mart lol

When I go on a long trip, I always stop and check things over at least every 2 hours more in my area, I stop at all brake checks. I have 2007 NBS GMC with an LMM and can go a 1,000KM 625 miles of freeway driving, on 128 liters of fuel, that is over 10 hours, what possible reason could anyone have to not stop for fuel, food, and a bladder break before 10 hours. Even when towing heavy I get 500 miles out of a tank of fuel. I as a mechanic like my fuel tank at least 1/4 full when towing. 300 miles is a nice run between fuel stops for me no longer.
As far as the Ford lovers that always have to criticize, every one else's product, I love the smell of burnt brakes in the morning, I live a mile from the bottom of a long hill.
I drove long haul when trucks had huge fuel tanks to take advantage of cheaper fuel, is there that much of a difference that you can save that much?

Thanks for the life story Mr. Pringles!!!

This truck will not take away from GM HD sales because it still cannot out tow the GM HDs. And then again, Ford is a distant second to GM's HD trucks and falling farther back every year.

thats what i love about ram trucks if ford and chevy is a head they come out with something way way way better in the middle or next year,they go big or they go home they got two amazing engines hemi,and cummins there amazing trucks and they got new tranys i see big furture for ram trucks guys lets hope for the best!

At least this Dodge pickup has an updated and stronger frame then the outdated and weaker Ford frame offered on their Super Duty trucks. Such a shame Ford would offer a heavy duty truck that cannot live up to it's name. Watching their frames twist under load is something every consumer should be aware of.

In the pickup world, nothing tows as nice as a long wheelbase, long box, crew cab.

This truck is garbage.

Is it just me or is Ram WAAYYY into the "Mines Bigger" contest?

It would seem to me that once you need this kind of range or capability, you would be money/capability ahead in just buying a used semi.

I am all for choices, but that is what I would do... .

fake Lou is out again

If made a living hauling trailers around, not in the semi-truck class, I would certainly look into a truck like this. The more comfortable ride the better when you are spending so much time, and racking up miles, on the road.

Go Ram (Chrysler) for continuing to not be afraid of being different by offering specialized (Dakota, HD pickups with V-10s, Viper, Prowler, Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited, PT Cruiser, Wrangler Rubicon, SRT family, and Power Wagon) vehicles. I own three of the above vehicles and am quite satisfied.

Is PUTC going to test the 2012 2500 Ram Hemis anytime soon?

I really want to know how much the new 66RFE trans is helping out the HDs.

if you can't ram it hook up and haul it!! go ram!!

@ Greg You are starting to sound like Bob. This truck is a one of a kind build with no plans for production. If it was put into production GM has nothing that could be even modified to compete with it so obviously it won't take any sales from GM. And as a cab and chassis it has the same c channel style frame as the Ford.


I would be willing to bet ''Fake Lou'' is bob posting dumb crap under you're name.

@ Jordan L, I was going to comment on Gregs post but it wasn't worth me wasting my breath. Unless you go off road the Super Duty does not have any issues with frame twisting nor does the Ram. In fact it has the thickest frame used on a pickup to date. The GM has a fully boxed frame which gives it an advantage going off road over hills but doesn't mean squat when pulling a heavy trailer or load in the rear, and the aftermarket crowd hates working with a fully boxed frame also. Oh well I guess all of these 18 wheelers and 10 dump trucks are unsafe seeing how they ALL have C channel frames.

10 wheel dump trucks*

Hey Mark Williams we really could use an edit button for our post! Keep the good stories coming thanks.

@ Shawn Yah, I'm probably wasting my time. The Long Hauler concept is a great idea regardless of where it came from. But typical GM guys just can't help but act like childern I guess. If this had been a GM concept they would have a much different attitude.

In response to the person asking why anyone would want to carry that much fuel... The biggest reason for a very large diesel fuel tank is to take advantage of the best diesel prices. We who travel full-time often cross state line boundaries. With varying state fuel taxes the diesel price difference from one state to another can be significant. And we also watch oil prices and like to "fill-er-up" with diesel before the prices go up. Towing can use a lot of fuel and the savings can be substantial over time.

@SE - good point. I've seen that with tourists coming into Canada. THey fill up before crossing over then keep on going until Alaska.
There are more remote areas where the extra capacity could be a life saver.

With it being so long how will it handle on and off-road?

I bet the driveshaft will snap in half!

I'd rather have a smaller tank and IFS...

What's up with that interior? It looks ugly and way too busy and clunky. Way too many screens. 3? They need to consolidate the screens and work on the interior.

That is one long rig but i doubt anyone would use for a daily driver. If they do offer this I think they should up the power of that cummins so the power will be up to par with the rest of the truck.

I don't like that the optional 3rd tank takes up half the space in the bed.

@ Jake Are you really that dense? This truck is over 24 feet long. What kind of moron would even consider using it for going off road? Especially the type you are refering to you oxi wanna-be. The comment of "I bet the driveshaft will snap in half! " is proof that you no nothing. Stick to what you do best (kissing oxi's behind).

@ Dave This truck is built on the longest wheel base 5500 that Ram offers. The box is an 8 ft box with a Mega Cab. The space in the middle is an auxilary fuel tank and takes up none of the 8 ft box.

But the third tank is what I'm talking about. It is a toolbox tank and takes up bed space. I would want full use of the 8' box and would skip the 3rd tank.

@Dave I think they would use a Utility bed rather than an extended pickup bed..would be a lot cheaper an as effective.

@ Dave I understand. I mis read. You would definitly have a lot of range already with the main rear tank and the optional 2nd tank that sits in the frame.

Found it odd that Dodge stopped building actual crew cabs in '94 and didn't answer the call (sort of) 'til '06 with the overkill MegaCabs. Sold a few but still. Finally in '09 they added standard crew cabs plus the 4500/5500 series so it seemed natural to put out at least 4500 crew cab pickups... Nope. Instead the come up with this monstrosity concept 4 years later that again nobody asked for. I'm sure someone would buy it, probably this guy...


I have a stretched 2007 mega "3500" with an 8' box and 19.5" tires. I love the cab room and full 8' box capacity...and "No Govenor"...only draw back no long haul range. dual under box 50 gallon tanks would be plenty. The short little box addition looks a bit weird.

Now don't get me wrong...I love big trucks just as much as the next guy...But when I think logically here I can't help but ask, why do we need this? Why do we even need the F-450 for that matter?

3/4 and 1-ton trucks today from all of the big 3 are hugely overbuilt and more than capable of towing/hauling anything with in reason.

I bring this up because I think back 15 to 20 years ago when you're avarage 1-ton dually ''which back in those days was most likely powered by a Big Block Gas V8 and not a Diesel'' were only rated to tow around 10,000lbs...My 2011 F-150 5.0L FX4 is rated to tow almost that much!!! I mean we somehow managed 20 years ago with engines that don't put down even HALF the power of these modern engines 3 and 4 speed transmissions and much lighter duty frames. Who in the world needs more than a 1-ton has to offer ''other than big riggers and moving company box trucks of course''

So I can't help but ask, why? Sure its a cool concept and like I said, I love big trucks, but how many people actually need this trucks capabilitys? Is there actually nich market for those that only tow the ultra heavy weights? Or will the majority of these trucks go to rich soccer mom's who couldn't park a Prius if their life depended on it and will only use this to take her babies to soccer practice and back.



...What do you expect from the makers of the Big Horn Edition?

@Nate M
Your not thinking out of the box like a rich guy. Believe me there are lots of people out there that can afford this truck. I see lots of show horse trailers and race car trailers being towed by Freightliners and Kenworths. Talk about over kill. This 5500 truck could be offered in several configurations once it got the go ahead. They are not going to rob sales from other manufacturers because it would be a very low volume truck.
The 5500 truck has a huge C channel frame made from high strengh steel. It has the 6 speed Aisin transmission and 4.88 rear axle. Even with out more power it should pull pretty good. Build it and they will come.


There are a lot of people, in my area at least, that like to show off the money (or the amount of credit they qualify for) they have. With travel trailer/fifth-wheel/toy hauler manufacturers continuing to make these 30'-plus, three axle, Taj Mahals -guys will keep trying to outdo their neighbors on their block or their neighbors at the campground.

The pickup truck manufacturers (Ford, G.M., and Ram) are just answering the call from the chest-pounders.

Mr. Pringle

you asked "is there that much of a difference that you can save that much? " the answer is yes. I installed a 40 gallon transfer flow tank in my 06 Dodge 3/4ton ctd for just that reason. I have seen fuel prices vary as much as 45 cents a gallon in just a few miles here.

Might not be for everyone but it is a nice option to have for those that want them.

Greg is Bob and vice versa. Bunch of POSERS!


That center console looks like a slot machine in a cheap Vegas casino.

I like the uniqueness of the truck, but who really needs a truck this big. It would take 5 acres to turn this thing around. It is not something you would want to have at a jobsite or ranch. Its overboard for me. Besides if you are going to have a truck like this it better have a bigger more fuel efficient engine or at least a more powerful one. The dodge did not fare to well in the hd shootout. And I hope they do not put the same transmission as all other heavy duty dodges - they suck. I am sure dodge knows these things and if so decide to produce it they will fix things accordingly.


I agree with everything except for the part about Dodge HD (Cummins) engines. While the Powerstroke and DurawhateverIsuzu engines may have an edge in torque and power now, when they're new, I seriously doubt either will outlast a Cummins 6.

As for the REST of the truck, well that's another issue entirely...

While towing +20.000 lbs with large front area, the fuel economy could in the 6-7 mpg range, so the 170 gallons fuel actually gives around 1000 miles autonomy. It can probably transit in cities without special permits, in some places it would be legal to drive with a standard license, and it could exceed the capacity of the Ford F450, giving the option to transport bigger construction machines.

Yes it's larger than an F150 with crew cab and 6.5' bed, but it's hardly bigger than a dually truck with a crew cab and 8' bed. Neither of those have the towing capacity or the range of the long-hauler. It's a special car for special requirements, there are many practical and economical vehicles for city driving and Walmart parkings.

Whoever is saying that Chevy and GMC can out tow fords, i beg to differ.

Thanks a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job. Your article is truly relevant to my study at this moment, and I am really happy I discovered your website. However, I would like to see more details about this topic. I'm going to keep coming back here.

But the third tank is what I'm talking about. It is a toolbox tank and takes up bed space. I would want full use of the 8' box and would skip the 3rd tank.

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