Ram Outdoorsman Will Become a TV Star

Ram Outdoorsman II

The Ram Outdoorsman is about to become a major player on the small screen. Orion Entertainment recently announced it will produce an outdoor adventure show for the new NBC Sports Network, which will replace the Versus network in January.

The show, called "Ram Outdoorsman," will prominently feature an Outdoorsman in every episode as it explores the sports of hunting and angling from Texas to Alaska. Truck enthusiasts will remember that Ram has made a huge push in the past two years to nearly double the number of models offered, including models such as the Tradesman, Express, Longhorn and Outdoorsman. Each model has a list of options consistent with the theme of the given truck.

We’re not surprised at all that someone in television figured out a way to take advantage of the obvious angle here. As slow as some people are who work in television, this one was pretty obvious.

"This new series will provide the Ram Outdoorsman with even greater visibility among America’s 50 million sportsmen," Ram CEO Fred Diaz said. "Chris Dorsey and Gerald McRaney are two of the best known and most credible personalities in the outdoors. Working with Orion Entertainment helps the Ram Truck brand speak directly to customers and demonstrates our commitment to the outdoors and outdoors enthusiasts."

Orion Ram Outdoorsman

Not that we’re accepting any credit for this pairing, but astute followers of PickupTrucks.com and the Outdoorsman will remember that in our first review of the truck, we offered some very interesting evening shots of the Outdoorsman with the Orion constellation in the background. Maybe we’re the ones who put the idea in somebody's head? Wonder if that means we get a cut of the royalties.


GO RAM!!! First!!

This will bring the Ram 1500 Outdoorsman some good exposure. I hope that it helps Ram sell at least a few hundred more Rams a month.


that's a good lookin truck right there. PUTC should be cited in the credits for the show!

There should be a backseat delete option on trucks like this. Storage only. One could get mighty creative in the former back seat space's design. Dog kennels, gun storage, you name it.

@UncleBud - deleting the back seat might be a good idea for some. How well does the Ram seat fold out of the way? I usually put my 2 labs in the cab for colder and/or wet weather and longer trips.

Gerald McRaney.

Now I can't remember...Was he Simon or Simon? And if I'm not mistaken, he drove a POWER WAGON!


Yeah, there's a back seat delete option. It's called a socket wrench...now get to work!

...hey, after you pulled it you could reverse-mount it in the bed and take your favorite disabled person for some Subaru Brat style deer hunting!

@Jason H. - right you are and his pretty boy brother was Jamieson Parker.

The Outdoorsman isn't really a totally new model, it's just a renamed TRX. I really couldnt care less for the TRX4's sticker saying "OFF ROAD" But either way both trucks need the front air dam or spoiler taken off if u wanna go somewhere. Pretty sorry you run over a little 3" diameter branch just driving in a friends yard to drop off a racecar and it breaks one fastener. I coulda designed a better skid plate, too. No skid plate under the 2010 gas tank, can't speak for 2012. Other than that, tough suspension, heavy, but strong tires, comfortable truck. Decent mileage.

Very cool. I'll be looking out for it. I love how shows like Border Patrol, Wild Justice, Alaska State Troopers, etc show trucks offroading in their shows. I'd watch them anyway, but it adds to my interest in the shows

@Uncle Bud There kind of is for the F150. The rear seat in the SuperCrew just folds up out of the way, and there's a ton of room for hauling stuff. In fact, some of Ford's advertising photos show a dog crate, dog, and hunting gear being hauled in the backseat area. It's one of the biggest reasons I bought a Ford and bought a SuperCrew

@Lou think of the room one could create with no seats at all.

@Jason H, good point. But then your left with all that hardware on the floor. What if you could simply get a flat floor, no carpet. Couldn't that also reduce the price? I guess you could do that at home too though. I'm just sayin, because nobody ever sits in the back seat of my hunting truck by my lab, like Lou.

No, that's "Go Ram" third place. As in, Ram is the 3rd best selling truck in America. I will acknowledge Ram has really made great increases in U.S. market share. Ram has come along way in the fit and finish department. Now if they can produce a engine that makes great power and get's great fuel economy then they would have something.

Those hemi's even with cylinder deactivation are still thristy.

I suppose now were going to get stories from Ram owners claiming their truck got this much fuel economy on so on. Yea, maybe down hill and the wind pushing them down the hill. Great job Ram. Good job and copying GM'S side cargo box storage. Don't worry Ford and Dodge owners, GM will come out with their New trucks very soon and you have plenty of things and innovations to copy GM on.

Ford is really good at copying GM and putting it on their trucks. Ford did not copy the "Man step" however.

@Bitchagain Bob
at least they have more HP and TQ than your beloved CHEBBYS and only are down 1 MPG and they did not copy Gm

@ Michigan Bob
They all copy each other..
Didn't GM copy Ford by putting a Diesel in their pickups too
Didn't GM copy puting rear doors on extra cab trucks
How much u wanna bet GM offers a Turbo V6 soon
How much u wanna bet GM offers their version of a Raptor

@ Michigan bob
If I recall correctly the ram got better fuel economy than the chebby in the $30,000 shootout.

NO GM DID NOT COPY Ford with putting a diesel in their 3/4 ton trucks. NO GM was the FIRST TO OFFER A 3RD and 4th door on their extended cab trucks. NO GM did NOT copy ford for offering a turbo engine option. They have had turbo's on cars for years!

So to answer your question Mike S, GM doesn't need to copy anyone because they are the industry leader! As far as the raptor goes, if GM sees a viable market for a Raptor like truck, then they may jump in and offer one themselves.

Now, the next time you want to make bogus claims, you may want to CHECK YOUR FACTS before opening your fat mouth. GM was the first on extended cabs to offer 3 and 4 doors and that is a undisputable FACT!

Ford would still be in the dark ages if it didn't copy so many innovations from GM. Ford did invent the "man step" though.

@Michigan Bob:

You're making this too easy...I absolutely LOVE this statement:

"...GM doesn't need to copy anyone because they are the industry leader! As far as the raptor goes, if GM sees a viable market for a Raptor like truck, then they may jump in and offer one themselves."

Rock on, Brother!

Good points Bob...

When is GM going to copy Ford and design their own Diesel?

@UncleBud - a guy has to look after his dogs. I always wondered the origin of the term "a dog is a man's best friend" . Once I got married and had kids, the origin of that phrase became crystal clear.

@Michigan Bob - must be tough to swallow, a TV show for Ram but not Chevy.
You could always watch re-runs of how the CEO of GMC said they had paid back their bailout loans.


Yeah, that's pretty much any new truck nowadays...plastic bumpers hanging way down, Skid plates made of 18 Ga. stamped sheetmetal...Never mind their enormous SIZE and titannic WEIGHT that compounds any damage you might get. Some don't even have proper tow hooks!

Heck, even my old 1999 "Z71 Off Road" Silverado has a plastic skid platefrom the IFS center section up to the front bumper. PLASTIC! No skid plate at all under the PLASTIC gas tank...or the transfer case for that matter. It's all just hanging down there waiting to be damaged by the next rock, log, or stump. If they were this bad in 1999, I shudder to think of what kinda sh!t manufacturers are getting away with these days.

...I contrast this to my 1987 Jeep Wrangler that has a fully-boxed frame, skidplate encasing the whole gas tank, and a stock T-case skidplate on which you can balance the entire weight of the Jeep on goddamned rock.

People that actually want (or worse: NEED) to take a vehicle off the road regularly nowadays are pretty much SOL.

@Jason H. - you need to follow the advice of our resident offroad expert Baja racer Oxi. You take your truck and figure out what the maximum GCVW rating is, and then weld a corresponding amount of metal plate to every square inch of it.
Remove those Z71 OffRoad stickers. Stickers are for children, dontcha know?


lmao Ford was the first to offer a Diesel in their trucks that is a fact! GM tried to scramble and built a POS 350 diesel no one wanted cuz it was crap for years! fact. So if Ford came out with a Diesel first, how did GM not copy that?

@Mike S-

Until you can spell your words correctly (All the ghetto Talk isnt cutting it for me), You are nothing but another piece of garbage in the dumpster.

@Bob or Michiganbob...or "insert random word" Bob

Way to stick it too Mike S

Now lets get back ontrack...Good job Ram

trx4TOM and Jason H.-

That is what I love about the 2005-2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagons.

-Two front tow hooks (three if you count the hook on the end of the winch line)

-Plenty of skid-plates; for steering stabilizer, transfer case, gas tank, bars spanning across frame rail (fully boxed) to frame rail

-No plastic "air foil" under the front bumper (2010-newer have it)

-Electronically locking rear and front solid-axles

-Electronically disconnecting anti-swaybar

-Warn 12,000 pound winch (previously mentioned)

-Optional Mopar heavy duty Rock Rails (unfortunately mine was not equipped with them)

All these components make for the ultimate 4X4 tank, er full-size pickup. The leaf-springs sit above the axle, also.

Bob, Don't feel bad. I saw the latest model of the Chevy half-ton on TV just last night. It was on an antique auto auction. Didn't get the minimum bid though.

I'm also a knife guy. Lets get some Bark Rivers on screen as well.

I hope the outdoorsman model has more ground clearance than the regular 4x4's, because those have the ground clearance of a Chevy caprice on 24's.


You need to get into a Ford Super Duty or Ram Heavy Duty if you are looking for any kind of respectable ground clearance. Everything else is meant to stay on the pavement. Just ask oxi and jake.

@Michigan Bob: You are usually good for a laugh or two! You can't really compare a 5.3 @ what 335 ft pounds torque @ 4400 rpm?? vs. 407 @ 4000 rpm. No comparison there. I have a 2010 Hemi, I had a 2006 Chevy 4x4 310 hp aluminum block 3.42 gear 265/70/17 (very street friendly low rolling resistance 6 ply lightweight Good Years) 5.3ext cab. That means a much lighter truck with light mileage friendly tires. I now have a 2010 Ram 1500 quad Hemi, 3.92 gears (as all TRX4 and Outdoorsman 4x4s are) Driving 60 miles per hour UP and down this hilly country -NOT MICHIGAN-Now Chevy came up with active fuel managemant, too bad they barely deactivate in a hilly envirement. Anyway, the moral of the story is, Chevy 5.3s only get good mileage on the flatland, as soon as power is needed they have to have serious rpms. Funny thing that Chevy rates the 4wd as high as the 2wd. The ONLY thing Chevy does have on the Ram is a 6 speed, once Ram gets a true 6 or 8 speed in 1500s, they will get about the same mileage ratings, yet be even MORE enjoyable to drive.

Ode to the 5.7L V-8 HEMI Magnum!

Outstanding horsepower and torque with not too shabby fuel economy.

@Michigan Bob: as for GM doing turbos on cars (don't know why u went there with CARS, this is a truck forum) sure they stuck alot of turbos on Buicks and Cobalts and HHRs. But I would almost bet as far as cars, Chrysler prob built a heck of alot more 2.2, 2.5, and then SRT4/PT Cruiser turbo 2.4s. That's the AMERICAN made Chryslers, not even the Mitsubushi engines. I don't know diesel history much, but as memory serves right, the first GM diesels were pretty sloppy, Dodge mighta went out of house for theirs, but it was WAY ahead. And is still very strong. Those races up the mountains don't mean everything! GM is not much of a leader.

@ trx4TOM: Because he does not own a truck.... and he can't find an Impala website. If he does I will be sure to visit it often and troll and proclaim the dominance of the Ford Focus every chance I get, just to repay the favor. Being that I am totally clueless about most cars. lol

But...the Z71 stickers are all that's left holding the box together! LOL!

2Jason H - sorry. I forgot about that. Hows the welding going? Did you relocate those shock mounts? I wouldn't want you to look in your rear view mirror to see some guy in a Toyota laughing his ass off. (Well 1 of 2 Toyota owners)


Chevys have those crazy rear shocks pointing every which way (and YES--the lower mounts hang down below the axle tubes)...seems anti-intuitive to me, but then it IS a Chevy...

IS Howie Long gonna guest star now that GM laid him off? Seriously? Gerald McRanny? Major Dad? Since when is he Mr Outdoors??


Yeah, didn't you catch him in Deadwood? He's got a keen nose for the color!

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