Scotty McCreery Gets His New Ford F-150 King Ranch

F-150 King Ranch
Scotty McCreery, the season 10 winner of "American Idol," took the keys to his new pickup truck: a 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCrew King Ranch. Ford, a huge sponsor of the television show, gave Scotty his choice of any new vehicle Ford makes as part of his prize for winning the contest. 

With roots in a rural small town in North Carolina, the Scotty decided to "keep it country" and chose the popular F-150. The country music star announced his decision to his fans via Twitter (we heard about it through a friend — no, really), saying he had just picked up his new truck from the local dealership and describing how excited he was to drive it for the first time. 

No word from his publicist as to what engine McCreery picked for his Bronze King Ranch (see his Twitter pic below) or whether he'll do any towing. 

Scotty King Ranch


its the Ecoboost. You can see the badge on the door.

+1 to Evan above. Solid choice with the Ecoboost.

Second what evan said. Well good for him dont really care about A.I but he musta had to some talent to win hope he enjoys the free truck.

He got a free show bunny.

YAWN!!... I see PUTC is having a very slow news day. NEXT!

Since when is American Idol considered "Truck" news?

Scotty Mccreery + Ford= Disaster waiting to happen!

In other news: 'Local fisherman captures baby cyclops shark'.

From the real Scotty McCreery...

HUGE thanks to @Ford today for all their support and providing me with the best truck a guy could ask for! #F150 #KingRanch

Jealous I very much am.

Ugh...this post is one step away from something you might see in US Weekly.

It's bad enough the g/f forces me to watch AI on occasion but now it's invading putc? Seriously? I mean come on. Really? Your really gonna go that way eh?

put some 44s on that American truck and tear through some mud

Beam me up Scotty.
I must be old. I have no idea who this guy is.

Note to self, thank the inventor of PVR.

@Lou- PVR?


...It's close but I'm gonna have to go with "Post Void Residual - residual urine in the bladder after micturation


PVR = personal video recorders.

Nice Truck!

looks like a big brown turd on wheels at least ford got the color right and circled the problem

Go Ford!!!

HEY, a fake Scotty

@jasonh - theres nothing wrong with my prostate!

Is it just me or does Lou think everyone's a fake??

DAMN IT! Just when i thought ford was going out of style.

Anybody who owns a toyota tacoma is a wanna-be member of AL Qaeda. AKA oxi, jake Etc. because the tacoma is the terrorist vehicle of choice LOL

AI news on PUTC? but anyway at least its a new ford, unlike the new chevy George Michaels drives

@ Lou,

I think "Chevy guy" needs a prostate exam after that comment

Why is everybody so uptight? Looks like a bunch of you either need to look into medication or go to a different site. Give PUTC credit for posting new articles constantly. If you dont find it interseting, dont read it. Stop bitchin.

Great choice. I would have choose the Super Duty with the 6.7 though.

@ Don

You said it right. Most of these guys are just showing their lack of maturity. is the authority on and posts news about pickups. This is news... about a pickup. Don't like it? Move on to another artical.

Have any of you heard his big single? "I love you this big". Commercialized country at it's worst. Just awful.

King Ranch does not equal "keeping it country"

ahhh yeah, ok.... King Ranch = Nurburgring then!

I would have chosen a Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition. I mean an F-150 S.V.T. Raptor SuperCrew. Forgot that this is a pickup truck sight.

why the hell did he take the ecoboost? I would love to have a 6.2l king ranch with leather, supercrew and the FX4, automatic. As soon as i finish my college degree, im selling my 2001 f150, although i am partial to the 5.4l v8.

He should have picked a Raptor instead. Or even a Boss convertible Mustang. Jeez, what a boring old-man’s choice.

Tom with a ranger - agreed, and by a Doctor with big fingers and a bad tremor ;)

If Ford would of offered me a free vehicle I would of taken a Raptor or a Supersnake.

What would Toby Keith do?

I would have picked a F350 Super Duty Lariat ( don't like the King Ranch) 6.7 diesel, Black with every option on the list.

Scotty made a solid choice. As Mike Levine once said, "Truck interiors don't get any nicer than Ford's King Ranch package." EcoBoost is the best combination of power, capability and fuel economy. Mustangs are nice but are not as versatile as a truck. F-150 wins over another customer.

Really.. Why go for an F150 if you can pick from the lineup? Even if you want to the F150, go for the 350, or some tricked out Mustang, sell it and get the F150 and have cash in hand. Or don't sell it and look even more awesome!

A truck like this will be over $50k. Even if a F-350 costs $10k more that doesn't mean you are going to get that money back when you try to sell it. Maybe doesn't want the hassle with buing and selling just to try to make a few grand only to find out he misjuged the market and won't the money back. He got what he wanted and made a wise choice. If his career goes as planned he will be able to buy 10 of these himself.

The Shelby or Boss 302 is the correct answer as 20yrs from now it will still be worth some change as per Mecum auction. From what I have seen all Shelby mustangs are worth something even a Mustang GT Shelby replica with the Ford Racing Supercharger, suspension upgrades and a custom Shelby GT500 replica paint job will be worth more than the F150 or Super Dutywhich is not a poor reflection on those trucks but how much people love Mustangs. Almost everybody here is a truck guy but damn you have your pick you should atleast grab the big prize.

@Dave - true, and become a Ford pitchman.


The Mustang Shelby G.T. 500 Super Snake is a wise choice -but I do not think it is available from Ford. As far as I know, you have to buy the standard Shelby G.T. 500, from Ford, and then ship it to Shelby in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A. to upgrade to Super Snake.

@Buy American - valid point, many dealers don't carry Shelby's or Raptors because they have to be an authorized SVT dealer. I found that one out because that is what my local dealer told me when I enquired about both of those products.

Maybe Ford gave him certain options. Niche lineup excluded (SVT).

happy for nothing good for real news maybe y take a break from pickup truck...

@math - sorry. You could be waiting a real long time for news about new GM trucks.

math is just bitter about Ford because Ford borrowed the Courier from Mazda for a short period and then came out with a much better product of their own -the Ford Ranger.

math, has been holding on to his Chevrolet Luv Mikado, since be bought it new in 1979, waiting for Chevrolet to come out with an improved product. He is getting tired of waiting, while Ford fans continue to always be getting the new and improved stuff.

I hope the seats are more comfortable then the 2004 King Ranch trucks. They just kill my back and my 2006 Silverado seats do not bother my back at all.

Keep the truck, give me a night with Haley Reinhard, Yum.

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