September 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in September 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales
1 Ford F-Series +7.9% September 2011 54,410
416,388 September 2010 47,433

2 Chevrolet Silverado +10.7 September 2011 43,698
296,436 September 2010 32,185

3 Ram Trucks +26% September 2011 24,522
177,974 September 2010 16,887

4 GMC Sierra +19% September 2011 13,904
107,342 September 2010 11,077

5 Toyota Tacoma +0.9% September 2011 8,180
September 2010 8,874

6 Toyota Tundra -11.4% September 2011 6,695
61,057 September 2010 6,923

7 Ford Ranger +16.2% September 2011 7,154
49,788 September 2010 3,815

8 Nissan Frontier +24.7% September 2011 4,331
37,445 September 2010 3,901

9 Chevrolet Colorado +30.2% September 2011 2,171
23,985 September 2010 2,723

10 Nissan Titan -12.1% September 2011 2,294
15,348 September 2010 2,063


Good job FORD!

Ford + Ranger outsells GMC + Chevy + Colorado + Canyon.

Way to go Ford, KEEP IT RAM!!

The best truck the best selling!Good job Ford!

Rock on Ford!!!

F-Series whooping Sierra and Silverado twins, year to date, by 12,610!

Day after day, month after month, year after year- Ford trucks prevail!

y predict gm total pickup sale winner in December.....if you remove ford 450, is in front..

F-Series sells in one month almost what Tundra sells in a whole year!

Thank you Ford, for such a great truck and (an American)company!!!

The GM Fanbois will still say GM outsell Ford when the evidence is there, watch BOB PUTZ come in a say they still outsell FORD.

That guy is annoying!!!!


y nut furd falt gm doe nut build 450,550 duh......boooooooo

The 10,000 units a year that the 4500/5500 Kodiak and Topkick sold would still not be enough to pass the F-Series in sales. Do not blame Ford for G.M.'s inability to make a competing full truck line.

Hay Frank -

September 2011

Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
September 2011
43,698 + 13,904 = 57,602

Toyota Tacoma outsold Ford Ranger.

Ford loses again!

So you guys are congratulating a truck?


Sorry Bob PUTZ,

GM LOSES YEAR TO DATE, who cares month for month!!!

We talk YEAR TO DATE!!!!!

@Bob PUTZ,

Please stop impersonating Lou, we all know it's you PUTZ!

Until i see real proof from a credible source. This is just typical PUTC biased B.S

@Frank Carrera,

That was retarded. Please go away, you don't belong here!

The outdated and long in tooth Ranger outsold the GM Twinkies (Colorado/Canyon)

@Frank cares.

The post is for monthly figures. TOP 10 pickup truck sales for SEPTEMBER.

Monthly figures are important because it shows what the trend is!

GM has outsold Ford monthly for 2 months in a row now.

Tacoma and Camry both outsold Ranger. Notice you don't mention that!
Ford loses again.

@Bob PUTZ, Michigan STATE BOB, Bobbeh, Bobby, Bob

You can have your monthly totals, but year-to-date Ford is whooping there ass!

Camry is not a truck, Toyota does not even know weather to make the Tacoma a full size or a mid size or compact, they are as retarded as you!!!!

Ford Ranger > Canyon / Colorado

"So you guys are congratulating a truck?

LAME!" -Lou

Sure why not? Trucks receive awards do not they?

Perhaps congratulating Mike Levine would be more appropriate?

Congratulations Mike Levine!

I love lickin donkey balls.

Keep seeing 26% on Rams sells but they dont go up that much

When all else fails, the trolls start impersonating.

Failures like General Motors!

Fake Lou again.
The real Lou would never use lame in a sentance. It's too lame to call something lame, the lameness is too lame to describe.

Back on topic -
Whould GM's sales gains be due to rebates. I looked at the Ford USA site and a XLT SuperCrew 4x4 had a 500 dollar rebate and 0% for 60 months. THey had a 1k trade in bonus.
GM USA had 4,500 off on a Crewcab. They also had a 0% for 60 plan with 1k off. Seems to me GM is driving sales with rebates. If the lots are overfull - there has been plenty of stories stating huge inventories on Chev lots, dealers will dump inventory at better prices.
If you sell something cheep enough it will sell regardless how old or outdated or poor it is.
Hey, what works for Wallmart will work for GMC.
That might explain GM's interest in China.

GM built a eco boost killer v6 over 40 years ago 478 v6

1963 478 Gm v6 hp 235@3,200 rpm tq 440 @ 1,400 rpm

1974 478 Magnum GM v6 hp 254 @3,700 rpm tq 442 @ rpm

a whole of v6s from a 305 v6 to the 478 proven tought they ran in c60 truck gm version of a f650 why don't ford run a 3.5 eco trud in a f650? oh it be a fail like the 6.0 and 6.4 GM FTW Ford in last still and took them over 40 years to match a GM v6

I have conversations with myself.

*tough* and *line* i know made two mistakes in that comment

BUT if you add the sales of all GM trucks, and GM vans since they use the same chassis and the fullsize GM SUV's since they also use the same chassis GM beats Ford F150!!! Hows that Egoboost working for you Ford? All that modern tech cant compete with the proven 5.3!

Keep up the good work Ram. Silverado hearing footsteps out there.

comments = fail

I'd like to see what the average profit per truck sold is. My money would be on Ford making to most, (possibly Toyota), GM making the least, even though they have one of the oldest designs.

Saw that GM's stock price now about $20, Sure glad I didn't buy at the initial offering of around $35.

September 2011

Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
September 2011
43,698 + 13,904 = 57,602

Ford F-series
September 2011

Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
September 2011
43,698 + 13,904 = 57,602

Ford F-series
September 2011

Chevrolet Silverado
GMC Sierra
September 2011
43,698 + 13,904 = 57,602

GM sells more out dated pickups in September then Ford sells new updated pickups. How about that!

@Frank- lol I was going to say something similar to that to math.

So now I take it not only are the Chevy fanbois having to stoop to the level of impersonation but now they are trying to throw in SUV and VAN sales to try to top the F150... pathetic. Next they will be adding car sales lmao.

I wonder what goes on in the heads of some of these guys... I bet they have a lot of rocks shaking up there that's for sure.

In this month yes GM (full size )sold the most trucks, and interestingly had the highest gains from Sept 2010 compared to Sept 2011. Ram is doing better but still a long way to go to catch up to Ford/GM full size truck sales. I look at the Ranger sales and see how it gained almost 50% when comparing sales months Sept 2010 and Sept 2011, probably due to people getting them before they are discontinued. I still have my little Ranger for a winter truck and like it a lot, Ford needs to keep this truck going in North America. Too bad this site is ruined by imposters and posts with no real value or significance. A shame really.

Dodge.. Oh im sorry..."RAM", should just stop making trucks. They have no quality at all, Their trucks are starting to look dated, And they're just not competitive.


Doge caravan is the number one selling minivan and we all know Toyota has the best minivan just cuz ford outsells others doesn't make it the best truck and gms won't even run in the winter ford has yet to make a motor that can go past 100 000 miles the only reason they sell so many is they are cheaply sold to as fleet vehicles. I prefer quality over quantity and ram seems to be the only one with the right parts

Hey everyone, Im going to reveal something. IM GAY!

Did some quick searching. It appears that GM makes about 2/3 less per unit compared to Ford. This from an article from May 2011, things may be different now. No matter how it's sliced, Fords bottom line and future are much rosier than GM's for the next few years at least.

Oh, and did i mention that i work at walmart as a greeter?

i already figured that frank


jeje.... That explains ALOT.


LOL... No need to "Reveal". Everyone here already knew that.

I realize that Ford is discounting the Ranger to clear it out but it seems like that is not the only reason it has high sales numbers. With a engine and transmission update and include side and head airbags with just a slight refresher could bring this truck back to life and it could become the 1 seller compact/midsize truck in the US. Don't add too many options and start the price at $15k. People that will buy this are not full size truck buyers. Squeeze better fuel economy out of the 4 cylinder. Gas prices have stablized for now but the future will be higher and higher gas prices. Ford should also increase their advertising of the Ranger as an affordable alternative to the Tacoma. Keep the manufacture and development costs low by not changing this too much. Just a thought Ford if you read these blogs. Ford will still sell plenty of F150s regardless but they will get a slice of Toyota and Nissan compact/midsize market. I realize some of you are diehard big truck fans and view compact/midsize truck buyers as not true truck owners. You are entitled to your own opinions but not everything is black and white or one size fits all. Ford this is a great opportunity to change your mind and update a good competitive product.

The ranger out sold the tundra again in sept. I guess that means people would rather have a 20 yr old ford design then a new tundra. The truck that was changing it all can't change enough to beat a old truck.

That says alot for fords design over the yrs.

As soon as the Frontier and Titan with the Bold New Graphics hit the market, the Nissan sales figures will go through the roof!

@ Buy American This should brighten your day.

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